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What should I be sure my surgery center has before I have my tonsillectomy? I want to be sure they are prepared for an emergency.

38 male with Femorolacetabular impingement. single and alone. Will I be ok alone after surgery? I have great insurance. Do I need a private nurse?

5 1/2 months not setting up yet sets with support should I have reason for concern what could the reason be. Born 37 weeks?

5 yrs ago my psa was 5, now it's 15. When is intervention necessary?

63 yr old with ED from prostatectomy any procedures availabe to correct problem?

6wga diagnosis with chiari1 years ago. Surgery not recommended. Must i worry about anasthesias for delivery? Will my child have this? I'm very concerned.

Anesthesiology consultation required before C-section if heart disease?

Any insight into prostatic artery embolization for bph? It is being done as standard care at three medical centers. It is the method used for uae.

Any special care required after cornea replacement surgery?

Any special prep for a diabetic patient who is scheduled for a laparotomy?

Anyone planning to do limb lengthening?

Are large intestines needed in order to have an ileostomy reversal? What other requirements would be needed?

Are medications required routinely after the continent ileostomy?

Are physicians required to have a license to do hsg?

Are the protein shakes needed prior to bariatric surgery covered by insurance?

Are there any disadvantages or complications to prenatal diagnosis?

Are there any down-loadable formats for a surgical oncology office?

Are there any surgical procedures out there than help cure depression. With medical technology being so advanced these days, I was wondering. Thanks?

Are there clinical studies of cosmetic surgery available to get procedures done?

Are there less invasive and less expensive options for preventative screening colonoscopies?

Are there limits on how much anesthesia a person can receive in a lifetime?

Are there medical procedures given to those who are overweight but not obese? Can i doctor refuse to do a surgery for a patient?

Are there times when both CT and MRI procedures may be necessary? What are the main differences, and is one more risky than the others?

Are we able to post xrays for discussion?

Can a 16 year old get liposuction with parental consent?

Can a dnr apply during surgery?

Can a doctor deny a patients requests for tests or further investigation legally ? What if the patient dies?

Can a person refuse surgery for a serious failed suicide attempt do to them not having the money to pay for surgery?

Can a person undergo repeat rhinoplasties?

Can an oncologist preform my cerclage?

Can CT contrast be used in an emergency setting or is that contradicted? Are there any pre existing medical conditions that wound be complicated?

Can emergency medical technician often perform unwanted cpr on hot female patients?

Can I bring my own meal replacement as an alternative to the TPN if I specify it in my Advance Directive?

Can I have an elective breast surgery at 17 years old without my parent's permission?

Can I request a female resident be present at my deliver?

Can patients whose artificial knee is comprised of oxinium safely undergo an MRI scan or is there an alternative?

Can stage two hypertension be controlled in a week as done my survival course to go offshore but need medical certificate as well,want it down fast?

Can you explain under what circumstances could a dr. Deem liposuction of the calves as medically necessary?

Can you please tell me about the advantages of MRI for guidance in operating suit?

Can you tell me in order to become a radiologist, what should I major in?

Can you tell me reasons for having an advance directive?

Can you tell me what kind of proof do surgeons ask for before performing preventative simple mastectomy?

Clarification Required on Gynaecomastia. for me?

Colonoscopy during a colonoscopy, is it necessarily to be fully or asleep or do the patient have the choice? Edit: (grammar mistake) during a colonoscopy, is it necessarily to be fully asleep or do the patient(s) have a choice?

Considering I must have one or the other, is the quality of life considered better having an ileostomy or a colostomy?

Could all physician assistants do "minor surgerys"?

Could it be malpractice for a doctor not to examine a patient?

Could you please provide more details about my upcoming CMC surgery? I have questions, re: recovering timeline (both short-time, post-surgery and long-time complete recovery). Should I be concerned there's no preop planned? Also, is there any way to sc

Dear doctor, i wanted to ask do I required surgery i send both X-ray before treatment and after settled bone by doctor so need opinion ?

Discuss the guidelines that are included in hospital infection control?

Do doctors ever consider the possibility that patients with chronic depression might undertake risky elective surgeries due to less fear of dying?

Do doctors really care about healing and their patients, or is it all for the money, status, and chance to be published?

Do doctors undergo cultural sensitivty training?

Do dr's usually view 2nd opinions as a slap in the face..And would then prefer not to treat the patient if he/she returns...Such as psychs/cardiologis?

