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(I'm doing research for a book.)?

Any empirical evidence to support the health benefits of fish oil?

Any evidence based research support for neuromuscular dentistry therapy improving fertility?

Any evidence suggesting that any consumer wireless technology may be harmful?

Any evidence that shows eyebright actually works?

Are colonics of any medical benefit or is it based on new age myths there is conflicting info from doctors ?

Are there any conclusive studies that suggest that aspartame is dangerous?

Are there any objective evidence on the benefits of kangen water?

Are there any proven health benefits of foot reflexology?

Are there any recent medical discoveries regarding autism?

Are there any scientific studies evaluating the efficacy of colon hydrotherapy (colonics)?

Are there any serious studies proving that acupuncture does work?

Are there any statistical studies showing the effectiveness of heat-based male contraception.?

Are there any studies or research that I can participate in?

Are there currently studies and research for a cure of herpes?

Can anyone recommend websites to research herceptin (trastuzumab)?

Can biology research or chemistry research help cure cancer?

Can doctors tell me what does the very latest research about fibromyalgia tell us?

Can there be any credible studies that prove a link between cancer and chemical plants?

Can there be any scientific proof fasting can reverse cancer tumours?

Can there be any scientific proof that cigarettes cause cancer?

Can there be research studys being don on stem-cell research on spinal cord severation?

Can you explain dcp theory?

Can you tell me about hepatitis e or know anything about latest research on it?

Can you tell me how the three revolutions- agricultural, industrial, and scientific (modern)---caused this accelerated growth rate.?

Can you tell me is there a dietrary link to psoriasis?

Did there ever been a double blind study to prove that acupuncture really works?

Do you know of any good research articles on capsaicin?

Do you know of any hypotheses, ideas or research that has been conducted relating to the link of using isotretinoin and mental health disorders?

Do you know of any hypotheses, ideas or research that's been conducted relating to the link of using isotretinoin and biliary(liver? System disorders?

Does accupuncture really work? Are there any legitimate scientific studies that prove its effectiveness? Is it safe?

Does late-onset hypogonadism (loh) really exist? Is there scientific evidence of it?

Does research evidence support the use of one ppi over another? Which one is best?

Does science disprove god?

Does science prove that we have no soul?

Gayobano,has there been any research on helping with cancer ?

Had there any research been done on sprouted flaxseeds?

Has it really been shown that heated aluminum causes alzheimer's?

Has there been any scientific study that wasn't made in the modern age that proves that fluoride is good for you?

Have scientists found ways to preserve one's eyesight for later years?

Help! need to know if there's truly scientific data that says meniere's disease is a virus?

How beneficial is fruitarianism?

How can I become a research scientist studying type 1 diabetes?

How common is a lotus birthing? Is there any scientific evidence that this benefits the baby?

How credible are the findings of a new published study linking omega 3 supplementation to prostate cancer risk?

How do scientists correlate the studies on circumcision and hiv?

How does meditation work? Is it scientifically supported, and what do I have to do?

How effective is the low fat diet proposed by Dean Ornish? Is there evidence to suggest it's as effective as he claims?

How many scientists and researchers are studying solutions to breast cancer in the us? Globally?

How reliable is evidence from "psychological autopsies?"

I am lacking silica, what do I have to do to prove it?

I have a bcc and have read scientific publications about curaderm-bec5. The results are amazing. Why don't you recommend it?

I have hypotheoridy what do you recommend ?

I have nonhodgkins lymphoma, I have heard of some kind of oil made from marijuana leaves. Is there any evidence supporting this?

I heard about edta chelation therapy, but the american medical association doesn't support it. Why?

I read an article that Splenda can cause cancer. Has there been more than one study proving this?

I was doing research on the web, and I found that IQ can be raised or lowered through study and or dietary supplements. Is this true?

I was involved in a research study with baxter about 15 years ago. They were harvesting t-cells. I now have cll. Any correlation?

If studies show vaccines don't cause autism why do celebrities like jenny mccarthy still claim it?

Is there any scientific studies for advanced allergy thferapeutics?

Is acupuncture for weight loss supported by any scientific evidence or is it nonsense?is it worth trying?

Is edta chelation therapy a scientifically and medically sound theory?

Is fried chicken's are carcinogenic? Any data is available or on research?

Is hypnotherapy proven to be effective?

Is it true or a myth that expired tetracyclines are toxic? Are there some studies or just one paper from 50 years ago? Any good, modern data about it?

Is it true that herbal research chemicals a scam?

Is kombucha useful?

Is kryptopyroluria real? Or is it a bogus diagnosis

Is porphyria research being conducted?  how can I volunteer to participate in research? 

Is reflexology a scam?

Is research being done on fibromyalgia?

Is rhodiola rosea good for stress and anxiety. I was reading somewhere that there is no scientific evidence supporting the claims by many experts.?

Is there a direct scientific evidence that smoking cause cancer?

Is there a specific, scientific name for blindness?

Is there actual proof that the chakras exist?

Is there actual research on the effects of cannabis?

Is there any clinical evidence for biomeridian testing? Is it a waste of time?

Is there any evidence for Darwin theory and are there any alternative theories of evol.?

Is there any evidence that shows that digesting plastic is a carcinogen?

Is there any promising research being done on fibromyalgia?

Is there any research conducted into whether marijuana affects fertility?

Is there any research on the pros and cons of cannabis?

Is there any research or study being conducted in the us on ketamine to relieve major depression, as in the recently published uk study at oxford heal?

Is there any scientific evidence that the palovia laser (for wrinkles around the eyes really works?

Is there any scientific findings to link chemotherapy as a cause of ards?

Is there any treatment for visceral hyperalgesia? I've read the research for this has not been proven as a cause of IBS?

Is there any truth in the abortion causes cancer study?

Is there clinical evidence that antioxidants improve health?

Is there evidence showing a human will die if they can't dream?

Is there evidence showing homepathic treatment can enhance the growth of breasts?

Is there real evidence based research that says acupuncture works? Do we have believe it for it to work? As a doctor do you believe it?

Is there research being conducted on rosacea?

Is there scientific evidence that attachment parenting is better?

Is there scientific evidence to prove that bright lights prevent dementia?

Is this article just a scam?: http://gerson.Org/gerpress/how-im-conquering-prostate-cancer/. If so or if not, how can it be proven? I need some proof.

Is wine good for you or is it a myth? Any studies on this?

Many doctors here said that piracetam is not proved, that is only placebo.I read studies about its effectivnes and they confrimed it.Why is that?

Neurologist and author, David Perlmutter, claims that gluten causes Alzheimer's. Can someone provide journal references on research that proves this?

Please give advice on how to do a scientific method of research?

Please tell me if there are any articles/documents from the vatican council II about stem cell research?