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After a panic attack?How many days will.I feel.Okay again?How many days will i be exhausted?

After being diagnosed with IBS, I have anxiety and depression. I feel anxious all the time. Why is that?

All my tests are normal, but i still feel extremely lightheaded and shaky at night for no reason. Can this be a panic attack even if i'm not anxious?

Am so anxious. What can I do?

Anxiety been under cntrl for a yr or so but has just flared after a stressful event. Help! Stressful events over but still feeling panicky.

Anxiety panic attacks nothing feels real i'm constantly dissociated depression never in a good mood always uncomfortable mentally?

Anxious and dizzy earlier then got depersonalized and when I got home I slept for 2 hours because I want completely drained. Now dizzy and very anxious again. Is this just anxiety? Nervous and anxious

Are feeling cold and sweaty symptoms of or could be anxiety?

Are feelings of doom natural with anxiety?

Bad anxiety lately what should I do? I need help to relax

Can anxiety cause constant heart palpitations? If you feel anxious all day. Yes or no im 20

Can anxiety cause diaherra?

Can anxiety cause dizziness and feeliing faint without feeling as if im scared or having a panic attack at the moment?

Can anxiety cause the feeling of arms not working properly? Not during an actual panic attack, just anxious.

Can anxiety cause uncontrollable shaking all over?

Can anxiety cause you to be lightheaded almost 24/7 daily for years?

Can anxiety cause you to be shaky and uncoordinated?

Can anxiety make you feel short of breath and very achy even if you aren't anxious at the moment? Not hyperventilating or anything "attacks" help!

Can anxiety/stress cause jumpy/blurry vision even while not panicking? I'm constantly worried though.

Can betapce cause a feeling of overwhelming anxiety? Help please?

Can dehydration cause you to feel like you're having an anxiety / panic attack?

Can getting mad cause anxiety and lightheaded but could being mad bring on anxiety the root cause ?

Can having anxiety cause someone to faint?

Can i have a normal pregnancy after being anxious and stresset?

Can too little sleep allot of caffine some above average stress cause an anxiety or panick attack. Feeling that way at work for a few weeks?

Can you be subconsciously anxious?

Can you have a panic attack and get lightheaded, flushed when not feeling stressed or anxious? Can the feeling last all day? With sob too.

Can you have anxiety physical symptoms and not feel anxious . can it happen out the blue ?

Can you have anxiety tight chest feeling without being anxious?

Can you help me, I have had anxiety lately and have a worry?

Can you tell me about feeling anxiety?

Can you tell me how to relax and not be as stressed.?

Cant tell if palpitations are health issue or just my anxiety. They seem to come and then i feel anxious, rather than feeling anxious then coming on.

Constant deja vu but not having seziures I do have a but of anxiety. And feel depressed from it.

Could anxiety cause me to get lightheaded?

Could I be causing myself constant panic attacks and anxiety? I constantly feel scared and weird mentally and I worry daily about why I feel like I do

Diagnosed anxiety disorder 2 weeks ago.Had a check up last wk, all ok.Feel tired, giddy, panicy, down, could cry sick of being scared tense is it my disorder?

Every month I get lightheaded for a few days my doctor says its anxiety could it really be anxiety?

Experiencing anxious feel I suffer anxiety, might of had an anxiety attack last night even now my chest feels full I feel off a bit shaky. ?

F/u question-can you awaken having anxiety attacks or feel calm & relaxed but still be having an anxiety attack which causes hyperventilating sensations?

Feeling out of energy all the time. I have an anxiety disorder but with medication i don't feel anxious. But i feel kind of off. I forget things too.

Feeling PANICKY can't breathe can't calm down heart racing unreality anger spouts of suicidal thoughts exhausted tired body aches mind scattered ovrw?

Feeling very anxious and spaced out ? Help!

Feeling very stressed and anxious right now. Want to punch something...Any OTC ideas for me?

Feeling zoned out constantly, mind seems foggy, anxious... What is this and what should I do to stop it ? 16 years old

Going insane! extreme anxiety/nervousness, scared, please help I am so anxious/nervous and scared. I feel extreme anxiety all day, weird feeling in chest and upper arms . I have taken Paxil in the past but was hospitalized for anxiety/ panic which also ca

Had fever illness for 20 days. Now ok. But I am panic stricken and feeling anxious. How to cope with this? Always feel like i am going to shiver.

Having anxiety lately. Is it normal to be more anxious when you are about to start your period? Normal to feel on edge, nervous, slightly paranoid?

