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17. I have GAD. I get headaches that occurs every night for the past week. My anxiety level rises after my night workouts. Could this be tension aches?

2 days I've had chest discomfort upon waking. Lasts for ten min. Lack of sleep, anxiety? Hist of pots, anxiety, eds3,gerd. Bubbles in chest lately

23 yr old F. Severe anxiety disorder. All the time body weakness and shaky like i am going to collapse. Could it be my anxiety or something else.

25 years ago i had an extreme hyper anxiety attack .No external stimuli elicited the reaction. Only benzos helped. Now extreme exhaustion. Help.?

25mg amitriptyline for 8 years. Feel anxiety/stress 2 days after drinking. Symptoms can last up to a week. Feels like no pili. Is this related?

A week before my period is due I suffer nausea, migraine, feel panicky an anxious,, why is this??

Adrenaline rushes one after another. Chest pain and extreme anxiety afterwards. What is this?

After intense anxiety with anxiety attacks, somewhat subsided but now feeling removed, dazed, lethargic. Why? Almost like a down after the storm?

Airy fluttering feeling in throat.. Could it be my anxiety disorder causing it?

Am I gluten intolerant? I suffer from chronic constipation, anxiety, panic attacks, might be anemic, fatigue, and I feel sick after eating

Anxiety and headaches, plus ill feeling? Any ideas?

Anxiety disorder plus back pain all over. Help?

Anxiety or chronic fatigue syndrome. Had a bad panic attack 3weeks ago. Lately no interest in anything. Lack energy. Feel weak. Headaches.

Anxiety or epilepsy? I had 2 intense episodes similar to deja vu with a burning sensation in body and sweating. I'm on Zoloft (sertraline) and skipped a day. Help!

Anxiety patient. Watching tv not stressed. Started having palpitations. Is it normal for anxiety to present itself like this when relaxed?

Anxiety plus severe physical symptoms chest pain palls dizzy how do you know the difference between cardiac and anxiety ?

Anxiety sufferer bad palpitations worried ?

Are headaches, acid reflux, frequent night sweats, and trembling signs of stress and/or anxiety?

Are stress headaches typically accompanied by anxiety?

Around that time of the month, I experience significant anxiety and feel an overwhelming sense of sadness. Is this just a symptom of PMS or could I have something more serious?

At times, have shallow breathing w/numbness/tingling all over and mental confusion;sometimes w/chest pain..No anxiety/food allergy/asthma. Any ideas?

Back pain(surgical) migraines, and severe anxiety and panic, trouble sleeping (waking up 10-15 times a night) ?

Been having anxiety all my life with it starting with an uncomfortable feeling in stomach, not nausea...interrupts my life every day. Treatment?

Been having lots of palpitations last few days and more tired than normal...have hx of anxiety ... Worrisome?? Will it pass??

Been under stressful situations due to work. Feeling heavy fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, angry and depressed. Any clue of what might be?

Besides anxiety what are other causes of air hunger?

Bp normal & GP is confident my breathing difficulty is due to anxiety and doesn't think I need any more tests. (had lots of anxiety this year) true?

Can 3 month long chronic stress and anxiety cause whole body pain,stomach bloating,belching and fatigue?when anxious I can feel my heartbeat in neck..

Can adrenal insufficiency cause mood swings accompanied by anxiety and pain in the chest?

Can amitriptyline cause intense feelings of anxiety?I've been on it for 10 days and started feeling severe anxiety all day but heart rate is normal.

Can antibiotics ever cause sleeplessness, nervousness or a revved-up sort of feeling?

Can anxiety cause chronic dizziness, nausea, headaches and fatigue? Been feeling this for 6months and all tests are normal. Have anxiety/depression

Can anxiety cause fatigue and head tightness?

Can anxiety cause pins and needles and constant body pain? I suffer from anxiety everyday.

Can anxiety cause tinnitus? I've been coping with bad anxiety and have always had some faint ringing. Did it make it worse? Or could it be serious?

Can anxiety gives you body aches and difficulty of breathing? My doctor told me that I've been having anxieties because i kept on thinking I'm sick.

Can anxiety go away w/out medications, w/out stressing yourself? I experience dizziness everyday. Can it be anxiety ?

Can anxiety have physical symptoms I have severe anxiety and i feel fine but when i think about it i will get stomach pain and urged to always poop?

Can anxiety lower immunity?

Can anxiety make you hypervigilant to physical sensations/symptoms throughout your body?

Can anxiety mimic hypoglycemia? Like can excessive hunger and weak also be anxiety?

Can anxiety over time lead to chronic headaches and not feeling like eating?

Can anxiety symptoms last years daily almost 24/7 some days better than others been to dr a lot in the last 4 yrs n Ent for the lightheaded says anxie?

Can anxiety symptoms manifest as (what would seem to be) neurological symptoms? I feel as if I am shaking internally, especially when sleeping.

Can anxiety/stress cause cause leg pain ?

Can breathlessness due to anxiety be finished?

Can chronic anxiety cause constant and daily feeling on not filling lungs up enough with air? Extremely stressed but these SX happen daily 4 weeks.

Can constant anxiety and feeling nervous all the time cause stomach problems?

Can constant fluctuation in female hormones cause constant anxiety attacks, loss of appetite, nausea, and depression as well as heart palps.

Can constant stress, depression, social anxiety, make you constantly dizzy, constantly short of breath, and constantly have bloodshot eyes?

