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I had 3 neg urine tests n 1 negblood test but im worried about hook effect. I had 2 periods but you can bleed when pregnant. am I pregnant?

1 faint +ve hpt 11days after period due.Followed up with 7 negative beta hCG tests from 3 diff labs over a period of 9 weeks after that.Am i pregnant?

1 pos urine 1 neg urine and blood test one doctor said not pregnant other said to early any advice LMP was aug 2 to 7 bleed again on 19 tested on 21?

1 pos., 1 neg. chlamydia test. 3rd test to confirm. Slight bit of brown end of period, but also had urine test, will these now tell 100% if i have it?

1 week abdominal distended looks like I am pregnant negative blood and urine pregnancy test i am 2 weeks late on period. Normal pelvic ultrasound.... ?

1 week earlier urine test +ve, blood test say 2 mlu. Today urine test +ve. 2 week period overdue. Have all pregnancy indication. Am i pregnant

1 week late and blood and urine came out negative should I wait longer? My last period was january 29. What should I do

11 days late...Can I still be pregnant if my blood test came back negative? [took blood test at 10 days late]

13 days late on period. Negative on last blood test which was the 27th. Wats going on not normal?

14 day after IUI and taking progesterone blood work for preg was negative. Dr said I would get mense in a week if not I need blood work again .Why?

14 days past IUI. Negative negative blood test. today is 18th day no period. but having body pain, Can I still be pregnant?

15 days late for period. Neg urine preg. test. Bcra2 positive. 39 years old. Normal thyroid test. Should i be concerned about ovarian ca?

16days after iui, positive hpt, negative blood test, pressure in lower abdomen, please what s happening to me?

17 weeks negative urine and blood test. Have light bleeding for 3 days. am I pregnant I had a lot of symptoms but it stopped kind of. Bloating ?

18 days late. Hcg blood pregnancy came back positive but levels are at a 30. Should i worry about miscarrying? I don't have stomach pain.

18 days late. Hcg blood test came back positive and levels were at a 30 said they want me to test in 2 days. Is this pregnancy going to be ok?

1st iui-spotting brownish after 5 days of my missed period, today urine pregnency test shows negative result is there any chance to get pregnent?

2 hpt were +, the doc did urine test and was +, week later I have period like bleeding & hospital says blood test is negative. Can i be pregnant still?

2 months and a week late! neg blood pregnancy test, clear results for urine analysis. What is going on? Nausea and cramps and bit of heartburn and zz

2 months late on period, bloating, increase in discharge, but had negative urine and blood test. Could i still be pregnant?

2 months late, neg hpt and blood tests. Spotting aswell. Is this possible pcos?

20 days late slimy egg white discharge, but negative at home test plus negative test from the hospital... Not a blood test tho.. Can i be pregnant ?

21 days late not stressed but two negative blood test what's wrong i never missed before and no medical problems & never been pregnant?

21st oct. I checked home pregnancy test that was negative and now today 29th october I have bleeding and today we also check home pregnancy test?

22, 2 missed periods. Negative hpt. Negative test at clinic. Doctor said everything norm & i could still be pregnant just producing low hcg. Thoughts

28 days since sex how accurate will a blood test be to detect pregnancy I am also on alesse?

28 days since sex, will a blood test show positive by now if I was pregnant ?

2months no period bad preg.Sys.Test hormones blood every test dr could think of closed thick uterus poss.Sac neg.Blood test all normal could i be preg?

2nd time it happens I haven't had my period almost 8 month not pregnant been checking & bloods are positive. I'm worried.

3 negative hCG blood tests but still no period (late for more than 1 week). Also i fell movement in the abdomen. Any suggestion?

3 positive urine test but negative blood for pregnancy week and a half late and have had tubes tied 7 months ago please help have all signs of preg?

3 urine tests, 1 blood test all negative for pregnancy. Still feeling nuaseas . Period came, bladder infection.. could I still be pregnant?

3 weeks late, neg at home pregnant test & neg blood test. Ttc. What could this mean? Go back next week but really nervous

30 days late neg blood & urine test. Last period 1/5/14 after getting off bcpills. Preg symptoms. Could i still b pregnant or what is going on?

4 days late. 2 bfn (urine test). Is it to early to get a bfp? When is the best time to go for a blood test to get a positive result?

4 days missed period. Ex termly fatigue. But urine test 2 days ago read negative and blood text 3 days ago read negative. Any ideas?

40 days since first day of last period..3 neg hpts, should I make an appt for blood tests?

45 yo. Last period was in october. Ept came back negative. Blood tests (qualitative) done in december and january were negative. Fsh was 66 . Still no?

5 days late for cycle. Last MC 3/24/15... negative tests.. sexually active w/bf. All pregnancy symptoms! Do I need a blood test?

5 negative hpts and had red blood. How likely is it that i'm pregnant?

5 WEEKS AGO MY BLOOD TEST WAS NEGATIVE. Monday it was 58000hcg. My last period was 29 may. How far can I be pregnant and when can they see a heartbeat?

5-8 days late in my period. Two neg tests. Very reg cycle usually. Could they be false neg? Should i go in for a blood test?

57 days since my period all negative Prego test including blood test had a baby 9 months ago and stopped breastfeeding at 2 months what is going on?

5days late negative test results no pregnancy symptoms but period like cramps still no blood HELP !!!!

5th feb last pregnancy,28days regular 5th march missed periods,have some symtoms of pregnancy -ve test result tested on 7th march today blood visible?

5wks pregnant after a miscarriage 5mths ago, told my blood type is negative an will need a needle with my next pregnancy, why? Should I be worried?'

6 days late and neg pregnant test. What should I do? The only thing i haven't done is use an am pee and a bloodtest. What should I do?

