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Does it mean when my stomach is really hard and ive been having symptoms of pregnancy but the test says negative?THW

Had a fet day 5 and 6 tuesday the 24th. having pregnancy symptoms for a few days now is it too early for a hpt to atart to get an idea?

I did not ovulate this month, I have missed my period by 5 d.Pregnancy test is negative. Headache for 2d. Low grade fever for 10d. Asthma actin up.

I'm going on 12 days late and no signs of my menstral. Haven't had any changes in my every day life and have had 2neg. Test. Should I be concerned?

IM on Clomid (clomiphene) day 46 and no sign of my cycle coming on. Been so sick off and on for a month. Neg tests! My uterus is so high i can feel it above my d?

"expected" period on 19/10, still do not have it, hpt result (-) this morning. Could it still be a bit too early or am i overthinking things?

+ pregnant test: peed on - pregnant test dipped.Which one to trust.Been nauseated, sore boobs, missed period, fatigue.Bloodwork tomorrow to confirm pregnancy?

+ test 7-9 dpo then lite bleed same day. Blood test - & ultrasound show no pregnancy w/ thin uterine lining 3 days later. False + or was it 2 early??

1 st shot of Depo-Provera oct 2012 period over 6 weeks late having a lot of pregnancy symptom including frequent urination. What are the chances of pregnancy?

10yr history oral birth control, quit 7mo. ago. Periods every 25-33 days. Now no period for >52 days. 5 neg. hCG tests. Whats going on? Want to conceive.

11/12/2012, i had 1day of light bleeding, which i thought was my period. We've been trying to get pregnant, am i? All symptoms, neg. Test results.

12 weeks since intercourse. multiple negative urine tests at home and at dr & 2 pelvic exams. I have severe bloating now, could tests be wrong?

14 days late and got a weak +ve urine test a lab. Could it be ectopic? Why weak so long after missed period?

15 days after sex during ovulation, 2 days period delay, no specific pregnancy symptom except hunger & 20ml senst. Urine test neg.Can i still be preg?

15 days following embryo transfer I had a ve pregnancy test followed by 2 negatives at day 17 19 I have not had a period could I still be pregnant my clinic advised me to stop all meds but I m scared to do so ?

15 DPO n having light cramping but - pt results an no bleeding could i be testing to early or should I see a doctor?

16 days past ovidrel shot. Negative pregnancy test...what's going on? I am pretty certain I ovulate every month...because I can tell which side it's

18 days late and false home pregnancy test.I've lost weight, not really all that hungry and i started be more active 2 weeks ago. What's going on?

1m6dlate period nausea food aversion incontinence 1 pos hpt 3 n blood test should I get an ultrasound don't usually test until im 2m 5th pregnancy 1st?

1week delayed period, can I still swim as my daily exercise?Pregnancy test stripe shows positive.

2 different positive pregnant tests 4 days before period is due. Feels like period is coming. Am i pregnant? Dr told me I have to wait a week & test.

2 missed periods yet 2 negative pregnancy test?? I also feel a heart beat in my stomach.

2 months no period negative pregnancy test and my boibs r sensitive I made a dr appointment for monday but I'm nervous and scared any help?

2 periods in a row much lighter then normal. Should I worry something is wrong? Negative preg test. 32 yr old- CMP nmlCBC mild iron deficient anemia

2 pregnancy test in the morning faint positives next morning took another was nega then again nega and feel like fainting morning sick breast hurt?

2 weeks ago instead of getting my period I was just spitting for 3 days. I've taken several pregnancy test since then. All negative possible pregnancy?

21 yo f. history pcos. Trying to get pregnant w husb.For 13mos. Always regularcycle. Week late but home test says neg. Could I have low hcg. How to be sure?

21no period for 3 months. Exercise daily, stress, drinking on weekends. Over 15 pregnancy test. Now I have a brown discharge. Please help. ?

22yrs became sexually active 12/21/12 last period was 1/22/13. 7negative pregnancy test and i just saw a bit of blood this morning, period or spotting?

27.No birth control.35 day cycles-never late.On day 39.I thought i had 2(very) faint +, but then had a neg. Could i be pregnant or evap ln?Many sympt.

29yr on eplim for bipolar my period is late neg pregnant test plus have tubular ligation done . Can eplim cause late periods ? Light headed n fatigue also

2pregnancy test both positive First pregnancy first appt 09/17 Bleeding not heavy ping ping blood clot another test after positive No insure 4 ER Help?

2wks l8 neg pregnant test, no period symptoms, my last pregnancy didn't show up on a clearblue + till i was 6-7wks could that be poss again?

