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11 weeks pregnant how can I tell if I have stomach flu or if it's the pregnancy?

27 weeks 3 days pregnant with diarrhea and vomiting for 2 days what can be the problem?

27 weeks pregnant and I have no appetite.Is this normal?

30 weeks pregnant, heartburn and nausea why?

30 wks prego,cramps nd diarrhea with mucus ,I have hyperemesis gravidurm?

30wks prego, cramps nd diarrhea with mucus. I have hyperemesis gravidurm?

31 weeks pregnant and vomitting blood?

32 weeks pregnant with twins been having diarrhea for 3 weeks what could this be?

4.5 weeks pregnant. Been having loose stool for the last few days and mild nausea. Pregnancy related?

5 weeks preg. After 3 unexplained missed miscarriages. No symptoms at all of pregnancy i had severe nausea with daughter and other preg. Is this ok?

5 weeks pregnant and have loose stool once a day for 4 days now. Pregnancy related?

Almost 5 weeKs pregnant and all of my pregnancy symtoms went away including nausea, is this normal?

Are diarreha and constipation common in early pregnancy ?

Are diarrhea and gas common signs of pregnancy?

Are the first few weeks of pregnancy worse for nausea?

Bloated constipated and nausea, can those by symptoms of pregnancy ?

Can a lack of sleep in late pregnancy cause nausea and diarrhea?

Can diarrhea, waves of nausea be some early pregnancy symptoms?

Can pregnancy cause constipation?

Can pregnancy cause diarrhea?

Can ulcer cause vomiting in pregnancy?

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Constipation after pregnancy?

Could i be pregnant if i'm not having nausea? I am having all the other symptoms except the spitting

Could I be pregnant or is this just nausea?

Diarriea and vomiting is a sign of pregnancy?

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Does guava give gas in pregnancy?

Does pregnancy cause fainting?

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Early pregnancy & nausea & exhaustion?

Early pregnancy craving gatorade..Is this normal?

Excessive throwing up at 10 weeks pregnancy?

Four month pregenacy still vomiting sometimes, when vomiting will be end?

Having a missed miscarriage and diarrhea, is this normal?

Having fever, chills, bloating, diarrhea in early pregnancy?

Hello m 4 months pregnant. What should I do 4 vomiting..

Hello. Can my pregnant wife take Nauzene for nausea and vomiting?

Hi im 4 days past ovulation and i have nausea and morning sickness been sick a few times. can i be pregnant this early?

How can I manage nausea in pregnancy?

How can I manage nausea or vomiting while i'm pregnant?

How can I relieve diarrhea during pregnancy?

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How common is pregnancy nausea?

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How to stop vomiting in pregnancy?

How to treat diarrhea during pregnancy?

I am 23 weeks preganant and have diarrhea is it normal?

I am 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant with a headache nausea and diarrhea is this normal?

I am now at wk 13 of my pregnancy. My nausea was getting better but for the last few days i've been vomiting every morning-is the change normal?

I am pregnant third time but this time am experiencing bad nausea and vomitting while the other pregnancies I never had that problem.

I being having nauseas already for two weeks I don't think is pregnancy and I can't think what else could it be?

I have a question is diarrhea of symptoms of being pregnant my friend had diarrhea when she found out she was pregnant?

I have abdominal rigidity am i pregnant ?

I have been having nausea for 3 days I don't if I'm pregnant or not I was just wondering?

I have been Having nausea for 3 days. I was just woundering if I could be pregnant.

I have had nausea for 5 days and cervical fluid, could i be pregnant?

I have nausea but no vomiting and it last all day. Is this a sign of pregnancy?

I miscarried last night. Now I am very nauseas. Is that normal?

I pregnant in the sixth week and I have the constipation please advice?

I was nauseas for a week and now i'm not could I be pregnant?

I was vomiting on my conception day.. Any reason why?

I'm 10 weeks pregnant an have on an off dizziness is this normal or should I be doing something about it?

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and have had persistent dirrehea for more than a week any advice?

I'm 4 weeks pregnant when can I expect to have more pregnancy symptoms? Morning sickness, nausea, etc. ?

I'm 5 weeks prego. I have no symptoms and am nervous! all my viable pregnancies i threw up! and the two i had mc i had no nausea. I should be vomiting!

I'm 9 weeks pregnant and have had diarrhea for the past 3 days. Is this a sign of a miscarriage or can this be normal?

I'm facing nausea/vomiting during pregnancy. What should I do?

I'm on my period and vomiting could I still be pregnant?

I'm over six weeks pregnant and nausea all the time what can I eat to help ?

I'm pregnant And have no appetite is that normal?

I'm pregnant on my second trimester and i'm still very tired moddy and vomiting a lot . Is that normal?

I've been vomiting at least once a month what could this be I am not pregnant?

If I am pregnant, is diarrhea normal at 11dpo?

If I have had three negative pregnancy tests but I have abdominal pain,morning nausea,vomiting and dizziness and no period could I still be pregnant?

If u have an empty sac pregnancy will u still experience nausea and vomiting?

Im 17 i Daily nausea but I definitely know im not pregnant?

Im 29 weeks started having nausea and diarrhea what's wrong my pregnancy has been normal so far?

Im vomitting and nusea i feel the pregnancy syntoms but i didn't know if im pregnant or I have a ulcer?

Is constipation in late pregnancy bad?

Is constipation normal In 3 weeks of pregnant?

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Is diarrhea common in late pregnancy?

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Is is bad that metformin gives me diarrhea during pregnancy?

Is it common for diarrhea to be more freqent with pregnancy? If so, why?

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