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im 30 days late on my period.have pcos but had regular period for 9months on time every 30days late.2 neg tests 2weeks ago now sore nipples?

Im irregular, my last period was from oct23-oct27 Just did the test and negative... what could be the reason that my period hasnt arrived?

"I had my period in March 11 and it was normal. I had my period on April 9th and it lasted one Day and there really wasn't a lot of bleeding though and now I'm experiencing cramping. I took a preg test and it was negative. Could I be pregnant? Is it to ea

(first day of last period august 28th)negative blood test for pregnancy (sept. 21st)and a missed period 5 days (sept.25)later can I still be pregnant ?

10 days late last month. 2 neg hpt. 1st & 2nd day of period soaked the napkins. Now im 1day late. Is there a chance of pregnancy or just late period?

11 days late neg test my periods are reg last period was on sept 25th and i had sex once after on oct 12 could i still be pregnant with neg test?

11 days late (6 weeks since last period), neg. Hpt @ 6 or 7 days late, use pullout method?

12 days lat. Neg hpt day 4 &9 of missed period. Spotting started today. Cramping for about a week. Different than usual. Never late. Pregnant?

13 days late period, but negetive pregnancy test. Yest slight bleeding started and same today no cramps or any other symptoms.could I be pregnant?

15 days late for my period i had a lil bit of spotting after i had sex last night i've taken 5 hpt they were all neg. Could i still be pregnant?

15 days late on period and test are saying negative.we would of conceived on FEb 3 and my last period way Jan 20th?

15dpo test result is negative. Now 3days late. Do period always come exactly 14days after ovulation?Can period delayed or late to come 14days after o?

19yrs old, regular periods+ lasts 5 days. But last month my period was 3 weeks late, but neg preg test, now Im on a week early +was only 2-3days help?

1st day of last period was 12/22, possible conception 1/2, fdo around1/5, neg hpt day of missed period & day after when spotting started, pregnant?

1st day of last period was 8th Apr. I have a 28 day cycle. I started bleeding 3 days earlier it was lighter and only 2 days. HPT neg? Can I be preg?

1st period came 3 weeks post miscarriage spotted a little over 2 weeks ovulated on day 19, 2nd period 4 days late preg. Test neg. Test gain in 3 days?

2 days normal flow 2 days light bleeding for jan & feb. 2 neg hpt. Is this period or spotting? Usually 5 days & been overthinking about being prego

2 neg blood pregnant tests 2 weeks after late period on jan8and 20, heavy period start on jan22, nosex since jan1. Should i still be worried about pregnancy?

2 neg hpt, did test 28 days after sex. I just got off what I "think" was my period yesterday & today I am spotting only when I wipe down there. Preg?

21 days late for my cycle, have tested neg. With 3 hpts. Next period would be due in 5 days. Just started slight bleed, sml clots. Could i be preg?

23 days late still no sign of af last week neg hpt can I be preg? If not what could be the problem

28 day cycle Period is 5 days late. had + hpt. Today I had very light spotting & took another hpt and it was -. should I still suspect pregnancy?

29 year old female. NEVER EVER LATE OR MISSED PERIOD OTHER THAN WHENNI WAS PREGNANT. got period on 8/31/2014. Period never came. - pg test. Pls help?

2months missed periods, preg. Test is negative and no signs of preg. What medic. For my reg. Period again?Im still a bit confused if im preg. Or not.

2weeks late on my period. Spotted for a day the week I was suppose to start.Negative hpt a week ago. Heavy boobs in the mornings. Help?.

3 days late on period. Took a HPT, negative result. Now my period is 5 days late. I can feel all the cramps and backache but why no period?

3 Neg HPT and 1 ER PT neg, Yellow discharge now. Unprotected sex May 24, no period since before 24th. Almost 2 months late. Preg? I have period cramps

3 weeks late and neg pg test after nuvaring removal. This would be my 3rd cycle. 1st period came 2 days late, second came 14 days after 1st started. Pg?

3 weeks late for period and been spotting on/off for 5 days. Took hpts on 1st and 2nd week delay but negative. Pregnant?

3 wks late no period negative hpt test lmp Nov 2 I've always been regular always got +hpt by 6wks this time negatives what might it be?

31 days of. spotting 2 negative preg test. Depo-Provera not due til Nov. what could be the issue?

3days late! neg test! ovulated same time as i normally do... Have been getting cramps for 4 days but no period! chance I am still pregnant after neg test?

