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Are all pathologists involved with forensics, or does it just look that way on tv?

Are you able to look in my profile for pictures. I need professional opinion.

At my 18 week ultrasound i did not inquire, but have a rather convincing image of a boy. Not sure how to acurately tell. Pic is looking down on body?

Can a neurosurgeon look at images I loaded to my file and tell me their opinion.I have neck pain.Doctors say it's not chiari but what else could it be?

Can a radiologist plese look at the pics of the MRI on my files and see if I've had a stroke it is current?

Can anyone see my file picture yet?

Can doctor's look up a patient's file on the internet?

Can dr see your health file like MRI that's been posted ?

Can I have a photo of the baby at my scan appointment?

Can I send a picture of bite as it progressed over the last day?

Can i send photo about dark blemish all over body free advice?

Can i send pics on here ?

Can I send pictures of the sores on my body to help determine what they are?

Can I send you a picture of a rash on my elbow?

Can I send you a picture to see Wat it is ?

Can I send you a picture what I think I have?

Can I use your pictures for a homework?

Can video clip be obtained after doing Endoscopy or just printed image.

Can you look at these pictures and confirm if i am pregnant or not?

Can you provide me with pictures of pregnancy month by month?

Can you send me a video of someone getting braces?

Can you send me on message?

Can you send pictures here to doctors?

Can you suggest some websites on dermatopathology with skin photographs?

Can you tell me what this may be? Is there way to send pic of hand...?

Could a nerologist look ay my health files at my MRI pics and tell me if I've had another stroke?

Could a radiologist look at my MRI in my files an tell me if I've had anoter stroke?

Could you send doctors excuse for.

Do EEG reports print out "clips" of the abnormal areas as a sort of summary sheet?

Do they send lipomas off to a pathologist?

Do you have a way I can upload a picture?

Doctor I attached my rashes photos please have look and let me know Thank you in advance?

Does a retinoblastoma always show on a flash photo?

Does retinoblastoma always show up in a photo?

Does the radiologist look at every image that is taken and the image diagnostics place everytime?

Don't you look at The history we have on this app. I ask a question and it's not specific. Look at my history. Please Thks?

Had my GI send records to another doc last month. Now I want them to send them to someone else. They are saying they only do it once. Is that allowed?

Hi can I send a photo through this?

Hi can you check my health files(photos) and tell me if i have enophthalmia??

Hi doctor .. How can I send you my MRI reports and pictures for my back in privet ??

How can I attach an image here?

How can I find a good concierge doctor in my area? Where do I look?

How can I find pictures and information on pachygyria?

How can i seen you picture of it?

How can i send my report and get anser?

How can I Upload photos and documents and shared to doctors for they can see the problems. ?

How can we send pictures when asking for help.

How can you tell by looking at the print outs from a discogram if they are abnormal?

How cone so many kids take pictures of their privates?

How do I attach a photo to my questions?

How do I include a picture with my question?

How do I know if I have herpes (photo included)?

How do I send a picture the option or feature is not available can I email photos ?

How do I view the best doctors locally on healthtap? I see them in the sidebar, but want to view a comprehensive list.

How do toenails grow? Could you provide an illustration or video perhaps?

How do you do heimlich? Pictures pls.

How do you get a copy of your heart MRI pictures?

How do you get to look at xrays in my health file?

How to attach a picture to question?

How to know if my toddler has t.B.? By looking at his xray film?

How to save a pic in this?

How to send photo of my affected area?

I did something to my ankle if i sent some pictures could u tell if its sprained or broke by those pictures?

I don't know yet what other labs to look at or ask about.

I found something in my vagina. I browsed google images until I found an identical picture, it was called vestibular pappilomatosis. Should I worry?

I have a lazyeye it doesn't show in the mirror but it does in pictures and videos, my vision is good! is there anything that can be done to it to?

I have already attached 2 photo's to my file to help describe my predicament. I would like to discuss this issue but understand that you may not be in a position to help me. Please view my initial question & attached photo's. My problem is that I need to

I have an ECG print i need explaination?

I have been having strange stools. From searching images i think it could worms or flukes. I have pictures & am concerned & looking for guidance. ?

I have images of my mammogram and would like a second opinion. ?

I have pointed ears (see in picture) is it fixable and how much??

I have posted a few images from my MRI of the brain in my file. There are a few areas of concern. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you in advance. ?

I have thrombophlebitis i think (profile pic). What should I do!?!?

I need a good radiological second opinion.I have discs but don't know how to send or post pictures.

I need answers for my picture in my file please?

I need to send the picture of the xray but need info on vascular ring or right aortic arch?

I sent a pic of my pregnancy test is it possible it could be false the pic is in my health file?

I think i may have craniocynostosis, can I send you pictures to see what you think? Also can I get surgery as an adult

I want a second opinion or advice on my elbow fracture. I have the copy of the x-ray. How do I send/share it with the doctors here?

I'm looking at my EGD pictures and if doc said everything is normal what is red spot in the picture attached. Can it be from biopsy site?

If I click a specific doctor and click send message, the concierge thing, does this cost money? I want to send some CT pictures.

If i message a doctor one on one and send a copy of a radiology report can they look at it and explain it to me thru health tap?

Is is possible to have a radiologist on here look at scans I have and answer some questions I have about them? Get a second opinion?

Is there a cardiologist here where i can send my Echocardiogram images to so he can take a look at the images and judge them?

Is there a dermatology website where I can submit photos for a diagnosis?

Is there a place on the web where I can submit my cts, MRI to real doctor for reading?

Is there a way to send a picture? I need to send a picture to give the best details of my symptoms.

Is there a way to upload a picture. Dont have insurance. ?

Is there any way I can take a picture of my problem and do a picture diagnosis???

Is there anyone that can look at a pic of my wrist from an mri? I can't see my doctor for a month. Maybe a tfcc tear? I have one good pic i can send

It is still there and did not disappear. When a video chat is necessery i would do it.

Need doctor advice. Where do I file/report a complaint for a us dentist online?

Need some advice about a seroma but can't send full details on here so can you respond through email ?

Online site with photos of negative PPD results?

Please doctors take a look at my ekg, or allow me to send it please. Thanks very much in advanced.

Please give me some ideas where to find photos about herniorrhaphy?

Please look at my files of Xrays and MRI and please Give me an answer of my prognosis thank you.

Please see picture of rash in file and let me know what you think it is. See my first question for description. Thank you?

Plz check the images and tell what is it ?

Show a photo ?