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I had an intercourse yesterday,he used a condom and I took an emergency pill in the evening. I am feeling nausea. Am i pregnant?

I had unprotected intercorse. Am afraid from the pre-ejaculate so i took the plan b one step after 40 hours. Is that ok ? Am worry

Have had light bleeding for about 11 days now.. never had my period last this long if thats what it is. would a Plan B pill have anything todo with?

the condom broke and by the time we found out it was too late. I'm on viorele and also took next choice one dose. is there any chance of pregnancy?

Two months ago, I took a Plan B pill. I have had a period for over a week now, and it has been unusually light, now i'm getting a brown discharge.

Had taken the Plan B pill and had spotting 4 days after, on the 5th day, today, i woke up to bleeding like i would if I was on my period. Pregnant?

had unprotected sex.I had ipill within 4hrs.3hrs after consumption of the ipill I happen to vomit maybe due to indigestion.should I repeat the pill?

Hi doctor, I did protected sex with my gf on 17thJuly 2014 and gave her unwanted 72 within 60hr and next day she vomiting. She got period on 28th to?

Hw long does it really take for 4 (250) azithromycin. I received a shot 3 weeks ago.. But jus took the pills 3 days ago . hd sex n condom

I had unprotected sex l took the pill 13 hours later (1.5mg tablet levonorgestrel from boots) will i be safr as I'm so worried ?

I had my period about 2 weeks ago. I then had unprotected sex a week later. I bought Plan B and took it. 5 days later I'm spotting with cramps?!

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend.My period tracker said that it was on the day i was ovulating. But he did not cum and i took plan B ?

I had unprotected sex, I took plan b and got my period one week later (it lasted 5 days and was heavy at the beginning) could I be pregnant?

I took plan b & I'm expecting my period soon;it's been 2 days since the pill &there's brown discharge..i usually get it before my it coming?

I took plan b a week ago and I am still feeling very fatigued how much longer should this last? I also have brown spotting for the last 3 days.

I took Plan B Jan 27 right after I had sex, used a condom. 7 days later I woke up with light bleeding and some cramps. am I pregnant? Is itMy period?

If I had a bleeding week with period symptoms a few days after taking Plan b. Does that mean I am not pregnant? How can I know if it was a side effec

Took a Plan B pill twice in october,i missed my period in november.i took a pregnancy test and it was it possible that i can still be pregnant?

took plan B in may,got period 2 weeks later.Had sex two weeks ago,he pulled out. I've been more active & stressed & period is 2 days late. Bc plan b?

took the plan B pill 13 hours after a failed condom.this was about 2 weeks ago.7 days late for minstrel cycle. Very faint positive pregnancy test ???

used levongestrel pill 60 hours after intercourse 3 months ago, failed. 8 hours after this time, my gf is 167cm and 65kg. will we be ok?

"8/28 plan b. 9/6 period start, 9/9 pms/pregnancy symptoms start and gotten worse without easing. Could this be from the plan b, or what should I do?

"Pull out method" of sex June 25th. Plan B pill administered June 27th. + HPT July 7th. Is it possible Plan B failed or was I pregnant before?

(day 16 of my cycle). He ejaculated on my stomach, rested his penis in it. Immediately started sex again. Could i become pregnant? Do i need plan b?

(on pill n always use condoms)but don't always take pill right at 10pm, sometimes it's at 11:30, sometimes at 1am. but never miss. chances of preg?

•missed a few doses of BC, took them after I realized I missed them • had sex about 2 weeks ago •12 days before period and I have brown discharge ?

0 My boy friend and I had sex yesterday. The condom slipped and I had to use plan b. Today the same incident happened. Safe to take again ?It

05/01/14, i had unprotected sex with my bf & then took Plan B an hour after having sex. 5 days after i had unprotected sex again. Would i be pregnant?

1 month ago i had unprotected sex &took plan b. Four weeks later i got a bright orange smelly period..Is that normal?

1 of August I was sexual active took a Plan B the 3 day & it's been 2 months & I haven't got my period I've had normal cycles with the Plan B before?

1 week ago i had a few seconds of unprotected sex when he had cum 20 minutes prior. 70hrs later i took an ecp. I am now bleeding. What could this mean?

1 wk from period & had sex on BC w/ condom. Condom slipped off & was inside me. Took Plan B 22hours later. Chances of pregnancy?

1/2 way through 1st month of bc, after iud, had sex, pulled out, took Plan B within 12 hours, period supposed to be next week. Likelihood of pregnant?

