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26 year old female. history of 4 pregnancies, only 1 live birth. Multiple tests performed, positive homo mthfr. What tx should be done to stay pregnant?

3 sitting IUI done this month when should I do the pregnancy test , which IUI day should I consider standard to count days?

4 years after my vasectomy had a pregnancy scare with a one night accident.. Took a home sperm analysis kit, showed I'm sperm free. Are they accurate?

After a baby is born, what tests are performed as soon as they arrive? Blood tests?

After a salphingectomy, would it have been tested in a lab to determine if infection was the cause of my ectopic pregnancy?

After two miscarriages is there any tests that could be done or any treatment for future pregnancies ?

All my test results were gd my hasband has abnormal sperms we plan for IVF before making it .Is it important for me to go hystroscopy

Am getting married should I do any specific tests ?

Am ttc. Doctor suggest laparoscopy with out any HSG test. Please suggest me is this the right way of treatment ? Which test is done first?

Are any special tests needed, or can a regular obgyn doctor see me for my intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy?

Are over-the-counter male fertility test accurate?

Are prenatal pregnancy visits necessary?

Are there tests my doc can do to test my baby for fas? I didn't kknow i wa pregnant until 10 weeks

Are you forced to have an HIV test done at every gyno appoint?

Blood tests negative, feeling baby kick, how can I determine my pregnancy using other blood tests. Fibroids make them not see anything on ultrasound.

Can a doctor find out whether a woman's a virgin or not? What are the tests if any available?

Can a urine test determine if you are pregnant 5weeks after giving birth?

Can a urine test from a doctor office/surgery center detect pregancy 7 days after sex?

Can doctors test for THC at prenatal visits without informing you first?

Can I have to have pap test done in order to get the bc patch?

Can I test during pregnancy to see if your child will have fap?

Can I test myself for brca without going to the doctor?

Can ob/gyns test for illegal drugs during routine, prenatal visits?

Can pregnant woman have xray done?

Can there be a test to determine if someone is going through premature menopause?

Can there be any online testing for pregnancy?

Can u do a DNA test to find paternaty while still being pregnant?

Can u perform DNA test even when the baby hasnt come yet to make sure who the father is?

Can you please tell me why it'snecessary to perform the "cough test" on an 8 year old girl?

Can you tell me how to find a ob doc that would do a has anyone lost there baby with amniocentesis test 4 DNA reasons?

Can you test fetus for autism when you get pregnant?

Can't you safely get a tilt table test done at 30-34 weeks pregnant? Or is it not recommended ? If not why?

Could someone please tell me how many ultrasounds are needed in a pregnancy? In which weeks these should be done? Thank u so much.

Could you get a free pregancy test in the mail?

Daughters suspected of having turner's syndrome. Apart from no breasts and missing periods no other symptoms. Is this possible? Genetic tests done.

Did HSG test is done before iui?

Did HSG test is painfull?

Do doctors let you know if you test positive for any drugs during your routine prenatal appointments? Are they required to let you know they tested U?

Do drs test for basic STDs when you're pregnant in the normal lab tests?

Do I have to perform the "cough test" on an 8 year old girl?

Do I have to tell my OBGYN that I got a non invasive prenatal paternity test (blood-mom swab-dad) at 8 weeks gestation? Can we trust the results?

Do OBGYN test for syphilis in third trimester?

Do pregnant women have a responsibility to undergo prenatal testing?

Do regular obgyns do pre-natal tests or only perinatologists?

Do they preform a pregnancy test before cervical cryothearpy?

Do you think my wife and I will be able to have children? We are both under 35 and all of our test results are normal. We've

Do you usually need an appointment for a blood pregnancy test at a gyn dr? How early can you have it done?

Does the free clinic do ultra sound and pregnancy test?

Dr. i had miscarriage on april now again on TTC. What all test i need to test to find our fertility? sperm count?thyroid? any other test?

During a phyical what do the nurses test you in (for a girl)?

Earlier this year there was news about possible availability of blood test to detect cancer (Purdue university). Is this test going to be available?

Every women is different but what if two sister both need blood test done to see if they are pregnant can that happen to me . All have the same mom?

Genetic testing at 11 weeks pregnant- how will this be done? Blood work?

