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21 years old. I had a surgical abortion almost exactly 1 year ago at 16 weeks pregnant. This was my first and only pregnancy. will my doctor know?

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Doc my wife had mifepristone on 12 june and misoprostol on 14 june for termination of pragnancy. So doc when do I get a pragnancy teat kit at home?

Doctor I want to abort my pregnancy.can you prescribe any natural methods for abortion?

Doctor please help me I want to abort my 6weeks of pregnancy. Can you suggest me of ways on how to abort it at home?

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I am 3week pregnant. I want to abort. ?

I am a month pregnant,can i have an abortion without any complications?Please I need help...

I am preganant 2 months but i want to abort this please give me any suggestion?

I am pregnant 3 weeks old how can i abort it pleas ?

I am three months. I want to abort is there any pill or something i can do to abort it at home?

I don't want pregnancy want to abort that please what should I do?

I had a medical abortion using mifegest kit at home. After 6 weeks I have conceived again. Will I have a safe pregnancy. Will the fetus be healthy.

I had a surgical abortion at 13.5 weeks pregnant. The abortion was about 2 months ago. What is the chance that I am still pregnant?

I have an abortion a month ago and I am pregnant again is there anything that i can do to prevent a miscarriage because i want to keep this pregnancy?

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I want to miscarriage my 2 months pregnancy at home,without doing operations. What shall I do ?

I'm 31 years old and have pcod. I had miss abortion a few days ago in my first pregnancy. What is relationships between pcod and miss abortion?

I'm 4-5 weeks pregnant and want to know how and what's the safest way to terminate the pregnancy?

I'm 7 moths pragnat and I want have abortion at home so What I should do??

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What are the natural ways of terminating pregnancy?Can I have papayas everyday? I don't want to visit a doctor.Please help

What are the natural ways to terminate pregnancy?

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