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I have not had my period for 6 mths. I had blood work done but results were normal. I took Primolut N for 5 days, it is now 7 day later & no period?

my period late in 15 days, i don2 pregnancy test is negative,stil no period,no discomfrt nd nathing littl white dischrg fear abot my health, pls help?

takn mifepristone and misoprostol after whch bleeding for 2 days den stopped can i now confirm prgncy by hpt does it gv accurate results now?

04-09 normal miscarriage at 7 wks. Had a 7-day period exactly a month later. Now 4 mo. later neg preg test and no period? Occational low ab cramping.

1-29 pos.Preg.Test frm my doc. On 1-31, startd bleeding went to ER they checkd my hCG and said that it was 20. N that maybe i was never preg. Accurate?

10 days after ovulation neggative test urine n blood? is tgat it that im not pregnant ir do i wait til i miss my period

10 days lat still negitive pregnancy teat. Do I atill just wait?

13 days late for period. Protection used everytime had sex was under lrg amnt of stress 2 weeks before prd 3 negative hpts? Some brown blood on 12th day

1mth 3wks no period! take provera (medroxyprogesterone) and metformin! still no period.4tests neg. Bld test neg. Wht cloud it be?

1st day light, 2nd day heavy bt stopped. My normal period is 5-7 days. I feel pregos took test 4days later it was neg. Cld it b false neg, stl fl preg?

1st preg test said positive 2nd said neg now my cycle is on for the 2nd time this month. What is going on with my body? Tubes been tied for 4yrs now.

1st pregnancy? I thi k im preg. And i havent had any of the symtomps just acid reflux and have gotten no period but clotting, my last two period

2 weeks late sore/milky bbs (had abortion 1yr ago milk stoppd mnths later) neg blood n hpt thyroid n pros are good so what could be the case?

20yrs old period 4 days late ive taken 3 preg test and they all show a vvfaintline what should i do? Am i preg? Shld i make a drs. Appointment?

22 days late, neg pg tests, pelvic sono done, tech said I wasnt pg. Dr wont get tests in at least 2/3 days. Are there a lot of things it can be & wht?

22yrs 130lbs, took 3 tests a week after missed period all neg. Been cramping like i will start , no other pg symtoms. Finals week. Stress? Or preg?

23Yrs old,5m old baby,no b.c. pull out method,Last month period was 2days early ,this month 5 days late,took hpt 3days missed and 5days due both negat?

25 days after sex& plan B, still no period. 3hpt all neg. went to dr. for urine test it was neg but i still have sore breasts, gas, and cramps? scared

2months late and ive been nauseous in the morning. took 3tests 2 said no preg and 1 said preg. I've had a dermoid cyst before. So not sure what to do?

2wks late period.5 pregnancy tsts negtve. Most of the symptoms. Felt like something kicked me in my belly... Pregnant or ecotopic prgncy?

3 neg. Pt, been 2 weeks having a lot of symptoms I didnt have that last time I was preg. Could I still be pregnant should I take another pt or bt?

30 yrs old. For the past 2 mnths my periods have been abt 2 weeks late. I have tkn mult hpt test all neg & neg blood tst. Breast r sore & nausea?

32 yo periods were 7days and heavy.Last2 were 3-5 days & lighter,this ok?should I be worried about ovarian,uterine CA? No fam hX-Preg test neg.scared.

4 days late period. Haven't tested yet. When is the best time to test as with my first pregnancy didn't get a BFP til 5 wks plus?

4weeks since unprotected sex.home pregnancy test -ve.lower ab is periods bt not sure if its my period or spotting during pregnancy.wat's this?

5 BFN tests two months after sex (+ 3 Reg periods), then one that was neg during 5 min wait but faint pos line 20 min after waiting period. Preg?

5day dlay i felt my lower abdomen heavier and my breast.I got whiteblod.I fel so tired i fel having priod bt its whiteblod.Hav test negative.Am i preg?

5months w/o my period, pregnancy symptoms, and a lot of kicking movemnts in my belly but all tst came negative even blood one. Cani still be pregnant?

6 days late 33 day cycle.Last period sept 25 and nxt supposedly oct 28. I did p.T it says negative?Am i pregnant? Or too early test? Wat shud i do?

6wks LMP 5wks sincesex. Been bloated& having pregnant symptoms. 4 days of bleeding 2.5wks ago. Preg test today:neg. Could herbs throwresult? Cani trust it

6wks no period, 3home test neg. 1dr visit neg. Lot of preggo symptoms. Take metformin for pcos. Still feel preg. Last mense 15 of nov.?

7 days over my periods.iam unmarried. Took pregnancy test 2 times. Negative. Pls suggest how to get immediatly. Iam very scared. Need help?

