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My breast are bigger and really tender and veiny, slight cramps in my stomach and my period is 9 days late. I took a pregnancy test a few weeks ago and it said negative and i took one earlier and it said negative too. Im on the nexplanon?

A week after sex i had a normal period. Im irregular but i have never gone 3 months w/out a period so it's unusual. 2 negative pregnancy tests?

I am a week passed my missed period, my breasts are sore, I get nauseous at anytime during the day, but all tests I have taken are negative?

i am about 15 days late on my period. i have milky discharge and breast tinderness. but negative pregnancy test. when should i test again?

I'm 18 years old and I'm currently 23 days late on my period. I haven' t had sex in a little over a year and I've never been this late. tests were -?

Im 13days late ,7days late last month and im slighty irregular ranging from 25-29 days I've taken two 2 negative pregnancy test. Could I be pregnant?

Last period was on the 4th January and im sexually active, I came off the implant in November following regular periods, urine tests negative ?

pink spotting for 4 days now I'm not due on my period till another few days. It's defiantly not early period. It's smells different and neg tests?

"I had my tubes done 10 years ago Two test was really faint digital negative started period next dayI have sore breast and nauseous ?"

*i have a missed period and my breast are leaking but my pregnancy test are negitive could i be pregnant?* breast are leaking not a lot but i think its strange my breast are sensitive as well

*i have a missed period and my breast are leaking but my pregnancy test are negitive could i be pregnant?* breast are leaking not a lot but i think its strange my breast are sensitive as well

1 cycle Clomid (clomiphene) 50mg, No ovarian cyst , 23 days late period cycle, 2 negative pregnacy test. What can be wrong?? Can hpt be false?

1 day late, sore, fuller breasts, nauseous and 2 negative test?

1 day light period for 2 monthsOn the pill for 5 years.Normal flow is 3 days.sexuallyActive. Negative pregnancy tests both months. Could I be pregnant?

1 month late an 2 neg pregnancy tests. Was regular until now. I don't really have any symptoms and I haven't had any changes in my habits/life/weight?

1 out 4 came out postive in pregancy test, sore breast, missed period for past 3 cycles. What is going on? Had bleeding for 12 days.

1 positive pregnancy test several days before my period. I'm now 2 days late, but I've taken 3 negative tests. Only extremely light spotting/discharge?

1 week missed period,small pregnancy symptoms(tired, swollen breasts, minor nausea), negative tests. Too soon to tell if I'm pregnant? Can I have sex?

10 days late and had brown blood for a few days in the beginning of the month..had negative pregnancy tests.

10 days late from period but 2 negative pregnancy tests. Noticing discharge on my breasts and colostrum. Stopped bfing 6 mo ago. Could I be pregnant?

10 days late neg test breast are heavier and have had cramps with bloating?

10 days late on cycle, normally like clockwork. She's taken 5 hpt and all are negative - what is the change they are false readings?

10 days late on my period I am sexually active with no contraceptives I have had spotting and symptoms but neg tests could i still be pregnant?

10 days past missed period, preg symptoms especially really sore boobs. 3 neg hpt tests? been ttc for 6 months.. could I still be preg or not likely?

10. Days of missed period, getting white bumps around my nipples, negative pregnancy test, can I still be pregnant?

10days late 3 neg test very light brown spotting today could i still or am i pregnant? Have a lot of early pregnancy symptoms !

10days late for period. No history of missing before. What chances I am pregnant and if not what else?

11 days late .2 negative pregnancy tests.but have Montgomery tubercules on breasts .am I pregnant?

11 days late for period. Really really sore breasts. Bad shooting pain in left breast. Above nipple. Pregnant? First test was negative.Took 2 days ago

11 days late period never missed before. Neg home tests last week. Could i still be preg. Have sore breasts also. Tiny blood in discharge one day.

11 days late, cramping . Tender boobs. Negative testing blood an urine. Any chance i can be pregnant, if u had to guess?

11days late on period pregnant test neg. Sore breast, tired, was crampy for 1.5 weeks. False neg maybe or what?