Do spermiograms need to be performed & interpreted by a fertility specialist or can these be done elsewhere and read by a patient? Are they expensive?

Do you all accept United Healthcare Insurance?. I need a second opinion regarding my diagnose of having a herniated disc and needing surgery.

Do you as doctors/surgeons explain everything to the patient or if it was terminal would you leave some details out.....Not to cause more stress?

Do you know are physicians more reluctant to complete a lenthy operation on an obese person than one who is not?

Do you need parental consent to get a hymenectomy at 17 years old?

Does a surgical nurse have the right to know who in or has hiv?

Does anyone know an obgyn around the country with a special interest in hidradenitis superativa treatment and surgery?

Does being sick or injured skew a patient's objectivity as in agreeing too readily for procedures?

Does cash price of a brain MRI changes if I have a dbs implant? I heard a special procedure need to be followed for patients with such pacemakers.

Does everyone who wants a drastic change by cosmetic surgery be required to have a psychiatric letter?

Does having providers work extended shifts compromise patient safety?

Does it need to be sexually inactive for some time in order to make the hymen restoration operation or it is not necessary?

Does Medicare (due to age) help pay for an in-home nurse/aide directly following a surgical oncology major operation?

Elder man had surgery for broken patella. Transferred to a care/rehab facility. What will they do for him, length of time, and purpose of stay?

Explain the process of getting informed consent ?

Explain the process of informed consent please?

Factors involved in deciding on a hospice? What factors should one consider before entering a hospice?

First & last baby. Want to make informed choice to have scheduled c-section (know all the risks). How difficult will it be to find agreeable doctor?

First time mom. Do the new acog and joint commission guidelines mean i can't choose c-section? Planning on just this baby, done my research.

General safety or concerns of chiropractic care? Concerning Seizure activity? How to choose a quality chiropractor?

Ggenerally, how long can one expect ultherapy to last before needing a retreatment? There will be an additional charge to the initial visit fee?

Had surgary and the dr who performed it refuses to talk to me or give me my xrays ,records ect says leave it alone well in pain want answers what do ?

Have glaucoma with a life expectancy of 30+ yrs. Plan to work as a paralegal for 10 years. If major surgery done is a detail oriented career over?

Hello my college as referred from Dr.Ahmed Othman im asking about steps recommended for physiotherapist to be done during sessions in my patient cas?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a whipple procedure that is always mentioned in hospital shows?

Hi. I was wondering if there would be any reason a tummy tuck would be paid for by medicaid. I have had 3 sections prior to 2006 when reconnecting ?

Hi. This is a follow-up question. Do endoscopy help determine the extend of damage to my liver? Is it safe? Advantage and disadvantage?

High deductible. Limited coverage of outpatient care. Would really help to know what tests, evaluations are required to diagnose carotid cavernous fistula and follow it after treatment.?

High deductible. Limited coverage of outpatient care. Would really help to know what tests, evaluations are required to diagnose colonic diseases and follow it after treatment.?

High deductible. Limited coverage of outpatient care. Would really help to know what tests, evaluations are required to diagnose coronary spasms and follow it after treatment.?

High deductible. Limited coverage of outpatient care. Would really help to know what tests, evaluations are required to diagnose diabetic ulcers and follow it after treatment.?

High deductible. Limited coverage of outpatient care. Would really help to know what tests, evaluations are required to diagnose hyperparathyroidism and follow it after treatment.?

How can I find a health care advocate to help during my open heart surgery for aortic valve replacement. I have no family nearby and husband not able?

How can my wife and i select and convene our own radiation and medical oncologist team ?

How could you determine the value of a surgery?

How do doctors tell if someone is competent enough to refuse treatment?

How do i improve my decision making skills when urgently decisions are required??

How do you find the c-section and episiotomy rates for a particular doctor and/or hospital?

How i can know that I am able to study dental surgery ? Does it require special qualities ? Is it an easy major ?

How long would i expect to be out of work (office job) after stereotactic brain biopsy?

How many abortions do doctors perform each year in the U.S.?

How many days are required to take off from college , if I opt for circumcision?

How much does an abortion cost? Looking for cost inclusive of all required check ups, ultrasounds and all other necessary factors

How much does vitrectomy cost including consultation and check ups?

How to care for an aortic stenosis patient at home while they await surgery?

How to choose where to have a baby with hypoplastic left heart syndrome who will require a norwood procedure: need detailed source of info on costs, survival rates, etc at various hospitals.