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Flu like symptoms in 2ww ttc, is this a possible early pregnancy sign, now on cycle day 22 of 28 day cycle had other common symtoms too for a few days?

Flu like symptoms while menstrual bleeding-possible pregnancy?

Hello I am having pregnancy symptoms I believe but I don't want to confuse them with pms symptoms however my period was due November 25th and I have not been under a lot of stress ?

Hi. I could be pregnant, but would be my first time and having certain symptoms that i don't know what to think of them.

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I am 10 days post transfer. My only symptoms are mild cramping. Could I be pregnant?

I am 11w3d and have lost all my pregnancy symptoms...Is this normal or is there something wrong?

I am 5 weeks prego. I am finding so many more cankersores than usual. 2 weeks ago three now I have another one. Are they a symptom of pregnancy?

I am a 62 year old menopausal woman diagnosed with a hydrosalpinx about 34x44 and 4.8. There are no symptoms. What should I do ?

I am a young teenager. I just had sex on June 12, 2014. It has been 5 days and i dont know if i am having menstrual symptoms or pregnancy symptoms.

I am demonstrating symptoms of pregnancy, but the circumstances are unlikely. Could I be pregnant?

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I had no come my period for 2 days. But i did not have any sign and symptoms at all. Please help.?

I have a situation related to pregnancy here?

I have been having symptoms of pregnancy, my temp rose from my normal temp (98.4) to 99.3. Is that a pregnancy or period symptom?

I have been having symptoms of pregnancy, my temp rose from my normal temp (98.4) to 99.3. Is that a pregnancy or period symptom?

I have had multiple symptoms of pregnancy, however when i took a test it was negative. Could there be another reason for these symptoms?

I have itching on my body have this is symptom of pregnancy?

I have pcos and have been having a lot of unusual symptoms. Who should I follow up with?

I think im pregnant but the symptoms are confusing me. I have one child and I'm 18.

I'm 39 and had a tubal ligation 14 years ago. I have a lot of pregnancy symptoms. Could these be possible or premenopausal symptoms instead?