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?Im trying to receive help from maybe psychiatrist, I have add bad and have to produce something thats crucial @ nc state regarding my shortcomings:-(

"compassionate care" is overrated. I don't know about the rest of the country, but in la/oc, health care is a business. Accordingly, i expect good outcome/output/advises given to me that's patient centered more than anything. I hear "compassionate" by t

18 yo. F. Brilliant at studies. Abused for marks. Now Im failing in many subjects. Counsellor is trying to help. Boards in a month. Pschychiatrist?

A dr mentioned bunavail and said it had great pt assistance. .......what does that mean?

A friend wants to try crazymass dianabol. Their website says that it's made natural, but I'm not totally convince. Does anyone have any insights?

After researching the struggles of work-life balance for surgeons. I wonder is it possible to be a surgeon and have some semblance of a personal life.

Am I at the mercy of my doctor when it comes to brand and type of pacemaker replacement I get? Do I have any input? How can I research my options?

Any opinions on herbl life?

Any other options for vaginismus besides dilators? History of rape and i promised myself i would never touch myself again the way she made me.

Any way to find a doctor in my area that's educated on Alpha 1 defency?

Anyone know what is a physicinan specialized for men?

Are americans more or less likely to be accepted abroad if they try to learn/speak the language? I am going for surgery.

Are any of the newer antidepressent that are out work better and faster then some of the older trust worthy type?

Are bulk beings/ advanced beings guiding humanity into better future. Like in INTERSTELLAR MOVIE are these beings shaping our present n future.

Are expensive therapists better?

Are physicians able to help a patient who insisted on using some traditional chinese medical treatments?

Are there any physicians familiar with the andy cutler mercury detox protocol. What are your thoughts?

Are there low cost treatment options (therapy) for someone with ptsd I have ptsd and seriously need someone to talk to help me. Regular physicians just don't have the training to do so. I do not have insurance or a lot of money, and certainly don't qualif

As a christian, if i'm diagnosed with cancer and choose not to seek treatment is that suicide?

As far as I understand my research, 38 states recycle sealed meds to the needy, however, IL was not in this list. I am only trying to double check.

As follow up, I have found a excellent therapist through your help psychology today web.Do anyone no of meds for bpd to help along w/therapy.Dr say no?

As the route to md is similar to that of phd, why did you go into clinic rather than research?

Baby 3 m old. We are interested in beginning sleep training. Lots of different theories and approaches. Any dr. recommended books on the subject?

Best advice or treatment about Postmenopausal Osteoporosis, and I read in Internet about FOSVANCE.. What's your thought about it or any better medicin?

Best way to improve my ability to memorize things in school(e.G subjects, topics tat was discussed) thanks doctors.. ^^?

Blisters? Warts? Herpes? Or something else? Thank you doctors for your valuable time here on this forum. It's a wonderful service you are doing! i a

Boutique medicine =stress for patient. More stress = disease. Anxiety about these fees being tip of iceberg. My primary doctor sent out glossy brochures of what his patients will get for $1500/year extra. No agreement shown until the patient agrees to si

Can a holistic practitioner really reads the whites of you're eyes for a basis of overall health?

Can a person switch health plans with a pre-existing condition?

Can any doctor relate a personal experience with success curing a wheat allergy?

Can anybody help me in searching for customized vitamins?

Can anyone recommend any resources about coping after pregnancy loss?

Can anyone recommend any treatment for coping after pregnancy loss?

Can anyone recommend me a good doctor in wichita falls tx, that is transgender friendly and will prescribe hormones without needing a therapist letter?

Can anyone suggest resources on dealing w/ cardiophobia? I'd love 2 get therapy, but i'm uninsured. Drs say im healthy, but i can't get past this fear.

Can do treatment math,(Mathapharmian) User at home without send to Psychiatric clinic ? with known of period addicting 1 year? If Yes ! How ?

Can I do the advocate 24 day challenge while on phentermine?

Can I find an alcohol treatment program anywhere?

Can marijuana be used to enable a person to overcome anger? What research is available on the topic?

Can you help me with my health final. I am researching drugs for my final and I wondering if you could help me? I need to find the street names for kl

Can you offer some advice on how to cope with the complications of menstruation?

Can you please discuss the key to happiness?

Can you please discuss the realistic options for protection against rape?

Can you please help me regarding the conceptual effect of natural family planning?

Can you please just solve all my problems for me? I'd really appreciate it! so anxious over boil & it is only a one-off so far :(

Can you please recommend a website giving good free cbt courses ??

