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2 Previous pregnancy 3 yr ago+miscarriage 1/30 d and c done. TTC 4 months no luck. Could my tubes be blocked...even though I just conceived in dec?

29X20X17 mm of retained pregnancy tissue 2 weeks after miscarriage. Given Antibitocs from Gyno ward. Safe to wait or do I need surgery?

35 weeks pregnancy Dr says there is wound inside after performing urine test ? Is it syptoms of complication in baby birth?

35 yrs, i had ectopic pregnancy a yr back, no tube removal, only repaired.M planning 4 a baby now, is fol 123 (folic acid 5mg)ok for me and when to take?

Accidental pregnancy 2-3 weeks what options are there?

Adhesions problematic during pregnancy?

After a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, are my only chances to conceive limited to every other month since I only have one tube?

After a tubal pregnancy surgery, how long will the hCG hormone stay in your system?

After having ectopic pregnancy without removal of the tube. The doctor tells you to wait 3 cycle. Is it really safe try after 3 cycle or should I wait?

Any possible complications with getting pregnant and only having one kidney?

At what point does an ectopic pregnancy become critical? Is it possible to catch one in time with regular pregnancy tests?

Can a miscarriage lead to a future ectopic pregnancy by leaving scar tissue?

Can a woman still get pregnant and have an eptopic pregnancy after a partial hystetectomy?

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Can having an Abortion make complications for a future pregnancy or cause problems to conceive?

Can i board a 2 hr flight 5 days after methotrexate shot for possible ectopic pregnancy.

Can i go back on duromine 2 weeks after a methotrexate injection for etopic pregnancy?

Can I have a normal pregnancy after 3 etopic pregnancies have both tubes and only been given the shot no surgery.

Can I have sex before my 6 weeks is up after getting surgery for an ectopic pregnancy?

Can I still get pregnant after my tubal litigation surgery and how can I regrowth my hair it is falling a lot help me?

Can i undergo rebonding even if im pregnant?

Can infertility result from a molar pregnancy?

Can methotrexate cause fertility issues or other complications after molar pregnancy?

Can methotrexate eliminate periods permanently when injected for treating ectopic pregnancies?

Can multiple miscarriages cause complications in future pregnancies?

Can one get pregnant and have a successful pregnancy after having the leep procedure? Are there any or more complications?

Can pain in c-section scar mean ectopic pregnancy?

Can people have an etopic pregnancy but still be able to have a successful pregnancy afterward?

Can pinworms be cause complications during pregnancy?

Can recurrent miscarrages cause scar tissue in the uterus and prevent pregnancy?

Can someone please explain an incomplete abortion ? And can it affect future pregnancy ?

Can there be any way to get pregnant when you have already had a tubal without surgery?

Can there be future medical problems do to having two ectopic pregnancies?

Can tonsil stones be dangerous in early pregnancy?

Can you explain if it's safe to have shoulder surgery during early pregnany?

Can you get pregnant naturally without fallopian tubes? Say you have had 2ectopic pregnancies, 2 live births, and 8 miscarriages in 8 years.

Can you tell me about pregnancy chances after endometriosis removal?

Can you tell me about suffering a complete/partial molar pregnancy?

Can you tell me is natural pregnancy after total salpingectomy possible?

Chances of Pregnancy after having and treating endometritis two years ago.

Concerned over my fertility, due to previous ectopic pregnancy and negative results since ttc again. How could i go about seeing a fertility doctor?

Consultation about pregnancy?

Could a pregnancy be missed on ultrasound due to the scar from a previous C-section ?

Could I bet pregnant & still have residual of a partial miscarriage ?

Could scabies cause complications during pregnancy?

Could uterine scarring from a previous c-section effect future pregnancies?

Diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy at 5 weeks bleeding stopped and body is stable, doctors said no treatment needed, can ectopic pregnancy cause infection?

Did having 3 previous c-sections cause me to get an ectopic pregnancy ?