2wks late. 3 neg tests. Passed small blood clot b4 tests & had period like symptoms but no blood. Feeling emotional. Misscariage? Maybe ecotopic?

3 days late, negative pg test and I have underactive thyroid (treated) should I go to the doctors? I am having most pregnancy symptoms inc. spotting

3 months ago i got my tubes removed and 3 months later I am feeling symtoms of being pregnant. Is this possible? Or did my doctor miss a lab test

3 positive hpts; bloodwork appt soon, used opks - approx 4 weeks along, having some cramps similar to period but still + test today. Is this common?

3 positive preg test 19.07.14 + 21.07.14 + 22.07.14, than had ultra sound scan on 23.07.14 and nothing was on the scan and preg test negative, normal?

31 days late for period, no pregnancy symptom, frequent unrinating and negative test.On Benadryl (diphenhydramine) for allergies.Pls help so confuse and frustrated .Thank

31yo & no history of missed period. P is 4 days late w/neg preg test & no symptoms. Unsure as to why this may be? Latest it's ever been is 1-2 days.

33 days since the start of last period. Have history of pid and ovarian cysts. Took pregnancy test on day 32 with negative results. What to do??

38 years old & my last period was Feb, pregnancy test was neg. I have also had headaches. What are causes of this? Could this be pituitary gland issue

3months no period, 3 hpt all pos. Had ovarian cyst that gave off false positive b4, is it possible its happenig again???

4 months since last depo, been having symptoms of pregnancy, is it my hormones or should I go get a blood test from the doctor?

42 days without a period, higher than normal basal body temps, other pregnancy like symptoms, but 4 negative tests. Could i still be pregnant?

42 years old, 42 days since my last period, blood draw last week was negative for pregnancy. What gives? Blood test showed i'm not even close to menopause and i've not been under any kind of stress that could potentially affect my cycle. I've always had

42 yo woman. Missed my period for 2 months, breast a lil sore, nausea, sex drive very very high. Pregnancy or Perimenopause? No pregnancy test done.

44 y.o. tubal (cut and seal) ligation done 13 years ago. No period this month 2 neg home pregnancy tests. Possibly pregnant vs perimenopause?

4mo pp having pregnancy symptoms, 10/14 last day had sex I'm nursing (baby's EBF) so no period, how long before I can test and know? Tested 11/7, neg

4th day of missed period (30 day cycle). Getting pregnancy symptoms but negative hpt (strip). Also have uti. How soon can I take a blood test.?

4wks preg- 2 positive urine tests, hCG lvl 12 followed by 2 days of cramping and light period like bleeding. I know m/c sounds likely but definite?

5 days late second missed period negative bloods,2 faint positives 5 negatives 6 invalid,getting stabbing pains,waiting for wee results am I Pregnant ?

5 days late, took 4 pregnancy tests all were negative. on antibiotic. have dizziness, ear ache and sore throat. how long do i wait to call gyno?

5 pos. P test at home & 2 neg at docs. Symptoms: sore boobs nausea weight loss bloated & yeast infection. Is there still a chance i'm pregnant or not?

5 Weeka pegnant, and my symtoms seem to have gone away including nausea, i did a blood test today should I worry if my hCG results have doubled?

5 weeks after dry humping, all hpt come back negative. Showing signs of PMS except I am nauseated. Could i still be pregnant?

5 weeks ago my hcg levels went from 380 to 140 in 48 hours but I still haven't experienced a real period and today I got a positive pregnancy test.

5w5d preg. no cramps but brown discharge. On vaginal progesterone. Should i call in Drs office? Nxt hCG test tomorrow 23. Had complications last preg.

6 days l8 period test 3 days ago negative - cycle not late as used ov test to try concieve. Breats tender starting now,lower cramps on And off & tired?

6 days late and all pregnancy tests have a negative result. I've had an ectopic and only have 1 Fallopian left. How long do I wait b4 calling dr?

6 days later for period tested 2 days ago and was neg but having a serious case of it itiching boobs... Pregnant symptom?

61 days late 3neg $1 hpt should I see a doctor im 23 never been late before unless pregnant?

6days late but negative dollorama test , could i still be pregnant ? And would a frer test work better ?

9 days delayed. Had sex July 17-19. Took hpt July 25,27,28,29 abd 30, all negative. If I will test again tomorrow can I have a peace of mind?

9 months postpartum. Have had 4 periods, missed july and august nothing since june. Taken 2 tests one blood. All negative. Weird movement in stomach.

