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1 CM paraovarian cyst 2 years ago on u/s. Had baby 6 months ago and nobody ever mentioned it during baby u/s even when i asked. Did it disappear?

10 weeks pregnant, baby measures 7 weeks + heartbeat good doctors says, baby also moves ..but why this.? is everything okay ? what can be done ?

10 weeks transvaginal ultrasound baby heartbeat is 183 what about gender of baby?

11 weeks pregnant. Ultrasound showed baby measures perfect, heartbeat and limb movement. What are the chances of miscarriage from here onwards?

12 week scan and the midwife said baby is fine but she couldn't get a clear view and asked me to come back, something about my uterus what's wrong?

18 weeks pregnant i've gotten about 6-7 ultrasounds so far, does this harm my baby?

19w & 5d pregnant had 3d ultrasound and can clearly see 2 babies. Dr never said anything about twins. Is this a mirrored image or is it twins ?

2 kids born 13&15 yrs old. 1 abortion year 06 2 miscarriages yr 06 & 13, I had ultrasound of cervix twice told everything look well. Infertile?

20 week scan, told baby may have hole in heart and being sent to check it out next week. How common is this? Is baby ok?

23 weeks pregnant. Ob said I have 2nd placental lobe. They need to check to rule out pasa previa. What are chances of having it? Said baby looks fine

24week ultrasound showed that the baby has very long fingers is this ok?

25 weeks pregnant. Ultrasound shows all OK but baby is measuring 5 days smaller for dates. Doctor said not to worry. But 2nd opinion needed please...

30wk pregnant, baby keeps having quiet days although had scans & heartbeat has been monitored everything been checked & all OK, is this normal?

33 weeks pregnant. Usg shows cord around baby's neck once. Wat should i do? Is there chance that it will reverse?

35 weeks pregnant with 3rd baby. Just had my GBS test and was dilated 3cm. Doctor was not very concerned. Will baby likely be early?

3d ultrasound shows umbilical cord lying near/ baby's face. Anything to be concerned about?

4 weeks 4 days At a virginal ultrasound would I be able to see baby that early or will it just be a sack ?

4 weeks pregnant, ultrasound done in the ER sac but no baby found, when will my baby be found in the wound?

42 wf .miscarried at 11 wks.ultrasound showed baby stopped developing at 7 wks.panorama test was fine no genetic issues. why did happen?Devastated

5 weeks preg based on ultrasound but no baby found yet?.. is this normal?..

5w6d based on scan.. no heartbeat nor baby yet.. will i be able to see it on the 7th or wait till the 8th?

7 week scan shows 3cm uterine fibroid but no sac or baby on intravaginal scan. Could it be that fibroid is hiding out the baby?

7.4 week ultrasound showed a healthy baby. But the transvaginal ultrasound showed a glimpse of something else besides baby.It had blood flow .Twin?

7week ultrasound shows 1 baby and a possible something else. Blood flow is in 2 spots. Only 1 sac. What could it be?

9 weeks pregnant and did a ultrasound but can not find a baby neither a heartbeat?

A primi lady delivered a baby.What physical signs can determine maturity of gestations if no previous antenatal checkup? Thankx

A week and half ago doc measured baby at 33 weeks 6 days. Ultrasound shows 3 days ago 33 3 days. Is baby growing?

A white spot was found on my baby's abdomen during a ultrasound. What could it be?

Abdominal ultra sound scan done at 4 weeks of then unknown pregnancy. Does it affect the baby?

After 20 week ultrasound found that there are no kidny made of the baby what can i do plz reply?

After how many days can the doctor see the sack of the baby now forming on a sonogram?

Almost 10 weeks pregnant with mono twins can't find hb on doppler. I have a tilted uterus would that make it harder to detect them is this normal ?Worried

Am 18wks pregnant, ultrasound showed my baby's weight is about 195 gram.Is that normal for the baby's age?

Any chance "not see" your baby in week 18 on trans-vaginal scan?

Are 4d ultrasounds an accurate indicator of what baby will look like once he/she is born?

Are babies hearts scanned when they are born as routine? If not do you agree they should be?

Are pelvic x-rays safe for babies with suspected hip problems?

At 22 wk ultrasound baby measured at 13 inches long and 1.9 is this big?

At my 20 week ultrasound they found fluid around the baby's heart? What does this mean?

At my first ultrasound at 10 weeks, doc couldn't hear babys heartbeat and saw no growth.Told me my baby is dead based on this.Should i wait or get dnc?

At week four..urine and trance virginal scan was positive but now at week 11 and 3 days, obstetric scan says no baby or sac. what could be wrong?

At what week will you be able to see the baby in a sonogram?

Babies can measure too big or too small, does that cause your LMP date to be off? Or make it seem as if you're further along than you thought?

Baby is detected with intrahepatic persistent right umbilical vein, isolated finding.i am 23w pregnant.could that pose trouble for baby?

By my calculations I should be 6 weeks 5 days. Baby measured 6 weeks 1 day. Doctor couldn't find a heartbeat. no bleeding. Could it turn out ok?

Can a 12 half week ultrasound be mistaken for a 8 half week baby scan ?

Can a 9 week fetus look 7 weeks?

Can a baby hide at 12 weeks in ultrasound or should be clear to see it even if I have retrovired uters?

Can a possible 9 week fetus look and measure 7 weeks instead?

Can a sonogram be wrong about diagnosing encephalocele in a baby mother have 14 weeks pregnand?

