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I had an ultrasound today. My gestational sac measures 16mm. She said there was a yolk sac but no fetal pole yet. Does this mean miscarriage?

12weeks UTS,Ob said I have 1 empty sac, it could be VTS. had earlier scan at 8 & 10 weeks -1 sac & 1 baby only. what's the empty sac?

Im worried due to the condition of my pregnancy right now, the result of my ultrasound is transverse according to the doctor, I dont know what to do.

Recently went to the the doctor they did a ultrasound found 2 gestational sac one 7 weeks one 5 weeks but doctor said no baby in them and i miscarrY?

twins..2 sacs both heart beat 6 weeks...both measuring 5 weeks....1st u/s 2 weeks ago hcg was 5683 now its 55,270?

10 weeks pg, discovered there are 2 sacs, sac 1. The baby has a heart and is active. Sac 2 the baby is dead.I lost twins 5 months ago. What will happen ?

11 weeks pregnant. NT value was 1.3mm in USG. Normal?

11wks pregnant scan shows empty sac measuring 6 weeks what are the chances everything will be ok ?

12weeks pregnant & had ntscan. Nt distance 0.141cms. Crl 5.98cms. Heart beat 163 bpm. Blood reports for NT hasnt arrived. Does it sound fine. Worried.

15mm Gestational sac identified 2wks later 17mm gestational sac with CRL 3.8mm with no cardiac activity. Is miscarriage imminent?

1st preg. Tech said bl.Ov at 2nd 9wk scan and kick us out for physician, but can this be true(bo) as we saw embryo &hr 120 @6w2d on1st vag scan? Thx

1st ultrasound says crl 8mm 6w5d. 2nd says crl 28mm, 9w4d. 3rd , crl 60.9mm 12w4d.Are these supposed to date back to lmp? When was conception?

1st ultrasound, ~6 weeks 4days. Two amniotic sacs but difficulty viewing 2nd. One heartbeat for sure. What are the chances of viable twins still & how good are the chances of at least one viable baby?

1st us at 7.6 weeks matched my lmp. Us at 12, 18 & 30 weeks showed my LMP 1 week before.Is it bcoz baby growth is fast or i conceivd soon after my lmp?

1st usg showed a gest sac &yolk sac on left horn & der was blur image on rt one.2nd scan showed gest sac on rt side n no yolk sac.hv retrovrtd uterus?

1st vag. scan I was 5w1d No fetal pole only yolk sac. 5 days later Vag scan measures me 5w5d. Still only yolk sac seen. I Had IUI and should be 7w2d??

23 days past ovulation, but transvaginal ultrasound only should early gestional sac, no yolk sac or fetal pole. Is that normal?

28 weeks pregnant, at my 21st week i had anamaly scan dr said was fine.After that I have NT taken any scan.Dr told to take scan @ 29th week. Is ok?

28weeks 3days pregnant based on u/s date. Measuring 33 doctor doesn't seem concerned but what could measuring 5weeks ahead mean/indicate?

2day diagnosed w/blighted ovum. Lnmp was 6 weeks ago, but sac measures 8w4d. Is it "normal" in this "pregnancy"? Radiologist said it was(?)

3 different ultrasound measurements all done in 1st tri. Agree within one day of each other. All were taken within 2 weeks of each other . Accuracy??

35 weeks preg. At my past prenatal checkups I've been told I measure 2weeks more. But the ultrasound last week dint show any change in my due date?help

35yrs 1st pregnancy hCG 45,000 vaginal ultrasound no heartbeat LMP made me 5weeks 5days I believe conception date made me 3weeks 6days am I doomed?

3weeks 1day since ovulation, HCG level was 8100. Was only able to see a gestional sac on transvaginal u/s, no yolk sac or fetal pole. Is this normal?

4 weeks preg. Was told i have a saclike structure within fundal endometrium w/o a fetal pole or yolk sac. Is this normal?

5 1/2 week ultrasound 2 sack could only find one tinny fetal pole and heartbeat. Told we needed to wait 2weeks can second sack still be a baby?

5 ks pg, msd is 4.14mm, crl is 1.5mm, sonographer saw yoke, sac and fetal pole. Cramping and spotting all day. Do these figures look "good" ?

5 week 5 day transvaginal ultrasound saw only yolk sac. Normal?

5 wks. 4 days pregnant. Vaginal ultrasound showed small gestational sac and yolk sac, but could not see embryo? Is this normal? Yolk sac a good sign?

5.4 weeks pregnant. Vaginal ultrasound showed just gestational and yolk sac. What are the chances there is no embryo at this point?

5.5weeks ultrasound.only yolk sac was seen but no fetal it ok?when can i c the heart beat?how to find if it is a safe pregnancy?

5w4d pregnant, ultrasound only gestational sac, not yolk sac. Is that normal?I have normal cycles 29-31 days.Doctor scared me today, told me i will have to end my pregnancy.