A doctor said my uterus is high and can feel something but test show negative csn l be pregnant

A paper about cryptic preg said that there may be reduced/absent abd swelling in such pregnancies. True? I had 4 neg HPT, use Depo-Provera correctly, worried.

A surgical abortion 9wks ago @ 13wks pregnant. I've had my period but, I can see/feel movement. 2 hpt were both negative. Could I be pregnant still?

Abdominal cramping, dark brown spotting currently on CD56 taken HPT'S all negative&HCG LAB. Still no pd and having symptoms what could this be?

After 19days iui light bleeding how can I feel I can self pregnancy test but nagative please respond my question?

After 3 weeks of testing if youre pregnant and it shows negative... Can it be trusted? Not feeling any symptom. Im 18.

After feeling pregnant i got my period took a test which was negative but i still get non painful tingles in my uterus . should i take another test ?

After losing my virginity in august I saw my period in the last week of august and none in September or October so far. I did a pregnancy test and it ?

All pregnancy symptoms including kicks under ribs, yet negative tests. Why?

All test are negative why am I still having pregnancy symptoms all except morning sickness and leg cramps, its been 2 1/2 weeks took test 24 and neg.

Am I at risk of another ectopic? Dr said my left ovary is healthy...2 1/2 mths later I have a positive pregnancy test and spotting when I wipe

Am I pregnant ? My period is 1 or 2 weeks late. My pelvis looks bloated and hard. I've taken multiple pregnancy all negative , I've taken home tests, clinic tests, and hospital tests. I dont know whats going on.

Am i pregnant? I've had 2 withdrawal bleeds and no pg signs except unusual bloating. 3 negative pg tests. What other symptoms would i see on the pill?

Am i pregnant? I've had 3 withdrawal bleeds (periods on b.C. Pills) and 3 negative pregnancy tests. But i'm having a lot of signs (bloat, veins, etc)

Am i pregnant? This last week I have experienced night time nausea with headaches, only got sick once though, and one nipple itches all the time. I took a pregnancy test that might have been out of date but still came up negative.

Am not pregnant test came back negative clear blue, I'm 12 days late no period why I was ill with bad cold but now am better I have PCOS ?

Amenorrhea for 5 yrs, 2 kids. Can hCG be too low to detect. Took EPT and came back negative? Feel a lot of flutters, not gas. Suggesetions?

Any explanation for why i feel pregnant all month long every month with all negative tests?

Are hpts reliable for women w/irregular mens since they can't determine when their next period will be thus they don't know if they're already delayed?

At first my pregnancy test is postive then it gone negative im having the symptoms of a pregnant woman. now my belly is a bit big. am I pregnant?

At home urine hCG test was +so i took mifepristone 200mg bt at patho lab it was -. in eve i start to bleed little but more clot. whether i am pregnant?

Been 3 months now w/o a period w/o any symptoms of one coming at all. Not stressed out took another test said no what could it be or just not fertile?

Been feeling really off for the last couple of days. Im thinking i might be pregnant but not sure. I want to take a test but it maybe to early.

Blood hcg <2 tested 29 & 50 days after only intercourse. now having sore nipples and tired. still preg?

Breasts feel heavy, stomach seems bigger. Protected sex on 4/24. Irregular periods. Started BC 6/2. 6 Negative HPTs. False Negatives?

Can a gyn doctor tell that someone is 2 months pregnant by feeling on your stomach or you would need to take a pregnancy test?

Can a low grade fever of 99-99.8 for a week be a symptom of early pregnancy? My period isn't due for a few days & OTC pregnancy tests are negative?

Can a women feel nauseas if is only one or two weeks pregnant or takes longer, have pregnancy test but negative, but maybe is too soon to have a pos.

Can being diabetic cause me to miss my period every other month? I got tubal ligation so im not pregnant. Just got labs done to see if im diabetic

Can dengue fever affects the menstrual cycle? Im (-) ing pregnacy test.. 2wks delayed,

Can endometroimas make you miss your period. Tvu shouwed 2 cyst (low level echos) 6 and 8 cm. Now my period is late by 2 days. ---- pregnancy test?

Can i be 5 1/2 months pregnant and my only symptom be lack of period? Im 16yo and im very scared. I am irregular and took 2 htp both neg. My chances?

Can I be pregnant if I got my period for two days? Last period 07/26 had sex 08/02 got my period 08/21 - test are negative and my breast enlarged.

Can I be pregnant if I have gotten 4 periods all heavy lasting normal cycles and getting 6 neg test results. Just tummy looks big and I'd be 17 weeks ?

Can I be pregnant my mouth is sour from 3 days but hCG home test it is coming negative my due date was 18th and I use to get my period 6 days before?