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Have you prescribed d-cycloserine for social anxiety?

Having a hard time breathing through this panic attack that's been lasting for hours. Any tips?

Having a panic attack. Felt depersonalization all day, worse now. Scary thoughts. Breathing exercise isn't working. Quickest way to calm down?

Having a panic attack. Prescribed Xanax (alprazolam) for panic 2 years ago and have several left but prescription expired on 4-05-12. Are they still safe to take?

Having depersonalization ? I had a panic attack from getting really high for my first time ever. I feel zoned out 2 weeks later but what is this ?

Having episodes of scintillating scotoma when i panic. Doctor gave me Prozac (fluoxetine) and told me it will go away that anxiety is cause it. Is this correct?

Having extreme anxiety attacks, like they last an hour or so. What can I do about these to at least lessen them since I know they won't go away?

Having panic attacks due to health anxiety. Took 5mg of diazepam, calmer, but still freaking out. What do I do? Need help asap. Super scared!

Having panic attacks for 6 days, given ativan (lorazepam) in ER and citalopram by an internest. Now my symptoms are worse. Its only been 3 days, can I stop taking?

Having real difficulty dealing with my constant anxiety attacks just started taking new medication after other medications werent successful. ?

Having severe panic attacks after being on Buspar (buspirone) for 24 days, what should I do???

Having type 1 diabetes and sarcoidosis wouldn't a dr put me on Prozac and Xanax (alprazolam) with out asking, i'm panicking and depressed?If i ask him would he give it to me?

Heart attack like symptoms after doing marijuana. What happened?

Heart feels like itching inside.Quit smoking october 13, 2 panic attacks, none since.Bloods&ecg normal.Stops when led on back/not thinking about it/busy

Hello , help , have lupus and chronic pain condition, been having anxiety after taking my normal meds , does lupus cause anxiety? Very scared:(

Hello can u tell me can pain provoke panic like responses?

Hello dr, I'm just wondering how can I over come my anxiety without medication. I had an attack earlier today felt like I couldn't catch my breath or gonna have a heart attack, is this normal? Thanks

Hello Dr. Gurr. Thank you for the request. I have a question for you about my anxiety. Ive had chronic anxiety for about 2 years which doctors dont link to anything health related. I have no social anxiety or phobias just general anxiety which ranges from

Hello I am currently on celexa (citalopram) 40mg been on it for 15 years.. the last week in a half I been having anxiety and panic attacks. .. I can't work .. ?

Hello I suffer from anxiety and lack of sleep and panic attack since 2011 and have used many drugs, including Cipralex 20 and Remeron15 clonazepam1 mg and then stopped taking the full year after it returned the symptoms of anxiety and sleep and IBS I had

Hello I would like to get back on my anxiety medication(Xanax 2mg) for my last minute trip which I have to fly. I don't fly. I've been in constant panic ( 3 panic attacks today so far) and its constant worry . I can't sleep , I can't focus I'm worrie?

Hello, I was 150mg of Zoloft for over a decade for an anxiety disorder and it worked well for me. Last year I went down to 50mg and have been having lots of near panic attacks lately. There seems to be no trigger either. It's happening multiple times e

Hello, can anxiety or nervousness causes loose stools? I've been having frequent anxiety/ panic attacks early in the morning,

Hello, i am having what i believe ate panic attacks. I am 31 and have never been treated before. Symptoms are far heart rate, feel like i have to leave where I'm at, hot, and hyper ventilation. Dr gave me lexapro and after nausea for 2 days i ended up

Hello, I have had a slight dizzy/lughtheaded feeling everyday almost all day for near 2 years now. Docs can't find anything. Could this be anxiety? And does it ever go away? It started after having my first and only panic attack 2 years ago.i keep reading

Hello, I want to know if dental amalgam causes anxiety because I read on nih on several studies that it causes anxiety and stress. Thank you. ?

Hello! I am a sophomore in college and I've recently developed a lot of anxiety. Should I go to my regular Doctor or is panic attacks normal?

Hello. Was in a state of panic 6 weeks ago. Ears felt blocked for 4 hours. Since then having headaches triggered by anxiety. What is wrong?

