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I have a doctor appointment set up for Tuesday. I took four (expired) pregnancy tests, all positive. What are my chances they are accurate?

I took a pregnancy test and it's negative and afte a min. There's blurred line appeared is it a positive result?

I took a home pregnancy test and it came back positive but ive been having cramps and slight bleeding with a pink like color. Should i be concernedI?

I took a pregnacy test and it said to check after 3minutes i looke at it at the 3 minutes and a fainty line appeared?What other test may i buy? ASAP

I took two pregnancy tests one being positive and other didn't give me a clear response. I just started bleeding bright red and watery today?

 i used the dig ovul test and got a pos reading on 10/27. i took a hpt  11/7and it was neg. I went for a blood test on the 8th -neg. Where's my period?

 i used the dig ovul test and got a pos reading on 10/27. i took a hpt  11/7and it was neg. I went for a blood test on the 8th neg. Still no pd. ?

im on nexplnon implant and I started noticing my pelvic area where my bikini line is hard? I habe taken pregnancy test but they where negative?

just taken an equate pregnancy test yesterday. Was positive with very dark result within the time frame.Today faded and hardly visible.pregnant?

My girlfriend said Her Pregnancy test is positive but she is on the pill and I do the pull out method aswell. Can this this really happen?im confused

Took a ept test the second line was really light andy cycle late by a day I?

Took a equate walmart pregnancy test yesterday and it came back positive now I don't know what to do or if it was accurate?

(i got 3 + hpt results the day i had sex.) am i 1 day pregnant or got pregnant from prior intercourse? (1 faint 2 dark +s all accurate def prego)

05/06 I had about 25 sex partners but I slowed down got pregnant in 08 tested neg the whole pregnancy and still now am i ok or the past will come back?

1 negative, 1 faint, and 1 semi positive pregnancy tests. Went to the doctor 2 weeks ago, negative pregnancy test. Having all the symptoms. Help?

1 week delay in period pregnancy test showed positive half an hour later took again on another kit it showed negative scan showed clean sac am I preg?

10 days late 2 neg tests last taken on 7th day. Dark brown spotting on the 10th day. Could I still be pregnant. I had still born back in May im hopful?

11 mo's pp. took a pregnancy test and Got a faint positive took another clear blue plus and it was neg. what do you suggest? I nurse my 11 month old

11days since IUI treatment false negative, should I be worried?

12 days late took a test that turned positive after about 6 min than faded away than darkened 45 min later. could I be pregnant?

12 days late, 3 tests negative. sex day of ovulation but did not finish inside. Docs say im not. So then what could i possibly have that it wont come?

12days late,on due date whit discharge, light cramps, 11th day home pregnancy test but 2nd is faint line. Am I pregnant or not? Also take folic acid.

14 days late done 2 home test one had faint line then retested and was negative, possible ectopic pregnancy? Please respond urgently

14 days late, neg HPT, blood test today "slightly positive at a 19.8" have to wait til Mon to call back- til then what does this result mean?

14 dpiui, 7 days from last trigger shot, got faint +ve hpt! tested as told by re, but spotting very lightly whole day ! could this be still positive?

15 days late. Neg pt at 7 days late. Dark line going vertically on stomach. Pregnant?

15days past ovulation no period & used a tampon today incase! only very small amount of brown stuff on it. Ttc bloated and 1 sore breast neg test.

19 days after dry humping, 8 hpt say negative. 5 days of bleeding occurs. A week later tests still say negative. Could i still be pregnant?

19 days passed after iui.very faint line in pregnancy test done today.can i still be pregnant or progestron delay?

1wk after light spotting i went to the ER to have a quantitative hCG count done. It came back 2.5 but the doc wants me to start a pregnancy diet. Why?

2 days after I had surgical abortion I noticed that I pee a lot is that normal ? And 5 days later I had a pregnancy unrine test and it's came out posi

2 days after my period. Wnt to the bathrm wipe myself, seen a pinkish red with a lot of clear gel substance. Tuk a hpt and a very faint line.Am i preg?

2 days late for my period did a test today but forgot bout it when i checked half hour later there is to lines but one is faint

2 days late for period. Negative test yesterday but took 2 today showed positive (pink line showing) but by the 3 minutes was negative. Too early?