3mo late for period. PCOS, but usually have 2 periods/mo. Last period in June, had unprotected sex in July. Negative HPTs, could I still be pregnant?

4 days late which isn't normal (regular 29 day cycle). Took hpt when 2 days late and it was neg. Started brown spotting today. Should I be concerned?

40day cycle. Last period jan31. Spotted jan28-31. Feb15 blood pregnancy test negative. Feb 17 still no period. Why? Help me understand?

46 yrs old, last period 1 week late and lasted 7 days, fertile period ended 3/3-had unprotected sex that day, 2 tests were neg but am 11 days late?

4days late for my period but i spotted for 1day (the day before my period was due) but i got a negative pregnancy test. Could i still be pregnant?

4days light brown spotting when period is due. Negative preg. test! Ovulated normal! Trying ttc. Period or pregnant?

5 days after ovulation I had bleeding ligl ht and not heavy took few tests they came bk negative, I am now 6 late on my period, am pregnant?.

5 days late in my period I have irregular periods took PT yesterday on 4th day of being late and had a negative & I have tender breast?

54 days since last period march 30. Had sex April 25. Expected period May 7. Had take PT 1st week late and again on 2nd week. 3 PT NEG. Pregnant?

6days late period , cramps frequent urination and late ovulation ? Had hpt test today and its neg ? Could i still be preg.

7 days late for period, may have ov late, at 2days late had pinky/brown discharge and spotting lasted 3days. Neg hpt when to test? Could i still be pg

80days since last sex. Had 2 irregular & lighter period. 3 neg hpt taken on 17,25,50th day after sex. im 3 days late for this month. Pregancy? Or not?

A friend of mine has pos and just missed her period is this normal ?

A friend said her 1st &2nd preg she had periods for the 5 first months of preg. a week every months. If not periods what could it be?

After 14days of my ovulation i tested hpt it was neg.I stopped progesterone suppositories. But it s two days late and my period is not started. Why?

After m/c last 4 cycles were regular. I'm 21 and ttc. Took 1 test on the due date and another after 4days but neg. Now 8days late and no period sign.

After taking Duphaston when I should expect my period its been 57 days since my last period hpt neg blood test neg?

Always reg. but Nov period came week early on 11/11. Dec only spotting start on 12/11. Still spotting been 8 days. Neg HPT. No stress no BC. Confused?

Am 14 dpo. Period was expected 2 days back.Having a brown discharge since 3 days. Preganacy test negative on period 1day. Is this normal? Preganant?

Am 17 days late but irregular cycles. Had a cyst in jan. But period in feb. Have milky discharge and mild cramping. Neg test. Am i pregnant? Or cyst?

Am 5 days late to my periods ,and yesterday i have experienced very light bleeding ,took pregnency test before but it was negative.....

Am I just gaining weight.or preg? Sex in may. 2 neg preg tests & 3 periods. Extreme.cramps during period.

As a teen irregular periods, am now 30 had abortion jan 2013 periods regular, dec 2013 missed 2 days then came, had badflu now I am 4 days late no period slight cramps sore breasts neg test?

Ave. Cycle is 40days. Last period was dec31. I had intercourse jan 20&25. I was spotting jan28. Today is feb14 still no period. Negative urine test?

Been nausea for 2 wks but started my period 7 days late. heavy flow for 2 days, now very light. Took a hpt when 3 days late (neg) could i be preg?

Been on Depo since Aug and not had any periods. Started having discharge last week and now bleeding? I have not missed a shot and preg test was neg

Been on Microgestin Fe since 2010. My periods are regular, never missed a period. my Period is late for 3 weeks took preg test negative. What's wrong?

Been very stressed recently. Had protected sex 2 weeks before my expected period. One week late w cramps. Neg. Preg test. Help?

BFing 7 mo. My period came February 9th. Then March 6th. I had unprotected sex March 29th. After ovulation. PTs are neg, but no period yet. Normal?

Blood pregnant test negative 2 weeks after late period on jan20., now heavy period jan 22, still a chance of being pregnant? Sex last happened jan 1st.

Breast tenderness, nausea, 3rd day of missed period. Took the 6 days before your missed period hpt but got a negative. My period is never late.

Brown discharge 6 days after ovulated. One day late for period all neg test. We are ttc can I still be pregnant even though i get neg results?

Brown spotting 16th-19th; expected period 18th; AF always on time or late and very heavy; taken 2 hpt neg. Could I be preg? When should retest?

Brown spotting 16th-19th; expected period 18th; AF always on time or late and very heavy; taken 2 hpt neg. Could I still be preg? When should retest?