Hello...I'm suffering from severe anxiety disorder....I'm taking nexito .5...But it's not working...It's been 2 weeks...What to do?

Help please! is anxiety attacks a sign of pregnancy?

Help please. Could asperger's syndrome cause one to fake panic attacks?

Help with terrible anxiety? Are pills the only way out?

Help! Hubby dying, anxiety/worry killing me!ER for rapid Heart,labs good.Ckmb little high.Increase klonopin (clonazepam).have MG nowfeels worse justwana cry/sleep ?

Hey docs, what herbal medicines are good for people with anxiety issues?

Hey my sister has anxiety attacks anytime an assignment is due. What can we do to help her?

Hi docs, would 3mg of Xanax (alprazolam) and 80 mg of propanol 1.5hours before a presentation be enough to kill all anxiety?

Hi docs, would hydroxyzine help anxiety?

Hi doctor I have anxiety and was wondering if there were any med that works like benzodiazepine but are not?

Hi doctor im suffering from axiety and panic a smoker i just want to know if reli calm is safe product and what would you sugest?

Hi doctor John.I'm Liam and i'm 19 and i have a anxiety health disorder.i would just really like to know if anxiety has any symptoms that could kill y?

Hi doctor, is there any ways to reduce social anxiety and can provide any exercise to reduce anxiety...Thank you?

Hi Doctors. How do I know if I have a sleeping disorder or just get nocturnal panic attacks?

Hi I am taking diazipam for my panick attacks can I take a zopiclone to help me sleep?

Hi i had a panic attack 8 years ago i used to drive but would feel short of breath i then stopped travelling i can't go anywhere i fear i wont breath?

Hi I have a 2 CM pineal cyst and trying to cope with constant sleepiness and migraines and anxiety can you guide me along or can you not treat prescri?

Hi I have bad ghout I don't understand why I get many attacks im on the meds for it this attack s ?

Hi i have been trying to find a doctor to help me with my anxiety and my panic attacks. i would like to try klonopin (clonazepam) but cant find a doctor to help.

Hi i, m 43 now i started having panic and anxiety for past 10 years for past 4 i, m lock down in my house we no hope ?

Hi I'm 20 years old and i've been suffering from severe death anxiety. I get panic attacks and palpitations all the time. I really need an answer.

Hi I've been on citralopam 10mg as a result of panick/anciety attacks. I haven't had an episode for nearly 3 months can I start to wean off them?

Hi im 17 old guy and I have had anxiety for 2 months and latley I've been scared of having a stroke or heart attack what are the odds???? Im scared!!!

Hi is propranolol suitable to take for excessive panic attacks?

Hi my name is Alexa Mitchell. I need help with my anxiety. I have been suffering with it for a year and a half. I need help?

Hi there, I am suffering from anxiety & panic attacks..I would like to know how I can safely use valium & escilatopram together...should I spread out ?

Hi was just wondering tge differences between cbt and dbt and which one is better for anxiety/ panic thanks?

Hi what apart from anxiety are there other medical conditions that can cause anxiety like cardio proplems?

Hi when i fall to sleep i go in to an anxiety/panic attack. I have not had 1 for about 4 months now and its suddenly came back one night ?

Hi-I'm suffering from severe panick and anxiety. I just took a Benadryl can I take that with 2 Tylenol (acetaminophen)? I'm sooo anxious and nervous.

Hi, I am currently on 200mg of Zoloft. I had an incident at work where it was really busy and I had a panic attack. First in months. Is this normal?

Hi, I am taking celexa 20 mg for depression and anxiety and klonopin (clonazepam) for anxiety and panic. Could I replace the klonopin (clonazepam) with amitriptyline safely?

Hi, I have a huge insomnia problem, I already take 2mg klonopins (clonazepam) for my chronic anxiety 7yrs, what can I take?

Hi, I suffer from really bad anxiety, and somewhat panic attacks. This happens at night usually, especially nights before I have class. My grandmother?

Hi, I'm looking for a doctor in the Las Vegas 89183 area that prescribes xanax (alprazolam) for anxiety and panic attacks. I seem to be unable to locate one. I've ?

