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100mg Clomid (clomiphene) w/ possible trigger shot tomorrow (timed intercourse). Do I decrease my chances of conception if I have intercourse prior to trigger?

2 month using fertility monitor, had unprotected sex on days 10, 12, 14 of my 30 days cycle, the monitor didn't sens a pick, could I be pregnant?

2cm simple cyst on L ovary. Will I Ovulate from this ovary? Possible to conceive? I do get a bbt rise every month does that mean im ovulating regular?

2nd cycle on Clomid (clomiphene) + timed intercourse. Ovulation detected w/ OPKs and blood tests. Can I ask RE for u/s monitored cycles in future to ease my mind?

32-35 day long cycle, have my period every month, rarely on time according to my charting app. Not pregnant after 1yr. Trying. Means that im infertile?

According to an app, I have 39 cd. I ovulated on cd31. Is it possible to still conceive?

According to my calculations, my most fertile days are 15-20nov, how often should we be having sex in order to conceive?

According to ovulation calculator I ovulated between 10/31 & 11/5. What are the chances of conceiving if I had intercourse on 11/7?

After a miscarriage at what hcg level will ovulation occur? Does it have to be <5 or is ovulation possible at 20, 30, 40 etc?

After failure ivf, I checked to see my ovulation but on da 12 after period I didn't do ovulation.Is it normal maybe due to stress.When ovulation occur?

Am on antibiotic , amplicaus bicham precisely and my trying to conceive! Ovulating in few days. Won't it affect my conception?

Am trying for a baby and using ovulation tests as instructed to on leaflet but still not had a smiley face to say im ovulating can the test be wrong?

Am trying to conceive and this my 9th month but third month using bbt. I noticed this month my BBT fluctuate btwn 36.1 and 36.5 what is happening?

Are conception and implantation interchangeable? Trying to narrow down conception/ovulation dates. Help me better understand?

Are first trimester us only accurate if the person ovulates on day 14 and has a 28 day cycle?

Are there certain types of discharge associated with fertilization/conception? Had sex twice prior to ovulation. Just wondering if it could be that.

Are there specific food that helps during ovulation and implantation to successfully conceive

Been TTC for 4 years. (25). PCOS & no periods. Read online Cassava Root pills help with fertility, ovulation, menstrual cycles.. Any truth to this?

Been ttc for over a yr used preseed ovulation monitor everything I have two other children and regular cycles this month only 20 day cycle help?

Can a person ovulate with amenorrhea?

Can cervical position determine anything...Like pregnancy or ovulation?

Can everyone ovulate, no matter what your age is?

Can having multiple oragsums 4-5 days before ovulation make your egg come early and risk conceiving that month?

Can i concieve if i never had a menistration?

Can i only conceive on my ovulation day ? Also I am also very fertile, why is that?

Can i ovulate without seeing any mucous? We are trying to conceive and im looking for ovulation signs. I'm also using ovulation kit but it's negative

Can I still conceive with little/no cervical mucus? I have a regular 28/29 day cycle and use ovulation predictor kits but see no CM in fertile window

Can I take an ovulation test to determine if I'm in menopause?

Can my doctor tell me the dates I ovulate becuase my minstration is abnormal?

Can ovulation symptoms strike at anytime thanks?

Can vitex 400 mg taken as a fertility treatment good for the female reproductive? Can vitex promote ovulation if you don't ovulate on time or early

Can you conceive when you're not ovulating? Or ovulation must occur?

Can you describe how to determine when you ovulate?

Can you get pregnant on a hohj fertle day meaning the week you ovulate bit not on your ovulation day?

Can you ovulate on a progesterone of 1.10 on day 10 and be able to conceive?

Can you still ovulate with hCG still present? If so what is the number it has to fall to for you to be able to ovulate?

Can you tell me exactly when is a woman most and least fertile?

Chlomid helps those ovulate but does it also help increase the chances of conception for those who to ovulate reguarly by producing more eggs?

Could anxiety happen at ovulation thanks?

Could I be infertile? Ttc for 4 months. Did all the data collection for ovulation, regular sex, etc. No luck.

Could I have conceived if i had sex 11 days before i had my first peak in fertility monitor?

Could it happen such that a ovulation predictor test- LH tell whether you are pregnant or not?

Day 14 of 28 day cycle. I'm bleeding good amount. Tracking fertile days to try to conceive. What does this mean? How do I track my fertile days now?

Do you have to have the mucous when your ovulating ordering to conceive?

Does an AMH fertility test tell you about both ovarys or just the one working when test was taken? Been charting & problem cycles every other month.

Does Clomid (clomiphene) treatment change ovulation day ?on the day I think I was ovulating I see clear tricky fuel from my vagina I am trying for a baby

Does every female 100% ovulate once a month? Also can u rely on a proMatris ovulation test. As dont seem to be picking up any sign of ovulating.?