Can you reccomend a reliable, available and personable practitoner of biomedical treatment for autism?

Can you tell me about any experiences with holistic treatments with regards to children's cancer?

Can you tell me about drugs and behavior questions (easy points)?

Can you tell me about nursing drug computation: please help find the correct formula?

Can you tell me chromotography and how it helps us understand plants better?

Can you tell me if there are addiction treatment programs offered in owyhee?

Can you tell me in a shtf situation what would you do to self-treat a bullet wound?

Can you tell me, if I am wanting a personalized diet plan, what type of professional would i need to see?

Can't afford long or short term therapy.Looking for direction on doing cbt for anxiety and other issues on my own.No free clinics near me. Any help an?

Circumcision, what are the steps involved? like what tools would I need and all that?

Could a dentist refuse me treatment due to medication being against my religious beliefs?

Could anyone informe efftective method to overcome depression , I am 25 year old female?

Could you give me the official answer of the science community on whether trimming eyelashes makes them grow?

Could you have to have certain type of qualification to apply for a job like this or ordinary counsellor qualification?

Could you provide some information on dealing with colonoscopies?

Could you tell me if i'm wanting a personalized diet plan, what type of professional would i need to see?

Dear sir, my mother is facing with scl-70 positive. Please let me know how can we make treatment and what will we avoid. Best regard nway....?

Difference between OD and MD ? Which one should I choose after the MCAT, future perspective ?

Do any medically trained doctors believe that the Wahl's protocol is helpful in treating MS?

Do any of you support the bates method (vision improvement) and why? Thank you, looking forward to the responses.

Do doctors appreciate patients bringing up online diagnosis?

Do doctors make money referring people to a specialist?

Do many people hoard drugs as they approach 65?

Do most physicians believe in a higher power?

Do psychiatrists view people as if there is no god? Thereby prescirbing them medicines?

Do psychologists disagree with each other about things? Or is it standard that they all agree about everything?

Do recommendations from genetic counselors carry the same weight as one from an md?

Do supercentarians get to their age because of incredibly good genetics? Or because they take great care of themselves? Or combination of both?

Do you agree with fertility treatment? What are ethics, long-term considerations for the kids created?

Do you have any patient testimonials that may help me in deciding if you would be a right fit for my husband and i?

Do you think an ED treatment could actually help? I don't want to lose another school year. Just can't face any obligations or concentrate to study.

Do you think it is worth becoming a psychiatrist? Are they proven to help others?

Do you think my psychiatrist may hold certains medications from my treatment because she doesn't deal with certain distributors?Great dr but curious

Do you think someone has to be exceptionally talented at science and in general to study medicine? Or is it possible to obtain through hard work?

Do you think that providing free medical advice will undermine your ability or the ability of other physicians to make a living?

Doctors - I am looking for testimonials on why you use healthtap or how it has helped your practice?

Does a diabetic child need better-quality, more expensive shoes?

Does anyone have any bad experiences to share about lipozine or lipozap?

Does anyone know what supplements or special attention is needed for women in their menopause stage?

Does it cost much money to see a psychologist for weight management?

Does masturvation like 3x a day for a year cause problems?

Does skinception work for rosacea? It gets good reviews, but difficult to know if this is just marketing

Does someone have some useful tips to help me remember what I learn in my human anatomy course and in my future health science classes?

Dont think you could handle a case like's beyond complex,crosses both MD&mental fields and my experience-ya'll dont play well together?

Dr lonsdale- do you consider yourself a altnernative medical doctor? Or prevenitive physician? What kind of patients come to you

Dr waskowitz, trust me I have had plenty of exam even to the point they wanted to try to label it as anxiety but that was not the case. Frustrating. Any idea?

Dr. Jacobson is a man to be respected. Not only is his base of knowledge extensive but his dedication to providing a+ care hard to find. Thankyou!

Dr. Minich, i'm interested in ect; and is it just extremely expensive?

Dr. Pappas, answered my question re elavil (amitriptyline) not made in us. Several companies make generic in us, can anyone "crawl out on a limb" to say whose is best?

Dr. Randy Baker says on Healthtap that most adults need 5000 IU of vitamin D. Isn't that rather a lot? I am 67.

Ebola: do you feel that this situation is under control? Or are we in big trouble. Can't tell if it's just hype or what. regards to risk to USA.

Expert opinion - should my doctor put me in inpatient treatment for cutting and bulimia?

Finalexitnetwork.Org a group of people who provide assistance for people suffering of disease to end their lives, has a medical director, is this ok?

Finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and have no idea how to deal with it. Can anyone offer advice?