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Can i get two mg xanax (alprazolam) for insomnia and panic attacks?

Can we give her cyclobenzaprine 5 mg to reduce extreme anxiety when flying?

i suffer from anxiety/DPDR. i need a med to cover all day base anxiety and one that could prevent an attack, without compromising sexual desire.

Recently started dealing with some heavy anxiety. I have small and sometimes large panic attacks and constantly worrying. Is it normal?

10 years of panic attacks has finally caught up to me physically. My breathing pattern is so screwed up that i've developed hyperventilation syndrome.

115/78 normally at home, 140/100 at dr. Was told by dr. That anxiety does not affect diastolic like that. Is this true? Have severe anxiety and panic

18 years old, have constant heath anxiety. Took bp, was nervous, it read 150/81. Cause was most likely anxiety correct?

19 weeks pregnant & breastfeeding a 2y old. I suffer from major panic attacks & agoraphobia they prescribed me .5 lorazepam before okay to take it 1 a month?

1mg of ativan (lorazepam).Bc pain is triggering my anxiety and cannot sleep. I dont take this every day.Is it normal not to help? Is there a better medication?

1mg xanax (alprazolam) qd for about 2 months for pvcs.If I go without taking them it feels hard to breathe like a panic attack.Is this a withdrawal??

20 CELEXA 10 LEXAPRO...What would be the best geared toward more anxiety less depression without using Xanax (alprazolam) or klonopin daily. HELP!!

20yo,suffer from worries and health anxiety,suffering from insomnia for a month now,don't know what to do,don't want to use drugs for side effect,help?

26/f. Last night woke up drenched in sweat & dehydrated. No other symptoms. Previously experienced this w/panic attacks but not this time. ?

29/F Can the adrenaline from my panic/anxiety disorder harm me and my heart? Scared to google that. Trying to talk myself down when it happens.

3 days ago i had one of the worst anxiety attacks of my life and i've felt really sick ever since?

3, 5 months pregnant. Just had an anxiety attack. My heart is still racing. Is this normal? How can I avoid it or at least treat it when happens? Thnks

30female suffer fron chronuc anxitey.Ive been on buspar (buspirone).Atarax.Then elavil. Buspar (buspirone) worked best.But still having anxiety attcks.Major shortness breathe?

32 old female, w/anxiety & panic attacks. Any suggestions on how to stop believing my panic attacks are cardiac events? Hate living in constant fear.

32yr old, repeatedly reassured by docs that my chest pains are muscle pain/panic attacks, not heart issues. Suggestions re: how to get past this fear?

35 old male. Anxiety and panic disorder. Sometimes during or after bad bouts of anxiety i experience euphoria for hours. Im not sure if i like it.

4 days ago I ate a lot of junk food. Ever since than my stomach has felt nauseous. I also do suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. What can I do?

40 days on Prozac (fluoxetine) and i'm tired all day every day, will this pass? Its helping my anxiety and panic attacks immensely

4yrs ago I snorted meth.after ive never been the same. I have severe anxiety, chest tightness,nervousness & mind races, will I ever be the same again?

5 htp does this actually work and is it able to treat anxiety. I hear it can cause heart issues. Better than ssri? Dangerous? I have rbbb as well?

88 yr old been on inderal (propranolol) for years. Is now confused. Can this med cause or exacerbate her condition? Advise, please.

A question about anxiety and its effects on us. Does anxiety cause more strokes?

Actually I am now on la ritalin and its worse than short acting. No improvement after a month. I've had general and social anxiety since I was 12 (it comes and goes) and no anxiety, depression medication nor behavioral therapy ever helped.

Acute anxiety and panic attacks bringing on severe phobias, is this normal ?

Advice on postnatal anxiety? My gf has it.

Afraid to take my first night of anxiety meds?

After a few panic attacks, I was prescribed Lexapro (escitalopram) (5 drops/day). I'm a bit afraid of taking that and wondering if I should try something else first.