2 days late took a pregnancy test today 1 line red the other white should I wait more days to take an other one ?

2 days late took pregancy test 2 lines but 1 very faded ! do you think I am or just a false test?

2 negatives last week and now today 2 faint positive on a pregnancy test, does it still mean I'm pregnant?

2 periods since last sex, 8 negative tests, but my veins have become very visible. No other symptoms that I've noticed. Pregnant? Something else?

2 pg tests 29days after sex tests said results in 2-10 minutes i saw a 2nd line with both b4 10mins was up was very faint & kinda hard 2c. Pg or retest ?

2 weeks ago unprotected sex 5 day early heavy period negative test but extremely light pink line only with extreme close look. Feeling so off help?

20yrs old took 2 pregnancy test postive went to clinic (negative ) ehat should I do now visible vains in breast and hands dizziness tireness!

23 days late for my period. 32D cycle. Brown dis/spot and light blood bleeding for 9days++ .faint +last week retest again after 1wk still faint +.why?

28 weeks pregnant I just got tested for gestational diabetes I got very light headed an hour after drinking is that normal?

2Weeks missed my period & this morning Im doing home pregy test, it has faint positive.(not too faint). Am I pregnant? If yes, how many weeks already?

2wks after missed period. 1st morning urine, the control window and result showed negative. Feel as if I didn't pee enough? Was this accurate enough?

3 days before period. Just took a first response, got a faint positive. Took a dollar store cheap test and got negative. Pregnant? No? What should Ido

3 days late(-) hpt ovulated on the 2nd and had 3 specs of blood on tissue on the 11th was expected period on 16th but nothing is it to soon to test?

3 negative pregnant tsts 30-40 dys after sex. 3 periods as well. Nothing on ultrasound at 35 days after sex..Should I still be worried? Pls. Help..

3 pos preg. Test very very faint line on all 3 what the possibility of being wrong, been ttc for 5+ yrs already called dr.

3 pregnancy tests done from the same urine sample (morning) 1 positive faint line 2 negative. Why would this be?

3 weeks after intercourse, I have come onto my period, does this confirm not pregnant? I'm in a remote area no way of getting a test for a while.

3 weeks late on period. Four negative test and one w a faint line. I'm not sure what to do now. ?

3 weeks late. Usually on time. Negative test last week. Today when I have wiped a really light pink blood was on tissue... What could this mean?

31 & married,got history of missed periods. Yet to get my periods since September 2015, now how do I induce or bring it fast so to go for HSG test?

36 yrs old, tied my tubes 9 years ago. 11 days late, spotted 3 days ago for half a day, lght blood in urine today. 2 miscarries 3 children, same sympt?

4 days late,has always been regular.miscarried in June.had regular periods since. Areolas are constly changing shape&color. Negative test. Dark urine?

4 days until period. Faint positive lines on first response, but doctor blood test was negative. Am i pregnant?

4 faint positive dip & read pregnancy tests, 9 days of morning sickness, lots of white cm, but no other symptoms, how accurate are these tests?

4 faint positive tests and one neg digital my fiancee things the pull out method is gonna prevent pregnancy what's your advice?

4 hpt with faints lines on them then went to toilet was blood from bottom with cramps now. Has stoppped other hpt negative am i preg?

4 w 5d preg. Yesterday had brownish discharge spotting for about an hour, not enough to fill a pad (like the end of a period.) Took a pregnancy test today still positive. Is this normal?

4 weeks ago, 3/3 htps said +. This week, 4/4 htps gave me bfns. Took a blood test and got positive. Can someone explain this? Am i still pregnant?

41 days from periods did a test in moring came +ve very light blue did again after 4hours came -ve. I m so confused?

41yrsold-just got a positive pregnancy test. Terrified of miscarraige. Had one in december, but have a 3 yr old, and two teens. What are the odds?

45 days back we had some fun.No sex just rubbing.She had her proper periods 3 days after.She missed period.Urine test -ve.Stil NT down.Pregnant?!?