12 days late and 5 negative tests since my missed period. Morning sickness and tired 24/7. I have very regular periods. Am i finally pregnant?

12 days late for period bfn I have been having some clear discharge with blood in it could this be my period or pregnancy?

12 days late for period. Negative hpt and blood test. Brown and pinkish discharge for 2 days just before due period. Could an ovarian cyst cause this?

12 days late took to test last week negative sore breast small cramping backache Moody and very bloated ?

12 days missed period. Negative hpt and 1 negative blood test at 8 days late. Have had plenty of symptoms light brown discharg could i still be preg?

12days late on period on day 11 i did a home pregnancy test and was negative. Today i was spoting but its not a regular period. What can it be?

14 days after iui, i did pt but it was negative. Now i'm on my 19th day post IUI and 2 days missed period still negative. How to know if i'm pregnant?

14 days late. BHcg result is only 2; not pregnant! Cycles have always been regular. Spotting beginning of month and few days ago. What's going on?

14 days missed period, stomach cramps, light bleed negative pregnancy test?

14days late period, urine test says negative on 10th day of late period. Only signs of sore breast.What could be reason?27 yrs with previous abortion.

15 days late on my period, pink discharge for 5 days, hpt negative, blood test negative for pregnancy. What's going on?

15 days late on period negative pregnancy test now today just started bleeding no cramping just bleeding what could of be??

16 days late for period neg blood and urine tests spotting sore nipples hungry headcaches and spotting could i still be pregnant?

16 days late for period, and negative test. Generally irregular periods but not this off. What all is causes for this and should I see a doctor?

16 weeks after unprotected sex , negative blood and urine test for pregnancy. doctors said normal discharge. 3 day period. Light bleeding. Prego ?

17 days late and now having brown spotting. No cramps. Cycle is always regular. Neg. Pregnancy test a week ago. Is it possible to be pregnant?

17 days late on period. 3 negative tests. 1 negative blood test. Nipples sore, dizzyness, hot flushes! what could this be? No sign of period cxoming

17 days late, some light cramps like about to have period. 2 Negative test results. Irregular periods but never later than 11 days. Am i pregnant?

17 days past ovulation, 3 days late for period. Is this a sign I may be pregnant? If so when should I do a HPT?

17 days past ovulation, no periods, negative pregnancy tests. Had just blood spotting on 16 dpo. Could i be pregnant?

18 yr old niece has 2weeks of tender breast first time. Shes having unprotected sex no period took a preg test came out neg. So why the tender breast?

19 days passed after iui, had IUI on 20 april, no symptoms of periods.can i still be pregnant?

1day late with period having tender breats nausea neg test lil bump around nipples is it pregancy?

2 and a half weeks with sore back and heavy sore breasts ? Had my period do you think I should take pregnancy test?

2 day period jan. Missed period this month 4 days late...Took test 4 days before period negative.Now mucus discharge...

2 days late from my expected period did a pregnancy test negative! but sore lower back and sometimes sore stomach..Too early to test?

2 days late on clomid (clomiphene) negative hpt. How long should I wait to test again?

2 late periods, heavy breast, tingly nipples, abdominal pain, 3 negative home test and negative blood test, irregular periods, spotting/discharge ?

2 missed periods 4 negative pregnancy tests some minor cramps. Irregular periods 18 and only with protection sexually active.pcos, amenorrhea? Worse?

2 missed periods, some spotting, larger breasts, highly emotional, 20 yrs old, took 1 pregnancy test a month ago that was negative, what's the cause?

2 months late 2 neg test irregular periods stress minimum could i be pregnant?

2 months late on my period, 3 negative pregnancy tests and now brown discharge when wiping. What's wrong with me?

2 months no ovulation but still having menstrual cycle a little worried why when I take ovulation test it's positive but no discharge?

2 months only spotting, no period. , on the pill negative preg test last month. Fatigue, sore breasts, bloating and gas. Should I test Again?

2 negative blood tests and 1 positive hpt. I'm on mirena (levonorgestrel) for 3 1/2 yrs now with regular periods that last 6 days. Never late,am late for 2 mons, why?

