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16 days late and took the new digital test that estimates weeks since ovulation- not pregnant. Can I trust the results is the test more sensitive?

28 days since sex how accurate will a blood test be?

3 1/2 weeks after sex, neg pregnancy test. Is this accurate?

3 negative oraquick home test 2 years after unprotected risk event. Accurate?

3 weeks after sex i took pregnancy test negative result. I also took ecp after 3 hours after sex. Is it reliable and accurate? Still no menstration.

4 negative pregnancy tests tested 33 days after unprotected sex. No period yet. Can I trust results?

4 weeks after sex, pregnancy test was negative. Is this accurate? Didn't use first morning urine.

7th jan-end date for period. We had unprotected sex.If i test for pregnancy on 24th this month would the result show?Is it too early to test

A month after unprotected sex,will i get the accurate result with a hpt?

Accuracy of blood test 2 months after sex?

After how many days after unprotected sex is Chlyamydia urine test accurate?

Are home HIV tests reliable after 2 months? Got negative. Is it too early to tell? I'm scared! Please help!

Are hpt accurate 4 weeks after sex if u dont get a period? plz dont say "a urine test if done correctly is reliable 3 weeks.."

Are RPR tests accurate for a negative result? It's been 2 years since unprotected sex

At 6 weeks lmp,will i get a accurate hpt result without repeating test after a week?

Can a home pregnancy test show positive if i had sex on december 30th, 2012.... And i took the test january 5th, 2013?

Can aids really result from having sex on your period?

Can having sex before you take a ovulation test make it test positive?

Can I absolutely trust a blood preg test over 2 months after intercourse?

Can I trust a blood pregnancy test 2 and a half months after sex?

Can i trust a negative hpt test 33 days after the unprotected encounter? Had a period on time 14 days after the encounter.

Can I trust a negative hpt with first morning urine 20 days after sex?

Can i trust a negative pregnancy test at 7 and 1/2 weeks after the unprotected encounter?

Can i trust a negative pregnancy test taken 34 days after unprotected sex regardless of the time of day i took the test?

Can I trust a negative result from a pregnancy test 5 1/2 weeks after sex? I have always had irregular periods.

Can i trust the results of an hpt test 24 days after the unprotected encounter?

Can the nexplanon give an inaccurate pragnancy test result?

Can you get a accurate pregnancy test result after 17 days of having sex?

Can you get a positive pregnancy test 2 weeks after sex? Via urine test

Can you get a positive pregnancy test from sex a little less than 48 hrs prior to the test?

Can you get a positive test result 9 days after having sex? ( with first response pregnancy test )

Can you get accurate results on a hpt day of sex with 4 positive pregnant test and 1 positive ovulation test or impossible and I have to be further along?

Can you give a positive result in a pregnancy test when sex was never involved?

Can you take a pregnancy test 3 weeks after sex and get an accurate negative result?

Can you tell me about HIV test after 17 month window period negative.?

Can you tell me if I have unprotected sex with someone and my test results are negative, does that mean they would also be negative?

Can you tell me if I have unprotected sex with someone and my test results are negative, does that mean they would be negative?

Can you trust that your hpt is accurate if it was taken 19 weeks after sex?

Could you have a false negative blood test 10 days after unprotected sex?

Did a pregnancy test 8 days after sex and was negative is it worth doing another?

Doctor did urine pregnancy test two weeks after unprotected sex. Came back negative. How accurate?

From sep25 am having unprotected sex when can I take pregnancy test? Is there any possibility for positive result?

Got negative urine and blood pregnancy test 16 weeks after sex. Should i Trust the negative results?

Got tested after 60 days exposure of sex and came negative is it accurate? I tested with tridot method can I rely this 60 days test?

Had an unsafe encounter over ten years ago. Took 3 oraquick tests a week ago and all three negative are they reliable after that long. ?

Had protected sex and had a HIV test 3 months later will that be accurate ?

Had qualitative serum pregnancy test, 30 days after last sexual contact. Negative result. Is that accurate already?

Had sex 4/10 Took a test 4/17 and came out positive Could I have been pregnant from 4/10 or earlier ?

Had sex 5 wks ago, think got period (old blood) 4 weeks ago and did preg test today. Test accurate? Did I wait enough time to get very accurate result

Had sex 7 days ago. I went in for an HIV test and a pregnancy test. Could they be accurate or should I recheck next week?

Had unprotected sex jan 31st. i had a blood pregnancy test done march 5th. it was negative. would those have been accurate results? i had period also

Had unprotected sex on 4/6 i took a pregnancy test on 4/16 and got a negative result did i test to early should I test again or is it right?

Had unprotected sex on november 23, took a blood pregnancy test on december 5. Negative result, was the test too soon, or accurate?

Had unprotected sex two weeks ago and took a test four days earlier than instructed. Could it have been a false negative?

