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How can I help my pregnant wife with her panic attacks and anxiety she reads into everything online and believes the worst case situation and thinks she is going to die or go crazy every time she has a panic attack and she has 3-4 a day

How can I identify what triggers my anxiety attacks? They seem inconsistent as far as when/where they occur and seem to start out of nowhere.

How can I keep my manic episodes (bipolar i) or anxiety attacks under control without medication if they come back? I hate meds and the side effects.

How can I know if I have anxiety. Can 2 months stress about thinking about ectopic can bring physical symptoms of anxiety that mimic ectopic?

How can I manage emethephobia (fear over vomiting) its causing severe anxiety/panic attacks?

How can I medicate anxiety naturally?

How can I overcome my anixety attacks i don't want to take pills amd depression.

How can I prevent severe anxiety and constant panic?

How can I reduce my anxiety when giving presentations?

How can I relieve the head pressure symptom of a panic attack? Help! every panic attack I have pressure builds up between my eyes and feel faint :(

How can I remedy my infant's nighttime separation anxiety?

How can i stop a panic attack before it occurs and if it does occur how could I get over it fast?

How can I stop a panic attack immediately? I feel like my head is numb but its not

How can I stop anxiety attacks? I have two or three daily. Typically starting off mild and then a massive one at night where I can't breath.

How can I stop the panic attacks that come every time i go to the gynecologist?

How can I stop this electric current going through my body due to anxiety? I tried deep breathing. Will i die from this shock? I'm going to dr. Tmrw.

How can I treat my anxiety when I'm on an airplane?

How can I treat my severe anxiety attacks?

How can I treat my severe hypothyroidism and panic attacks?

How can I understand Imma getting heart attack?

How can u figure out where panic attacks come from? I want to figure out the source, then stop it! I don't want them to happen ever again.

How can you control anxiety and panic under a time crunch?

How can you determine how bad anxitey is? Im on Xanax (alprazolam) .5mg and i don't seem to be helping. Is there a websit to learn more about all this anxiety

How can you get relief from anxiety disorders?

How can you naturally reduce anxiety and depression and take back control of you?

How can you treat anxiety/panic attacks w/o medicines?

How come i panic if I am alone for certain periods of time?

How come i start shaking uncontrollably when I have a panic attack?

How come i suddenly have so much anxiety, especially in the morning?

How dangerous exactly is it for someone with tachycardia and easily onset severe panic attacks?

How do a panic attack, and a psychotic break in regards to symptoms differ?

How do doctors differentiate pheochromocytoma vs. Panic?

How do doctors treat a 12yr olds extreme anxiety/panic attack/disorder?

How do hospitals stop severe non stop panic attacks?

How do I calm an overactive mind? I have tried meditation, exercise and anxiety medication, nothing works any other suggestions?

How do I control anxiety? I do have anxiety that distabilizes me for two days each time it occurs.Is there any prescription? Thank you.

How do I figure out what is worse, an anxiety attack or a nervous breakdown?

How do I get the doctors at an e.R. To treat me for another anxiety attack?


How do I know exactly what is anxiety?

How do I know if I could have anxiety? What are the beginning symptoms? I think I had an attack once..

How do I know if its an anxiety attack? Feel akathisia, worry, short of breath, weak, but lot of other things ok. Sense of panic need to get out, etc

How do I manage anxiety that isn't always there, but returns for days on end?

How do I stop anxiety about my health? Every time i get the slightest chest pain or feel nauseous, i think i'm having a heart attack.

How do I stop my urge of taking Xanax (alprazolam) without going to rehab or a psychologist? Are their natural ways?

How do I take Xanax (alprazolam) 0.25 mg to treat ssri, tca induced initial stage anxiety/ panic treatment?

How do I treat my anxiety depression and insomnia? I have been on ativan (lorazepam) for 14 years and its doing nothing

How do panic attacks and getting blood drawn cause this weird sensation?

How do u get over a severe phobia of hospital's? Can't even go in without a panic attack everytime. Developed within the last 2 years? Help

How do you approach a doctor about clonazapam when you know it helps with your anxiety and panics, and you've tried everything else.they push therapy ?