Can blood pregnancy test be wrong? Last month my period cycle was 25 days it is irregular every month. Last period was 13 sept. And today is 10 oct.

Can blood pregnancy test be wrong? Last month my period cycle was 25 days it is irregular every month. Last period was 13 sept. And today is 10 oct.

Can I be pregnant and not know it? Hpt are coming back negative. Last period was dec 19th. And im 3 days late

Can I be pregnant if I had sex 13days before my period starts? Its been 12days since I had sex and period is late but neg test. Is it early to test?

Can i be pregnant if i've had two periods since sex? Negative tests and periods 28 days apart. The first lighter the 2nd heavier.

Can I be pregnant if:1. I took 10 hphot over 3 months and they are all neg, 2. I get periods on due time but the 4th cycle is kind of brownish???

Can you ovulate and not have a period after it. Ovulated 5 weeks ago ino coz i had spotting I am now 3 weeks late period neg blood and urine pregtest

Copper iud, my period is 1mnth n 2wks late.The beginning of this month had heavy spotting.Could that have been a miscarriage? Pos. Preg test then neg.

Could having a heavy period last month result in my this months period being only 2 days? It kind of worries me.No sex for 4 months.7 neg preg tests.

Could i be pregnant if i missed my period ? I got it in ocotober but not in november now its december?

Could i be pregnant if my period came a week early and lasted almost 10 days?

Could i be pregnant, i missed my nov period. Had nausea morning n night habing brown spotting last 3 days. Neg hpt?

Could i be pregnant? I've had all the signs of being pregnant, took 2 hpt and they were neg. I started spotting but nw it seems like a period. Help !

Could i still be pregnant even if i got my period late my last period was around feb 28.. It lasted around 4/5 days. I had unprotected sex on march 12. I've took 3 hpts last week all were negative & one tuesday march 27 still negative . I was told it was

Cramps and bloating 4 weeks after last period...But i had two periods last month 1 week apart...Help! neg pregnant test last week..Whats the cause? Preg?

Cycle came 5 days late, it was heavy first 2 days, & light 3rd day, 4th day it's gone. I took 2 hpt when I missed cycle both neg. I feel nauseated now?

Day38 of cycle today, 9 days late, cramping since 4 days but no period. Had intercourse on day 23. Blood test was negative on day 34. Pregnant?

December and jan i got my period twice last period was 1/21/2013 i haven't had a period since, pregnancy test is negative is this normal ?

Delayed period for 4 days...Last month came on the 9th...This month, still haven't, had cold for 4 days last week, Preg.test = negative...late mense?

Do I need to have A transviginal just to have a period??

Early july i had sex. My period wasdue the 27th but it was 6 days late and came on august3rd. Its now september28 and my period is late.Pregnant or no?

Ex ejaculated in me on my period 2 mos ago. Last month period on time,this month period late.Preg test neg.Bloated, moody, eating.Chances Im pregnant?

Feb 16 came period ..Mar missed period then 14 little spot i week late again spoting .. Then nausea .. I feel sick but pregnancy test negative ... ?

Feb 2013 missed period mar it came extremly late apr came it was early took hpt all neg since feb but evyday since my missed period vomiting and mig?

For the last mth all signs of preg. 2 days late hpt positive. Started spotting w/cramps; dr urine pt neg. Bled for two days and still symptoms: preg?

Girlfriend missed her period for a week now. hpt test came (-) from may 30 and with white diacharge the same day. she is on regular period monthly?

Got brown discharge last week 2days late on period am i preg and when wud i do a test?

Got period 3 months ago,then missed(had intercourse)a month later spotted,but now Ive been missing it for 2 months/ 2 Negative HPT.Am I Pregnant?

Got period again 2 weeks after last one last month. This month I'm late. 2 HPT after weird period: (n). This month late but another n. what is wrong?

Had 2 light periods in June, both 1week apart. No period in July. Now a week n half late. Cramps for 2-3weeks now. Negative Pregnancy test. Help?

Had 2 periods in august about aweek apart, lasted 7-8 days each. This month no period yet. Was due sep 2nd. 2 negative preg test. Could I be pregnant?

Had a baby 2 months ago missed my period took a test it was negative started brown spooting no bleeding in 3 days. Can I be prego?

Had a d&c due to m/c on Feb 22.first period on Mar.13 but then second period was five days it normal? Neg pgt. Never had irregular periods.

Had a leep procedure on feb 22nd period is now two weeks late(feb 28) and I have had a neg pregnant test ?