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What would be the drug of choice for non generalized social anxiety that results in shaky hands?

What would be the effects of taking 2 mgs of lorazapam 1st dose for stress and no sleep some signs of anxiety, was given this dose by mistake.

What would be the safest benzo for situational anxiety or stress from work to help sleep and what would the dosage normally start out at ?

What would best be prescribed for long term social phobias and panic attacks and depression as treatment?

What would happen if I had a panic attack while vomiting? I'm scared of vomiting and I panic when I feel sick so what would happen if I panic ?

What would you say is the very best meds for anxiety/panic?

What would you suggest as a next step in medication for my aniety? I have g.A.D. With occassional panic attacks. My family doctor referred me to a psychiatrist (psy.) about a 18 months ago. At that time my family doctor was prescribing me 1mg alprazolam

What's a fix for nighttime anxiety attacks that wake me up? Rather not do drugs.

What's a good drug for fainting associated with panic attacks?

What's a good med for mild anxiety/insomnia that's not a benzo or anti-depressant?

What's a reasonable bzd to consider for a pt (me) on 2.5 mg of klonipin for 6 months and relief from generalized and acute anxiety/panic not working?

What's effective for helping to prevent anxiety disorders?

What's is the panic attack symptom of flashing vision. What does it mean ? What is it like?

What's is the panic attack symptom of flashing vision. What does it mean?

What's my chance of blacking out or fainting due to an anxiety or panic attack? I keep obsessing that will happen while i'm driving.

What's safe during pregnancy to take to help with anxiety/depression and panic attack that cause blackouts/rage/shock.?

What's the connection between anorexia and anxiety attacks?

What's the difference between anxiety and actual panic?

What's the difference between anxiety and allergies?

What's the difference between anxiety and panic?

What's the difference between how anxiety is experienced with addison's and how anxiety is experienced with cushing's?

Whats a good anti anxiety or dpression med that wont trigger panic or make me too energetic? Im a laid back person and prefer calmness

Whats a good drug to combat fear of airplanes?

Whats proven to treat anxiety? That works well.

Whats the best way to deal with depression with out using medicationw?

Whats the PHYSIOlogical cause of panic attacks?what hormones/chemical changes in body cause the attacks in conjunction with psychological aspect of it

When does weed withdrawal/anxiety s go away how many months does it take ?

When getting a lover biopsy is a sedative given? I have anxiety disorder & may start having attacks been having alot lately

When I am close to falling asleep I have what seems like a panic attack, my heart beat goes way up and life seems like its going 100 mph. Whats happe ?

When i get angry or sometimes it's just a random moment, myheart would just start pounding and takes a while to calm down, anxiety or something else?

When I have a panic attack about a certain situation and someone says "it's all in your head"! Is that really true?

When I have a panic attack my blood pressure goes up to 170/100. This lasts for about 30 min then goes dien to normal . Could this be dangerous ?

When I have an exam test at school i always forget everything I've learned blank out sweat dry mouth having panic attacks could I have test anxiety?

When I have panic attacks i vomit I take Xanax (alprazolam) to help this, any way I can keep them down long enough for the Xanax (alprazolam) to work? Sometimes I puke them up.

When I have panic attacks, my chest gets tight, I breathe harder, and my chest hurts. Is this normal for a panic attack or is this something more serious?

When i have severe anxiety i need to take a nap is that normal?

When I have severe panic attacks I tend to get extremely pale, lightheaded, and sometimes I get so worked up I vomit. Is this normal?

When i smoke marijuana i just get a lump in my throat now i used to have panic attacks but now i don't i know its a withdrawal will it ever go away ?

When i take a medication that causes drowsiness it gives me severe panic attacks and i can't control it enough to calm it down. How do I prevent this?

When i think of childbirth, episiotomies and invasive procdures i get severe panic attacks, cry and breathe heavily. Im not pregnant. Whats wrong?

When i tried to quite smoking pot i ended up having major anxiety panic attacs if i continue to quit will this ever go away with time?

When I'm crying I can't breathe properly and I feel dizzy, I am asthmatic but not serious. Need help asap! Getting worried it might be anxiety attack ?

When is it good to use xanax (alprazolam)? I use it on a as needed basis small dose for anxiety & panic attacks. Its good bc it knocks out the panic&doesntlastlon

When taking Zoloft (sertraline) & klonopin for depression, anxiety, panic disorder, I know you should avoid alcohol, caffeine, chocolate. What about cigarettes& sugar?

When the testicles retract during a panic or anxiety attack, is it possible for cremastric reflex to become damaged. Given attack was severe?

When will my weed anxiety dissapear its been about 8 months since I've had it I have a lump in my throat but no panic attacks can this be globus reflux?

When will the trembling and anxiety attacks stop so I can stop taking xanax (alprazolam)? Been on tapazole for 10 days

When you say sertraline can be a stimulant what does this mean ?could this also be cause of raised anxiety having problem with sleep and high anxiety

When your detoxing from Xanax (alprazolam) is there something you can take to help symptoms of panic attack and insomnia?

