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I am 47 women with RA working at a nursing home use percautions is c diff transmitted through air born spores?

75 days pregnant with +ANA .18 doctor has recommended enoxaparin 40 daily till the end is it really needed ? any oral /weekly / monthly substitute

Should SCS be turned off during pregnancy? Or is it still safe to keep on?

10weeks pregnant.Took 1dose of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride from pharmacy.All hospital papers said it was ok.After research found it can harm unborn?

11 weeks pregnant and had 3 Strepsils today. Googled safety in pregnancy and as a precaution it's advised women do not take due to lack of studies. Could I have caused harm? And why is everything deemed unsafe if not proven safe? It's infuriating.

2 months after wife gave birth, she has a rash on both inner parts of thighs. Postpartum pregnancy rash? What treatment safe while breastfeeding?

20 weeks pregnant. Used 2 drops of visine for irritated eyes. Now found out it isn't safe to use during pregnancy. Is my baby gonna be okay? Freaking!

24 weeks pregnant and drs want to put me on Metoprolol for supraventricular tachycardia. They say it's fine but online says it's pregnant cat. C! Safe?

34 weeks pregnant. My ob said safe 2 use Monistat 7. However im dilated at 1cm. Will Monistat get 2 my baby and/or hurt her!?

5 weeks pregnant and I used a honeysuckle essential oil once before knowing it should not be used while pregnant. Do you think I harmed my baby?

7 weeks pregnant. Severe pelvic pain, no bleeding. Embryo's heartbeat normal. Prescribed methampyrone, papaverine hcl, belladonna extract. Safe?

After having my baby, doctor prescribed me levest 150/30, was on microgynon before baby & it suited me very well, how similar are the 2 contraceptives?

After taking the prescription for pinworms for 9 days is it safe to sleep in the same bed with my wife and have sex without risking infecting her?

Am 32 taking combined pills since18months is there risk of breast cancer How many years can i take them safe I have disabled infant cant get pregnant?

An LDL of <130 is considered safe but <100 is considered safe for a diabetic. What is considered safe for a diagnosed pre-diabetic?

Any harm for a female to take Plan B contraceptive 2x in 1 month (on separate occasions)? Or 3x in 2 months? Thank you.

Are amaglam fillings safe during 3rd trimester will it harm my baby just got 2 yesterday?

Are cell phones safe to use a lot during pregnancy? Like can I put it in my pockets? Are microwaves safe during pregnancy as well?

Are fetal doplers safe to use daily? It took me almost 20 minutes today to find the heartbeat. Does it hurt the fetus?

Are frequent prenatal ultrasounds safe?

Are there any safety concerns with hyland's baby teething tablets? Noticed the fda recall a few years back and want to make sure it's safe.

Are there any studies comparing fetal outcomes of sex vs. Abstinence during pregnancy? All i can find is 'sex is safe unless your doctor says it's not

Are ultrasound gels safe for use with home fetal dopplers? Do they cause any harm to the fetus with frequent usage? I use my doppler a lot.

At 11 weeks pregnant I realized my make-up 0.5% has salicylic acid in it. I use it everyday. Have I put my baby at risk of a birth defect?

Best choice for waiting on having a baby in two years I have a 52 day cycle . I want IUD to be safe and won't forget it or the patch?

Birth Mother has hep C and claims using heroin for only 1st month of pregnancy before going to subutex to protect child. what are the risks for both?

Can anyone during pregnancy have ofloxin in third month?

Can ecstasy use while pregnant cause my child to have a pfo?

Can I start using my fungi nail treatment curanail if we r planning pregnancy? Or pregnant? Doctor prescribed it to me today but I just read leaflet

Can i use glutathion based products as i now were in 20 weeks pregnancy? is it safe for me..does it will contact with my blood circulation to baby

Can I use terconazole cream .8% in 7th week of pregnancy? It states not recommended by manufacturer in 1st trimester. Thank you.

Can octixonate cause toxicity at any concentration, even just the face? I'm 33w6d pregnant and my obgyn never mentioned this.