Health Anxiety,On 7th Day Lustral 50 after a quit & get rebound, the first days I's feeling depression now I feel anxious, is this normal? I'm with dr

Hello. When I have anxiety, and anxious. It feels like my tongue is going to sweel up. Is this an anxiety feeling? It is really scary :( :(

Hi .have anxiety. Had panic attack hrs ago , couldn't sleep until earlier this morning .still anxious , Could panicky feelings still occur hrs later?

Hi can anxiety give you a cold all over feeling?

How can anxiety make you feel physically when you're not having an attack?

How can I better manage my racing thoughts and trembles from my anxiety?

How can I calm myself down when I'm so nervous and scared?

How can I figure out where my depression/racing mind/anxiety started?

How can you calm yourself when fearful or upset?

How common is it to have physical anxiety symptoms without feeling anxious?

How do you know the difference between anxiety or just feeling tired and overwhelmed. My dr wants me on citalopram I don't think it's the solving prob?

How does gastrodin help me feel less anxious?

How to not feel so drained from panic attacks. I feel super sleepy during and after an anxiety attack. How can I manage?

How would one that it is stressed , tense and anxious relax?

I always feel as if I'm in flight mode. What can I do to help with my anxiety symptoms?

I am always anxious.. What can I do?

I am chronically anxious all the time and at night have panic attacks and my body feels motionless and weak I'm 18 how will this effect health?

I am experiencing feeling anxious (worsened by: psychological stress) , paranoid behavior and feeling depressed. What medications could help?

I am feeling anxious/nervous all the time. What do you suggest?

I am having moments of fear, doom, depression and sick feeling in my stomach of dread. I stay nervous. What's wrong??

I am On 30mg mirtazapine should this help with anxiety my anxiety Is through the roof feeling so nervous and irritable feel I am crawling the walls?

I can't tell if I'm having anxiety or if I'm actually sick. Lately I've been a hypochondriac. No history of anxiety. Suddenly scared for my health?

I feel a strong anxiety! Can you help me?

I feel a lot of depression and anxiety lately. What should I do?

I feel anxiety and fear of persons?

I feel anxiety help my doctors don't want to give me meds for it?

I feel anxious all the time and I have a lot of panic attacks. What can I do?

I feel anxious when talking to people?

I feel anxious, depresed and nervous! I am litle dizzy and I am so stressed! what can I do?

I feel anxious/ill a lot of the time..Anxiety, what can I do?

I feel faint having palpitations all morning which make me feel real jittery is this a symptom of panic disorder?

I feel lightheaded/dizzy very often,with hot flashes at times. I'm 21,and do have anxiety a lot but haven't been anxious for weeks.Anxiety the cause?

I feel like i'm having an anxiety attack but i'm calm?

I feel paralyzed with anxiety, and i don't know what to do. Help?

I feel so nauseous to the point where I almost vomit during panic/anxiety. Can't eat and not sure what to do, terrified of feeling sick !

I feel stressed, angry and anxious all the time. Social anxiety is getting worse.

I feel very anxious an nervous.An on edge my emotions r up and down what's wrong please help?

I feel VERY nervous.heart racing.feels worse when I sit down. Panic attack, or could it be because of not eating enough?

I get an anxious/nervous feeling in my chest and it feels just like a "nervous stomach" but in my chest. Is this my anxiety acting up?

I have a flight in a couple weeks. I feel tingly, I can't breathe well or sleep. I have a fear of flying, is this anxiety?

I have anxiety and i get dizzy .The dizziness scares me so much I am anxious of being anxious .It's ruining my life i'm only 18 and i feel hopeless:(?

I have anxiety and i'm feeling very panicky now but not were i'm having a panic attack i feel weird can up you help?

I have anxiety lately i been feeling like i can't breath and my hearing is decreasing am i just worrying or can it be something else? So scared :( ;(

I have anxiety, does it make u lightheaded at times?

I have anxiety. Can i get off balance feeling daily from it without actually having an attack?

I have been feeling very uneasy and tense. I wake up from a good night sleep feeling worried , my mind is racing and i just can't relax ? What to do

I have constant derealization, yet I am not anxious alot. Can this DR be from anxiety, even though I still feel it when I am not anxious at all?

I have emetophobia, feel sick a lot have panic attacks.Citalopram makes me worse. What can I do?

I have panic attacks daily, I shake and I feel anxious and nervous. How can I calm them down and what's wrong with me?

I have panic y feel sad all day, since i wake up i feel panic?

I suffer from panic disorder this morning I woke up feeling disconnected now I try to feel my heartbeat and I can't is that normal? what do I do?

I think I might have anxiety. I have had this anxious, butterflies feeling in my stomach for almost a month. But the feeling comes & goes. What to do?