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Are panic attacks ever associated with lithium use?

Are panic attacks in the middle of the night more concerning than during the day? I'm taking 40 mgs of Prozac (fluoxetine) for anxiety already

Are panic attacks/hyperventilation considered as as body trauma?

Are some head and eye exercises good for anxiety / depression?

Are symptoms of add can't focus in class, anger problems, anxiety?

Are their any programs out there for someone who has constant anxiety and panic attacks because of the medical problems they have?

Are there any conditions, common our uncommon, that could be causing my severe anxiety and panic attacks?

Are there any creams to help with blushing due to anxiety?

Are there any good treatments in the US for panic and agoraphobia? I'm 25 f and have no life. Don't want to be on meds. Been there still stayed home

Are there any major concerns with taking a small dose of Ativan (lorazepam) here and there for anxiety. Usually take just a few times a month. ?

Are there any medications I should take alongside klonopin (clonazepam) 0.5mg to help with my social anxiety?

Are there any medications out there for anxiety that can only be taken to calm self when having anxiety attacks but don't have to be taken regularly?

Are there any over-the-counter medicines (like tylanol and stuff) for anxiety (panic dissorder and gad)?

Are there any preventative measures I can take to reduce intensity and frequency of panic attacks/anxiety during extremely stressful times? Thank you.

Are there any psychiatrist that do home visits in southern Maryland? I am a agoraphobic and I need my meds to manage my anxiety and panic attacks.

Are there any smells in aroma therapy that can help with stress or anxiety?

Are there any smells in aroma therapy that can help with stress or anxiety?

Are there any suggestions to deal with depression besides smoking pot?

Are there any techniques to rid medical anxiety?

Are there some tell tale differences between anxiety / panic attack symptoms and a cardiovascular event?

As i stop compulsion or postponed it , I am facing concentration problem and anxiety , what can I do for anxiety and concentration?

Aside from benzodiazepines, are there any equally effective treatments to prevent severe panic attacks?

Asides medication and CBT what other vitamins or supplements can I take to tackle my severe depression and anxiety. What other things can I also do?

At age 18 my childhood house burned down i went back at age 28 and seen the empty lot could this have started my panic attacks never had before this?

Atarax (hydroxyzine) for anxiety attacks?

Axiety attacks are getting worse, theyre very sudden no specific trigger. Sometimes it lasts all day and keeps me dizzy. Any suggestions to stop it?

Bad anxiety attacks usually about health anxiety. Heard ativan (lorazepam) can help. Cannot get prescribed by doctor.

Bad bowels since having a heart attack and am on meds?


Bad mood after breakup, can't sleep well at nights, Sth like panic attacks, chest pressure, Dr gave me sertraline50 &clonazepam20,use them or not?

Bad panic attacks, i think I am suffering from depersonalization disorder. How long will this last, what do you recommend?

Bathroom anxiety in my own house? Fear bm pain.

Because of my anxiety and panic attacks I haven't been able to live my life in over a year. I constantly feel out of it and like I'm about to die. ?

Been dealing with anxiety bad for about 3-4 weeks appitetes lessened been on ativan .50 and paxil 10 lost 10lbs meds and anxiety or cancer worry?

Been feeling anxious and depersonalisation 6 weeks after smoking weed whilst drunk for first time in 6 years. Had a panic attack that night aswell?

Been having an increased # of panic attacks the past few days. How do I manage my anxiety until I see my therapist in a few days?

Been having anxiety. Dr prescribed trazodone/ambien.. is this med only good for depression or for depression and anxiety? Anxiety has gotten worse

Been having panic attacks almost daily now for a week. last from a few mins to 10. Feels like I am having a heart attack. See a doctor or wait a longe?

Been having panic attacks and I have a final exam coming up. What can I do to stay focused?

Been having panic attacks and I have a final exam coming up. What can I do?

Been having severe panic attacks and anxiety for 8wks. Now my WBC is elevated with no sign of infection. Started ativan (lorazepam). Correlation?

Been having sob for over a week. Dr prescribed Xanax (alprazolam) which eliminates the sob. When Xanax (alprazolam) where's off the sob comes back. Is this just anxiety then?

Been off lorazepam for 6 days, on 10 mg of Lexapro (escitalopram) and .5 mg of clonazepam 2x a day. Will the help control my anxiety and stomach problems?

Been off of adderall for 8 months because of anxiety. Prescribed straterra. Will this give me anxiety when starting the drug?

Been off of Klonopin (clonazepam) for over a month. No underlying anxiety or depression. Going through some major w/d sx's. Any recommendations for relief?

Been on cipralex for depr and anxiety, 5 years. On banting dieet 2 months now. Could the dieet affect my anxiety and depr? Experiencing dip in anxiety

Been on cipramil (10mg) Last night + this morning I had involuntary quivering like a tremour during a panic attack. Do I need to go to ER or is it ok?

Been on Kpin 0.5mg for a year and a half. I think I've developed tolerance because I get sudden panic attacks. Don't want to up dose. What to do?

Been on opiates for many months due to an injury. Ran out this morning. I am experiencing an unrelenting panic attack and feel sick. What do I do?