2 negative pregnancy test still no period. The test were cheap $2... Breast soreness 4 days late

2 negative pregnancy tests, but my period's almost two weeks late, and brown discharge, no symptoms. Should i worry?

2 Pregnancy tests negative. 2 days very very light flow of period. Can i still be pregnant?

2 weeks and 4 days ago I had sex a week before my period. Period was lighter than normal. Has it been enough time to do a pregnancy test?

2 weeks and 4 days enough time for pregnancy test? Sex was a week before period but my period was lighter then normal and lasted 5 days

2 weeks late for period, unquechable thrust, fatigue, negative hpt's and blood test, blue vein in breast also breast getting bigger. Could i be preg?

2 weeks late neg pregnancy test help!? I have endo but not having any pains since my last op to remove it 2 years ago always had clockwork periods.

2 weeks late on period, lots of leukorrhea, breasts tender, tired. Negative urine hpt. Can i still be pregnant? Advice please

2 weeks late pregnancy test all negative 40 days since last period and I am having some pinkish spotting when i wipe. What could be going on?

2 weeks late, both neg and pos pregnant test, now very light bleeding for over 3 weeks? My mom had this during her pregnancy's, could i be pregnant?

2 weeks late, breasts are sore on the sides only, cramping 4 straight days before missed period, 2 negative pregnancy tests. Any idea what it could be

2 weeks late, light pink discharge. Negative pregnant tests.?

2,5months ago i took 72h pill. 3 normal period, 2 negative tests, but my breast growed,painfull,nipples growed. is it effect of pill or pregnancy?

23 days late after having sex 2 days prior to expected start, and 2 days late w/ last 2 pills in pack at this time. All s/s's but neg. Ser hcg. Preg?

23 days late on period. Negative HPT. Brown discharge. No pregnancy symptoms.

24 years old 23 days late for my period with no spotting ; tired; gassy; tender to touch nipples ;five negative home tests slight nausea

24 yr old. 26 days late 6 negative pee tests almost always regular. Tender to touch nipples and gassy. What could this be?

25 female. 1 week late for period. Tested negative. Had PMS symptoms only after late period. Wasnt stressed or changed anything. Something wrong?

25yr female, healthy, normal periods. On loesterin fe, Period late for 11 days never happened b4. 3 urine preg test negative. What is wrong with me??

2nd month without my period but spotted brown a week before my last scheduled peiod. still negative pregnancy test. Could I still be pregnant?

3 days late on Clomid (clomiphene) and keep getting negative hpt test?

3 days late on period. Hpt says negative. Could it be too early yet to tell? Sore boobs but no cramping.

3 days late, neg HPT, mild cramping, spotted 5 days before period expected - test again? other possibilities?

3 days late, negative pregnancy test, bleeding gums, period like cramps, tender nipples, and itchy throat. What can be wrong?

3 days Missed period. 2 hours light spotting. Negitive test. Could I still be pregnant?

3 days of positive opk. Periods are very regular every 31 days. Would this be a sign of PCOS? I have had 3 pregnancies.

3 days overdue for period and temp still up. My progesterone was 6 so pretty sure I ovulated but hpt is neg? If u ovulate do u always get period?

3 months post partum. Really weird menstrual cycles. Currently 1 wk late (-ve pregnancy test), last period came 2 weeks early. Hhx of ovarian cysts.

3 mos no period pregnant test negative, brown discharge now a days, my breast is painful to touch. Preg or no?Why breast painful.

3 positive pregnancy test followed by multiplee not ones. Period is late and having light cramping periodically but not like period ones. Whats up?

3 pregnant tests neg. Tingly nipples/sore breasts. Started period 4 days late. Had tubal reversal 3mths ago. Can i b pregnant & still have period/neg pregnant tes?

3 weeks delayed and this is my frst time.usually my period is regular..The pt is negative?

3 weeks late for menstrual. Took a HPT it was negative. But my Montgomery glands are now apparent along with tender breasts.. Should I test again?