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A friend constantly mentions abnormal thoughts, such as having ghosts following them. Could this be linked to schizophenia or other related disorders?

A vaccine induced food "intolerance", whereby food now causes irrational savage rage...& the vaccine caused full-body dysesthesia & memory loss. Why?

Acute stress reaction leading to psychosis, what happened?

After a injury, my mood became severly affected. Due to head injury or just a change in mental status because of my mental illness?

Am i just sad or is it something else medically related?

Answer to my self injury, but could someone tell me the symptoms, how is your daily life and behavior affected by it?

Any advice? I have recently developed a crippling anxiety of death and illness?

Any similarities physiologically between depression from chronic traumatic encephalopothy (cte) and depression without head trauma?

Are anxiety disorders specifically ocd in my case a result of the secretion of too much cortisol?

Are certain races more likely to suffer from addiction?

Are diet and lack of sleep large factors in the acquisition of mild illnesses and afflictions?

Are maternal depression or symptom severity associated with breastfeeding intention or outcomes?

Are negativism and pessimism due to physical damage in the brain?

Are strange addictions related to genetics?

Are there any medical dangers resulting from a seizure?

Are there any significant cognitive impairment that you believe is caused by the disease?

Are there any treatments for terminal viral illnesses that induce hallucinations/other psychological effects? Answer please!

Are there some chemical relationships between the hormones that cause anxiety and autoimmune disease that is not related to depression hormones?

Are there some genetic reasons I get situational depression off and on?

Are there types of brain surgery for severe mental problems, like depression or schitozophrenia?

As a doctor does dealing with death become an emotional detachment? Does anything strange occur prior or following death?

Bacterial meningitis, can it cause long term problems such as bipolar disorder or anxiety? Way of thinking? Impulse control?

Boyfriend showing signs of a somatoform disorder, probably serious hypochondriasis-- how to be supportive, what to do?

Can OCD lead to sother serious mental disorders?

Can a bike-car accident trigger psychosis and symptoms of schizophernia.?

Can a concussion trigger acute psychosis and/or lead to chronic psychosis?

Can a neurological event trigger an anaphilactic response ?

Can a person develop a dissociation disorder by memories of trauma?

Can a trauma to the brain like a Brain Surgery or a severe concussion or whiplash cause OCD ?Obsessive Compulsive Disorder later in life?

Can a traumatic experience cause an adrenal crisis?

Can a traumatic experience push someone with potential psychopathic tendencies into full blown psychopathy?

Can abortion lead to psychological trauma?

Can acute late stage Lyme disease get misdiagnosed with among other things as dissociative identity disorder (traumatic past)?

Can adult seizures (grand mal), chronic migraines (have often & last 4 days), major depression and diabetes be considered life threatening conditions?

Can an accident(near to death experience)trigger symptoms of psychosis and schizophrenia ?

Can antiphospholipid antibody syndrome cause horrible weakness and fatigue? 8 weeks of it profoundly impacting my life and job.

Can anxiety and stress and sleep deprivation due to fear of an exposure which occured in reality cause real symptoms of HIV like white tongue,thrush?

Can bartonella infections cause psychiatric symptoms such as irritability and personality change or is that not the case generally?

Can compounding trauma (Alzheimer in family, death of parent,etc) during childhood be a trigger for migraines and other health issues later in life?

Can delirium be caused by deep denial?

Can depression and ptsd change your brain structure and cause neurological problems later in life? I am 33 and have been on meds & therapy for 5 yrs.

Can depression be caused psychologically? or is it just caused by a chemical imbalance? if caused by psychological what are some symptoms of it?

Can emotional trauma cause autoimmune response in your body? My son has CIDP could emotional trauma have disturbed his system?

Can emotional trauma lead to a disorder that makes me anxious around men?

Can extensive exposure to computers lead to orthopedic disorder?

Can falling and hitting your head cause changes in the brain to develop an anxiety disorder or other mental health problems?

Can having a sensitivity to light lead to severe mental illnesses?

Can hypnotheraphy be used to cure a traumatic event such as a sexual assault?