7 years ago I had a tubal ligation, y last period ended July5 it's July 20 I got it again it's early. My breast r sore. Could I be preg homtest say n?

8th day n still no period last period was 6/3 only last 2 days n spotted da 2 days how soon can I take a home pregnancy test?

8thday of missed periode took test came neg. Ttc I am on apo-sertraline what are thechances this is what is affecting my periode?Had reg cycletill now

9 weeks pg on oct 7 2013 when did i get pg?

9days lateperiod went to ED and they said it was neg again blood test i am still convinced i am pregnant no period regular all the time what do i do?

Afp 8days late after taking duphaston. Hpt-tvu- dr.Told me take provera (medroxyprogesterone) 5days but if no AFP aftr 2wiks wil test if preg. Is it safe if im rili preg?

After 3months can you know for sure if u are pregnant if all your test were negative and why i feel as thou I am pregnant 20yrs old even thou the urin?

After a late m/c in aug22 my last 4cycles were on 28sept, 29oct, 26nov n 26dec..Average 30days cycle. I'm at cd37 with neg test 3days ago. What to do?

After c section my periods came the 2 month and 3 month but from June ,didnt had my period till now preganancy test negative not breast feeding?

After D&C in oct2014 my period has been irregular in 3months I missed 2periods neg preg test should I be worried about scar tissue? And infertility?

After having sex, after what time duration I should check for urine pregnancy test?And if negative should I again check? Aftr wht tym thn shld i chek?

After last sex(a month ago), I've had my periods bt getting pain on my waist nd constantly urine! One positive nd two negative urine tests!! Pregnant?

After micarriage at 4weeks hCG levels were normal right away. Now 4 days late and been cramping for 2weeks no sign of period. Whats going on? Neg test

Aftr 3 days of mised period, i had a blood test 4 pregnant and it came negative.Stil i can't believ.What could b the cause 4 my abdominal pain + misd period?

Always had irregular cycle.Period on 9/10,10/29 nothing since.Not on BC.Had sex 11/5,11/17,11/27,12/9 but Neg preg test 12/14.Cld I still be preg?

Am extremely breastfeeding10 month boy,I had my periods back on July and its regular but this month it's 14days late my test says neg am I pregnent?

Am i pregnant?.3weeks ago took 1st test n it was negative, i overpeed on it .So i took an EPT test 2days ago n it was positive, had strange periods two

Am mam of a 4 mth baby.I got mensus last month.I used to have a cycle of 28 days.But now the mensus has not yet came.Am anxious.Urine test is neg.?

Becoz the month of jan late came my period..With neg result also.Feb19 I try pregtest n it neg..My period stil not come this month.Jan last came 26-3o?

Been on pill 3wks, period was due 20th april but 2wk late n no sign ov it, any ideas?

Bf-ing non-excl 8 mnths now jan 22 had light spotting for 2 days now 3 days late, no symp and a neg test, lots of egcm 1 wk ago, discharge smells off?

Bled 3days oct 4-6th nd period due on 16th...boobs sore stomach hard neg I posbly preg?? Do I test in a week or was tht my period??

Bleeding for 3 days when I wipe only. Took home EPT but it was 2mo exp. It said neg. Do I trust this? Haven't had period in a year due to bulimia

Breastfeeding 1 y/o. Period returned regular months 9 and 10 pp. only spotting since. LOTS preg symptoms. 1 Neg test Could it be wrong? wats going on?

Brown discharge(been6hrs, no bleeding), 49 days, no period.Did urine tests for preg. Twice(38th n 48th day) at a clinic, came negative.Have hi TSH levl"?

Brst tenderness worse each day for over wk. typical for me a few days before period but not due for wk. Last . shorter/lighter, neg test. Poss. cause?

Can i still be 7months pregnant even tho i had 2 neg hpt? Im just scared that i still could be.

Can urine test b rong somtyms?I've misd periods n wen tested the result was negative for pregnancy.It was tested at afternoon.

Can yiu ha e regular periods n negative test n atill be pregnant?

Can you get a neg on a sensative hpt when period is 2days late and still be pregnant? Are chances small?

Cn i get an accurate pregnant test result if i take a test 10 days aft haven sex on the day aft my periods stopped today is day 6 my periods NT due 4 ages

Cold i b pregnant? No period for 3 months 1 neg tst 2 poss tst i thnk may be false poss please look at profile there's more details

Condom slip off the end of jan and it is now mid march and I have missed 2 periods but have had 6 neg. Preg test. Irregular since 07 after 1st baby?

Confused f im pregnant/not had unprotcted sex last february,got blood spottings 7days b4 period on march & got 3days spotting on Aapril,Negative PT..i dont want to get what's the conclusion?

Continued from last question...This month (sept) I am late again, 3 neg pregnancy test. Whats goin on?