5week fetus dose it have yoke in the sac or is it not a pregnancy any more?

5weeks and 5days pregnant, no fetal pole in the gestational sac seen through vaginal ultrasound, had brownish discharge for 2 weeks, please help thank?

5weeks4days hCG 19,000. OB thought this was to high. Have a transvaginal u/s booked tomorrow at 6weeks2days. What could this mean? Twins? Molar? Norm?

5wks6dy pregnant but ultrasound measures 5wks1dy. Saw Sac and yolk but no fetal pole. Is it good or bad? Ovulate cd15.on 5/23/16.Lmp 5/9/16

6 week ultra sound showed heart beat in one sac and yolk in the other. Is this normal for naturally conceived twins?

6 week ultrasound it showed 1 gestational sac with 2 yolk sacs one measuring smaller than the other with only 1 heart beat. At 8 weeks there was 1?

6 weeks 2 days pregnant according to lmp, painless spotting and ultrasound showed only gestational sac, Monday hCG of 7000, what could all this mean?

6 weeks 2days per transvaginal ultrasound today. Progestrone week and half ago was 14.6. Hcg today 16k.Gest. Sac, yolk sac, cr embro flicker? No hb.?

6 weeks 4 days from last period. Doc found yolk sac & fetal pole but didn't see a heartbeat. How worried should I be? What could be goin on?

6 weeks 4 days pregnant..took shows yolk sac visible but no fetal pole..and i also dont have any pregnancy symptoms..i am miscarring???

6 weeks 6 days since lmp, vaginal us showed gestational sac of 7mm and small yolk sac, saying less than 6 weeks, when can I expect to see fetal pole?

6 weeks and 3 days pregnant. US showed gestational sac and fetal pole shown, no heart beat. HCG decreased from 17407 to 10943. Is this a problem?

6 weeks pregnant and no fetal pole seen on transvaginal ultrasound.  could it just be too early or is it a blighted ovum?

6 weeks pregnant no fetal pole on gestational sac through vaginal ultrasound, had brownish spotting for 1 week! Please help thanks!

6 weeks pregnant no fetal pole only yolk sac visible...can i have sex....during my orgasm will it harm my pregnancy...

6w 4d pregnant with fetal pole, yolk sac ...heartbeat detectd...but seems gestational sac is irregular...sign of miscarriage?

6w3d preg from LMP,report says gestational sac present, yolk sac absent, maybe psuedo sac? What does this mean? Scan 2mo for ectopic pregnancy.

6w3d preg since LMP,scan show gastro sac but no yolk sac,what does that mean?etopic pregnancy? Scared!

6w5d had a u/s that showed a sac yolk sac but no fetal pole or hb my hcg levels are normal and rising, is this normal?

6w6d scan with ivf. shown hb but the foetal pole was unclear. Sac was right size,there was a yolk.a 2nd dr couldn't confirm hb or pole? what's happenin

6weeks and 6 days only a gestational sack and yoke sac seen on ultrasound is this normal?

6wk u/s today. questionable YS imaged. what would make it questionable? There was no HB repeat u/s in a week. what would a normal yoke sac visualize?

6wks, spotting a week, elongated sac not round on US, looked full of blood (no yolk visible) fetal pole no heartbeat but right size. Any chance?

7 weeks from LMP after clomid (clomiphene). Ultrasound today showed gest. Sac and yolk sac. Only measured 5 1/2 weeks. Not good is it?

7 weeks pregnant no heartbeat with tilted uterus. Fetal pole was seen as well..Should i be concerned?

7.5 wk preg. Gest sac w 2 round yolk sacs but only 1 other mass w 1 hrtbt. Dr says maybe twins! confirm in 2 wks. Is this possible/do u agree? Explain

7w2d pregnancy on ultrasound but no heartbeat detected, fetal pole positv doc sugestd to get checkd the next week what are posbl chances?

7w4d pregg but i ovulated on 24th day of my cycle(used ovulation kit).Had first scan today.Only 100ml of water in bladder.Only yolk sac seen. Worried?

7week 2 day ultrasound shows embryo growing to date but gestational sac measures 2 weeks behind. Is miscarriage approaching? Is there hope?

7weeks pregnant us enlarged yolk sac 7.5 mm HB109 is this mean i will miscarige or if not does it indicate that baby will have chromosomal problem

7weeks pregnant. Had scan at 6weeks2days which showed fetal pole, yolk sac +heartbeat. But now all my symptoms have disappeared n Im so worried. Help?

8 week abdominal us, fetal pole with no heartbeat, no measurement taken. No signs miscarriage, conceived approx 5.5wk ago, worry??

8 week pregnant but doctor said no gast sac no fetal pole seen......

8 week ultrasound showed fetal pole that measure 6.2 MM with no heartbeat. Is it possible my dates are off even if I am sure of my last period?