10 days missed period- 5 second insertion unprotected occurred 30 days ago. 3 negative pregnancy tests. Plan b taken next day. Nausea, cervical mucus ?

10 days missed period, 5 second unprotected insertion it occurred 32 days ago plan b taken next day

10 days since unproted intercorse..Will 1000mg vitaminc a day avoid pregnancy. .. If so please tell me safe pill for vitaminc. .Missed emergncy pill :(?

10 DaysMissedPeriod, 5 sec unprotected insertion it occurred 32 days ago plan b taken next day. 3 neg morning HPT's.PregSymptoms motionsickness nausea

11th day of my cycle me and my boyfriend had sex and his condom broke. Within the hour i took plan b. 5 days later I have brown discharge is it normal?

12 days late period because of plan b?

12 loestrin 24 fe + Plan B after missing one. First placebo yesterday. Unprotected sex yesterday for about a min with no ejaculation. Risk? Plan b?

14days of lo loenstrin. Had intercourse w/no condom.should I need to take plan b?

15 days before period, unprotected sex, emergency pill 3 hrs later. 3 days later sore breasts, extra tired & nauseous. Is this the effect of the pill?

15 days late.took Plan B and started birth control 2 weeks later.Freaking out. got 3 negative pregnant tests and keep getting period cramps.No period,preg?

15wk pp. exclusively breastpumping every 4hrs during day, on mini pill, not taken at same time every day, effective? Unprotected sex, chance of preg?

16 days since last outercourse.Took Plan B 5 days after+bc.3 days delayed, took 5 pregnancy test all negative. Whats my likelihood of being pregnant?

16 years old, had sex and partner claims he did not ejaculate inside of me, but i took Plan B one step within an hour of the sex. Any chance of preg?

1st day of period had sex & condom broke. Less than 20 hrs later took plan B. Then started BC pill days later. Chance of pregnancy? on BC pills 4 yrs

1st time on plan b..will I still get my period again in 2 weeks when it was initially expected or does this period-like bleeding re-start my cycle?

2 days after end if period, had sex, condom broke, took Plan B within 3 hours of sex, 5 days later brown discharge, is that normal?

2 days after end of period, had sex, condom broke, I took Plan B within 3 hours of sex, 3 days later brown discharge, now period type again, normal?

2 days after my period i took plan b. 1 week later i got another period. 1 month after that (last week) i took Plan B again. could i be pregnant?

2 days after period I had unprotected sex June 1st.Took plan b only 1hr after.6 days later I bled 5 days.Cramps,spotting&sore breasts.Prego Or period?

2 days after period- Made boyfriend ejac. Then had sex, condom broke& didn't know. Pre ejac guaranteed. Plan B a day later, chances of pregnancy ?!

2 days post ovulation & 3 hours after sex noticed diaphragm in right place but not suctioned.Removed after 7 hours but do I now need plan b? Also at this point in cycle will Plan B cause bleeding?

2 weeks ago I had sex and the condom broke. I took Plan B within 1 hour and am on birth control. Period is light and brown blood. Could I be pregnant?

2 weeks ago I took a Plan B pill , I had sex yesterday can I take one again today ? The condom broke

2 weeks ago I tooks a Plan B due to a mishap while on my period . Should i be concerned that i had no symptoms like i have once before ?

2 weeks ago I used the plan B pill now I'm bleeding lightly with brown/red blood. is this normal? am I pregnant? ( got off period days prior to pill)

2 weeks ago, instead of taking Plan B after sex i took 1 hour before. Does it still prevent me from getting pregnant? Today i'm spotting, is it period?

21 yr old and took ella (ulipristal acetate) jan 30th after unprotected sex on jan 27th. I am now 17 days late. Neg pregnant test 7 times.Cramps/bloating now. Am i pregnant?

24 hrs it has been i took plan b. Is it ok to have sex or have to wait 5 days? Please help thank you

28 day cycle. Unprotected Sex on day 1. Take Plan B on day 2. Now 3 days late. I lost about 5 pounds this month from 115 to 110. I started working lot?

29 day regular menstrual cycle, day 18 had unprotected sex, took levenelle 17-18 hours after . Should this protect from unwanted pregnancy?

29 days postpartum me and my husband had sex and he ejaculate inside of me how effective will the plan b pill work on me ??..... not ready for another kid

2weeks after taking Plan B i spotted brown 1week earlier than my expected period start date. Brown spotting last 6days. Is it= to a period or normal?

3 days after my period ended i had unprotected sex and 7 hours later i went to get the Plan B pill And im obese will it still work even at my weight??