Hi there, I took a digital pregnancy test 4 weeks after sex and got a negative result. Can I trust that result after 4 weeks?

Hi, i am 41. had periods March 10th, again on March 25th. unsafe sex April 12th. Negative test 2 days ago. will a new test in 2 days be accurate ?

Hi, I took an in home oraquick HIV test 14 months after performing unprotected oral sex and it was negative. Are these results trustworthy?

How accurate are hpt if you ''think" you are about 5 months along and take the two test 5 months after sex? Both neg. And don't want to b preg. Help?

How accurate are hpt? Can I rely on the result? Took test 8 weeks after sex. All 4 came back negative.

How accurate do you believe the OraQuick at home testing to be at 10 weeks post unprotected sex?

How accurate is a blood pregnancy test 16 weeks after sex? Thanks.

How accurate is a clearblue digital preg test 36 days after intercourse. Will it give a accurate result. And a bloodtest 15 days after intercourse?

How accurate is a negative pregnancy test if it was taken 21 days after sex in the evening? Thanks!

How accurate is a urine pregnancy test 34 days after unprotected sex? Are the results conclusive?

How accurate is first response preg test 21 days after sex and 1 day after period is due? It was negative

How can I get 4 negative chlamydia tests 2 different Dr/Labs before and during pregnancy and 2 positive after birth with no sex of any kind between?

How early after sex can u get a accurate result on a pregnancy test ?

How is it possible for me test positive for chlamydia and my husband test negative the day after we had unprotected sex?

How many days after being intimate should you take a pregnancy test for accurate results?

How many days after sex can you get a pregnancy blood test taken? I had one done 19 days after sex and a late period. Came back negative. Accurate?

How many days after sex should I wait to get an accurate results on a pregnancy test ? I'm on day 23 still negative

How many days after sexual intercourse can I get an accurate pregnancy test result?

How many days after unprotected sex is Chlamydia urine test accurate? (I tested after 12 days and negative result am I safe?)

How reliable is the 20min fast HIV test? If it's negative 3 months after last sexual intercourse?

I am seven months pregnant took an HIV test an it was negative. Does pregnancy affect the HIV result in any way.

I did a HIV test 17 week after my exposure of unprotected oral sex it was negative the test used is a tri-dot kit the test was done in just 3 minutes?

I get HIV test result negative after 13 weeks of sex.Do i need to retest.

I got a blood test for my beta- hCG 4 days after unprotected sex and was negative, is 4 days to early to test?

I got a negative result on a home pregnancy test 3 weeks after sex is it safe to say I'm not pregnant?

I got an STD test (urine test) after i had sex without a condom. If my test came out negative does it also mean my partner is clean too?

I got pregnant 3months ago with hiv positive partner, why is , my test negative?

I had 2 negative tests for chlamydia during pregnancy & 2 positive tests a month after giving birth. How can this be with no sex at all between tests?

I had a an unsafe encounter over ten years ago. Took 2 oraquick tests both negative. Not sure if test candetect antibodies that late?

I had a risky sexual encounter over ten years ago. I took two oraquick tests a couple of weeks ago both negative. Are they reliable after ten years?

I had a RPR test done 2 years after unsafe sex. It come back negative. Is this accurate?

I had an unprotected sexual encounter over ten years ago. I have had no symptoms and took an oraquick HIV test it was negative. Is it accurate?

I had intercourse with two men in one month one on the 20th and the other on the 27th negative pregnancy test on the 4th positive on the 9th?

I had my period 5/23 and on 5/29 had unprotected sex. I took a blood test 6/6 and it was negative. Should I test again? Was it too soon?

I had my period a week after unprotected sex , and had a negative result for my test that was taken a week after my period. Can the test be wrong?

I had protected sex with plan b, therefore i don't know when i ovulated. Would 21 days after sex come up with an acurate test result?

I had sex 23/01/2016 and after that day I hadn't sex .And I did HIV tests after 3,8,12 ,17 weeks and after 7 months all of these tests are Negative I ?

I had sex and I have all the symptoms of pregnancy and my 2 tests said negative. But I only waited 2 weeks to take the test. What do I do?

I had sex in july if I am still scared about being pregnant, test results from now would be accurate, right?

I had sex in the2/25i took a pregnancy test3/14it came out negative.Should i trust it or take another pregnancy test?

I had sex on 14 th december used a condom and done a test on 4/5th jan was negitive would it of shown up by then .It was a clearblue test .?

I had sex on august 4 then 21 days later I took a digital pregnancy test and it was negative . Should I retest ?

I had sex the 9th of this month it is now the 17th can I take a test? Or will it not be accurate?

I had sex two weeks ago, my period is due in two more days. can I take a urine pregnancy test now? and will it be accurate?

I had sex with a woman without condom on the dateof 19 august 2011 I take a test serology test after 3 month?

I had sex without condom so should I take a test serology test after 3 month?