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24 weeks pregnant. Is it safe 2 bowl?

5 weeks pregnant. Can I have dried parsely and rosemery herbs added in my food? I have already had it twice, is it safe?

5'6“ 327#, 19 weeks pregnant with healthy pregnancy. Is it safe to do 10 day green smoothie cleanse?

5weeks pregnant is it safe to eat pani puri once a while?

Are 10-15 gr of goji berries per day safe in pregnancy? So far, i've taken this amount every day (i don't eat meat):is my pregnancy(4 month)in danger?

Are apples juiced straight off tree safe when pregnant?

Are beansprouts safe to eat during pregnancy? If not, how can it affect the fetus?

Are beverages containing chloride safe while i'm pregnant?

Are capri suns completely safe to drink while pregnant?

Are cranberry supplements safe to ingest while pregnant?

Are fennel seeds safe during pregnancy?

Are grapes safe to eat during first trimester of pregnancy?

Are hCG diet safe?

Are juice bar smoothies safe during pregnancy?

Are kumquat and lychee safe during pregnancy??

Are menstrual cups safe?

Are mustard seeds safe in pregnancy?

Are poppy seeds safe while pregnant? I'm 5w3d currently and wondering if it's safe to consume things such as everything bagels. I'm finding mixed info

Are raspberry ultra drops safe while breastfeeding?

Are red raspberry leaf and Organic Spirulina safe to take in Prenatal One Rainbow Light from earlier in pregnancy?

Are Starbuck teas safe during pregnancy.?

Are water slides at 14 weeks pregnant safe?

Barley malt syrup safe during pregnancy?

Benifits of camal millk in pregnancy?Should it boil before use?Can i safe camal milk in fridge when recived fresh and for how many days?

Bought a Chapstick with sea buckthorn extract in it. I've never heard of it before, is it safe during pregnancy?

Buttermilk safe when pregnant?

Can i drink ginger beer (26 grams- not mg- fresh ginger) in 1st trimester? I have been for m/s, but read too much ginger can cause birth defects & m/

Can i drink reed's extra ginger brew (26mg fresh ginger) in 1st trimester? I have been for m/s, but read too much ginger can cause birth defects & m/c

Can i drink wife's orgasm liquid?is it safe for health or not?

Can I have a decaf frapuchino while breastfeeding my 4 month old?

Can i have splenda while breatfeeding .. 10 sachets/day?

Can i take fresh mint leaves during my pregnancy, I am 25 weeks old pregnant.

Can we give home made pomegranate juice for 13weeks old baby?

Can you tell me is it safe to consume cotton?

Chicken soup with spoonful of milk of magnesium mixed in it for a cold? Never heard of anyone doing that before. How safe/unsafe is it? What to expect

Coffee mate is it safe for our health?

Consuming collagen drink during pregnancy. It's safe?

Could pregnant woman drink dandalion root?

Dangerous to insert parsley vaginally and drink the tea taking high amounts of vitamin C when 5 weeks pregnant to cause miscarriage?

Dealcoholized wine safe for pregnant women to consume?

Dear doctor, is it safe to consume sheep placenta during pregnancy? Thank you!

Do you believe that soda is safe?

Eating black grapes during pregnancy safe??

Ginko nut safe for pregnancy?

Good day. Is frune juice safe for pregnant woman?

Have you heard of visalus shakes....Are they safe to drink?

Hello doctor, i'm 17 weeks pregnant, i wanted to know if herbal life shake mix & protein powder is safe during pregnancy?

Hello i like to know if motherwort is safe to smoke or drink on regular basis?

Hi will dandelion root extract 339mg help with pupp im pregnant and is it ok take it if I am pregnant ? Thank you

Hi doc.. Is klim powdered milk safe to drink during third trimester of pregnancy?

Hi i am 15 weeks 2 days pregnant . I want to know that can i take Masala chai ( Tea ) ? Is it safe to take ?

