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"most people who experience chronic cholinergic urticaria experienced a stressful event one year before their first outbreak". Immunology explanation?

Any doctors out there with experience homocystinuria?

Any experience with topotecan?

Anybody experience this type of paraesthesia?

Anyone have any experience of trifluoperazine?

Anyone have experience with lumps on the head, not phrenology?

Anyone have experience with selective mutism condition?

Are out of body experiences real?

Are there ways to psych yourself from traumatic experiences? To totally forget or to overcome traumatic experiences?

Are there ways to psych yourself out from traumatic experiences?

As a cancer patient, when might I experience loss and grief?

Can adults have psychedelic experiences while with fever?

Can anyone tell me jungian experiences with sleep disorders?

Can i tell me how i can have an out of body experience?

Can you explain mania in detail to me from personal experience.?

Can you tell me about an experience with neurofibromatosis?

Can you tell me about any good or bad experiences with acupuncture?

Can you tell me about what it's like to have experience with hydrocelectomy?

Can you tell me if i could have ptsd from experiences that are not as traumatizing as the typical causes of ptsd?

Can you tell me what is the experience of abortion like?

Can you tell me what to expect with someone who has had experience with cancer?

Could anyone tell me their experience with a d and c?

Dear doctor how to deal with visual hallucination associated with dialysis in the case of a 75 years old, who's been 9 months through this experienc?

Describe your experience with add "inattention"?

Do people ever experience a stroke with no ill effects?

Do you have any experience with exotropia?

Do you have experience I treating endometriosis?

Does any one have experience with opipramol?

Does anyone have any experience getting mesotherapy?

Does anyone have any experience with brain fog?

Does anyone have experience with alternating hemiplegia of childhood? Cause?

Does anyone have experience with kouksundo?

Does anyone have experience with regressive dis-associative fugue?

Does anyone here have experience with plasmacytoma?

Does anyone know from experience how painful fluoroscopy is?

Does everyone experience apathy, or is it a form of depression?

During a fun experience, something unrelated to the experience happened and it irritated me. Will my irritation affect how I recall my fun experience?

Experience with dofetilide? What for?

Experience with gris-peg?

For how long will my baby recall traumatizing experiences?

Had anyone out there had experience with scids?

Has anyone experience frequent cognitive impairment from sleepiness?

Has anyone had a bad experience with haldol (haloperidol) and were never the same afterwards?

Has anyone had any experience or knowledge of trivora?

Has anyone had any experience with dissociative fugue?

Has anyone had experience with disulfiram?

Haven't had a baby for 15 years! will this experience be different?

How can I best deal with distress after a traumatic health experience occurred about 2 months ago?

How can I deal with a traumatic experience?

How can you know if a person experiences depression?

How do you best learn from other people's experiences?

How does the body experience and recognize pain?

How much experience of doctors do you have?

I don't think i.Have ever experience a real orgasm, .How do I know for sure, ? What can I do to experience the big o?

I experience jumpiness while asleep?

I experience this dizziness with this drug, what to do?

I have experience this pain previously what do I do?

I know a patient with chorea gravidarum. Does anyone have an experience with this?

I need to know what is your experience with patients who use travatan?

In the past months, I've experienced significant loss of interest in pleasurable activities. However, I still do them often & ok. Anhedonia or not?

Is experience with docetaxel worse than experience with fec-t chemotherapy?

Is experience with docetaxel worse than experience with fec?

Is it common to experience sleeplessness following cardiac by-pass?

Is it dangerous to experience backache at 3 months?

Is it normal for a patient to experience paranoia and confusion after an Operation?

Is it normal to experience dissociation of your environment and the people around you many times a day?

Is it normal to experience significant pain while breastfeeding?

Is it okay to experience a dream-like feeling of solidness?

Need some help from your experience and awareness from dealing with withdrawal from benzo's?

Needing expert help. I have tmj, what are your experiences and advice?

Share your experience with risperdal?

Tendonitis. What is best approach in your experience?

They know or have had personal experience?

True that everyone with endometriosis experiences pain during sex?

What are "out of body experiences?

What are some early experiences providers have had rx'ing Brintellix for their patients? I'm the first of my doctor's practice to be rx'ed this.

What are the experiences of anaphylaxis?

What are your experiences with amiodarone ?

What are your experiences with antifatigue eyeglasses?

What can I do about a poor ER experience i had this week?

What causes near death experiences?

What changes does a person experience after dengue?

What exactly do you experience during a seizure?

What happens if you have coprophilia, have you ever tried to experience it for real?

What is your experience with Accutane use in your patients? Is it effective?

What is your experience with sarcoidosis recovery?

What kind of experience is it to be an inpatient?

What kind of experience is it to come out of a coma?

What kind of experience is it to have anorexia?

What should you experience during a seizure?

What should you experience during PMS and how do you combat them?

What to do for those of you who have asthma, what did you experience that led you to finding out?

What to do if I have a near death experience that doesn't involve seeing religious beliefs?

What were experiences with tavist-d?

What were your experiences with it?

When should you experience morning sickness?

Which sensations did you experience prior to fainting?

Why are emotions highly unpredictable?

Why do i experience headache frequently?

Why do I sometimes experience hypoglycemia?