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Can you point me in the direction of the type of specialist I should see? Low igm, low vitamin d, low mvp, iron deficiency, low magnesium and low calcium.

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Do you treat low ferritin level when the rest of iron panel is within normal level with iron supplement ?Does low ferritin by itself suggest deficieny

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Hi is a plasma copper level of 106 low ?

Hi is a plasma copper level of 106mcg/dl low ?

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How low does ones vitamin B12 level need to be to reach anemia?

How low does ones vitamin B12 levels need to be to reach anemia?

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I am 19 yrs old and have haemoglobin level 7, tell me how to increase it?

I had low Hb, Ht, Lym for 4 years; low iron, low T, low insulin, but high folic acid, high SHBG. Have several health problems. Why?

I have a low ferritin and normal hemoglobin. Also i have gastritis and can't take iron. How can i raise ferritin level?

I have anemia of chronic disease. She told me my level was 100. Level of what? What is normal? Is at a little low or a lot?

I have hypothyroidism on low level is 0.098 and now I am pregnant my age is 25?

I have low ferretin levels as well as low transferrin levels. What is causing this low transferrin levels even though my iron stores are low?

I have low iron levels no period im 22 ?

I have to see a polmaligest for low levels of oxygen what should I ask him?

I was told that my iron levels in my body are really low.... If my iron levels keep going down what will happen?

If B12 levels are low does this affect ferritin level. I have heard that if B12 low this puts more pressure on ferritin stores.

If I had a low iron level, how would I feel physically ?