46 days since last period and boyfriend had a vasectomy years ago 2 pregnant tests read error could i be pregnant i. 40 years old

5 positive home pregnancy test 2 different brands negative blood test still getting a positive in home test lines very slowly getting darker ?

5 weeks post D&C today still no AF but very light spot last sat and Sunday. Hpt negative. Could I be pregnant or too soon to tell? When should I test?

5 weeks preg and bled red blood 4days ago,only lasted an hour no pain. Done preg test today and got positive 3+ is my baby ok?

6 weeks preg.. Brownish red blood today and have been having brown spotting since saturday.Hcg done again today results were 36, 811. Miscarriage?

61 days since LMP can my hpt be a faint line? Or will it be easier to read? Took a test and came back neg but just curious

7 day late yesterday i had white milk color. Discharge took. Two test day5 neg to day pink spot on to and no more blood prego? No insur or $ 4 pt

7 day late pink spot. On tp and stop yesterday whit Mike. Color discharge 2pt test yesterday neg never late in life Prego???

7 days late, neg pregnant test -took at 6 pm- should I go see my dr or wait another week?

7 week pregnant bleeding without pain midwife confirmed my pregnancy but I have tested & all came back negative don't have insurance....

7 weeks pregnant. Is it normal for me to just recently get a faint positive pregnancy test?

8 days missed p.M.S. +ve blood test prenancy , safe to have sex ?

8days ago was my per due date instead i experienced brown spotting for 2 dayz.Now frequent peeing nd whitedischarge.Clinic urine test negative, 2 soon?

8dpo a very faint line on pregnancy test first urine & done another 2, 2 hrs later & negative? Pregnant or not?

93 days late period,i am sexually active,one faded positive and rest negative results,when peed saw dark brown& redish squishy discharge,what is it ?

A bit of info. I had unprotected sex 3 weeks ago I am ttc. I did get my period last week. My question is what could be causing me to have a very strechy clear discharge with some blood in it? I have tested negative for pregnancy and was treated for ch

A hiv test a month after unprotected sex, is the result accurate? Even though I am going 3 months after I would like a little relief if possible.

A urine pregnant test came back positive - although very faint- yet i've started bleeding and having period like pains last few days. Was it a false pos?

Abortion may 29 2015 took pregnancy test today had 2 lines but 1 was very very light could I be pregnant?

After chlomid my period is 4 days late. I took a pregtest this morning and it showed a very faint pos.Line. I took another 1hr later & came back neg?

After dry humping 37 days ago, can I still be pregnant? 9 hpt tests all say negative.

After I take a pregnancy test and wait for results(negative) I take the test appart,there is a very faint test line what does this mean?

After sex had plan be, regular periods, negative pregnancy test, but nipples have turned darker and i spot white clots, am i pregnant?

After the second positive pregnancy test i took a pinkish with clear tissue like came out but no blood. I ended my last period about 3 to 4 weeks ago.

All signs say pregnant, but hpt's are showing neg. What can this do?

Always unprotected sex, been feeling sym. did hpt all neg. Going to the doc. soon 4 blood test, is it posible I can be even hpt said no.(Sceared..)?

Am 7 weeks weeks pregnant, i went for sonar the baby does not show , the dr only sees blood, what could have happned and i still test positive for preg?

Am i pregnant? I don't really know ifi am i took two test and they both came out negative but i don't believe em my stomach is getting bigger I don't know if im just getting fat or what but I've had all the symtoms an i had unprocted sex when i was ovulat

Am I pregnant? Last mens aug 13.ive tested sept 11 but negative result.but having ahot feeling and other signs of being pregnant

Am i pregnant? Took two home pregnancy tests and both had postive faint lines

Am I still pregnant? 2 hpt negative LMP june 20 , excessive burping , senstive gums , fatigue, bright blood from vagina only spot on aug 13 . Help ?

Are hpt accurate 6weeks after sex? why do ppl online say sometimes itll be neg up till 3+ months? how do i know when its reliable? dont get period

Are pregnancy test accurate? I have 3 consecutive missed periods , i got a faded positive line and 2 negatives , what should i think ?

Are you pregnant again if a test shows faint positive after termination?

Been trying to get pregnant and been having a positive test for the last 4days what can this mean?