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lost a partner through homicide, a job, a home, and 2 parents in 3 years have major depression & Anorexia, could I have BPD my symptoms are similar?

11 y/o whose behavior gets more odd/ disorganized/disconnected/moody as the day wears on; is it more likely to be schizophrenia or bipolar disease?

A known bipolar person rejects seeing a doctor at anyones request & makes others lives miserable. Can a bipolar person think behavior is "normal"?

A local psychiatrist diagnosed me with bipolar disorder in just 20 min of the first interview. I only told her I get anxious after periods of stress?

A person who had anoxia has what type of personality?

A relative with BorderlinePD is now living with an untreated Bipolar PD boyfriend, against all advice. Can we expect mutual countertransfer effects?

Affection bipolar disorder - I heard that cognitive remediation can help cure the disease, can you suggest some freebies website or info?

After abusing canabis and being in a traumatized relationship, my brain has relapsed twice. Will i live for very long? My personality is paralized...

All these medications, but no diagnosis? I'm 22, and suffer from depression, and anxiety. When i see my doctor, he usually writes "bipolar disorder" across my file, but tells me I do not have bipolar disorder. He has had me on several medications includin

Am almost absolutely sure that I am bipolar, will my pediatrician be able to diagnose me with bipolar disorder?

Am I a high-functioning bipolar or just mean like my sister says?

Am i bipolar? My doctor said the odds of me having bipolar disorder are slim because all the members of my family have only been diagnosed with depression. I have no idea but when im on depression medication I am so mad at everything. Im either mad or zom

An evil physician diagnosed me with schizophrenia... How do I prove that I don't have this illness? Pls help :)

Any advice? I have taken many tests online & they all say I have schizoid personality disorder. What does that even mean?

Any hope for a lasting relationship with a bipolar woman? A year ago i met a wonderful woman. We're in our early 60s. She told me she is bipolar and had a psychotic episode in her early 30s that required hospitalization. She's been through years of therap

Any insights on when does introversion end and psychosis begins?

Any personality traits that are important or might need in order to become a psychologist?

Any recent news on treatment for bipolar II disorder?

Apologize for my ignorance but is parkinson disease falls in mental illness category?

Are all bipolar examples extremely negative? (having tantrums, licentiousness, gambling etc etc)

Are aspbergers and schizophrenia related to one another?

Are people with bipolar type 2 and aspergers more prone to rejection sensitivity?

Are psychiatrists, lmfts, and social workers trying to fit people into categories? I was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia but i feel like forced dx

Are psychopaths, born or made? Is it a combination of both?

Are there any theories of what can cause Borderline Personality disorder ? When symptoms start showing at a young age

Are there similarities in sensory/perception between ptsd and high functioning autism? Like how you understand other people?

Are there ways to make my brother get diagnosed with a mental disorder?

Are those peope who are bipolar get taken more seriously than those with borderline personality disorder?

As a psychiatrist, if your client develops neuroleptic malignant syndrome from an antipsychotic they are on, do u treat it? Or refer to someone else?

At how young of an age can somebody be diagnosed with bipolar disorder?

At what age could someone possibly get bipolar disorder?

At what point does a person's sexual identity become a mental illness in need of treatment?

At what point should a person go to a doctor if they think an anxiety disorder is present?

Beeing soul searching with therapists and doctors and psychs. What is main difference from aspies to highly sensitive person? Overwhelmed or decoding?

Bipolar what causes bipolar in people? Can it be because of some dramatic experience in the past like being raped by family members?

Borderline personality and alcoholic police restraining orders, what to do?

Borderline personality disorder thanks for reading and any help you can provide. I have a family member who i'm fairly certain is bpd. I believe she's had similar problems stemming from childhood. How can we express to this person how her actions make p

Can a 13 year old get diagnosed with bipolar?

Can a Dx of dissociative disorder get confused for schizoaffective disorder? Are the two similar?

Can a gp test you for avoidance personality disorder?

Can a mother w/ borderline personality disorder be caring & truly mean it and share positive times and experiences with her kids?

Can a pediatrician easily diagnose social anxiety disorder?

Can a person be rough after a mental shock in his childhood?

Can a person get a metabolic disorder later in life? Or can you only be born with it?

Can a person go back and forth from being schizoid to borderline personality disorder? Are these two related and is it possible to be displaying both?

Can a person go into"remission" with borderline personality disorder without therapy and/or meds?