After stop antdpresnt Am getting panic attacks never had be4, severe OCD, confusion, severe anxiety. What did I do to myself? What should I do now?

After suffering a gallstone attack, how long might it be before one feels normal again?

Alcohol. Helped anxiety most of my life and beta bickers years ago didn't work so what do I do??

Alcoholism or withdrawal related to anxiety attacks?

All of a sudden got really hot and nauous for about ten minutes can this be linked to my anxiety or is it something else? Real scared if somethn wrong

All the symptoms of panic attacks but almost constant for days. Anxiety or part of an MS relapse? I was diagnosed 2 years ago.

Almost 12wks postpartum. Having anxiety & OCD issues. What meds r safe for rx while breast feeding? I wry about taking anything at all, but overwhelm

Alopecia worsened by stress - alleviated by xanax (alprazolam)?

Alot of my panic attacks occur after heavy periods are they linked?

Alright, but if I do end up having an anxiety attack on Antivert, (meclizine) what do I do? Can I take ativan with it? I heard that's a bad idea.

Also, I wanna know what pysc issues yrs of fibro cancause ? Besides depression, ? Anxiety disorders?

Am i having anxiety or panic attacks? At work i stress really bad and get to where i can't hardly breathe. I have racing thoughts that i can't control

Am I likely to develop health problems from taking a very low dosage of ativan (lorazepam) just as needed for anxiety?

Am I suffering with anxiety disorder? I've only had one panic attack but I've been having continuous anxiety attacks, for long periods of times.

Am medical student anxiety and stress always was there in public and while studying or in exams what is best treatment with least side effects ?

Am not getting answers from a dr about a surgery i'm sure i woke up during now am suffering from anxiety attacks how can I find out for sure if i woke?

Amlodipine and anxiety?

An old pharmacist advised me to take ZenMag instead of Xanax (alprazolam) for anxiety and stress. Is it better?I have magnesium deficiency.

And what is that mini heart attack feeling you get when you're nervous?

Anxiety & MS - I have MS sometimes i battle anxiety/panic disorders; i don't want to take scrips; do you know about nuphorin a natural supps if works?

Anxiety after hysterectomy. Is there anything i can do or take for this?

Anxiety and panic attacks rebounded very bad and then suddenly disappeared after i gradually quit paxil (paroxetine). Should i expect other rebounds?

Anxiety and panic attacs I Have been taking Alprazolam o.25 mg 2-4 times a day.Also I took alcohol regularly for 1 year,?

Anxiety at crisis point, been prescribed sertraline, but trying to get it in my system causes more anxiety, what can I do?

Anxiety attack after smoking weed. Could it be a result of anxiety issues or just the weed?

Anxiety attack and Xanax (alprazolam) making it worse. Should i try something else?

Anxiety attacks all day went to ER morning given Ativan (lorazepam) 1 dose started to have anx attack a few hours later still going on no RX given what should ido?

Anxiety attacks associated with hbp. Even if it is normal & well controlled by my meds i constantly stress about it. How to get it out of my mind?

Anxiety causing palpitations, or having a true heart problem? I take xanax (alprazolam). But it helps, but some nights. After eating a full meal. I get insomia

Anxiety disorder, dr. Suggests beta blockers to help exercise w/o panic, doesn't tell me much about them, google not comforting. What'll these do?

Anxiety disorders; I sometimes take benzos. Alprazolam I feel intense calmness, while clonazepam has no physical effects. Might it still be anxiolytic?

Anxiety is getting to me. Can someone reassure me on the chances of getting td by taking 100mg of vistaril (hydroxyzine) just once? Or taking it only for sinuses?