Hi. Is it safe to take olive leaf extract when pregnant?

How bad is it to drink while pregnant? How much is safe for the baby?

How many mgs of cloves spice is safe when pregnant?

How much soda is safe while pregnant?

How old can a child be before it's safe to be giving them herbal tea?

How safe / unsafe are energy drinks?

I am 18 weeks pregnant and have been eating pearl barley. Just read that this can lead to miscarriage. Is this true? Or is pearl barley safe?

I am 3 months pregnant and need to extract a tooth? Is it safe do to so?

I am 37 weeks pregnant & gbs+. -- is it safe to drink raspberry leaf tea? -- how many times a day?

I am 43 and 15 weeks pregnant, is it safe to drink champagne?

I am 5 weeks pregnant, is eating pineapple safe, i read allot on the internet that it may cause an abortion?

I am 6 weeks pregnant, when will I be able to hear the heartbeat? Is thai tea safe to drink?

I am 7 weeks pregnant & I was wondering how much caffeine a day is safe.?

I am 8 weeks pregnant. Is yogi "mother to be" hearbal tea safe?

I am breastfeeding an 8 month old and want to know when is it safe to be able to consume alcohol?

I am in my first trimester and I was told it's not safe to eat pineapple. It's that true?

I bought a drink called suja. It has chorlella and alfalfa grass. Is it safe while I'm breastfeeding?

I have 8 months old baby, is it safe to add ginget to her meals?

I have heard about the hCG diet. Is it safe?

I heard the product "Super Beets" is good for you , but I don't like to take anything unless i know it's safe, can you give me any info? Safe or not?

I just found out I'm pregnant and I was wondering if one cup of coffee a day is safe during pregnancy?

I just realized that I have drank a few Root Beers while pregnant that contain licorice root extract which is a no-no in pregnancy. Is this dangerous?

I know pregnant women should avoid salicylic acid; however, I heard that berries are high in salicylic acid. Is it safe to eat berries when pregnant?

I like to suck on flowers for the sweetness. Is that safe?

I need information about healthy n safe pregnancy?

I took more than 6 black pepper now.. i'm 11 weeks pregnant.. is it safe?

I was wondering are fava beans good for pregnancy?

I'm 10 weeks pregnant and wanted to know if Reeds Ginger Ale is safe? The bottle says it contains 17 grams fresh ginger per bottle.

I'm 14 weeks pregnant after two miscarriage,is it safe to drink pomegranate vinegar during pregnancy?

I'm five weeks pregnant and have been drinking cinnamon tea but just heard it can be dangerous and cause miscarriage - is this true?

I'm in my first trimester and have been taking soy protein. Is it safe or should I stop? Would it cause any harm to the fetus?

I'm pregnant 24 weeks, is it safe to drink peppermint tea? If yes what is the safe daily proportion of it? Thanks

I"m 10 weeks old pregnant. Is it safe to consume "Chia seeds" daily? I plan to take this along with yogurt.

If my precum is safe to eat, is my semen safe as well?

Im 38 weeks pregnant. Is lemongrass tea safe?

Im 9weeks pregnant and craving beer shandy is it safe to have a few?

Im n 6th month of pregnancy, is it gud to take papaya fruit?

In 1st trimester -- grapefruit seed extract safe during pregnancy?

Is 25 mg of lemon bioflavonoid Complex in Iron Rainbow Light safe to drink during pregnancy ?

Is 3d/4d ultrasound scanning in pregnancy safe?

Is a cinnamon supplement safe during pregnancy ?

Is acai berry powder safe to consume during pregnacy?

Is almond milk safe to drink while pregnant?

Is apple cinnamon water safe during pregnancy?

Is arnica montana safe for pregnant people?

Is booster c energy drink safe for pregnant women?

Is caesar dressing from applebees safe for pregnant women?

Is catnip tea safe for 3 weeks old babies?

Is Chinese food containing MSG safe during pregnancy As my wife is 21 week pregnant?