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Hello, I am a student at Valencia college and I am interested in becoming a trauma surgeon. For my assignment I am required interview a doctor.

1. Why did you choose this profession?

Anesthesiology a good profession to get into?

Any advice for podiatric students who are soon to be starting a practice?

Any dental or med students care to answer why they are allowed to practice without license?

Any medical research on art kids meeting donors?

Are college students with ADHD able to graduate?

Are there many fields and specialities for dentistry? What are the major of them?

As a dental surgery student should I study anatomy and physiology or it is not essential for my major ?!

Board cert. Surgeons train 5-7yrs gen. Surgery then 2-3 yrs speciality training...I don't get it, do doctors choose length of programs or is it random?

Can a doctor do a nurses job and duties (in the appropriate specialty, ie. Cardiologist and telemetry nurse)?

Can a doctor who goes through medical school but doesnt do a residency become a physician assistant?

Can a G.E.D Student with a Master Degree be a Medical Doctor?

Can a phd (licensed speech therapist) disclose patients records?

Can a psychologist specialize in adolescents and children? Also how long does it take to be certified in psychology, with all the years for schooling?

Can a school nurse help treat clotting disorders?

Can a school nurse help treat epilepsy?

Can a school nurse help treat hyperventilation?

Can an occupational health nurse have to have qualifications?

Can anyone give me some career advice. I am considering becoming a crna?

Can doctors tell me what does msp stand for in front of medical personnel?

Can i attend the naval academy if i had asthma before?

Can i study pre-med subjects with BSN degree program?

Can i tell me how i can convince professors to make academic accommodations for my anxiety?

Can jocks perform well in school?

Can one become board-certified in internal medicine before graduating from medical school?

Can social workers with a doctorate degree prescribe medicine?

Can two friends volunteer at a pediatric office? At the same time?

Can you advise me if having my phlebotomy license, good idea?

Can you become board-certified in internal medicine while still in medical school?

Can you lose any job opportunity confiding in occupational medicine specialty?

Can you suggest some good schools for an aspiring cardiothoracic surgeon?

Can you suggest some good undergraduate degree for neonatology?

Can you tell me about nursing/medical field.. what did or would you choose as a career path?

Can you tell me about registred dental assistant exam?

Can you tell me about suggested science project procedures to perform this experiment?

Can you tell me how i can refuse a therapeutic day school?

Can you tell me in michigan, are there limited jobs as respiratory therapist, radiation therapist, radiologic technologist, or nuclear medicine technologist?

Classroom ideas for teaching oral health week for 1st graders?

Cost of studying neurology?

Could a medical assistant administer lidocaine?

Could dentists practice on cadavers like doctors do in medical school?

Could X-ray techs have to dissect a cadaver in school?

Could you please tell me the name of cardiology (hand book) for medical students?

Could you use an associates degree in pre-medicine to get into medical school?

Dds: is an agd designation like a type of board certification in general dentistry? I already know about the cont. Ed. Credits that are given.

Do all children need formal religious training?

Do all public schools offer classes in comprehensive sex education?

Do all public schools require sex education?

Do I have to go to special school to study cosmetic dentistry or do some universities do it?

Do i need to finish residency to work for a website like this one?

Do residency programs look down on you if you take a year off after 2nd year med school (for "research"/board study)?

Do residency programs really care if are in the different societies of medical school, etc (ie sigma, sigma, phi)?

Do students in medical school that are not becoming surgeons still practice surgery procedures on corpses?

Do you have to be a certified instructor to teach cpr to students?

Do you have to have a separate license in the state you are practicing in as an mri tech?

Do you have to practise on live animals in medical schools. Or do you practise on cadavers/mannequins.I want to go to med school so thought of asking.

Do you know any fabulous pediatrics practice in nj: patient oriented with emr, talk to patients by e?

Do you need any special equipment to perform your job? I need this information for a school project

Do you think volunteering in a clinic will be good experience for applying to medical school? Im doing clerical work but also learning about vaccines.

Doctors which specialize with the dyspraxias are able to do what?

Does an old drug charge prevent someone from a future in the medical/dental field? Is there any point for a prospective medical/dental school student to dedicate themselves and apply to a school if that person was charged with possession of marijuana in

Does anybody know where I can interview somebody in the field of anesthesiology in pittsburgh, pa?

Does every school district use the same standardized developmental tests for students needing help?

Does getting a chiropractic certificate the same as getting a medical certificate from your doctor?

Does the physician need to have a fluroscopy license and fellowship as well?

Drank myself in hospital.. Will an a+ student be an academic failure now?

From your experience , do memorin and attend really help with ADHD patients ?

Have advanced biochem degree and decided i want to go to pa school. Can a pa specialize? Gastro interests me the most.

Hello I'm a 3rd-year medical student and I wish to have an observership training in the US. May you please help me with an invitation lettre?Thank you

Hi doctor, can a physiotherapist or student with master degree in rehabilitation science become a physiatrist? What education or specialty isrequired?

Hi Dr! Away from medications, I need your advice, I'm a medical student & I can't handle all my lectures, I need study methods please :)?

Hi I am a pemed student failing my first biology class. Should i still pursue medicine? I am good enough to be accepted into medical school?

Hi I am a uw-whitewater student. I am currently enrolled in a medical aspects class and must interview a doctor who knows about stickler syndrome.

Hi, I was interested in changing careers to medicine, but I'm legally blind. Is a medical career still an option?

Hi, i'm student in medicine , ! nice to meet you!?

How are athletic programs trained to recognize concussions?

How can I acquire a california phlebotomy technician (cpt) certificate?

How do I find local disability program?

How do I know if I have to have the prerequisites to get into a bachelor of medicine?

How do medical students that want to be plastic surgeons get to practice?

How do you get trained to volunteer in alcoholics anonymous?

How does one aspire to become the chairman of a medical department? What career steps are needed to achieve that position

How has dentistry practice evolved in these past few years?

How long do radiologists spend in residency?

How long is training for a non invasive cardiologist in particular?(residency, fellowship)

How many years of education after high school willit require to be a surgical oncologist?

How many years of medical training do anesthesiologists get?

How many years of medical training do pathologists get?

How many years of school is it to become a physicians assistant?

How much loaned money do anesthesiologists owe after their done with medical school?

How much on avaerga does a psychiatric technician make in Connecticut with a bachelors?

How much school does it take to be a anesthesiologist?

How much time does dr. Spend on hyperaldosteronism in medical school?

How often do attending physicians let the residents or fellows do most of your surgery?

How to know if i need qualifications for teaching relaxation?

How will having anorexia and bulimia affect me from getting my 3rd class medical certificate (i'm a pilot in training)?

I am not old enough to be a emt, but what can I do to have the knowledge they have?

I am a certified medical assistant looking for work in the medical field i would also do volunteer work any suggestions?

I am a freshman in college and I have always wanted to become an oncologist. How were your grades in college and what motivated you to pursue oncology?