8 week us and fetal pole was seen but without a heartbeat, my Ob did not measure scheduled for f/u us in 2wks, worry? Should have conceived 5.5wk ago

8 week with abdominal ultrasound show only Yolk sac but no fetal pole.

8 weeks pregnant ultrasound showed 4 weeks.fetal pole n yolk sac not seen gestation sac seen is everything alright?its my first baby

8 wks pg but I am sceptical! They haven't done a quantitive pg test but did an ultrasound! Baby measures 1.7in is there one hiding ?

8weeks 6 days pregnant at an estimate went for a scan yesterday which showed the sac measuring at 7weeks6days but the baby was 6w1day, miscarriage?

9 w pregnant. Baby measuring 9 weeks but gestational sac measuring 2 weeks behind. Good heartbeat 170s. Is this a problem?

9 week ultrasound showed 2 sacs with fetus A 2.7 CRL with HB and fetus B 1.5 CRL with no HB at 7 weeks 2 days, what r chances of VTS and chimera?

9 weeks pregnant according to lmp...Been spotting..Went to ER for side pain internal ultrasound measured 6 weeks 4 days but no fetalpole! hCG @ 15000?

9 weeks pregnant and hb and baby are measuring at 9 weeks. Gestational sac is behind in size two weeks. Should I be worried about this?

9 weeks pregnant today. 6 week ultrasound 160pbm. 8 week doppler 140bpm. 9 week doppler 130s? Is the 130s the baby or me?

9/28/15 no fetal pole 10/4/15 its a fetal pole 6wks in 1 dy said i conceived on the 29th aug due date is may 28th how the heck is that dont make sense?

9wks by LMP got us 7w0d with fetal pole but no heartbeat? Is pregnancy still viable?

A 6 week pregnancy scan show only one sac with 115 bpm.But 10 weeks scan show 2 sacs with 1 developing fetus(171bpm &other sac has no bpmPls explain.

Abdominal ultrasound at 7w3d showed empty sac. Hcg rising normally, is there any chance that the embryo was "hiding"?

According to IUI I should be 6.5 weeks along but vaginal ultrasound measured sac at 5 w 1 d....confused?

According to my last menstrual period I am 7 weeks pregnant. Ultrasound shows a gestational sac but no yolk sac or fetal pole. Is that normal?

According to my lmc I should be 10+ weeks pregnant. First ob appointment i had an abdominal scan, np said i was 8w5d. Abd scan before 10w accurate?

According to my LMP I am 6 weeks 6 days. Had an US done today and saw gestational sac and yolk sac however no baby. I have 30 days + cycles. Is it too early, could I be 5 weeks? Is the yolk sac also a good sign?

According to my LMP I should be 8ish wks. But i'm measuring 6 wks. Is this normal?

According to my LMP, i was 4.5 weeks when my hcg came back at 634. 2 days later it was 1975 (just shy of 5 weeks). When I should have been 6 weeks 2 days I went for an ultrasound which showed a 5 week 4 day empty gestational sac. Do you think this is a

According to transvaginal ultrasound done at 6wks 4day I am 22wks and 1day today. Im measuring a wk and a day more. Does this change anything?

Accuracy of early ultra sound at 6 weeks. What is the acutal error margin. I did 2 us and both detect 6 weeks +- 3 days margin aadvised by dr?

After 8 weeks ep scan crl is 2.5mm and no heartbeat but fetel pole is seen. Is this normal? Advised next scan in 1 week.

After how many days can the doctor see the sack forming in the utrus on a sonogram?

Am 10 weeks pregnant, saw gestation+yolk sac on us when iwas 5weeks , my uterus size is 10 weeks, do I still have the chance to have a blighted ovum?

Am 17 weeks preg.I did my prev usg scan at 14 weeks. Then at which week i hav to do my next scan?

Am nursing mum and pregnant I supposed to be 8 weeks according to my lmp.But the ultrasound showed gas sac yolk sac but no baby.2 weeks behind. Why?

Am six weeks after lmp. Gyn saw a normal sac size and thickness. No hb using normal ultrasound. He said normal not see hb untill 8 week by vaginal ult?

Am18wks pregnant; did my 3rd us today, they said my baby is at 7th percentile. All measurements and the placenta perfusion is normal.Should i be worri?

Anteverted,bulky gravid uterus,single intrauterine gestational sac 2.7 cm gestational age 6 weeks 6 days no fetal pole is this OK?or a miscarriage?

Aog by LMP : 6 6/7 weeks - aog by scan 5 weeks by gs.. is this normal? Which one shud i follow? Irregular periods.

At 12 weeks scan the ultrasound technician saw that the baby has penetrated the empty sac of the vanishing can this be?

At 12 weeks the ultrasound technician saw that my fetus has penetrated the empty sac of the vanishing could this be?

At 14wks there's an error margin of +\-2 wks. Since my first sono i had 3 diff sono showing same due date in july could it be wrong i'm due in june?