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12w pregnant-having trouble with passing wind-if I do have to push(sorry) i get a quick pain in my tummy(uterus). Is this normal/should i be concerned?

13 moths baby After paralyzed by GBS can move his both hands slightly but can't control his neck ? How much time will it take to control his neck ?

14 weeks pregnant feel like my psoriatic arthritis is coming back. Is that a sign there is something wrong with my baby?

19 weeks prego. Ok to get pedicure with foot and leg massage? Chance of pressure point actually causing problem/preterm labor?

21w4d pregnant i try to sleep sitting up or on my left side but fail. Am i causing harm to my girl? Also, can this cause braxton hicks?

22 wks pregnant 1st baby ,I have untreated scoliosis, my lower spine curves quite badly, will this effect me having a vaginal birth ? already in pain

24weeks 6 days is tiger balm safe for back pain during pregnancy?

27 weeks pregnant and diarrhea and horrid back pains also cannot walk for long in stores till everything hurts , I have gestational diabetes as well?

28weeks pregnant. My belly gets tight for minute can see like a ball (shape at top) been having them for whole week&days why? wnt see obgyn in 5dys?!

33 weeks pregnant can't sleep at night anymore; left hip feels like going to pop out; have already been in preterm labor contractions come and go but real?

38 weeks pregnant and my back waist is heavy is it normal?

38 weeks pregnant and sometimes feels like my round ligaments are going to rip apart is this normal?

38 wks Possible to only experience labor on your back and not go to ur front?

39 weeks pregnant 2 nd child I am having terriable pelvic pain I have tired changing positions and it hasnt help. What should I do.?

4wks since csection and I eventually want to go back to lifting weights and cross fit but I'm scared of getting a hernia. ?

5 weeks pregnant (6th child) but constant period like lower backpain, tilted womb could this be the cause? X

51years old shotty cervical since teens. Is it normal to be able to feel one better at times. 2-3 mm in size towards r back of neck. Cold 2weeks ago?

6 weeks pregnant last night I did back masage with Vicks .. is it safe ? Am worry and I feel bad

8 weeks pregnant, and w/out thinking at 2am, i put heating pad on low set. On lower back and then belly bc of cramps for app. 30-45m. Did i harm baby?

8w4d pregnant, no morning sickness, just lower back pain. I had PCOD & hence bugled tummy. just curious to know when will baby bump start appearing. ?

9 weeks pregnant an it gets really uncomfortable to sleep on my back , my lower stomach starts to hurt. Wat does this mean for me or my baby? Is it bad?

Achy legs come and go, on aspirin for previous preclampsia. 16 weeks 1 day pregnant, is this my pregnancy? Exercise and painkillers take pain away.

After 2 weeks of normal delivery, still i find it difficult to sleep on my back. The same heaviness as i felt when i was pregnant in 3rd trim. Normal?

After giving birth & i did took the epidural. I have some low back discomfort. It's been 4mths already. Any reason?

After giving birth to my baby, I am suffering from lower abdominal pain every now and then. Any possible reason for this?

After sex i lie on my back for 15 minutes. After i take the pillow out from underneath me i fell my vaginall wet. What does that mean please help.

Am i pregnant am i pregnant asked less than a minute ago - dallas, txive been really thirsty I have sore nipples pain in my upper back and FET as well and i can't seem to sleep at night but im very tired during the day.. I was on birth control and took an

Am pregnant but i always have pains in my back bone. Will this affect the baby?

Are there any physical reasons not to have children back to back? Like get pregnant when baby is around 6 months?

Are you suppose to sleep laying on the back during pregnancy? I find it uncomfortable any other way but heard this is bad for the baby?

As mother gives birth naturally, her vaginal cracks when the baby comes out. What can be done to her vaginal becouse she feel pain when she urinate as the urine passes?

At 27 weeks pregnant I feel my baby real low in my pelvic area and back pain but I don't wanna go to the hospital and get sent home ?

Been getting cramps in abdomen when bend over. They go away when I straighten up. Recently lost weight and had 2 c sections. Don't know why. ?

Being treated by chiropractor for TMJ by pushing on pressure points in/outside my mouth+activator, is this safe during pregnancy (6-8 weeks pregnant)?

Can a 30 min bumpy car ride for a pregnant woman be bad? As in would it possibly cause the onset of labor due to bumpiness?

Can cracking youe back in your early thirties be harmful?

Can exercise hurt your chances of getting pregnant? I am slightly overweight and I have to work out an hour a day six days a week to even start losing inches not pounds. I have heard that over heating your body could hurt your chances of getting pregnant

Can i get pregnant even though everytime my husband and I have sex the semen runs right out. I lay on my back and side to try and aid pregnancy.

Can I go to chiropractor even though im breastfeeding?

Can i pop my back when pregnant?

Can I put white flower oil for my back pain but im pregnant?

Can I put white flower oil for my back pain but im pregnant?

Can I realign my pelvic at home? It has happened to me before but do I need the chiropractor for it since I know how he did it?

Can my pregnant girlfriend use patch for back pain?

Can pregnacy makes you break out and yiur lower area?