Hi, I've been taking Natural Calm Magnesium & also having frequent anxiety attacks & nervousness early am with insomnia, can these cause loose stool?

Hi, I've taken paroxetine for past 6yrs, its not dealing with my explosive anger, and the anxiety and stress leading up to it, is there something els?

Hi, im looking for natural alternatives to make my dopamine level get lower. I have anxiety and panic episodes?

Hi, was wondering what is the best way to stop panick attacks? Paranoid thoughts too? Thanks!

Hi! I have been taking zoloft (sertraline) for about two months now! It has helped me ALOT! From not being so nervous, having panic attacks, etc. I could tell wit?

Hi. I had 1 beer 3 hours ago and I feel like I am needing my Xanax. I only take 1/2 or a .25 for panic attacks and insomnia. But I know mixing the 2 a?

Hi. Im pretty sure I had a panic attack about a week ago and now I keep feeeling the sensation that I cant get a full breath. Never had anxiety before?

Hi. Sitting at work and all of a sudden numbness all over my body and this huge fear of having a heart attack. Extreme fear of dying. Thank you?

Hi. this month I got really stressed and sometimes I feel like I need to breath deeply and calm down because my heart runs faster. panic attack?

High aniexty panic attacks in convinced I'm going to die please help me I can't go hospital again?

History anxiety enclosed spaces. Long flight scared of panic. Friend has left over 10mg diazepam from surgery. Should i take half? Scared of it too

History of hypertension, pre-diabetes, anxiety disorder on SSRI, heart attack. Is Nyquil safe?

Home remedies for anxiety and depression don't want pills help?

Hopeless at coming off of ativan (lorazepam). Was on 1mgx3 a day tapered down to .5x2 a day ended up in ER with withdrawal/anxiety attack. Is there a easier way?

How can severe panic attacks be treated? My daughter has started having bad panic attacks almost every day. She get where she has a lot of trouble breathing when the attacks happen!

How at risk am i for miscarriage? I take Lexapro (escitalopram) 12mg once a day and i take klonopin .5mg 4 times a day i have been dealing with extreme amounts of stress and anxiety i don't eat very well i smokealso

How bad is caffeine if panic disorder?

How can a minimize depression and anxiety during the winter without medication? Very sensitive to the cold and lack of sunlight. Panic attacks often.

How can Effexor (venlafaxine) XR be effective for anxiety if it increases adrenaline? One main anxiety symptom I have is tachycardia and ssri's didn't help.

How can I beat depression at home before I have a nervous breakdown? I've always managed to deal with it before, please don't tell me to see a medi

How can I best take care of anxiety and panic?

How can I control anixity attacs and what's a good medecine for it ?

How can I control my anxiety naturally without drugs?

How can I control my panic attacks and the physical symptoms ?

How can I control work related/ job/ boss/anxiety/panic attacks?

How can I convince doctor to prescribe Xanax (alprazolam)? I have mild-severe social anxiety. Tried SSRI's didn't work.I do not have an drug addictive personality.

How can I convince my mother i need Xanax (alprazolam) for my anxiety? I have a hard time coping without meds. Even though i need just a low dose of antipsychotic.

How can I feel free from panic without alprazolam?

How can I find an obgyn that specializes in helping women ttc who also have anxiety disorders and has to take klonopin (clonazepam) for insomnia and anxiety?

How can I find biofeedback to control tremor?

How can I get my life back from anxiety attacks?Cant stop my brain from thinking that I am gonna die any moment...Feel such a headache, restless etc

How can I get my life back to normal after having terrible anxiety attacks?

How can I get over emotophobia? I take Prozac and Xanax (alprazolam) for panic disorder. But i panic once my stomach makes noises. Im hypoglycemic n hypothyroid.

How can I get over tramadol induced anxiety?

How can I help my aunt distinguish b/t an asthma attack & an anxiety attack? She has lots of stress right now. I think anxiety sets off her asthma.

How can I help my husband manage his anxiety about the pregnancy?

How can I help my mother with her anxiety attacks. They happen when she drives in a car in certain areas.?