Can using topamax (topiramate) while you're pregnant cause your child to have a cleft lip?

Can you tell me how to mentor your daughter for healthy and safe pregnancy?

Can you tell me is having a liposuction after child birth safe and advisable?

Could use your help docs! my wife has mono what should I do?

Could use your help docs! my wife is suicidal, what do I do?

Could you receive a prenatal massage in your 9th or 10th week of pregnancy? I received a spa package as a gift and it includes a prenatal massage.

Currently breastfeeding and got lice on hair after vacation. How to remove safely without affecting baby? Any OTC medicine suggested?

Cyclizine during pregnancy.. I heard it is an opiate and taken from shop shelves due to miss use. Am I addicted to it and will it affect unborn baby?

Dear sir my question is :- after m/f relation how much time we use the preganews to know for pregnet or not. ?

Do i need to take hCG while using testim? I do want to have children in the future

Doc, me (26) & my wife (22) don't have any baby also are not interested to have baby for next 5 years. Any safe option for long term protection?

Does acute bronchitis during pregnantnancy pose any risk to the baby? I'm almost 19 weeks. Debating calling the doctor. I hate taking medicine while pregnant

Does anyone know if it is safe to have crystal healing therapy during pregnancy?

Does infant paracetamol lose the effect of DTaP baby vaccination? I read some news but now Im all confused. If yes, what should then be used?

Does using differen before pregnancy affect having and unhealthy baby. How long should you be off differen before pregnancy?

Does vicidin cross placenta and what studies have been done to deem safe during pregnancy? 

Family planning iz it safe to use a loop for preventing pregnancy?

Friend used ecstasy before realizing she was pregnant . What are latest findings re ecstasy use in early pregnancy on babies?

Giving insulin during pregnency is safe ?

Got some humatrope (human growth hormone) from a hospital 100iu pen ready to use is this safe to use and could it be contaminated I'm 48 years old and wanted to do 2iu a day?

Had an abortion using RU486. Want to know when its safe to conceive again both for me and child. ?

Has anybody successfully breastfed whilst using infliximab?

Has anyone ever heard of the drug terbutaline for pregnancy?

Have dental sealants for children been tested for longperiod of time? Are they safe?

Hello Doctor, Me & my wife are planning a baby.. My concern is i have been using preworkout, bcaa & whey protein from past 3-4 months is it safe to conceive now??

Hello I wanted to know what precautions I should use considering I am going to have sex fir first time ever. What should I do?

Hello I was wondering .. Is it safe to wear scented panty liners ? Also I have a holiday booked for the 5th of May this year to which I'll be 2 months pregnant, it's agadir in morrocco, is it safe to travel here ? Many thanks Tiffany

Hello, Me & my wife are planning a baby.. My concern is that i have been using a prework out, bcaa & whey protein, so it safe to conceive now??

Hello, I used cetirizne everyday 1years ago, Now i 'm 23 weeks pregnant and i used everyday same, is it bad for my baby? Pls help me?

Hi am 10 weeks pregnant and I have hypothyriodism, is it safe to take seamoss? Thank you, georgina kemp

Hi doc m newly married since 3 months and using precautions for pregnancy is it harmful for me?

Hi doctor Aiyaz but I don't have Vitiligo my mom and aunts have and I am planning to take Glutathione pills is it safe or will I get vitiligo?

Hi Doctor, I am an aromatherapist I m worried I have concieved in last 10 days and how would it effect the baby the essential oils I use all types?

Hi dr.! just wanted to ask if it's safe to give cod liver oil to a 2yr old child? if yes? what are the benefits of it to the child?Thank u & God bless

Hi dr..My wife just give birth recently.Her gynae dr give her perindopril for threat her hypertension.And her specialist said it safe for breastfeed?

