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Dear doctor i am 27 year old and i take krimsom 35 regularly..during this medicine or after 21days of this medicine can we take unprotected sex?

Do pregnant woman can take nasathera?is it healthy?thanks

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Does Zactac (or Ranitidine) cause infertility in women? Some women in Vietnam are afraid to take Zantac (ranitidine) because some Vietnamese doctors claimed such.

Elixir ferrous gluconate for pregnant woman?

For adco napamol elixir, could a pregnant woman drink it?

Gud day Doc. pls is ampiclox safe for a pregnant woman?

Has anyone ever taken methyldopa (aldomet) in first trimester?

Has anyone ever taken methyldopa (aldomet) in pregnancy?

Has anyone ever taken methyldopa (aldomet) while pregnant?

Has anyone ever taken methyldopa while pregnant?

Has anyone taken norfloxacin during pregnancy? Is it allowed for pregnant women?

Hello, can I take nature way brand women's energy pill during pregnancy? Thank you

Hello,i want to ask about the drug (pregnacare conception) for women who want to be pregnant and is it true it can help the egg to grow??

Help please! could citracal be taken while pregnant?

Hi what do you take for a cough when you are 2months pregnant?"

Hi doc..Is it ok to take the medicine for cough during fertile period?Thanks

Hi docs, is it true that prevacid and pamine (methscopolamine) are harmful to take while pregnant?

Hi doctor .... Which medicion should I take if I have period ?

Hi doctors, what's kind of collagen and the brand pregnant women and nursing mothers can consume? Thank you.

Hi I wanted to ask if zentel is safe for 35 weeks pregnant women?

Hi there can you still take cipla actin tablets if pregant or trying to get pregnant?

Hi, my doctor has prescribed me to take lamictal but I am trying to get pregnant. Would it be safe to take this and be pregnant ?

Hi. I keep hearing that pregnant women should not take Lipitor (atorvastatin). Does it cause miscarriages? What are the risks?

How long does it take for ginger to abort a pregnancy?

How long does it take for procardia (nifedipine) to work for a pregnant woman?

How long is it supposed to it take for procardia (nifedipine) to work on a pregnant woman?

How many days does it take to reach conception?

How many days is a woman safe after her periods?

How many ibuprofen capsule should I take to have a miscarriage in 4 months pregnancy? Please answer me. :(

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How much time does circumcision take nd how many days does it take to be normal?

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How to abort a 2months old pregnancy?What med should I take?

I am 10 weeks pregnant.My RE doctor told me to take Endometrin until week 10, as my placenta should take over.My OB says to take until 13 wks.Why?

I am 11 weeks pregnant and just started a UTI my husband bought me Azo for the pain, is it safe for me to take this pill while pregnant?

I am 13 weeks pregnant will taking citrate of magnesia cause me to have a miscarriage?

I am 14 weeks pregnant I took a Claritin D just once is that ok as long as I don't take it again or can it hurt baby?

I am 16 weeks pregnant. I have a prescription of ibuprofen given before I got pregnant. Is it safe to take ibuprofen during pregnancy?

I am 31 weeks pregnant can I take gas x?

I am 5 weeks pregnant . Can I take COCCULINE for nausea ?

I am 8 wk 6 days pregnant and cannot remember if I took my prenatal vitamins today. Should I take another one?

I am about 2 weeks pregnant what drugs can I take to remove the pregnancy.

I am about 4wks pregnant, and have horrible migraines, is it ok to take motrin until i get to my ob? & if so what dose?

I am in 29 weeks of pregnancy , i am taking claristine medicine for pregnancy allergy , is there is any side effects on my baby from this medicine ?

I am pregnant till 4 weeks so what should i do which tablet should i take?

I am six months 2weeks pregnant can be abort ant what tablet can I take. Please help me?

I am trying for pregnancy, is aldactone (spironolactone) safe?

I am wondering about a prescribed drug metoclopramide. I was given it for morning sickness I am almost 7 weeks pregnant!

I had tyroid problem when i was pregnant. And i stated to take tablets. Should i take it when I am feeding.?

I have 5 weeks pregnancy. . how is the dosage ?

I have a headache that has last for two days what kind of medicen can I take because im pregnant ?

I have arthritis had two miscarriages. I'm on sulfazalasine, hydroxycloroquine & prednisone tablets is it safe to take these medicines while pregnant?

I have had a migraine for 9 hours. What can i take because im 9 weeks pregnant.

I have prolactinoma and im pregnant.dr is telling me to take it safe?and if i dont take it, is high prolactin bad during pregnancy?

I have unlcers and I'm pregnant can I take Picot?