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20 uiu/ml tsh. What does this mean?

3.1 Prolactin level? Pituitary Microadenoma TSH levels up and down, no other tests done. Is this level okay?

7 weeks ago my TSH was 0.019 and t3/t4 were normal. This time around my TSH was 14 and my T4 is now low but my TSI is wnl. Could this be Hashimoto's?

A 7.12 TSH level, what amount of levothyroxine do u recommend?

Am 19 weeks pregnant.My TSH level is 1.96. Is this normal?

Anyone know what is a normal TSH level?

Been having elevated BP since total thyroidectomy 3 weeks ago. Tsh was 17 and on Synthroid (thyroxine) 125. Will BP fluctuate until hormone levels stable?

Can a high TSH level but normal T4 cause hypothyroid symptoms or not?

Can a TSH test determine if I have low estrogen levels?

Can high TSH levels or hypothyroidism cause miscarriages?

Can insomnia and not sleeping before a TSH test give a high TSH value? 

Can liothyronine be taken even when thyroid levels are normal?

Can sertraline affect hypothyroidism or TSH levels?

Can you have elevated TSH but not have hypothyroidism?

Can you have hashimotos and a normal TSH level?

Can you have thyroid problems and normal TSH levels?

Can you tell me what is a normal TSH fluctuation?

Could a TSH level of 5.69 cause missed periods? Is the level considered hypothyroidism?

Could rhodiola cause low TSH levels?

Could you ever have an overactive thyroid even if your TSH levels are in normal range?

Could you tell me what are normal levels of thyroid hormones ?

Could you tell me what are normal levels of thyroid hormones tsh, T3 (liothyronine) and t4?

Cummulative thyroid function test TSH levels?

Docs, what's an normal TSH level for thyroid?

Doctor, can I have a miscarriage with TSH level of 2.45?

Does a very low level TSH hormone mean hypo - or hyperthyroidism? T3 (liothyronine) is normal range, T4 is at the low level borderline.

Does beetroot affect tsh level ?

Does your thyroid TSH level affect your antibodies?

Does your TSH (thyroid) level change during the day? How much?

Fluctuating TSH levels?

Following TSH level is an alarming situation, what to do?

Have hypothyroidism tsh. Level is 2.08 and bloods showed ck level raised. What do I do?

Help please? What is an normal TSH level for thyroid?

Hi My TSH level is 6.5 is this hypothyroid or hyperthyroid. is this normal?

How can I tell the level of my thyroid antibodies?

How can TSH levels be reduced?

How come my TSH fluctuate so much?

How could we control our hight TSH level?

How dangerous is a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) level of 0.06 uu/ml?

How do I lower my TSH from 6?

How is a TSH level different from a thyroid level?

How much cAn tsh fluctuate with in the range with normal thyroid gland? Please answer with maximum value and minimum value before/after inflamation?

How often should I check my TSH value if hypothyroid?

How to lower the TSH level, I have 8.2.

How to tell if I have a thyroid problem even if my TSH levels are normal?

Hyper, Hypo, normal? My level (Tsh 0.793) Standard range 0.400-4.20 Units McIU/ml

I am 21 years old women i have hypo-thyroid problem and now my tsh level is 2 please tell Is this is normal or not please explain the abnormal levels?

I am 24 year male, my TSH level is 5.07 what cases of this?

I am 30 years my tsh level is <0.005 how can be solved?

I am 31 years old and my TSH level is 9.3. What do you recommend?

I am 45 my TSH level is a 16 the doctor said i had hypothyroidism what does this mean and what are the effects?

I don't understand TSH level and doctor's advice?

I have a high TSH level, but no symptoms of hypothyroidism? Why?

I have elevated pth and elevated free thyroxine?

I have hypothyroid and when my TSH is elevated I experience PVC'S. Is this a normal reaction to elevated TSH levels?

I have TSH level around 7.5...Is it too high for treatment? Pls suggest

I recently had TSH levels checked for problems with a nodule. last month 0.455 uIU/mL. This month 0.53mcIU/mL. Is this hyperthyroidsm?

