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(TTC) Hysteroscopy, ovulation kits, temperature taking. Prenatal vitamins ?

I am 18 weeks pregnant trying to have a natural miscarriage I've been taking Tylenol ibuprofen and Dong Quai for about a week now ?

taking metiform can help with fertility?

+ OPK should I take 200mg or wait 2 days to take progesterone? Will progesterone hurt/stop ovulation if taken the first day of +opk or can it help.

22 and trying to conceive i discovered I have a luteal phase of only seven days is there any way i can lengthen it? I've been taking 100mg vitamin b6

31yrs women trying for pregnancy. Doctor prescribed my-inositol tablets, estadiol valerate tab & clomipure 50. What are the uses of these medicines?

After drinking fertomid how long does it take for me to ovulate?

After taking fertility drugs for IVF I have to take rest ?

Am 25 years old and having PCOS and hypothyroid problem. Having thyroxin 50 and chrominac A tablets. Trying for baby. Can I conceive with these?

Am medicating folic acid and Clomid (clomiphene) for treating pcos. Can i continue this to be get concieved?

Am trying to conceive but doctor says it might take a long while are they any pills that i can take to conceive faster?

Are over-the-counter prenatal pills the same as prescribed for fertility with hypothyroidism?

Are their any medications for psoriasis (scalp) that are safe to while trying to conceive and while pregnant?

Best multivitamin to take when trying to concieve?

Can a woman conceive while taking antibiotics ?

Can accupuncture make you ovulate?

Can an obgyn prescribe fertility pills?

Can i conceive when talking bromergon?

Can I conceive while my husband is taking azathioprine?

Can i dostinex (cabergoline) (a drug used to treat hyperprolactinaemia) till get pregnant, or I should stop using it when trying o conceive?

Can i fall pregnant in under active thyriod hormone?what if i do not take meds for it? can I conceive?

Can i get pregnant with medroxyprogesterone and metformin together?

Can i gt pregnt with nexplanon.what r the can i conceive wuthout taking it out?

Can I have sex while taking fertility drugs?

Can i have sex whilst using clindamycin cream. We are trying to conceive and i am ovulating?

Can i start taking pretnal pills or maca root to conceive?

Can i take Duphaston and Metphormin at the same time? is it really possible to b pregnant even if i have PCOS?

Can i take 'metformin' during mensus ?. When trying to concieve how many days i can take metformin. When to stop this tablet, soon after missed period

Can i take an expired women's one a day vitamin? the date is 6/14

Can i take Clomid (clomiphene) even if the dr said am good to have babies natural? Am already taken pregnacare conception.

Can i take fertility medicine for fifth consecutive month?

Can i take my prescription fiorecet while trying to conceive!

Can I take phentermine with fertilaid? Not trying to conceive til I've taken fertilaid for a month as I know phentermines not safe during pregnancy.

Can i take pregnancy prep by vitanica and pregnitude while ttc with pcos?

Can i take pretnal pills to boost my fertility?

Can i take vitex before ovulation or after?

Can I take zyretec for allergy while trying to conceive?

Can i try to conceive one week after stopping diet pills? Does it have any effect if Im pregnant?

Can it hurt to take pregnancy (pregnacare) vitamins when trying for a baby? Should I use a progesterone cream to increase fertility? I had a miscarrig

Can maca really help with ttc?

Can metformin make you ovulate within a week of taking it?

Can myo inositol and pregnitude be taken while pregnant?

Can nyquil hurt your chances to conceive. We are ttc and I have a cough so i took nyquil on day 10-13 of my cycle will it effect it?

Can one take acne medicine while ttc or pregnant?

Can PCO's people conceive? i get my period only if i take tablets.

Can pyridoxine cause not to ovulate or not to hit peak fertility for the tim you are taking pyridoxine?

Can taking 800mg ibuprofen once a day affect implantation or prevent pregnancy? Trying to conceive

Can taking antibiotics 2 days to ovulation hinder me from getting pregnant?

Can taking baby aspirin improve my chances of conceiving?

Can taking bromocriptine during ovulation prevent pregnancy?

Can taking methylpred for an allergic reaction effect trying to concieve while on clomid (clomiphene)?

Can taking metronidazole 500mg make me infertile?

Can taking the morning after pill affect your ability to conceive when your older?

Can tramadol 50mg 1-2 times a day prevent or delay ovulation. Taking it for tension migraines but trying to conceive. Will not take if pregnant?

Can u take coq 10 for fertility to improve egg quality if you're taking hormonal medications for an iui?

Can women take maca root to conceive?

Can you get pregnant from taking metformin ? 500mg?