Can constant worry and stress(and anxiety) cause severe gastrointestinal problems? 35 male.Ty.

Can constipation or eating a lot cause anxiety or worsen it? Ive had stomach problems and anxiety all week. And im not even anxious about anything

Can derealization or depersonalization cause chest pain or spasms?

Can exposure to mold for 10 years at work cause chest pain hyper sensitivety anxiety and tiredness?

Can extreme anxiety cause vomiting? My anxiety has been non-stop & high intensity. Not sleeping well, frozen, and random vomiting. Getting meds adj.

Can GAD cause my stomach to always feel tight when I wake up in the AM? The tightness then starts the anxiety to start again and more anxiety

Can going off of nuvaring cause anxiety, depression, fatigue, and dizziness?

Can i overcome psychosomatic vaginal pain?

Can I still feel my anxiety symptoms like itching, tremors, and tingling when I'm not anxious at the moment?

Can I still have my anxiety symptoms (tremors, muscle twitches, burning sensation) when I'm not anxious at the moment. I have had anxiety for months.

Can i tell me how i can get rid of a shaky feeling (relating to anxiety and caffeine)?

Can it cause cause palpitation or depression and ulcers in mouth repetitively?

Can marijuana cause hppd ? My symptoms are easy dizziness, feeling out of it, disconnected, hypervigilence, headaches

Can my anxiety/depression be giving me headaches and body pains?

Can one hyperventilatie all day long for months? I find anxiety hard to believe as the cause of my symptoms. Cannot exert, palps, psychogenic dyspnea

Can someone feel anxiety symptoms 24/7?

Can someone who is seriously anaemic and has severe depression and anxiety ever cause themselves to have amnesia when constantly under lots of stress?

Can stress and anxiety cause back pain?

Can stress and anxiety cause dizziness? Can stress also cause constant hunger? Cause I'm very often hungry..

Can stress and anxiety cause new onset headaches? I never got headaches until i became very stressed and started to have anxiety.

Can stress cause pelvic pain like ovary pain ? I've been so stressed out where i devolped anxiety / depression & panic attacks

Can stress/anxiety cause espphagitis or a burning throat?

Can stress/anxiety cause eye pain in the evening?

Can the anxiety make a lot headache?

Can these symptoms be depression? Not sleeping at night, fatigue, headache, chest pain, worrying, fear of death and being alone if something happens?

Can you get shortness of breath when you are just nervous about something? Or does it mean you have a mental illness like anxiety disorder?

Can you have anxiety symptoms when not feeling anxious?Also I have GERD and get gas and shortness of breath which then causes anxiety and symps worsen

Can you please tell me which illness is the condition of feeling overwhelmed most often related with.My first guess would be anxiety but is there more?

Can you tell me have i got generalised anxiety?

Can your mind make you feel physical symptoms? I google heart attack everyday and have been experiencing ha symptoms for a month or more

Chest pain, anxiety, depression could this be sle?

Chronic constipation, heart palpitations, stress related issues with studies . Can't sleep during nights, having chest pains, feeling restless.

Chronic dizziness, out of breath, hands shaking, doctor said I have no asthma/anxiety. Help. What could this be. Also severely depressed. I'm begging.

Constant dizziness and palpatations suffer aniexty really suffering worried something being overlooked ?

Constant dizziness and strong feelings of depression and temptation to self harm while on Cipralex 10mg for anxiety. Not sure what to do?

Constant fatigue, muscle pain and mood swings. I am on anti depressants and beta blockers for anxiety and depression but I don't feel this is thecause?

Constant nausea, dizzy, diarrhea, anxiety (but mentally happy & love life), sleep disturbances, joint aches, migraines. Part. Hyster, no gallbladder.

Could a hypochondriac feel symptoms due to excess worry? For example feeling the need to urinate more because of fear of having a urinary problem?

Could it be anxiety if my days feel like minutes/few hours. And that my memory is slipping a bit. Have the severe anxiety and depression.

Could my chest pain/shortness of breath be due to a heart condition or anxiety? I am a 25 year old female with no other illness. I have extreme anxiety/ocd/hypochondria. In the past 2 weeks I've seen 3 doctors all for things i thought were serious and the

Could neck shoulder tension cause weird lightheaded feeling constant daily for years I do have anxiety panic disorder?

Dear doctor, my heart always pain when i got depression or stress. Following short of breathing as well. Thank for your advise?

Deviated septum, very bad bloodshot eyes, over breathing/hyperventilation syndrome, extreme panic attacks. What can my doctor test for?

Do head rush feelings while sitting have anything to do with seizures or is it more anxiety panic related?

Do panic attack symtoms include dizziness head rush feeling hot flashes nervousness?

Do ssri like Lexapro (escitalopram) or Prozac cause chronic shortness of breath? I have dyapnea for 5 months all day and touching breastbone hurts is this anxiety?

Do you have any suggestions for my anxiety worsened before period?

Docs figured out my SympatheticNervousSystem was wayyy overactive(had extreme insomnia, fear, agitation, palps).Long-term damage to amygdala or other?

Doctor. I was diagnosed with anxiety a few months ago and I ve Been 2 pills of sertraline 25mg. I was also diagnosed with mild asthma. since I had the anxiety I have been experiencing this weird breathing episode. Suddenly, my breathing makes this deep br

Does anxiety and anxiety symptoms go away n I can be normal again ?