Whenever i get heart palpitations, i take Xanax (alprazolam) and they stop.I have no other symptoms with them. Is there a good chancethat they are anxiety related?

Whenever I have high fever, i always have a bad dream of something i can't define and i panic a lot. What is it?

Whenever I have to do a presentation or something i get panicky. My doctor prescribed me alprazolam. Will that help?

Where do panic attacks occur more often?

Which anxiety medicines are the least likely to cause weight gain? I have generalized anxiety.

Which are safe, effective herbal remedies for anxiety/panic, muscles, sleep, migraines, stomach issues etc..?

Which forms of exercise are best for combating anxiety? How long should each session be & at what intensity for the feel-good effects to be felt?

Which home remedy for anxiety and depressionis considered the best?

Which is a better anti depressant drug to treat panic attacks, anxiety and depression. Lexapro (escitalopram) or zoloft?

Which is a better medication for ANXIETY DISORDER? Metoprolol or Clonazepam? Please answer. Thank you.

Which is better for someone with severe anxiety that effects thir entire life. Xanax (alprazolam) or ativan? Which would help most.

Which is the best and the fastest way to relieve anxiet yattacks? I tried breathing and talking to myself, but it didn't work. I can't afford a doctor as I am currently unemployed. What else can I do?

Which is the best benzodiazepine to be given in case of hypertension due to anxiety and panic attacks , the doc said lexotanil is it the best?

Which is the most effective medication for anxiety / panic attacks which can be taken on a daily basis for a long period of time? I don't want xanax (alprazolam).

Which is the preferred benzo for severe random panic attacks with no warning and insomnia.?

Which med is the best for anxiety, Buspar (buspirone) or a ssri med.Thanks?

Which medication besides Xanax (alprazolam) and klonopin are best for severe anxiety?

Which medicine is better for panic attacks clonazepam or seroquel (quetiapine)?

Which medicine is better for panic attacks, ativan or xanax (alprazolam)? I suffer from severe panic disorder and I am currently taking ativan and lexapro, which helps, but i still have constant, extreme attacks. I have been told by others who have the sa

Which mental health provider should I see for help with panic attacks, anxiety & living with crps (constant pain), help reducing amount of medications.

Which panic attack symptoms do you get cause mine are getting worse?

Which symptoms of a panic attack cause the sufferer to feel like they are going crazy?

Which type of b-blocker is best for treating social anxiety? What dose should I take?

Which type of doctor to visit for depression, anxiety, add?

While having a panick attack can you feel symtoms your afraid of ? I'm afraid of appendixities & when i feel pain i get a panic att or feel it more !

Who prescibed d-cycloserine for social anxiety?

Why always 2:00am for gallbladder attack? I eat at 7:00pm.

Why at 39 would I start all of a sudden having panic attacks never before now only depression? I've had EKG, lab it's all been normal. Very scared!

Why can't there be a cure for anxiety? I try to not be scared of symptoms and use methods, therapy, meds. But still feel anxiety all the time.

Why did I still have an anxiety attack while on ativan (lorazepam)?

Why did Xanax (alprazolam) suddenly stop working for my panic attacks?

Why do docs turn so quickly to medication when dealing with depression and anxiety?

Why do doctors recommend breathing to reduce anxiety when so many people say it does not work? Including myself.

Why do Drs RX Tramadol w/out say its snri besides painkiller? To someone w/ anxiety disorder? Short term low dose use taper but 3day long panic attack

Why do drs.Always perscribe antidepressants for anxiety and other issues someone may have?&wat nxt if don't help relive4ur particular problem?

Why do ER and some other doctors always dx as "severe anxiety with panic", when other clinical causes are documented? And anxiety abt sx is warranted?

Why do I get a headache whenever I am worried, nervous, panic or having anxiety? What is wrong with my brain? What should be done about it?

Why do I get anxiety attacks for no reason feel like i'm dying it's scary?

Why do I get frequent rigor attacks?

Why do I get panicattack/ anxiety before period?

Why do I get random violent coughing attacks?

Why do I get weak during and after a migraine attack?

Why do I have panic attacks while driving on highway. Happened 3 times in the past two months?

Why do I have soft stool, anxiety and panic disorders?

Why do I think I am going to have an attack...Panic or anxiety everyday? I seek therapy and take sertraline and wellbutrin (bupropion)?

Why do my workouts induce anxiety at night? What are some lifestyle choices to make when I have GAD? I'm only 17 and don't want this to control my lif

Why do panic attack symptoms make you feel like you are crazy?

Why does anxiety cause the realization and depersonalization? And what is the best treatment for severe anxiety and panic disorder? Thank you mike

Why does it seem like masturbation helps my anxiety attacks?

Why does my anxiety get worse everyday in the early evening? I'm on 10 mg Lexapro once a day. And Xanax (alprazolam) as needed.

Why i get panic attack when i go to sleep? And why my chest burns eben i drink lot of water?