Could b pregnant? Always reg periods but last mo only lt. For 1.5 days, this mo 4 days late (never late) & lt. Hpts said neg. Have some symptoms too.

D&c early feb but still no cycle. Had sex 2weeks ago and getting period cramps 1wk. When shuld i take a pregnancy test?

Daily white discharge? Haven't had period in 3mon. Not on any bc. Been off shot 8mon. Preg tests neg. Had irreg periods getting off shot. Now nothing.

Dec4-9my my period.16 I had sex..30-3 of jan period again came 24 I try pregtest n its negativ..This morning came my period but slow flow..I am preg?

Did pt on friday and negative, but next day same test turned positive, happened again yesterday. This has nevr hapnd bfore. Neg stayed neg. Preg?

Dis is related to d prev questn.As doc suggested i tuk home pregnancy tst got negatv result, had 2nd periods. Still saw blood drops. What is d matter?

Doctor u said l can get pregnant 14 days after ma period, l hve jst done atest & lt was negative, ma period is due next week??

Even tho its been 30 + days since intercorse ? My period was due may 24 its now may 31st i just took the test 20mins ago and it was negative

Everyone is sayin I have gained weight im havein periods but light took a pregnancy text came bak negative but could I b pregnant?

Feelin vrry pregnant neg test missed period 18 days now had Depo-Provera shot but miss 2 wks sexin strsight thru unprotected plenty lower cramps m i prego????

Few mnths ago i had an irregular period and then tons of pregnant symptoms. Doc said my ovaries dbl fired. This mnth missed period, sympt 2. Likely preg?

Got bfp day of missed period last wk did clear blue digital came up 1-2weeks did another test ystrd was negative but im week late?

Got my tubes clamped four years ago but now my stomach is hard n missed my period for six weeks but pregnency tests come backnegative?

Got pregnant in Aug, miscarriaged n Sept Hcg 0 , no period, took a HPT 10/22/15 it's negative but I have nause & vaginal discharge should i b worried ?

Had 1st baby year ago started reg menses july every 28-31 days never over now this month I am 9 days late w/negative pregnancy test. What could it be?

Had 3 +urine test but neg blood week n half late for period and have had tubes tied 7months ago please help?

Had a baby 7 mon ago. Had 1st & 2nd period and 3rd was no show. Neg prep test. Nurse said I just skipped but late for my 4th now. What could be wrong?

Had a baby 7 mon. Ago. 1 period, then dec. No period. No symptoms of preg. Taken 6 tests all neg. Anorexic, I am very worried but can't go to doc.

Had a d&c 1/23 & got my period 2/28. I haven't got my period for april. I'm 28 days late. Negative hpt. Is it possible the d&c made me irregular?

Had a d&c after m/c on feb 13th. No period yet, going onto 7 weeks w/o period or spotting. Have taken a neg pregnant test last week. Could still be pregs?

Had a d&c due to miscarriage in Feb.had unprotected sex two weeks after.neg Preg test but very emotional and horrible nausea all day.what could it be?

Had d&c first cycle came exactly 4 weeks later now 2 cycle is three days late feeling nauseaus yet pg test shows neg ?

Had hpt a day before period, was -, period came on durin sugar pills, took hpt again neg again. I lookd bck aftr an hr, there was a faint line. Preg?

Had implant bleed 4 days ago, period due yest (late), had 3 positive pregnant test yest. Im about 5 wks. Worried that there is a prob i can lose baby? I've read u can (chemical preg). No more sign of bleed

Had light period last mo,this month on time but lighter then nml again? Should I worry? 32 years old, scared- please help. No other problems. Preg neg

Had medical abortion 2wks [email protected] wks. 4days after had unprot. sex n took 1 Step within 2 days. A ovul test says i ovul 2wks ago n am preg now,possible?

Had molar preg a month ago period stop two mnths after on Depo-Provera shot shot next week n feelin pregnancy sympton neg p test is that possiblr m prego agai?

Had my Mirena (levonorgestrel) removed around 6-7 weeks ago, had a bit of spotting afterwards but nothing since. Took two preg tests and they came out neg. any ideas?

Had my spoting n blood clot had it 8/4 now have swollen breast and cramps what can it be ?Negative pg test

Had sex 5/30/14 last period; 5/19/14 No spotting,3 Neg.Hpt/1 Neg Hosp-Urine.Last Tested;3 days ago and Neg. ONLY Nausea/dizzy/fatigued. Pregnant?

Had sex on Aug 18, got period Sep 2, neg preg test on 8th. Bloating, loss of appetite, and blue veins showing up on body, could I be pregnant?

Had sex on ovulation day, i was late 4 a month, test came out -neg but doct did an operation on me saying something block my period, is dat abortion?

Had sex3x w condom right after period finished. 4 days late for period, did FR digital test w morning urine, neg result. Can I trust this?