Do doctors see a lot of patients with molar pregnancy?

Doc suggests either tubal ligation or vasectomy to my husband&I so that I can stop gaining weight from hormone contraceptives. Is this a good option?

Doctor said I am likely to have blighted ovum though she needs to check on me again. I had my first pregnancy failure last year, same reason. Pls help?

Does a past eptopic pregnancy effect the chances of future pregnancies?

Does anyone know about hCG levels associated with a partial molar pregnancy?

Does having previous c-sections increase my chance of having an ectopic pregnancy?

Does it take longer to get pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy? I had my Fallopian tube removed. I am 32 and my husband is 38. Thanks

Does methotrexate cause complications after molar pregnancy?

Does methotrexate cause fertility issues after molar pregnancy?

Does methotrexate cause renal issues or other complications after a molar pregnancy?

Does retained tissue after an abortion cause pregnancy symptoms?

Due to an ectopic operation my wife is not conceiving since last 2 years. Please help.?

Ectopic pregnancy but in a C-section scar, was told baby implanted in to C-section scar is it possable to still carry to term?

Ectopic pregnancy causing anxiety. What can be done to stop this?

Ectopic pregnancy in C-section scar can it happen again? Had a d&c how long to wait to try for another

False pregnancy possible in a woman who had a hysterectomy?

False pregnancy possible in a woman who has had a history of infertility?

First pregnancy ectopic 16 months ago. One tube left. Are chances extremely hindered? What avenue should I take to conceive from here? In early 20s.

Had a surgical abortion at 13 wks., no complications. Had ectopic 6 mo later. Is there a link?

Had a vasectomy almost 3 years ago and was wondering what else, besides pregnancy, could cause extended uterine cramping?

Had c-section two months ago with tubal ligation. Is there any possibly way i can get pregnant or be pregnant again? having some pregnancy symptoms.

Had ectopic pregnancy successfully treated with 1dose of methotrexate. How likely is Fallopian scarring after this?

Had ectopic surgery on jan 1, thought successful. Levels still rising, get metho shot tomorrow. Any chance of preg? or that Fallopian will explode? :(

Had lap surgery last for ectopic pregnancy would my doc have able to tell then if I had endometriosis? Or would just be focus on tr pregnancy?

Has anyone ever suffered a molar pregnancy and then had a successful pregnancy?

Has anyone had a successful pregnancy after a uterine rupture ?

Have you ever seen a successful pregnancy when the beta is 4?

Hcg betas 48 hrs apart: 1=51 2=60 3=130. Doc says either ectopic or viable pregnancy. Is there any chance this pregnancy will result in a live birth?

Hcg less than one means pregnancy or not what are the precautions in this case?

Hello Can abortion be done at 7 months pregnancy? Is there any risk to health and conceiving in future? If possible then would like to know method

Hello, just a quick question, what are the chances of pregnancy with internal ejaculation if there is an IUD (Mirena) present?

Hi I'm 6 week pregnant now but I had some doubts I had C-section 12 months ago Is it ok to carry this pregnancy ?

Hi pregnant 9 weeks. Had abortion in previous pregnancy due to heelp syndrome. What should be done this time for taking care ?

Hi.Pregnancy possibility if you had a tubal ligation and used plan b?

How can one prevent from infection after C-section to avoid tubal blockages as it happened wit me in first pregnancy wit C-section no pregnant second time?

How can you tell if you have trouble implanting during pregnancy?

How difficult are angular pregnancies?

How is a molar pregnancy diagnosed?

How is endometrioma treated during pregnancy?

How is it possible to have a placenta accreta and not be pregnant, my results ended with an hysterectomy. I can't find any information.

How likely is ectopic pregnancy on Depo-Provera ralovera needle?

How long does it take for retained tissue after an ectopic miscarriage?

How long does it take women to get pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy with one fallopian tube?

How long does molar pregnancy last?

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