Can a person have two psychiatric disease together? Or there can be only one diagnosis?

Can a person possibly become manic depressive if they watched someone die?

Can a person suffering from mixed type delusional disorder go back to normal after treatment?

Can a person with a major bipolar disorder live a full productive life?

Can a person work a job with personality disorder? Like become a doctor?

Can a psychiatrist prescribe me modifinal? Can they diagnose me with fatigue sleep disorders?

Can a series of unfortunate events cause someone the dr to become confused and misdiagnose me as schizophrenic? It may just be not enough information

Can a truly normal person turn into a psychopath or sociopath, or are they born that way?

Can a truly ugly person still have bdd? if they suffer the symptoms of bdd? please explain. thanks doctor i appreciate it

Can an autistic person (29years) cohabitat with a person (26years) that has depressive disorder with psychotic tendencies? Both not on treatment

Can anyone tell me what causes anxiety disorders to form and how are the cured?

Can bipolar disorder show up with mostly depressed symptoms?

Can delusion happen every other day? The flip of my mental state is within five seconds.

Can every person be diagnosed with the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders?

Can G A D an in borne genetic anxiety personality be cured. Thanks?

Can give run down of borderline personality disorder? In case of one leaving boyfriend for someone else and missing the ex? But has similar symptoms

Can hypothyroidism present persistent mental disorders after the hypo is being treated. Wife's behavior was bizarre before treatment, but got worse?

Can i get advice? I've got a diagnosis of bipolar with psychosis and borderline personality?

Can i get tested for bipolar disorder at a walk-in clinic?

Can I have a normal life having bipolar disorder? I'm smart and extremely intelligent and people love me...Well sometimes! i was considered to have depression and later on down the line i found out that i was bipolar!i've lost several relationships and

Can i tell me how i can treat or help this possible learning disorder?

Can it be that a person with bipolar & chronic depression be a danger to her son?

Can one fully recover from meth psychosis, or will some negative personality traits stay? Long term drug abuser with bipolar in family history.

Can one get better from schizoaffective disorder?

Can people die from schizophrenia? Do they experience facial changes? Body changes? Other than their personality? Are they one person or many?

Can people get tested to see if they have a learning disorder?

Can people with aspd false in love? I highly suspect that I have aspd, but I'm in love with my boyfriend, does it mean that I can't have aspd?

Can retreating from bullying and social isolation become dangerous?

Can situs inversus effect a person's personality?

Can someone have apathy from childhood without knowing it?

Can someone have borderline personality disorder and not engage in risky sex, gambling or self harm but instead have things like road rage and anorexi?

Can someone tell me the signs/symptoms of Depression? Or possibly Bipolar. I know my mother and a few other family members are bipolar.

Can someone with Bipolar Disorder with the right medication, be a school teacher?

Can the start of menopause cause or have an effect on, dissociation, bipolar or thyroid problems? I have been diagnosed with all three.

Can there be a website i can go to that can diagnose a mental or emotional disorder?

Can there be any actividy a person who has galactosemia can not participate in because of his disorder?

Can there be any long lasting treatment for paranoid personality disorder?

Can there be any way you can compel someone by law to seek treatment for bipolar disorder?

Can witnessing bullying and not saying anything about it be considered another form of bullying?

Can you be diagnosed with bipolar disorder without having to go to a psychiatrist?

Can you become a physician is you have bipolar disorder?

Can you become a psychiatrist if you also have a slight mental disorder?

Can you become a sociopath or psychopath in your teen years rather than being born that way?

Can you explain to me what are the signs of narcissism in somebody?

Can you get diagnose with a disorder such as depression without parent permission ? If so what age and where? Im doing this for school but would also like an answer for my own benefit. And would like to know because certain disorders run strongly in both

Can you let me know is it to late to target or diagnose a mental disorder after almost 19 years?

Can you please define hocd and can a 13 year old have it?

Can you please explain the future going to be like with regard to the stigma bipolar disorder carries?

Can you please have a little bit of all four of the traits listed under cluster b of personality disorders?

Can you tell me about human communication disorders question?

Can you tell me how are psychologists able to distinguish the differences between being a schizoid and asperger's syndrome?

Can you tell me how could people with major depressive disorder make money?

Can you tell me how i can get goverment help for my sister who is on probation for drugs and has a mental illness bipolar/scski?

Can you tell me how I could cope with my new diagnosis of epilepsy?