Been on Xanax (alprazolam) for 5 years .5 mg x 3 a day. If i try to taper is there a way to tell if it's the medicine or my anxiety making me nervous again.

Been passing bloody mucus in stool. Now feeling very anxious. What can I do to calm myself down? I'd like to avoid a panic attack if possible.

Been prescribed Remeron (mirtazapine) for anxiety! Is it still safe to take diazepam 5mg when anxiety is severe? Thanks.

Been taking klonopin (clonazepam) for a while at night for anxiety. Lately I have been having more anxiety after it takes effect. What's that about?

Been told I have panic attacks. I get racing heart, shaking, weakness, nauseous, and I feel like I'm going to die. What else could this be?

Before I was on celexa (citalopram) when I went out on public I would get so nervous I would shake nbe nervous get getting dizzy panic or anxiety attacka?

Before three year i got hreat attack . While going to bed at night i get the pressure for few seconds in morning too pl suggest to to do.

Beginning neuro biofeed back treatment for anxiety, excessive worry & job stress affecting performance. What is success rate for biofeedback?

Being put on the spot, crowds, new places, etc all make me anxious. i also have panic attacks when it's bad. what could be wrong and what should i do?

Best med for anxiety - stress -- panic attacks?

Best medicines for mental stress depression and lever problems in india.

Bi polar type 2, cries allot, lately has been having trouble breathing when upset like an anxiety attack, can this cause future heart problems?

Came off my Depression/Anxiety medicine before trying. I'm scared of having another Chemical Pregnancy Is there any All Natural Medicine to relax me?

Can .25mg of Xanax (alprazolam) taken avg. 2x daily for three weeks cause withdrawl? Fast heartbeat/shaking or would it more likely be anxiety symptoms returning?

Can 81 mg aspirin make my gastritis worse to the point where it gives me anxiety attacks?

Can a case of panic attack or extreme anxiety under stress situations be related to some heart disease?

Can a combination of yoga and gym Exercises cure anxiety disorder&sleep problems?without medication? I have high level of anxiety after breakup.

Can a panic / aniexty attack make you feel like your gonna faint blackout and confused?

Can a panic attack develp to bigger disorder?

Can a panic attack ever harm you? My heart beats so hard and fast during attacks I feel like it will kill me and that fear only makes it worse

Can a severe panic attack cause fainting and self-urination in a 15 year old female with a history of sexual abuse?

Can a slimming diet cause severe anxiety? Im feeling that my brain is working and doesn't want to stop!

Can a visit to e.R. Be traumatic? Had some anxiety problems ever since. Working with counselor and do not want meds. Can scary event trigger anxiety?

Can abilla fi help anxiety?

Can acute magnesium deficiency really cause agoraphobia and panic attacks?

Can alcohol induce panic attacks during intoxication even though its a depressant?

Can alcohol provide anxiety relief?

Can alprazolam 2mg will help you with anxiety?

Can alprazolam be taken only when inability to cope with anxiety / panic attacks physical symptoms occur?

Can Amoxcillin cause your anxiety and panic attacks? Cause haven't had one since took med. Might mean I need upped on my fluoxetine.

Can an elderly person take .5 mg of ativan (only as needed) while taking 12.5 mg of seroquel (quetiapine) at night for severe anxiety attacks?

Can anxiety and hand tremor be because of MVP-MR? I always take Citalopram 20+Propranolol 10. They can control my anxiety quite well. Is it ok?

Can anxiety and panic attacks cause low blood sugar?

Can anxiety and panic attacks make dealing with chronic migraines worse? With all I have been diagnosed with I am wondering what I do and don't have.

Can anxiety and panic attacks make you feel like your throat is closing up?

Can anxiety and severe panic attacks lead to schizophrenia or psychosis?

Can anxiety and stress cause daily migranes? If soo how can I treat it or help it improve? Thank you

Can anxiety cause dizziness 24/7? I have been put on anxiety meds to help this.

Can anxiety cause lightheadedness and flushness? I'm on .25 of Xanax (alprazolam)

Can anxiety cause you to pass out?

Can anxiety cause your muscles to be weak, even when not in an acute(panic attack) spell, or can it cause it at all?

Can anxiety come on suddenly and can it be so brief it just last for seconds?

Can anxiety depression suddenly develop without a trigger?

Can anxiety disorder causes any serous problem on whole body and heart..?

Can anxiety kill? Please help. I'm 16 and been having anxiety and panic attacks for almost 4 months. I'm scared. I went to the doctor and got my heart checked and I passed it all. So I don't know what else could be wrong with me? I think I also have derea

Can anxiety like attacks cause elevated epinephrine in urine? I'm not anxious but suffer strange attacks daily/nightly! Annoying!!!!

Can anxiety or depression causes hyperthyroidism n what are the treatment.

Can anxiety or panic attack be so severe that it can cause regular penile retractions? What other reasons exist behind this?

Can anxiety, panic, stress affect blood pressure. If so how does it and what can I doabout it. Its ruining my life always worrying since panic, anxity?

Can anxiety/panic attacks cause it to feel like your througth swells everytime you eat even if your not suffering an attack?

Can anyone could recommend some natural sedatives for panic attacks, anxiety and stress?