Does fertile xx and conception flower essence work ?

Does it make any difference from conception point of view if u have 35day cycle instead of 28 day, considering you ovulate on both cycles?

Does ovulation bleeding reduce the chance of conception if compare to those without ovulation bleeding? Note: only ovulation bleeding, no other thing.

Does Ovulation determine that a female is able to become pregnant?

Does ovulation on cd21 of 33 day cycle lower my chances of conception? When should I seek help?

Does Plan B one step really work if i take it during ovulation or after ovulation? Because wouldn't the egg have appeared already and have met sperm?

Does plan b( taken before ovulation date), prolong your normal ovulation date? Thanks

Does time matter during ovulation ?

Does tracking my BBT actually determine whether I conceived or not?

Does your cervical position matter when trying to determine early pregnancy?

Dr, what all will be the causes for fallopian tube blockage?After intercourse semen dripping out but iam having regular period cycle(30-32) exactly

Dr. Can i ovulate if i have cyst? If Ovulation kit is showing positive it means i can get pregnant as normal women without cyst?Had miscarriage once.

Dr.! is natural lubrication discharge while being horny different from the ovulation period one? If not then how to find out the ovulation period?

Found out that I have already ovulated. I calculated wrong again. How do I keep better track of when i'm ovulating?

Had 2 ovulatory cycles on Clomid (clomiphene) but did not fall pregnant. Dr starting me now on 3rd cycle, is there any point? Husband sperm analysis is excellent

Had infertile CM but have period two weeks later indicating that was supposedly fertile moment. Any possible explanation?

Had sex a few days before ovulation now I'm having no signs of ovulation. Is this perhaps due to conception? Do you stop ovulating instantly?

Have 50 day cycles. Show signs of ovulation around day 34. Is there a lower eggquality from later ovulation? Is pregnancy still possible?

Have a 28 -27 day cycle. I ovulated and had sex on cd 18. Is 10 days enough time to conceive? Or is it not likely

Have had 2 ovulatory cycles on Clomid (clomiphene) but did not fall pregnant. Dr starting me now on 3rd cycle, is there any point? Husband sperm analysis excellent

HCG levels say 3 weeks pregnant but my calculations say I should be 5 based on cycle and intimacy. Why the difference? 

Hello, Can I have pregnancy symptoms after 1 day ovulating? Because I'm having increase of saliva after 1 day ovulating.

Hello, Can pregnancy occur if there was sexual intercourse on the last day of ovulation or a day after ovulation ? Thanks in advance.

Help docs! i'm trying to track my period but the word fertile window keeps popping up. What does that mean?

Hi can I conceive without ovulation medicines at 1.8mm egg?

Hi doc my cycle varies every month its either (27day/28day/29day) I wanted 2 know how do I calculate my ovulation day in order 2 fall pregnant?

Hi I am 32 years old TTC for last 5 months. I have timed my ovulation but no result.28 days cycle. Anything that can increase my chance of conceiving?

Hi I had a miscarriage last year and I used an app to track the oovulation and stuff but it had no high fertility and no ovulationaround the day I hat?

Hi my partner menses start on every 3rd day of month. So what's exact date of her ovulation ?

Hi, i`m keerti and i`m almost 30 yrs old and my periods are irregular. We are thinking of conceiving. My question is do I have to have a check-up.

How accurate are devices such as the Clearblue Fertility Monitor in determining if a woman is ovulating/able to conceive? Are they worth the $150++?

How accurate is it that ovulation makes a woman horny ?

How can I caculate when I am going to ovulate

How can I determine ovulation now?

How can I determine ovulation?

How can I figure out when i'm ovulating?

How can I tell when I'm fertile or ovulating doing a self examination?

How can I tell whether i'm fertile?

How definite is that a period follows after successful ovulation?

How do I chart my bbt? I keep track with opk, but I seem to have trouble conceiving.

How do I find my ovulation day by being off the pill?

How do I fix my problem of not ovulating? What tips do you have for me. I want to ovulate :(

How do I know exactly what does ovulating meen?

How do I know when my ovulation starts or if how high my fertility is?

How do identify when you ovulate?

How do u know when ur ovulating?

How do you determine when you are ovulating each month?

How do you track ovulation, I don't understand it lol. First time TTC?

How does a doctor calculation the number of weeks a woman is pregnant?

How good is rythm contraception, or nfp?

How likely is for a 55 years old woman to be at perimenopause? What about chances to conceive naturally at 55 years old?

How many days after intercourse does conception occur.shortest to latest..if unsure of ovulatio..tx?

How many days is a girl fertile for before actual ovulation takes place?