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I was sexually active saturday night, took plan b pill monday night, within an hour of taking the pill, was active again, can I retake plan b?

) does Plan B work during the whole cycle including ovulation or most fertile days after taking it 24 hours later after unprotected sex?

1 month after abortion had sex condom broke used plan b within 12 hrs. Will the plan b still work effectively?

According to many apps, I had sex 1 day bfr ovulation, or so I believe. Took plan B 1 hr or less after sex. Does this reduce plan B's effectiveness?

Can I get pregnant after taking unwanted 72 within 24 hours ?

Can I get pregnant within 24 hours or less?

Can my girl friend take i-pill 5 times within a year?

Can Plan B work if taken within 25 hours?

Can ulipristal acetate (ella one) cause menstruation within 24 hours of consumption if my period was not due at that time?

Can you be pregnant within 24 hours of having sex?

Can you get pregnant within 24 hours from precum if your ovulating?

Can you still get pregnant if you get your normal monthly period a few hours after unprotected sex? I also took Plan B 60 hours after this occurred.

Can you take Plan B twice within 1 cycle?

Chance of pregnancy with no ejaculation Plan B within 2 hours? Boobs are sore a week later.

Chances of pregnancy with no ejaculation, and Plan B 2-3 hours after?

Condom torn during intercourse & ecp was taken within 5 hours of it . Can she be pregnant ?

Could i be pregnant if sperm leaked from condom? Used Plan B within 12 hours and about 7 days before potential ovulation

Could i tell if i'm pregnant before my missed period no ejaculation and Plan B within 2 hours. Any chance of pregnancy

Does Plan B work even when you have unprotected sex more than 3 times and you are inseminated and if you take it about 60 hours after that ?

Does Plan B work on before and/or after ovulation if taken withing 24 hours?

Does plan b work while ovulation and on my last day of it? ejaculation happened took the pill 8 hours later

Does taking Plan B within the 72 hours completely elimate the chance of getting pregnant?

Does the plan b really work's knowing that yu know the guy ejected in you but you took the plan b within that hour. Ovulating or not

During my fertility window, I accidentally had an unprotected sex and took plan b pill within 1 hour of the incident.what are my chances of pregnancy?

Effectiveness of Plan B if taken within 1 hour?

For how many hours we can have sex ?

Freaked out and took plan b. I took plan b on day 17 of my active pills. (Had sex on day 14, I was within 72 hrs). Will my period (in 7d) be affected?

Had condom break day 21 of 28/29 cycle . Took Plan B within 8 hours , do I have chance of pregnancy even if I wasn't fertile and with plan b?

Had my period on 4/11 and had unprotected sex on 4/19 during high fertility/ovulation. Took plan B 54 hours later. Will it work?

Had sex . Unprotected. He did not ejaculate inside of me. Took plan b within 24 hours. Chances of pregnancy? Also does plan b have side effects?

Had sex five days after surgical abortion took plan b three hours later. Will it even work? No.birth control in six years of any kind

Had sex, pulled out, took Plan B within an hour, had spotting about a week afterwards for about 3 days. Its time for my pd, will it be delayed?

Had unprotected sex. Took Plan B within 48 hrs the next day which I was ovulating . Haven't had the side effects . Will it work ? Or I'm pregnant ?

Have been taking pill each day - within about a 3 hr window. Have i been protected?

Have it ever happens that taking Plan B within 72 hours but still pregnant?

Help plz! Can Plan B pill abort a fetus after a few hours of conceiving?

Hi doctor I am 24 year old.I had a sex with my boyfriend on 2nd march and taken the i-pill within 1 hour.When will my periods will start?

Hi, my partner and I talked and decided to take Plan B 2 days later after the intercourse. How really effective is Plan B between 48-72 hours?

How effective is a Plan B 18 hours after intercourse?

How effective is emergency contraception (plan b) after the first 72 hours?

How effective is Plan B close to the 3 day mark within about 60 hours?

How effective is Plan B if taken 12 hours after sexual intercourse?

How effective is plan b if taken 3 hrs before sex?

How effective is Plan B if taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex?

How effective is Plan B if taken within 24 hours? Approximately 147 lbs female. Thank you so much.

How effective is Plan B if you take it 8 hours after the condom breaks?

How effective is Plan B is taken 8 hours after condom breaks?

How effective is Plan B one step if taken 13 hours after unprotected sex and a couple days before ovulation?

How effective is Plan B one step if taken within 55 hours of intercourse? How effective are condoms alone?

How effective is Plan B one step if taken within an hour? And how effective are condoms alone?

How effective is Plan B one step when taken 10 hours after unprotected sex?

How effective is Plan B one step within 10 hours of unprotected sex? Will it work?

How effective is plan b pill? I took it within less than an hour after? My next expected period is November 12

How effective is Plan B when taken 8 hours after the condom broke?

How effective is Plan B when taken near the 3 day mark within around 60 hours?

