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1 weeks ultrasound done-detected with single ventricle problem, should I be concerned?

1D,2D,3D,4D; prostate ultrasound; what ultrasound should i ask my doctor for that looks at everything inside and out?

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Can a pelvic ultrasound detect ovarian cancer? What are the chances of having a normal scan and still having it?

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Can a transabdominal ultrasound see the kidney too?

Can a transvaginal ultrasound and/or pelvic ultrasound show enlarged lymph nodes around the ovary?

Can a transvaginal ultrasound to look at the bladder see the uretes? if so could it see abnormalities with the ureters?

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Can I get infections after a transvaginal ultrasound I'm 50yrs old never had problems down there had a transvaginal ultrasound 4 months ago now have CID I've had two partner's in my life present one for thirty years?

Can normal ultrasound of Appendix along with repeated normal blood tests over days rule out appendicitis?

Can renal doppler ultrasound somehow check abdominal aorta status?

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Do you need to fast before a renal ultrasound?

Doctor is worried I might have appendicitis but is not sure. Wants to do a diagnostic laparoscopy. Can this help?

Doctor wants to do ultrasound to rule out adrenal tumour. He wants to send me for a abd ultrasound. How could I ask for an MRI?

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Does ultrasound work in the presence of abdominal obesity.?

Every how many months shall I have my chest xray , breast ultrasound , liver ultrasound and bone scan?

For what reasons might a doctor order an abdominal ultrasound after seeing a transvaginal ultrasound?

Had endoscopy. Hiatal hernia found along with 8mm nodule. Doc wanted me to do ultrasound but his biopsy came in, was negative. Do I need the ultrasoun?

Hello sir i am suffering from testicular pain i have done all the tests including doppler ultrasound of abdomen and scortum but all are normal but the?

Hello, had a CT and ultrasound i need info on gyno?

Help please, what happens during an ultrasound?

Help please. When i get an ultrasound scan for ovaries would they check stomach too?

Hi Dr I was diagnosed of hematometra of about 312mls. My Doctor prescribed evacuation which was done. Ultrasound after two weeks showed the same ?

How accurate are thyroid imaging through ultra sound in determining cysts vs nodes?

How accurate are transabdominal ultrasounds in diagnosing ovarian cancers?

How accurate are ultrasounds when it comes to the kidneys ?

How accurate is a ultrasound to determine what they see in a nodule? How can they tell if its cancerous?

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How deadly can be a big mass in the uterus as detected by ultrasound?

How does the umbilicus hernia look on ultrasound examination?

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How effective is ultrasound at detecting pancreas?

How frequent is it safe to do ultrasound? Within month i had two ultrasounds of bladder and kidney and one echocardiography, is it safe?

How is venous reflux detected during ultrasound?

How many ultrasounds should I get?

How precise is an ultrasound for abdomen organs?

How was my kidney cancer missed in ultrasound?

How well is a normal ultrasound at detecting pancreas abnormalities?

I am having an ultrasound for abdomen and kidney and i might be pregnant. Would the ultrasound pick it up if i was?

I had a transvaginal ultrasound and dr said I have black hole in my ovary with deposit around it. He wants me to get an official ultrasound.

I had a transvaginal ultrasound and was told that if my tubes were blocked they would be inflammed and visible on the ultrasound otherwise they can't be seen. Is that true?

I had an ultrasound of my gallbladder and they say there are no stones! how reliable is this test?

I have a cyst in my left breast and i've already had an exam and ultrasound but the ultrasound tech didn't see anything what should I do next?

I have also done transrectul ultrasound no abcess were found?

I saw spots on my abdominal ultrasound, is that normal? (i think it was my liver)

I want to know what a lump is on my throat is but it doesn't show up on ultrasound. What kinds of lumps cannot be seen on ultrasound imaging?

I would for someone to review my ultrasound imaging, to see if you see an ectopic pregnancy. (Ectopic confirmed 2 days post US)?