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Any articles here from journal of clinical allergy and immunology?

Anyone knows what is the cost of entering clinical trial for capsule endoscopy?

Are clinical trials (research studies) available for men with testicular cancer?

Are clinical trials (research studies) available for patients with head and neck cancers?

Are MAOIs really more effective than other classes for treating atypical depression or clinical trials that show that are biased?

Are reports from those clinical trials reliable?

Are there any clinical studies on neural therapy?

Are there any clinical studies that have used tribulus?

Are there any clinical trials using radiation therapy for hiv?

Are there any clinical trials/studies/the like happening right now for birenal agenesis?

Are there clinical trials available for stomach cancer?

Are there studies/clinical trials pertaining to efficacy of Lactobacillus sakei.for chronic sinus infections?

Are there treatment studies (clinical trials) available for patients with liver cancer?

Based on clinical experience and or research, rate anti-anxiety effectiveness of SSRIs and SNRIs, from most to least effective.

Can I withdraw from a pain clinical trial without penalty?

Can phn progress to crps? Based upon remarkable clinical trials using ketamine to treat this condition, what are the prospects for refractory phn?

Can you tell me about hydroxycut pro clinical for under 18?

Can you tell me of any clinical trials a 3 year old could enter?

Cancer: Is Keytruda, as a cancer immunotherapy, only currently available in a clinical trial?

Clinical Correlation: No Epileptiform abnormalities noted on this recording. Please note this does not exclude clinical diagnosis of epilepsy. Could the person be epileptic?

Could you tell me what are some controversial topics relating to clinical depression?

Do you know anything about clinical trials?

Do you think hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment could help with stricturing Crohn's disease? (i realize there are no large clinical trials yet.)

Do you trust clinical, applied research? To what extent? Are you and why are you skeptical?

Does pharma hide clinical trial outcomes that are bad?

Has Rapastinel showed a good efficacy for depressed patients?

Have clinical trials ever shown that LDL reduction prevents CAD or death?

He said he thinks he has clinical rsd ? What can he do?

How can I find trials? How do you find out about test trials for breast cancer treatment?

How can people with esophageal cancer participate in clinical trials?

How can you sign up for a clinical trial if you have cancer?

How do doctors determine who should be included in a clinical trial?

How do I know if I should participate in a clinical trial if I have pancreatic cancer?

How do they conduct a clinical trial?

How do you find muscular dystrophy clinical trials to enter?

How hard to get into clinical trial?

How would know if i'm a good candidate for fibromyalgia drug trials?

I am considering ibogaine treatment for opioid addiction. Are there any peer-reviewed studies regarding this approach? Is it a good idea?

I was wondering is clinical investigation and clinical trial the same thing?

Is ablation for Barrett's esophagus approved or still in clinical trials?

Is it safe to participate in a clinical trial?

Is Paxil (paroxetine) use (10 mg/day) detectable on physiological screenings for clinical trials?

Is the clinical effectiveness of hyaluronans dependent on molecular weight?

Is the medicine used in clinical trial actually meant to help participants?

Is there any good, consistent data that show emr's improve patient disease outcomes?

Is there any peer reviewed research supporting cranial electrotherapy stimulation as an effective treatment for generalized anxiety disorder?

Looking for authors for the journal of allergy and clinical immunology?

Medical/Surgical Oncology: Have you heard anything promising about the use of Keytruda in pancreatic cancer remission that are in clinical trials?

My doctor wants me to join a trial for a drug so how do I connect with someone on this trial?

New study links proton pump inhibitors with dementia. But this is just one study. How much validity is there to this conclusion?

Of those seen in the hps trial?

Please help? Is the drug rivaroxaban still under phase III clinical trials?

Should I go on clinical trial for a cancer drug?

Should it be okay to volunteer for clinical research?

Vytorin (ezetimibe and simvastatin) and alopecia totalis is being studied in clinical gov. Trials. Just to give the md's on this website a heads up that there is a correlation?

What are advantages and disadvantages between dermatopathology and clinical pathology?

What are some guidelines for evaluating the safety and efficacy of a new fitness plan?

What are the benefits of a clinical trial for breast cancer? Are clinical trials for breast cancer drugs a viable way to seek treatment? .

What are the clinical indications for lovaza other than loweringtriglycerides? Is there clinical data lovaza lowers generalized inflammation?

What are the clinical uses and mode of action of methyldopa?

What are the medical clinical testing procedures for cancer drug?

What are the most important clinical trials currently being done in cardiology?

What are the studies proving that the treatment you are prescribing for Crohn's will improve the condition during pregnancy?

What clinical trials are currently being done for friedreich's ataxia treatments?

What do I do to participate in clinical trials of experimental antidepressants?

What do you know about GDNF trial for Parkinson's in Bristol UK?

What does clinical correlation entail?

What is a clinical medical device trial and how is it conducted?

What is a nc5?

What is clinical history?

What is clinical pathology?

What is the clinical term for someone who talks too much?

What is the definition or description of: clinical trial?

What is the point of placebos in drug trials?

What is the process for getting picked up by a clinical trial facility?

What should I know about clinical trials for anal cancer?

What treatment is best for terminal ca or should we try for clinical trial?

When and where can I get into a clinical trial?

Where can I find information on clinical trials for alzheimer's disease?

Where can I find out about clinical trials for breast cancer?

Where do you participate in a clinical trial of a new drug?

Why should I participation in an MS clinical trial?

Would a bladder cancer clinical trial (research study) be appropriate for me?

Would a clinical trial (research study) be a good choice for me?

Would a clinical trial be appropriate for me?

Would a clinical trial test for health before starting drug?

Would a lymphoma clinical trial be appropriate for me?

Would a thyroid cancer clinical trial (research study) be appropriate for me?

Would a uterine cancer clinical trial (research study) be appropriate for me?

Would you suggest MRI focused ultrasound for essential hand tremors? I have been accepted to uva for the clinical trial.