How effective is postinor 1 when taken like 5 hours after the unprotected intercourse?

How effective is the emergancy controception, plan b, when taken 40 hours after sex? Also i think on the day i had sex i was very likely to ovulate.

How effective is the morning after pill if taken within 12 hours of sex?

How effective is the withdrawal method. Eg if we had intercourse 4 times within 2 hours?

How efficient is Plan B if taken no more than 5 hours after unprotected sex? Worried.

How good is Plan B if i took it less than 24 hours after a man ejaculated in me?

How long until blood hCG will tell me 100% if preg or not? Sex 2 days before 1st Depo shot, Plan B taken within 4 hours. Can't depend on period

How long will plan B delay my period if I took it a couple days before I would normally get it? I took plan B within the 72hr period.

How preventative is Plan B within 12 hours?

How well does the next choice morning after pill work when taken within 15 hours of unpotected sex?

I am within 10-16 day of my ovulation should continue to have sex after the 16 day is over?

I can't have sex twice over two hours. Is this normal?

I ejaculated inside my gf and she took the Plan B pill within an hour. We had safe sex again shortly after will this affect the effectiveness of pill?

I experienced condom failure with my wife 2 days in a row and we've used plan b within an hour of each failure. Is this safe and will it be effective?

I had 2 incidents of unprotected sex and took one Plan B within 44 hours of my 1st slip and only 2 hours after the 2nd slip. Will one Plan B work?

I had a surgical abortion on 7/15. I then had unprotected sex on 7/29. I took Plan B within 12 hours of intercourse. What are the chances that I could become pregnant again?

I had masturbated earlier but i took a shower 2 hours later had unprotected sex for about 10 seconds. Took Plan B pill in 24 hours. Pregnant?

I had only day period after having an ipill within 24 hours. ?

I had sex and took postinor immediately and had another after 9 hours should I take another long does postinor protect hours or days?

I had sex on my ovulation day and took plan b about 12 hours afterwards. Will it still work?

I had sex the night before and on my ovulation day. I took plan b between 8 and 12 hours afterwards. Will it still work?

I had unprotected sex a day before ovulation. Took Plan B 23 hours afterwards. I am overweight, could that have effected the pills ability to work ?

I had unprotected sex and then within 24 hours i took the morning after pill and i don't have the effects. How to tell if it worked?

I had unprotected sex during time of ovulation. Took Plan B within an hour but he didn't ejaculate in me. What are the changes of pregnancy?

I had unprotected sex on the last day of my period. I took Plan B 19 hours after that and bled within 5 days of taking it. Is it high chance pregnancy?

I had unprotected sex today and within a hour or 2 I took Plan B , just to be safe but I haven't had this months period . Will this mess up my body ?

I had unprotected sex within 1-3 days after ovulation, took plan B 36 hours after. Will it still affect my cycle since I took it after ovulation?

I had unsafed sex 10 days before my next period. I took plan b within an hour. What are my chances of getting pregnant?

I had uterine ablation 5 years ago and have light periods. I had unprotected sex and took the Plan B one step pill within 3 hours of intercourse. I was on day 12-14 of cycle. How likely is pregnancy?

I have a BMI of 32.5 and took Plan B one-step within an hour of the condom breaking but will my weight effect the effectiveness of the EC?

I have been on birth control for almost a year now. I took it within a hour or two late a few times this month also i took laxitves. Do i need plan b?

I have taken Plan B two times within a month and its been approximately a month i havent have my period does that mean im pregnant ?

I have taken two morning after pills, both within 24 hours of intercourse. What are my chances of not becoming pregnant?

I take Sprintec daily & always within about 30 min or an hour at the same time daily.Would I qualify for needing to take plan b after unprotected sex?

I took a Plan B pill 3 hours after having sex. I took another one 17 hours later. I think I was ovulating. Is this bad and will I get pregnant?

I took a Plan B pill a little over 48 hours and it wasn't effective. Why not?

I took Ella (ulipristal acetate) on Day 11 of my cycle. I usually ovulate on Day 14 or 15. I am scared that Ella (ulipristal acetate) won't work because its a new product. Can I take Plan B?

I took Ella on Day 11 of my cycle. I usually ovulate on Day 14/15. I have always used Plan B but never ulipristal acetate. Is this effective?

I took my pill 1-3 hours late 4 days before unprotected sex, took Plan B after, then took my pill 1-3 hours late again 3 days later. Am I good?

I took Plan B after having unprotected sex twice, once on the 28 and today. I took it within the 24 hour period (72). What are my chances?

I took Plan B an hour or more before i had sex. Will this preven tpregnancy?

I took plan B the day before ovulation. Is my fertile window still active even after 2 days?

I took Plan B within 72 hrs after intercourse. I got my period about a week later and i still have it (2 weeks now). What does this mean?

I took plan be within 12 hours of unprotected sex, what are my chances? BMI 27.

I took the plan B pill 11 hours after unprotected sex I also this I am ovulating will this decrease the chances of the pill working?