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11 year old who urinates self, poor grooming, and add like symptoms. Recently began soiling self. Poor social skills. Is it signs of abuse?

16 years old, detrimentally severe hypersexuality (beyond that of any normal 16-year-old) driving me insane, anything i can do other than see a psych?

A few months ago I lost my virginity. now I'm having major anxiety, depression, and self esteem issues. why could this be?

A friend is talking about suicide with a plan; however, she has also been traumatized by the local mental health system. How can I be supportive?

Advice for teen on parents fighting and a lack of money to help fix the problems?

After a long time, can self-harm become just a bad habit that has no significant connection to underlying mental health problems?

After another tragedy, do conservatives again promote that everyone who becomes violent has mental health?

Ageing and getting frail with overarching fear of losing control. Can it cause mental changes?

Aging mother has personality disorder. Even in a confused state, she continues to resist any control by therapists who try to help her. What can we do?

All the time l am so angry by very simple action . So how could i solve my problem?

Also is there any that cause a lack of emotion while anger exist as the only emotion available to someone?

Although I am on mediation for depression I am always low or down. I might have 3 good days in a whole year. I am frustrated with living this way?

Anger problem that leads to so many problems?

Anxiety causing intestinal problems. Who do I talk to about this? Psychiatrist or gastro?

Anxiety-throat tightness--what is relationship?

Any cure for my homosexuality mental problem?

Any ideas of good occupations or career paths for mid-career professionals that developed OCD and other anxiety related issues?

Any over-the-counter help for someone with behavioral problem?

Any problem can arise from having sexual interaction everyday?

Any relationship between candiasis and tinnitus+balance problem?

Anybody see a relation between any of these issues? I feel there must be. ADHD, hyperhidrosis, hashimoto's, depression, social anxiety & bruxism.

Are all these health problems related somehow?

Are behavioral problems the same as impulse control problems?

Are bullies usually crazy people who need help for their mental health issues but won't go for help?

Are feeling trapped and burden, do not belong to yourself, do not have freedom signs of depression?

Are mental problems linked to age?

Are my feelings interrelated with everyone else in the family?

Are occasional sexperformance problems a cause for concern?

Are swallowing problems mental or physical?

Are there any books like self-help that you can recommend for someone trying to recover from psychological trauma?

Are there any goal-setting apps that you recommend? Having issues with obesity & finances specifically. Both issues are distressing!

Are there any good medications that help with coping with a bad sexual abuse situation in the past?

Are there any good positive self talk phrases to replace negative self talk i've developed from having stress, anxiety, and depression for years?

Are there any major psychological problems you can develop from flying for your job all of the time?

Are there any medications that can help with speech issues?

Are there any mental/psychological exercises one could use to stop themselves being hungry?

Are there any particular psychological or health related problems caused by peer pressure?

Are there any psychological issues going on when brothers fight all of the time?

As a Nursing Auxillary in A&E I suffer from emotional burnout and subsequently loose interest in other activities. Are you able to advise any thing x ?

At just 27 I've recently been experiencing ED issues. Along with the issues it's has left me very mental and depressed due to the anxiety of the issue?

At what point should I seek help for dealing with anxiety related to health?

Bad sleeping pattern affecting my social life, what do you recommend?

Been major for over a year now and it's controlling my life. Does anyone have two or more anxiety disorders? What should I do?

Besides being a character trait, is there any mental disorder that could be related to being an extreeeemely sore loser yet not having a big ego?

Best ways to overcome migraine problem?

Boyfriend suck his thumb at 29 years old years old when sleep I no that's not normal at all is that a psychological problem? Or mental ?

Can a fever seizure affect mental ability in a 2 year old he is seeing things that are not there and has no appitite?

Can a person overcome and heal from a psychological trauma on their own? Or is help from a professional help always needed?

Can a person with no health problems develop epilepsy?

Can a physical health problem cause anxiety?

Can Accutane cause psychological issues?

Can adrenal insufficiency cause cognitive problems and memory issues?

Can black mold cause mental problems like depression?

Can bullying cause some sort of PTSD? It's been years and I still think about it, it makes me lose concentration in what I'm doing due to emotions

Can burning incense cause health problems? What kind of problems?

Can certain hormones have something to do with my boyfriend's anger issues?

Can chronic anxiety be attributed to a physical problem?

Can chronic frustration with life create mental and health problems?

Can depression impair my judgement to the point where I could be convinced of doing things I wouldn't normally do?

Can drinking cause mental problems when you are older?

Can emotional detachment be a temporary thing?

Can emotional problems lead to bedwetting at an old age?

Can emotional, physical, sexual and verbal abuse, control and threats during pregnancy cause such disorders as toutetts, ocd, odd, anxiety?

Can feeling guilty cause health problems?

Can food allergies lead to long-term health issues or can they be a sign of an underlying issue?

Can general anxiety disorder symptoms cause skin problems?

Can having teeth issues create problems if i work for an airline?

Can having to deal with shouting be detrimental for your physical or over all health, ? I get some stomach symptoms but don't know if its just me ?

Can health problems and marijuana cause anxiety?

Can i solve my social anxiety problem on my own ?if yes how?

Can i tell me how i can maintain my anger issues?

Can I visit my gp for issues such as anxiety and depression?

Can lack of sleep and stress cause delusional thinking small issues as big issues?

Can medication cause issues with focus?

Can memory problems be a self fulfilling prophecy? I.e can ones belief that he has a bad memory cause memory issues?

Can memory problems be due to psychological reasons?

Can migraines cause emotional problems?

Can mono-vision cause problems with driving at night or problems with depth perception.?

Can my addiction cause health problems

Can my controlling parents have psychological problems?

Can my eye problems be anxiety?

Can my stepdad's health problems be because of his excessive smoking, even if they aren't lung problems?

Can not talking about emotional distress or trauma be the right way to go?

Can over-use of weed cause thought process problems?

Can overwhelming emotions physically harm you? Not in the way of physical symptoms but I mean can they cause emergency conditions?

Can poor mental health lead to frequent nightmares?

Can separation anxiety be accompanied with anger and frustration when my husband leaves the state to visit his family?

Can sex deprivation manifest in physical ailments in the body? When thinking about it constantly? Is it worth getting a hooker?

Can some mental or memory problems be caused by malnutrition?

Can somebody with emotional disturbance actually hold a job long?

Can somebody with OCD exhaust their amygdala either with thinking too much/stress or taking d-cycloserine?

Can someone get mental problems from being alone to much?

Can someone tell me how long will it take before a sleep deficit wreaks havoc on mental health?

Can spending too much time at home and/or by yourself lead to anxiety disorders?

Can stress add to many health problems?

Can stress and thinking too much cause digestive problems?

Can stress cause any health problems?

Can the human mind cure a simple mental disorder like depression on its own?

Can there be a way of getting less sleep without any medical/general problems?

Can u change the perception of a situation with self hypnosis? Is it actually possible?