Can using a chiropractic vibrating back massager on my lower back during pregnancy harm the fetus in any way? It was a pretty powerful massager

Can you get pcos after having children? I had my kids back 2 back then waited 5 years to have next one and having probs with multiple cysts

Can you get pregnant from sitting on a totiel seat? Can you really get pregnant from sitting on the totiel?

Can you get pregnant if you on top and he ejaulates and sum come back out?

Could i be pregnant at 40 years old and had my tubal ligation done 10 years ago because I have lower abdiomal and back pain? Dizziness, going to bathroom more regular, sleep alot, can't get comfortable at night time, feel full, my breat are big and heavy.

Could I be pregnant if I've been on birth control for 4 years and my pelvic area is hurting and feels tight and heavy...really not wanting a baby ?

Do all women have back dimples?

Does having big breasts really hurt your back? Thinking about trying to reduce it..

Does having quads in the past puts you back into a high risk pregnancy?

Does laying on your back after sex with your rear elevated increase pregnancy chance?

Does plan b make you have back pains?

Dr said ultrasound put me at 6 weeks pregnant, but that puts day 1 on the last day of my last period instead of the first. Can that be right?

During an after my pregnancy I noticed my doctor couldnt always find one of my overies and when she did it was very low is this bad ?

During entire pregnancy, my baby has been very active and moved, is it possible sometimes she turns head down?

During intercourse (everytime) I get nauseous and throw up. I can't hold it back & there is no chance of pregnancy. What is this caused by?

During pregnancy, at what point should you start sleeping on your back? At some point in the pregnancy i’ve heard that you shouldn’t sleep on your back? At what week, and why?

Fat accumulated around hip area suddenly some 4 years back .I want to know the reason.I heard sex cause this to happen.Whether its true .

Feeling pressure in back 6months pregnant with second child what should I do?

First yeast infection, feeling pretty much back to normal (5days after using monistat). Can my husband and i get back to trying to conceive?

Girlfriend is in extreme pain while pregnant. Had one child previously but her uterus was torn up. She's only 1 month pregnant, but it's getting worse?

Had 4 chest xrays earlier this year and apron only went up to belly button - can that effect my egg quality/quantity? Trying to get pregnant.

Had a bus journy of around 10 hours with bumpy somewhere also.I am 5 week pregnant , is this joury harm my baby? No pain in abdomen or is I am fine?

Had bby 3month ago.I keep having bad pains that bring me to my knees feels like contractions. What could this be.I had unprotced sex but on Depo-Provera needl?

Hello I had a baby in June I had received epidural now my back has been killing me last 5 months I never had back problems till this happened ?

Hey I am 37 weeks pregnant with a little girl she is supposed to be here any day now and I was wondering if there was any way to speed this along I ha?

Hi my ques is iwould be tight my breast so you help me how i tight in home exersice or other in home tips?

Hi I'm finding myself getting fuller faster and im starting to get motion sickness pain in my lower back and feet could I be and have my period?

Hi I'm four months pregnant & out of no where my hip started cramping to the point where I haven't been able to walk. It's not cracking it's just wors?

Hi im 19 weeks pregnant an gettin real strong period pains but no blood i lost a baby in july aswel should I go the hospital?

Hi m 25 years old woman married having 3 kidz my problem is that when i wake up i fee pain in my back and stomach?

Hi there.Well i just had a baby 2months ago.Now i wanna get back to my original shape.How can I do that?

Hi, I has a 4 month old baby bapy and after giving birth I am getting lower back pain. How can I get relief? Mine was induced labour and took epidural

Hi, my daughter is 12 yrs old, she said her stomach and private has been hurting. I was wondering if her cycle is trying to come.

How bad does giving birth hurt with an epidural block?

How can I deal with haveing MS I have it and it is ripping me apart?

How can I get pregnant when it seems lots of sperm comes back out even after lying down?

How can I prevent backpain when working hard?

How can you safely go to a chiropractor if you're pregnant?

How do I help myself gain fertility back after depo? What can I do kick it back in gear?

How do I reduce my mid section i look pregnant?

How do women handle back pain during pregnancy? Does doing yoga help?

How early in a pregnancy can your feet start hurting? I'm six weeks almost seven and mine hurt.

How early in new pregnancy would the area of a previous C-section get hard and tight feeling?

How long can I expect my pelvis to move back into place after i gave birth to my baby? It has been over a year.

How long does it take for hormones to get back to normal after having a baby? Baby is 3 months old and i still feel like my hormones are out of whack.

How long does it take for your pelvic area to heal after giving birth. My baby is now 11 months old and I am still having pelvic pain.

How must I position a pregnant person on her side?

How quickly following having a baby do you get your period back?

How soon after childbirth can a woman go back on the pill?

How to get back in shape after C-section for triplets?

How to give a back rub to some one pregnant?

How to reduce my post natal abdomen after c section. I have started using post natal belt after 6 weeks but still i can't get flat stomach.

I am 15 weeks pregnant my friend is 6 days farther along then me and is way bigger than I am does this mean I am carring in my back?

I am 16 weeks 6 days pregnant and im having back pain most of the time. Usually spine cord area. I stopped taking prenatal vits and stuff. Should i w?

I am 16 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. I have had all c sections with my previous pregnancies. I keep having very sharp pains in my lower right stomach when i yawn, stretch or move a certain way. Could this be from scar tissue from previous c sections