I was just wondering when are TSH levels the lowest?

I'm 19 and doctor said my thyroid level is 6 (she said the normal level is 5). Second time i had bloodwork it was normal. What caused this and why?

I'm 27 year old male with a thyroid stimulating hormone level of 3.92 miu/l and ft4 (free thyroxine) of 1.3 ng/dl. Do I have a thyroid problem?

I'm worried because my TSH levels are 3.24hypothyroid, what do you suggest?

If a person has normal thyroid levels, does that mean he has normal testosterone levels?

If your tsh levels are 5.25uIU/mL does this mean you have hypothyroidism?

Is a thyroid level of 0.005 something to worry about?

Is a TSH level of 2.20 too high for a person?

Is a tsh level of 2.31 hypothyroidism?

Is a TSH level of 3.81 normal?

Is a TSH level of 4.0 a concern?

Is a TSH level of 4.703 normal?

Is a TSH level of 5.01 (range: 0.45-4.50) a concern?

Is FREE T4 LEVEL 13 pmol/L normal and my TSH is 0.5 is this normal?

Is it dangerous or cause high prolactin level if a person take thyronorm 50mg with normal thyroid levels?

Is it possible that your TSH levels, free T3 (liothyronine) and T4 levels are within the normal range but you have a high thyroperoxidase antibody?

Is it possible to have a very overactive thyroid even if your TSH levels are in normal range?

Is it pretty common to have normal TSH level (levothyroxine 12 yrs) but still be symptomatic?

Is levothyroxine 50mcg the appropriate dose for someone with tsh levels of 5.25uIU/mL

Is the level of TSH of 4 is elevated ? With normal totalt3 .And T4 is it an indication of any type of hypothyroidism ?

Is there any way to decrease levels of thyroid stimulating immunoglobulins (tsi)?

Is there anything that can cause my TSH levels to be 10x higher than what is considered normal?

Just diagnosed with hypothyroid, how to gauge TSH levels?

Just had bloodwork done, my TSH value is 0.031, is this normal range? I'm on 175 mcg of synthroid (thyroxine).

Just started on thyroxine what should my TSH level be ?

My 3.5 month baby's TSH level is 5.67. How about that level? Please ...

My dr. Said my TSH levels for hypothriodism is borderline and she said some number what should I do to confirm this?

My ESR level is 48 & TSH 53...Help?

My level of TSH is 20.76 after a total thyroidectomy in 6?

My T3 (liothyronine) level is 172 ng/dl and T4 level is 8.7 microgram/dl. TSH level is 0.4 Is my thyroid report is normal?

My T4 levels were low(3.8) but my TSH levels(1.95) were normal. Is my thyroid test normal?

My t4level is 48.9 pmol/l my T3 (liothyronine) level is 21 pmol/l tsh is 0.01uiu/ml please tell me how severe is my thyroid. What would be the medications for it?

My thyroid TSH level is 2.323 is this normal ???????i am 17 years old

My thyroid TSH value is 5.27 mlU/L . Normal range is mentioned as 0.4-4.0 mlU/L. Is it due to the higher TSH level i'm not able to conceive. Pls adv?

My TPO and TSH levels are very high, but T3 (liothyronine) t4 &tsh are in range. I have a history of graves disease. Why are my antibodies high but other levels ok?

My TSH 3rd is 0.02 what do I need to do?

My TSH is .93 is that in normal range.

My TSH is 97.3. What can cause this?

My TSH is a 2. Is that normal or abnormal?

My TSH level came 9.1, & my doctor said it is hyperthyroid. is my doctor right or wrong?

My TSH level is .980. Is that too low?

MY TSH level is 0.02 (Low?) and T4 is 0.66 (Low?) What does this mean. I have been on synthroid (thyroxine) 50 MCG for hypothyroid for 3 months

My TSH level is 11 how worried should I be ?