Can you take black mores preconception tablets if you have an under active thyroid . Trying to improve my chances of conceiving?

Can you take sulfameth/trimethoprim while trying to conceive?

Could anavar affect the fetus if I've taken 5 mg during ovulation/fertilization time but discontinued it couple days after?

Could i buy clomipene to help me ovulate? Or do you get it prescribed off your doctor?

Could I take vitex to help me ovulat??

Diagnosed with micro prolactinoma and ttc.Gyne told ovulating too.Treatment will start in a month.Until then for ttc can I continue taking folic acid?

Doctor gave me a glasterone for conceiving is it good?

Doctor I have 28years in before 2 years my marrige was completed. But still now I have no baby. Now I have take a medicine for ovulation clomipure ?

Doctor prescribed Clomid (clomiphene) & once ovulation is conformed I have to start with pessaries & other doc prescribed Meprate tablet. Which 1 is better?Thank

Does folic acid boost fertility if so how long to start taking it if im trying to conceive?

Does glutathione helps in conceiving?

Does melatonin affect when trying to concieve?should I not take it anymore? I've been taking it daily.

Does taking antibiotics interfere when you are trying to conceive?

Does taking Clomid (clomiphene) help you get pregnant faster?

Does taking Clomid (clomiphene) make it easier to get pregnant? I've been TTC over a year.

Does taking meftal spas for period pain affect fertility and chances of conceiving?

Does taking progesterone supplements continue an unviable pregnancy?

Does taking welbutrin affect being able to concieve?

Dr can i get twins if iam taking fertab 50 mg? I am having regular periods and all, but have pcos and taking metformin for that

For how long can one use ovacare in order to conceive?

Good evening,i am trying to concieve.i was put on fertomid pill and i took it for 5 and my hubby are having sex almost long will it take for me to concieve?

Had a natural miscarrage 2/13, am ovulating & cycling every 28 days, how long should it take to conceive again?

Had stillbirth first pregnancy on 150mg of Clomid (clomiphene) will it take same amount of Clomid (clomiphene) to make me ovulate this time and get pre.Currently taking 100mg.

Have a microprolactinoma and taking 5mg bromocriptine everyday. Trying to conceive, nothing yet. How can I improve my chances with the condition?

Have been trying to conceive .Over 8months after myomectomy .Taken 3 tablets of Clomid (clomiphene) per month..What else do you advise?

Have bin taking GNC fertility drugs for a week now.Can i combine it with clomid (clomiphene)? R take one at a time?

Have pcos taking letrozole for ttc. I getting headaches and a sinus infection what can I take that won't affect my chances to conceive ?

Have you heard of the FERTILAID capsules, which are helping TTC couples to conceive? Any thoughts? Thanks

Hello, I have pcos and am currently taking metformin. I'm wanting to get pregnant but it's been several months and still nothing. Any suggestions?

Hello, I wanted to start taking fertilaid to enhance my chance of getting pregnant, i like to know the daily dosage when taking Fertilaid supplement?

Hello, me&my husband have been trying to conceive before we were diagnosed with chalmydia. we took our 1 day dosage, now i'm bleeding for the 2nd time?

Help! can apicilin effect trying to concieve?

Hi doc. I'm taking clomid as we've been trying to conceive. My question is, can I still take my diet pills while in fertility pills?

Hi doctor want to ask if i trying for a baby can i need to take pregnacare conception tablats or is it my husband need to take any medican or which is?

Hi doctor, I am currently on progynova and i want to know if i can combine that with fertilaid. Being ttc since december last year. Thank you?

Hi dr m 25yrs n weight is 41kgs m planning to conceive n i want to plan fr twins so can i take Clomid (clomiphene) tab without prescription?

Hi I am a PCOS patient. My doctor prescribed me Rejumet and Primolut-N to regularise my periods. I want to have babies. Since October i am trying for baby but i am not able to. What should i do?

Hi i am planning to postpone my periods, so i was told to take primulot-n for 8 days, does it increase my weight?

Hi I have bad ibs.I would take colpermin everyday but I'm trying to conceive is it safe to take. I also have hypothyroidism any tips for concieving.

Hi I have been off Depo-Provera probers for 5 months and still no period yet we are desperate to conceive. Any help? I'm taking agnus castus for 1 week

Hi i want to conceive for this doctor give me a glasterone any suggestion for me ?

Hi i was wondering how long would it take me to conceive i been taking michaels female reproductive factors pills?

Hi I'm 22 and I have tried to conceive by taking Clomid (clomiphene) 50mg I ordered online. Should I see a obgyn?