Can hypoparathyroidism be deadly and can it be a misdiagnosed as ptsd and severe depression my symptoms match hypoparathyroidism including seizures

Can it be possible for you to only be depressed if you have had a traumatic event in your life?

Can job burnout manifest in just a few months and also can axiety develop as well?

Can lucid dreaming lead to psychological disease?

Can masturbation lead to having an epileptic attack?

Can meditation cause adverse reactions to those who are mentally ill; scizophrenic etc...?

Can mental disorders caused by aneurysms/seizures have effects that come and go over a period of years?

Can neglecting type 1 diabetes for 1-2 years result in the development mental illness?

Can psychogenic polydipsia happen on and off through your life? Or is it consistent?

Can psychological trauma become worse if not dealt with correctly? By that i mean, can symptoms get worse and can more mental illness develop?

Can ptsd be treated? I think I have this. Have had several tramatic things happen to me as a child. Several emotions going through me.

Can puberty lead to onset of narcolepsy? Or what other reasons can lead to narcolepsy in teens?

Can someone experience symptoms of ptsd for a long period of time after the trauma that cuased it?

Can someone with intermittent explosive disorder experience elation prior to an outburst?

Can someone with no history of seizures experience one and die?

Can street drugs trigger a dormant mental disorder?

Can stress and depression that is visible on one's face be reversed?

Can subclavian steal syndrome lead to suicidal thoughts then blackouts? Wut r the all the symptoms?

Can sudden onset of both seizure disorder & allergic reaction be related in 14-yr. Old boy whose mother has mild seizure disorder but no known allergy?

Can teens develop depression for no obvious reason?

Can the body manifest long term negative emotions (anger, anxiety, frustration) in the form of physical symptoms? (pain, acute vision problems) etc.

Can the depression caused by acute sodium deficiency be recovered ..because the problem has caused depression and memory loss to my father ..

Can there be a psychological disorder related to bloodlust or extreme violence?

Can there be any free help for people possibly developing a psychological disorder?

Can there be such a thing as hereditary depression?

Can too much vitamin D cause altered mental state? My vitamin d is 300 nmol/L (120 ng/ml) and have been facing confusion/dissociation/depression.

Can trauma be induced psychosis possible?

Can years of bipolr lead to schizophrenia? I think I have it. How would i know? What are the onset symptoms? I do things that i can't remember doing.

Can you explain if it's possible to self induce a coma?

Can you have a traumatic episode 7 hours after mixing adavan with alcohol? "episode" being reliving a painful memoery of a prior event.

Can you please define a severe hypoglycemic event?

Can you please lay out the lasting psychological effects of traumatic events on children?

Can you tell me are the mood changes in bipolar disorder brought on by certain things or do they happen randomly?

Can you tell me if my nausea could be linked to some psychological condition?

Can you tell me if you've seen anyone who experienced a movement disorder after intense exercise?

Can you tell me the history of the discovering the "serotonin"?

Can you tell me the history of the discovering the serotonin?

Could a traumatic event trigger a nervous breakdown , psychosis or schizophrenia?

Could having poor memory as a young adult cause memory disorders associated with old age?

Could head trauma (blunt force) cause schizophrenia or any psychiatric disorder?

Could my aggressiveness be caused by anxiety?

Could stress provoke pancreatic crisis or attack in the patient known with pancreatic problems in the past?

Could traumatic events spur a psoriasis spell?

Could un treated brain trauma as a result of hard beat on my head can cause a mental illness like shezsofrenia or depression ?

Could you completely recover from emotional/psychological abuse/trauma?

Could you have schizophrenia without having symptoms if you did not have some event that acted as a trigger?

Could you potentially have ptsd without some type of extreme trauma?

Could you tell me what form of depression is caused by the death of a loved one?

Could you tell me what is the likelihood that a person who has priapism will suffer from ed?

Depression+anxiety due to unexplained psychosomatic attacks (loss of physical and mental control) how do I feel myself again + connect to the world?

Do autism patients show symptoms of extreme anger?

Do doctors see a lot of patients with psychogenic illness?