Hi everyone. I'm 9.5 weeks pregnant and i wondering if home fetal doppler's are safe? I was able to hear the hb but i'm scare to harm my babies. Thank

Hi how are? I have a question regarding a drug called diane-35. Is it safe for teens? Because i've heard that it will avoid pregnancy later

Hi I used few month Nasacort (triamcinolone) Allergy and 2 days ago I find out I'm pregnant, now 4 weeks.i read Nasacort (triamcinolone) can't be used while pregnancy because can be defect on baby's development . What I have to do now?

Hi i want to know if using creatine is safe to take for a woman with pcos? I also wanted to know if talking a preworkout is safe too

Hi, i am 13 weeks pregnant and my dentist advice me to do xray in my teeth with abdominal shield. How safe is it for my baby not to be exposed in any radiation that may affect him? Thank you

Hi,is it safe to do iv glutathione during menstrual?thnks

Hi,salycilic acid 5% during pregnancy..I used it in thighs & legs as scrub ,then discovered my pregnancy,one month fetus,is it safe,worried?thnx

How about working as an eyelash technician, is it safe to continue work while pregnant?

How bad is if i had a knee radiography, I am about 6weeks pregnant and i did not use a lead shield?

How can my wife mitigate her hypothyroidism. Any drugs or natural treatment for her? She is 6 months pregnant with a girl.

How come polaramine (dexchlorpheniramine maleate) in america is preg. Cat (b) when the same OTC drug in australia is pregnant cat (a). Does it mean the one in america is less safe?

How do I get to antenatal classes?

How safe / dangerous is Lexapro? What can I tell my wife to reassure her it is worthwhile?

How safe is misoprostol? Misoprostol sounds like a pretty intense drug. How safe could it really be? .

How safe is xarelto? I keep seeing lawsuit commercials and im starting to question its safety. My dr said bleeding risks r like 1% and not to worry?

I 've been using deanxiet for one month and now i found out that iam pregnant, is there any fears on the fetus health?

I am 14 weeks pregnant and need a chest x-ray. Is it safer to wait until 20 weeks gestation or is the risk the same if I do the X-ray now?

I am 15wks pregnant and i was wondering was it safe to get my tooth extracted? Im really nervous and i don't want anything to be harmful to my unborn.

I am 16 weeks pregnant is it safe to do a breathing treatment?

I am 22 weeks pregnant & my 11 month old was prescribed hydrocortisone valerate 0.2% for eczema, will getting this on me harm my unborn child?

I am 22 weeks pregnant and have been using castor oil on piles for the last week but have stopped as I am unsure of its safe. Will I have done harm?

I am 25 weeks pregnant and used diclofenac diethylamine gel for my bach ache for three nights, later realising it is not safe i stopped. Is my baby safe?

I am 28 weeks pregnant and i just had my steroid injection ill be travelling by air at 30 weeks is this safe. I have a history of pre eclampsia?

I am 3 weeks pregnant.and i taking sancos syrup for swear cough and always cure me.please tell me that is it safe to this serup in pregnancy?

I am 32 weeks pregnant and have had herpes for the past 2 1/2 years. What is another alternative to veltrex that i can take and is safe.

I am 4 weeks pregnant I'm wondering if it's OK to use vh essentials vagina odor treat meant there capsules its a 6 day treatment is it OK to use while pregnant?

I am 45 and have a Bartholins cyst. Is it safe to have intercourse? Is it safe to drain it myself?

I am 6 week pregnant.Can II use laptop.Any radiation affect my baby.And can I have sex with my hubby?

I am 6 weeks pregnant and have been given dilaidid 5x a day IV for the last 5 days at the hospital. How can this affect the baby?

I am 6weeks and wondering if the use of cotrimazole pills n cream could have caused any harm to my unborn child, because i had a fungus?

I am 7weeks pregnant and my doctor told me to inject insulin twice a day.. Is it safe for me and my baby?

I am 8 weeks pregnant and have been on progesterone supplements for 3 weeks. Are they safe? Do they pose a threat of defects to the fetus?

I am around 4-5 weeks pregnant,I had a miscarriage at 4 weeks during my first pregnancy. So, my gynaecologist has aaked me take vageston 200mg twice a day for a month but I read online that is a class D drug during pregnancy. is it safe to take this medic