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Diarrhea every other day for weeks, 25 weeks preg, 3rd preg. Contractions on and off.could be preterm labor?

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Hello... i have preterm labor... i am 6 months pregnant...What are the best medications i can have? my doctor really confused me... please help....

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How do I know i'm in labor? I'm 32 weeks

How do i know if i'm in labor??

How do I know im going into labor?

How do I know its labor? I'm 33 weeks

How do I know when i'm going into labor?

How do I know when im in labour?? Im 26 weeks preg.

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How to know im in labour? What are the signs of labour?

How to tell if I am going into preterm labor?

How will I know I'm in labor?

How will I know if I am in labor?

How will i know when i'm in labor?

How will I know when to push during labor?

How would you know if u had preterm labour or the dates were just off by a couple weeks?

I delivered my twins at 31 weeks due to spontaneous preterm labor. If i get pregnant again (with a singleton), how likely am i to deliver preterm?

I don't understand why I went into preterm labor again?

I don't understand why I went into preterm labor? What are the causes?

I had abdominoplasty a few years ago and now I am almost 23 weeks pregnant.. Should I be worried about preterm labor?

I have 2 preemies, what are my risks of preterm labor again?

I think I'm having contractions and in early labor but I'm really not sure..

I've had most of the signs of preterm labor, could i be going into preterm labor?

Ibs could actually trigger preterm labor contractions?

If I am at risk for preterm labor (twin pregnancy, lots of bh contractions, 2 CM cervix, 1 CM dilation, positive ffn), what can I do to lower my risk?

If I have a preterm labour at 22 weeks will I have it again in my next pregnancy?

Is 3cm a normal cervical length for 21 weeks pregnant? What is the risk of preterm labor?

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Is preterm rupture of membrane is the same as preterm labor? What happens to the baby?

Is there any way to stay calm & relaxed during labor & delivery with no epidural?

My doctor prescribed terbutaline for my "comfort" i was not in preterm labor. I never dilated nor had any effacement. Why?

My mother had a painful labor and the doctors said it was a ''dry'' labor. Am I at risk of this?

My sister is pregnant 24 weeks and her cervical length is 3.2cm. Will this cause preterm labour? Our mother has had both her deliveries pretem.

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