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does it mean if your thyroid level is low?

Antibody levels high. What is this a sign of?

Ast levels in my blood are 166 what does this mean?

Bilirubin low levels in adults means?

Can you please tell me the mean vitamin d level?

Can you tell me what can it mean when u have low vitamin d?

Do high level of porphyrins always mean you have porphyria?

Does a high level of AFP in blood mean cancer?

Does low c3c combined with low phosphate levels always mean you have kidney disease?

Dr says my glucose levels high and liver levels are slightly high what does this all mean and what will be done next?

Estradiol level high what does that mean?

For a serum calcium, when is a low value concerning? At what value would u be concerned?

Hemoglobin/hematocrit ratio is normally 1/3, what does it mean it if is more or less than that?

Hi my fSh level was 140 what does this mean?

Hi My prolactine level is slightly high.what does it means??thanx in advance

High c-reactive protein levels, what does it mean?

High hemoglobin levels. What does that mean?

High level of alkaline phosphate, what does this mean?

High levels of immunoglobulin, does it indicate an illness?

High TSH levels but normal T4 levels, i don't understand what this means?

How do I know exactly what does a low level of IgA mean?

I had a bloodtest and my iron level was 8. What does it mean?

I had a spot on adrenal gland, blood work results were high aspartate aminotransferase level, low phosphate level and high platelet mean volume. help.

I have a high TSH but normal T4 levels, what does this mean?

I have blood test results that show low calcium levels, low PTH levels, and confirmed hypothyroidism due to high TSH. what does this mean?

I have elevated B12 levels (1, 983). Whats this mean?

I have hematuria with a high nitrate level. What can that mean?

I have high ACTH level what does it mean ?

I have high thyroid peroxides antibodies levels & high bilirubin & selenium levels . What does this mean ?

I recently had a blood test and my oestriadiol levels were high and my testerone levels were low what does this mean?

I was diagnosed by my doctor with a level 4 sprain. Does this mean it's really just a level 3 then?

I've been told the glucose levels around my liver are not what they should be what could this mean?

I've never head of complement levels, what do they mean when they are low?

If I have high asialoganglioside autoantibody levels, what does that mean for me? What is wrong with me?

If you have low c3c and low phosphate levels but all other labs normal does that mean you probably have glomernephritis?

If you have normal t levels but high shbg levels, would this mean your ft would be most likely low.?

Igg level need to know meaning does higher or lower meanings for a normal levels please?

In simple terms What does it mean when you have high level of DEHYDROEPIANDROSTERONE?

Iron level 11, what does this mean?

Is a low troponin level good or should I be concerned?

Is an RBC level of 6-10 anything to worry about?

Is it normal to have borderline low immunoglobulin m (igm) levels? Do they fluctuate that much?...Or nothing to worry about? Doc wasn't worried.

Is the levels on Dilantin tell about the kidneys ? If not what does levels mean ?

Just wondering what it means to have low cortisol levels. ?

Low cortisol what does it mean if you have that?

Low globulin, high albumin/globulin, high ALT what does it mean?

Low hct level after surgery means?

Low on cortisol means what?

Mpv level was 11.5 which was high, what does that mean?

My 12 month baby has elevated levels of imunoglobulin a qn serum level mg/dl 128.What does this mean?

My ALT levels are 6.1 what does that mean?

My blood creatinine level is 6 what does it means?

My blood level of alpha fetoprotein is 29. What does this mean?

My bun level is 5, is that too low and what does that number represent?

My cortisol has been elevated since I was a baby. I am 19 and it has never been in normal range. What could this mean?

My cortisol level was 15.3 ug/dl. What does this mean?

My CPK level is 240. Tell me what this means?

My dr told me I have a 12 vitamin d level. What does that mean?

My estradiol level is 1784. what does it mean please?

My IgG level is 147 iu/ml. What does this mean?

My IgG levels are about 5 times the normal limit, but the IgA levels are normal. What does this mean?

My progestrone levels are low what does it mean?

My results show low IgG but normal level igG subclasses, is the low igG level still significant?

My SGPT level shows 61 . what does that mean ?

My TSH level came 9.1? what does it mean?


My TSH level is low 0.43 what does this mean exactly?

Please explain what does it mean when you have low ferritin levels?

Please explain what does it mean when your platelet levels are 423?

Please explain what it means if you have low oxygen levels?

Please explain what it means when u have low vitamin d?

Please help me understand my results. My iron level is a 16 and my ferritin is a 4. What does this mean?

Please tell me what does a lead level of 19 mean?

Sgpt level is 318. What does it mean?

Should i be concerned with low a/g ratio or low AST level? Everything was normal except borderline low a/g ratio (1.28) and AST level (14 u/l).

Slightly high 17 -hydroxyprogesterone level.What it means?

They say albumin is indicative of diabetes, but my glucose level is fine. So what does the high albumin mean?

What are the reasons for my alkaline phosphatase level becoming low?

What can a very low level of mannan/mannose binding lectin mean?

What can a very low level of mannose-binding lectin mean and how can it be treated?

What can high cortisol levels mean?

What can I do if my thryoid levels are continiously rising? What does it mean?

What could my high creatinine level mean if pregnant?

What do transferrin levels mean?

What do elevated levels of IgM mean?

What do eleveated thryoid levels mean?

What do high IgA serum mean for you?

What do high prolactin levels mean?

What do high serum IgA levels mean?

What do levels mean for doctors, the doctors on this site have levels, some are 15 where others are 1. What does this mean?

What do low complement levels indicate is going on?

What do low IgG levels mean in my son.?

What do low transferrin levels mean on your lab results?

What do suppressed parathormone levels mean?

What do very high levels of cd3+ and cd8+ mean?

What do you suggest if my cholesterol level means what ?

What does "plasma aldosterone concentration" mean?

What does 1.43 creatine level mean? I'm)

What does a level of 2700 mean?

What does a 0.4 progesterone level mean?