How do you calm yourself during a panic attack in doctors office? I don't want to run out and look foolish or faint.

How do you cure a panic attack asap?1 of my friends recently had trouble breathing/tigntness of chest and just stopped functioning for 4 mins. Normal?

How do you cure a tight throat brought on by anxiety? Calming techniques do not help.

How do you deal with panic attacks when you also have ocd and trying to quit tobacco products?

How do you get over anxiety and fears that control your life without medication?

How do you know if you're having panic attacks? Outta no where i get nervous sweat heart and mind race sometimes get dizzy how can I make this stop?

How do you know if your having a hard attack what are the signs?

How do you stop anxiety without diazepam?

How do you treat midnight anxiety?

How does anxiety creep up when there has not been any issues in the past experienced i think anxiety/ panick attack at work and loss of sleep?

How does DVT work how quick do they form how quick can they kill you intense anxiety ?

How does one control an overworked mind, as if my mind goes hay wire, thinking of so many negative thoughts more on sickness and death situation. this causes my anxiety attack. It make me feel so cold and heart pounding and my stomach goes on churning. H

How effective is a combination of 50mg of daily sertraline and .5mg of clonazepam daily for 1 month for mild anxiety and panic attacks?

How effective is nadolol for anxiety ?

How effective is Zoloft (sertraline) in treating panic disorder? Social anxiety? I really need to know or am I just wasting my time with it.

How frequently do you have to have panic attacks before it is a problem, for example, becomes a medical condition or prevents you from driving?

How is extreme fear explained when there is no specific phobia or experience of panic attacks ?

How is lorazepam so effective at stopping my anxiety symptoms within 30 min?

How likely is it to faint if you're having a severe panic attack?

How likely is it to start getting anxiety attacks after age 40?

How long after a heart attack do you stop thinking every chest pain is another attack?

How long after a heart attack do you stop thinking every chest pain is another?

How long after medication from psychiatrist & psychologist session does OCD anxiety disorder muscle tension leave? Its been months &does cure/supress?

How long after taking 0.5 mg ativan, (lorazepam) I can take valarian root? Is valarian root effective for anxiety disorder?

How long can anxiety last?

How long can symptoms of anxiety last in comparison to a panic attack? My symptoms have been continuing for a while and only stop when I am distracted

How long can you be on klonapin? I've been on it since i was 15 and i don't think i could not have it, i need it for extreme anxiety.

How long could you have anxiety cramps for?

How long do each of these last and what is the difference between a panic attack and a seizure?

How long do I need to be taking benzodiazepines to cure my social anxiety for?

How long does a manic panic attack usually last?

How long does a panic attack last? I feel like I get over one and mins later a new one arrives :(

How long does anxiety levels return to normal after my first terrible panic attack? How long does phsycial symptoms last from anxiety? Thank you

How long does anxiety twitching last?

How long does it take 4 fluoxetine 10mgs 2start working on panic attacks?

How long does it take for anxiety to go when listening to hypnosis?

How long does the pain or agitation last after an anxiety attack?

How long it take to recover from depression anxiety anxiety disorder ?

How long must I wait to change from diazepam (for anxiety and muscle relaxation) to lorazepam?

How long should it take for .5 mg risperdal to calm agitation or anxiety in elderly?

How long would a doc feel comfortable keeping a patient on klonopin (clonazepam) for social anxiety if it was the only med that works for them and they wanted it.?

How long would it take to develop a tolerance for xanex 1mg if you only take whenever you have a panic attack about once or twice a week?

How low does blood sugar have to go to experience anxiety? I start feeling pretty bad in the 70's and have been having anxiety and panic attacks.

How many days dose it take for 10mg of propranolol to work fully for panic attacks?

How many MG of hydroxyzine can I take in one day? I have severe anxiety. How often can I take it?

How might a person react to a panic attack/their symptoms?

How much ashwaghanda should a patient take for anxiety and insomnia?

How much ashwaghanda should a patient take for anxiey and insomnia?

How much Tenormin (atenolol) can I take to control severe anxiety?

How much Valium or Xanax (alprazolam) do you take for severe non stop anxiety and fears?