Anxiety or heart issues? Im a 22 year old female, i don't smoke and rarely drink. A few months ago i had a really bad panic attack, i had never had one before that. Ever since that panic attack i've been having them more frequently. Also i believe due to

Anxiety or heart problems? Shortness of breath, chest pain, cramps all over the body, nervous, feeling of imminent death., since couple of months, went to pcp he diagnosed panic attacks without eco or any other test

Anxiety over seizures haven't had one since I was 15 but I still have very bad panic that out of nowhere I will get I had 1 in my sleep at 15 ?

Anxiety since I've started getting dizzy have uncompensated labyrinthitis and there's a storm was out of the state for a weed Could these factors make labyrinthitis and anxiety bad? Ativan (lorazepam) not helping

Anxiety that is triggered at random. cry, panic, feel like I can't breathe, and have terrible thoughts. I've been hospitalized before. Maybe chronic?

Anxiety- what is the recommended prescription medicine for an 8 year old with anxiety attacks ? Any over-the-counter remedies? Thanks

Anxiety-i know working out is supposed to help-what else?

Anxiety, panic attacks, and inability to concentrate; can it be from antidepressants?

Anxiety, panic attacks, high cholesterol does this mean i'm just doomed for cardiovascular issues i'm so worried?

Anxiety, vistaril, (hydroxyzine) chest pain, what to do?

Anxiety! I keep getting stroke symptoms down one side and I panic. I get it so often and think I'm having a stroke every time. How to stop worrying?

Anxiety? Sometimes when I look I see a cluster of stars, i am in a pretty bad panic attack currently hyperventilating too

Anxiety/panic all day for 10 days. put on Xanax (alprazolam) and ssri. I take Xanax (alprazolam) 4 hours during day. feel awful in morning. could i take around clock for relief?

Anxious and depersonalized all day today, couldn't sleep, just took .25 ativan (lorazepam), (lorazepam) heart rate is already 60s, afraid it's going to make it lower.. is ativan (lorazepam) dangerous at such a small dose for your heart?

Anxious with panic attacks before and during flights. Going to australia in jan to visit daughter and family. Already feeling sick-how will i cope.

Anxitey what can I do for it?

Anxity and depression what medicine should be used? I have been diagnosed with anxity and panic disorder. The doctor put me on celexa. As i did research its for depression wich i don't have. This medication makes my anxity worse I have constant heart race

Any advice on how to deal with insomnia caused by citalopram? I started treatment 2 weeks ago.

Any advice? I have been having panic attacks frequently. Does this mean I have a panic disorder?

Any ideas on why i'm constantly worried about passing away and get panic attacks and insomnia?

Any medicine for fear n phobias doubts plz tell n also for mental relief any suggestions plz tell me ?

Any other options for ocd?Been out of work for yrs which adds to stress.Erp takes up so much time is so exhausting and slow.Tired of living like this!

Any reason why am i constantly worried about passing away and get panic attacks and insomnia?

Any recommendations on books that have been successful at lessening depression and anxiety? Please and thank you.

Any suggestions to cope with stress and anxiety that is affecting my job performance. Take .5 mg ativan (lorazepam) in the evening for insomnia.

Anyone have sob and anxiety while taking gabapentin?

Anyone know what is a natural way to releave stress and depression without drugs or yoga?

Aortic aneurysm anxiety. Is this one of the worst health issues? Like a timebomb

Are adderal and Zoloft (sertraline) daily a good combination for for my add and my panic attacks?

Are antidepressants okay to take like cipralrex to calm your mind?

Are anxiety and panic attacks as common when you are drunk as they are when you're high?

Are anxiety attacks a long term health issue?

Are anxiety attacks a sign of pregnancy?

Are anxiety attacks like mental breakdowns?

Are benzo's the only legitimate way to truly eliminate horrendous panic attacks? Thanks!

Are Newton homeopathic(suppose to be the best on the marker)I'm trying some4Aches-Pains, nervousness- Anxiety and Insomnia. Are they affective& safe?

Are occasional vertigo attacks, maybe once year or every few years, anything to worry about?