3 days after period,said he didn't finish, took Plan B within 65 hours and now week later am experiencing spotting/flow, side effect or implantation?

3 days before ovulation i had unprotected sex about a min no ejaculation Plan B within 2 hours sore boobs and fatigue 5 days after sex chance of preg?

3 months ago i took Plan B i got my period 7 days after that. Now its been 44 days since my last period but im not pregnant is this normal?

3 months ago my gf took planb one step its it bad if she takes it again ? What could happen?

3 weeks ago i had sex, we used a condom but it broke so i took a plan b pill a hour and half later. Since last week ive been having light bleeding per?

3 weeks ago I took the plan B pill. A week later I was spotting, my period is now late. And I had unprotected sex 2 nights ago. What should I do?

3 wks ago I took Plan B 4 hours after having unprotected sex (he didnt ejacualte inside me). Period was due 7 days ago. Chances of being pregnant?

3/17 unprotected sex. Plan b one step 16 hours later. Period due on 3/21 and came on time. Does this mean the pill worked?

30th March (afternoon), condom split during sex. I'm on Co-Cyprindiol and took last pill before 7 day break on night of 30th. Should I take Levonelle?

34 y/o. Took Plan B pill 48 hrs after unprotected sex. Got period on time. Been bleeding for 2 weeks. Spotting to very heavy w cramping. Call gyn?

36hrs later i take plan b. 1 wk later i get brown discharge starts(few days before ovulation) goes on for 6 days during ovulation. Pregnant?

3days after taking Plan B one step i got period today can i take a tylenol (acetaminophen) pill for period cramps?

3dys after cycle i had sex the condom broke I took a pregnancy test 2 days later it was negative cycle irregular took take action same day as test?

3weeks ago i had my period.Last week i had unprotected sex and my bf came inside of a me, took plan b& now I have a brown discharge am i pregnant?

4 days after my period ended I had unprotected sex that same day I took Plan B but 1week later I'm having light bleeding/small clots, is this normal?

4 days after my period ended me and my bf had unprotected sex that same day I took plan b pill but one week later I'm having a light bleeding(som

4 days after period My boyfriend came in me after the condom broke. Took Plan B pill hour later 3 days later i have a white milky discharge. Pregnant?

4 days late, crampy, & white discharge. Had unprotected sex, took the plan b, & had unprotected sex again. Am I pregnant? Also took 2 tests both neg

4 days late, crampy, and a ton of white discharge. Had unprotected sex, took the plan b, and then had unprotected sex again. Am I pregnant?

4 days very light red spotting when wipe, didn't miss only bc pills took Plan B since 1 st mth on bc, pg test neg, normal for period to be this light?

4 neg pregnancy tests 13 days after unprotected sex and taking Plan B. Light bleeding. Irregular periods. Is it a period, spotting, or implantation?

4 weeks postpartum, had unprotected sex, how to stop pregnancy, besides plan b, i heard ibuprofen works? It was day before yesterday

4 weeks pp, breastfeeding, recently hadHe didn't cum inside me, I've taken 3 days of birth control including today. Can I take plan b ?

40, had unprotected sex btw last ovul. Day & 2 days later, took 2 planb one step pills 12hs apart(1st 3hs after), taking vit c caps. Pregnancy chances?

45 w/ irregular periods. Took plan b pill 10 hrs after sex. Five days later heavy bleeding for two days. Bleeding normal now. Do I need preg test?

4days after ending doxycyclin prescription, had unprotected sex& took morning after pill 36 hrs later. m.a.p affected by doxycyclin or was I protected?

4days after taking morning after pill there is a brown and white discharge. Is it my period starting cos my period is due or can I b preggies?

5 days after i took plan B i started bleeding, it lasted for 3-4 days. 10 days later i started bleeding again which lasted for 4 days. is that normal?

5 days after I took plan b I started volleyball practice. I noticed vaginal bleeding while I work out but it stops when I'm done. Should I be worried?

5 days ago. Took lo loestrin blue pills as an emergency contraception. I can't afford plan b.Been spotting blood with a clear discharge. Am i pregnant?

5 days late of period took Plan B emergency contacepive 5 days before expected period went through 3 pregnect test all negative am i pregnet?

5days ago I had sex the condom broke an I took Plan B but I think I am spotting it's a brownish color my periods not for another 12 days am I spotting?

5th day on herperiod and had unprotected sex. I pulled out as to not go inside of her. She took the Plan B pill 35 hours later. Chances of pregnancy?

6 days after taking Plan B & now have brown break through bleeding & mild cramps... Period or just spotting? Normal?