Can a transvaginal ultrasound cause cancer from the cavitation and heating it can cause? Is it dangerous to do one 4.5 weeks after giving birth?

Can a vaginal scan pick up the sex of baby at 13 weeks?

Can a vanishing twin actually be hidden? I am 35 have and have 10 living children, 4 miscarriages . 6 week sonogram clearly showed 1 baby. 8 week sonogram showed 1 baby with heartbeat and another sac partially hidden behind baby. It definitely wasn't eas

Can an ultrasound tell me if baby will have problems such as Down syndrome etc? If so in which month of pregnancy?

Can I buy 3 ultrasound photos of baby?

Can the doctor tell baby gender in vaginal ultrasound if am 9 weeks pregnant. He said he feels that it is a boy. Can he tell that early. Thank you?

Can the ultrasound reveal any problems with my unborn child?

Can they detect a baby (1 month pregnant) in a spleen sonogram and scoliosis x-ray?

Can you see a baby on a ultrasound at 4 weeks?

Can you see baby hair in ultrasound?

Can you tell me about the test tube babies technological progress?

Could a baby showing 8wk gestation in an early scan really be 12week or more?

Could a sono not pick up on a set of twins.

Could that be another baby? In my ultrasound pic?

Could the ultrasound be wrong about my baby's sex?

Couldn't find baby's bladder on 19 week ultrasound. Is this worrying?

Daughter 8 weeks & ultrasound told babies are not living so DNC is scheduled for Tuesday. Devastated What happens now? Could ultrasound be wrong?

Daughter-in-law's 19 weeks ultrasound done-detected single ventricle. What is baby's problem?

Dear doc. My wife do a ultrasonografi (usg) every month. Are usg has side effect to our baby? Thanks

Did IVF and had my first ultrasound at 7 weeks 1 day die to spotting. The ultrasound shows baby at 6 weeks 5 days. Is this normal. ?

Didn't no I was pregnant @5wks. I was in an xray room with my 8yr old son he was having a chest xray done. It this harm my baby.

Do all fetus look the same at 7 weeks?

Doctor, i'm 33weeks pregnant and from various ultrasound and echoscan, my baby is diagnosed with avsd. How do I prepare myself for baby's birth?

Does an abdominal ultrasound see a baby at 8weeks?

Dr, is it necessary to do NT or quadruple scan in pregnancy? If we found any defect in baby is there any medicine to solve the defects?

During an ultrasound, what if fluid is noticed on babies brain?

Free ultrasounds im 15 weeks and i want to find out the sex of the baby .. How accurate is it ?

Good night doc i did an ultrasound today and it appears that one of my unborn baby kidney is abnormal is that dangerous?

Got a trans v ultrasound, no baby yet. Is that normal?.. im scared that i might not be preg.. pls help.. it showed im in 5 weeks.. will my baby show?

Got my 10 week ultrasound and it says 8cm? Is that how long the baby is? Isn't that pretty big for just 10 weeks?

Got my AFP and amniocentesis back all negative. I am 18.5 weeks baby measuring 16. Doc said baby looked fine and will contine to monitor me. Normal?

Had an ultra sound at 8w3d and saw a baby with HRT rate of 171 but another yolk sac but no other baby still chance for twins or no?

Had an ultrasound done at 6 weeks 2 days baby's he was only 73. Is there any hope for this to still turn out positive?

Hai, is trans-vaginal scan test will affect baby growth?

Having my first vaginal ultrasound for my first child wht will they do during the ultrasound will they show me my baby?

Having my first vaginal ultrasound with my first child will it hurt will they show me my baby? What do they do during it

Heard you cannot tell baby gender on ultrasound till 3 months. Is that true?

Hello doc do obstetricians perform the apgar test on babies ? I would like to know thanks

Hello Dr. I examined a 20 days old newborn baby girl & detect a harsh heart murmur .. no Echo in the vicinity to confirm Dx...What to do 4 her?

Hello,doctor! m expecting baby its bout 4 months i wanna find out my baby gender from sonography report?

Hi are there signs incases fetus wont develop in a pregnancy? Im five weeks based on scan.. and its reli scary not see my baby in there during my scan

Hi Doctor My wife,29 years old and 36 weeks pregnant. Her last USG (Dopler ) study showing baby is in cephalic position. Is delivery very soon?

Hi doctor, my daughter is 34 weeks pregnant. The past 2 ultrasounds showed baby had sl. Enlarged kidney. Is it a serious matter?

Hi doctor, I am 6 months pregnant with twins.One of my twin is found to have single umbilical artery in the anomaly scan. Is there any prob wit this?

Hi expecting first baby, 20 week scan picked up boy bits according to sonographer, what are generally the chances of scan being wrong? Nervous!

Hi I have had a Nt scan and bloods, I'm 24 and been told I'm in the high risk for my baby to have DS, how likely is my baby to have it ?

Hi my ultrasound tech told me baby is head down already I'm 27 weeks pregnant this my 4th baby and he super low is this accurate ?

Hi should change my ob doctor because he is refusing me of an ultrasound until 26wks r/m I am 21wks. He haven't perform one since i was 11ks concern.?

Hi. Can you tell me when i would expect to delivery my baby if I have sua, baby measures on 3rd %tile and 28 and 30 wk scans show blood flowresistance?

How accurate are sonograms in the last trimester? Doctor keeps saying my baby measures too big for the weeks I am. 2/3wks ahead. No diabetes.