Good day. Last june 4 i undergo to a papsmear test then june 5 my boyfriend used me. Is it possible to get me pregnant? Thanks

Had a blood pregnancy test done on 8/18 and it was 53 had on done 8/23 and it was 52, my cervix is still closed. Is everything ok?

Had a colposcopy done on 3/17/14, was ovulated between 3/7/14-3/13/14. If I am pregnant would the doctor be able to tell?

Had a HSG test had high vaginal swabs and cylminda test before was clear HSG good what are chances of gettin PID from hsg?

Has anyone had a colposcopy done during pregnancy?

Have pid. If blood tests ultrasound are normal how do I find out cause of pid. This is my second time in year and am married.

Hello: can an eps test predict if one is going 2 have dangerous heartbeats? (in the future) how reliable is the test?

Help docs, is having an MRI test done on my knee bad while I'm pregnant?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes me to test positive for cocaine even if i've never done it?

Hi I am 33 years old and 15 weeks pregnant . Should i go for prenatal screening. ?

Hi i had the ensure procedure done last october.I have not had my period since january 14 of this year. i have taken 3 pregnancy test in the last 3mo?

Hi, I am pregnant for 8 weeks and need to take a lab test. How much does blood test cost for pregnant women in california?

Hi,doctor my doctor test my harmoon test and result is my harmoons are very high that's why my doctor recomand me ivf treatment but i want baby soon ?

Hi,I am in my 33 weeks of pregnancy and my gynaecologist told me to have coagulation profile done after 2 weeks and get report.why is this test done?

Hi. 4 months ago I had a missed abort at 7 week. I want to know if I should do again TORCH test,because i have done it once before 6 months. thanks a lot?

How accurate is ultrasound done in gyn office at 16 weeks preg. He said we got a boy as legs were open. Could it be the unemolical cord. How accurate?

How can doctors find out whether a woman has cysts fibroids i mean what tests are done?

How can I find out whether I have cysts fibroids i mean what tests are done?

How can I tell if im pregnant without alarming the whole family with a test?

How come ultrasounds done at 6-8 weeks are considered more accurate than 12 weeks?

How do I ask my doctor for a fertility test on me as a guy?

How do I get a paternity blood test? Do I go through my family doctor?My girlfriend is getting a prenatal DNA test. Can I do it without telling her?

How do I knoe when im done miscarrying ?

How does a docctor perform a hormone imbalance test?

How does a doctor determine how many weeks pregnant you are?

How is a pap test done? What steps?

How is fertility test done for guys?

How long after ovulation test shows positive should you proceed with artificial insemination?

How many days should one wait before getting a (semen) fertility test done?

How much do DNA test normally run in texas while a female is still less than 3 months pregnant?

How much does it cost going to get a fertility test done?

How much it can affect a pregnancy woman when she's in a breast screening room while they're processing a screening test?

How old do I have to be to get a fertility test done?

How old does a baby have to be in order to get a paternity test?

How should I determine what the best contraception is for me?

How soon can you get a paternity test done?

How to check whether you have azoospermia at home?

How to know if im infertile or not? What are the test?

I am 10 week pregnant but doc are not able to see my baby, had my blood test done which shows I am 10 weeks preg.

I am 12 weeks 2 days pregnant. I have an appointment next Thurs (12/11) for NT testing and ultrasound. Will I be able to find out the sex? Thanks

I am 32 weeks pregnant and i wanted to know how accurate a fetal fibronectin test was and if there was a physical way to know if your water breaks?

I am 5 weeks pregnant and get an annual PPD skin test for employment? Is there any harm to the baby if i get the PPD test?

I am a 21yr old female. Do i need to fast before having my LH hormone test done and is it required for me to do the test only during my periods?

I am about to get married and i was advised to take a compatibility test with my partner,what is involved in a compatibility test?

I did a hpg and i m pregnant .. I need to know what needs to be done next .. Should i visit a gynec now for prenatal care or after 3 months .Thanks?

I had a normal first trimester screening and harmony prenatal test. Is an AFP blood test necessary? Can it come back high risk?

I had a panorama test done at 11 weeks my doctor told me it s a girl ! I'm so happy but doubt that how accurate is the panorama test?