6 months after intercourse, hpts are negative, blood HCG is negative, and ultrasounds show nothing. Could I still be pregnant?

6 negative clear blue tests at 8 weeks and 1 negative hcg blood test.. can it be due to hook effect or am i actually not pregnant?

6 weeks since lmp, negative blood and urine hCG tests (this week). What happens if I am given the morning after pill and am pregnant?

7 days late,little blood on first due period, negative test ? What could be happening ?? Need help?!

7 days past due on my period could i be pregnant? Some symptoms and urine teat is negative

7 positive home pregnancy tests. Hgc level of 4 from blood test. 4 days late for period but now heavily bleeding?

83 days late, my urine test was ng for preg, but the last time I was preg. I could only tell through blood and I was 10 wks. Why is that?

8wks late, 2 hpt and blood test came back negative but feel pregnant..Could i be? Should i get an ultrasound done?

A week and a half late on period. my bf came in me during ovulation but negative blood and urine preg. Test. What can be wrong w/ me? Im a 20 btw.

Absent period 4 months. Negative urine &a blood pregnancy tests. Neg pcos. Doctors won't investigate. Could it be cancer? Does cancer stop periods?

After 6 neg hpt and 1 neg blood test taken 10-17 days after late period can I be pregnant from precum?

After 66 (almost ten weeks) days my partner had a blood preg test that was neg. Is there any chance to believe she is preg?

Am i pregnant? Negative blood test 10 negative urine tests throughout 6 mnths. Last sex in december last period in december then march.Kind hard belly

Am I pregnant? Negative hpt and blood test. What's wrong? But big stomach and pregnancy symptoms and spotting. Help me. Thanks

Am i pregnant?I had sex last may 21 and i noticed blood after 2 days another blood like its my period but I took test and its negative an

Are Hcg blood tests and pelvic ultrasound results accurate 3 and a half weeks after a missed period?

Are light periods a sign of pregnancy? Blood stays inside vagina. Happening last 3 months. Got 10 negative hpt and blood test

At 9 dpo I had a tiny streak of blood and then nothing since.I've taken early pregnancy tests and all negative.I'm 11dpo now.Was it too early to test?

At age49and 2missed periods is a blood test more accurate?

Baby stopped nursing 5 weeks ago. Lots of cervical mucus last 3 days tinged with blood. Preg. test neg. ?

Blood in urine then passed sac 4 weeks later. Took hCG test 3 weeks later came back negative. Was it a miscarriage?

Blood test done 28 days after sex. Got 1 out if 5 for amount in my blood, is that due to my birth control?

Blood test done 28 days after sex. Got hcg 1 out of 5 for amount in my blood, is that due to my birth control? Any chance I can still be pregnant ?

Blood test negative for pregnancy not menopausal, no uti infection. I have pcos period 2 months late I've pinkish blood when I pee why please ? I'm 41

Bloods normal 2013 despite being diagnosed with pcos in 2012. 12 months regular period, nw 13 days late, 3 -tive hpt, 1 -tive blood test. Worried?

Brown discharge and after six days a light blood flow starts a positive pregnancy test and very low hormone level what shud I do?

Can ' hormonal' blood tests reveal if a female has already had her period?

Can 11dpo be to early for an ultra sound and a postive blood test?

Can a blood pregnacy test show positive only after 3 weeks since the first day of last period?

Can a blood test show that you are pregnant at 4wks and can a blood test be negative at 3mths. Any yet i still see my monthly period. Can i be preggo?

Can a blood test tell that you are ovulating or not?Thanks

Can a pregnacy blood test come back negative if to early ?

Can blood work come back positive even if your not pregnant?

Can decidual bleeding make a blood pregnancy test negative.

Can i be absol sure i'm not pregnant? Blood test for hCG negative, transvaginal ultrasound shows nothing.Both tests done almost 10 weeks since last sex

Can I confirm if ever pregnant through Pregnancy Confirmation test 1 day prior period? Had brown then red blood these past 5 days prior period.

Can I get pregnant by dryhump+fingering+precum. No periods for 3 months and all tests negative, blood urine and usg.

Can I go for hb test during periods?

Can i still be pregnant if the blood test said no but the pregnant test said yes my last . Was in july and was unusaly short for me?

Can i take a FSH and LH blood test after my period? My flow this month was light and period was delayed. Will this blood test also detect pregnancy?

Can light blood interfer with pregnacy test?

Can my being pregnant give me heart burn? I'm about 5weeks. Scan saw nothing. Blood test positive for pregnancy

Can urine infection stop your period for 2 months and give you some pregnant like symptoms? 3 Negative HPT & Neg. Hospital Pregnancy Urine test.

Can you be pregnant if you don't have chadwick's sign? Obgyn ruled out pregnancy with only a negative hpt and pink cervix. (no other tests or exams)

Can you have neg pee and blood test no period and be pregnant last period was oct 9 haven't had once since had neg pee and blood test last child didn t?

Can you have neg pee and blood test no period and be pregnant? Last period was oct 9 haven't had once since had neg pee and blood test last child didn'

Can you still get a pregnancy blood test done, if you're bleeding?

Cause of frequent urination? Negative for uti, diabetes, negative blood test, and negative ultrasound?

Could a blood test for hCG ever be wrong if i took it one month after sex?

Could i be pregnant i took test urine test one blood test both negative having bad period cramps and back pain my LP was aug 12 , 2012?

Could i be pregnant? I missed my period 5 days ago according to my tracker i took a home pregnancy test and it came back positive but i went to the gyn and their urine test came out negative but while examination the dr noticed some enlargement in the pel

Could i still be pregnant if my blood test came back negative .

Could my period be late due to the fact that I have been passing kidney stones for the past month? I took two pregnancy tests and they were negative.