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Can me having an anterior placenta be the reason why I'm 28weeks and still only feel little movement sometimes nothing at all ?

I just had a baby 2months ago last week I just had my tubes tied 3days ago Now I have a knot between my thumb and middle fin what does the knot mean?

. After having my baby in april of last year 4 days after giving birth i felt a lump in my right breast at the bottom. What could be the cause. I pat?

1 week ago i had a baby and it was natural delivery. 6 hours after i experienced very sharp pain in my pelvis and i cannot walk, sit and lay down?

10 wks pregnant last night I was having pressure above my button so when I rubbed the area I felt a big bulge I know it's not the baby but what is It?

11wks pregnant I lost balance and tripped over my kids toy and fell on my bum and side. No bleeding pain but I'm scared the baby is hurt... :(?

12 weeks TWINS pregnant baby B looks normal with neck 1.8 .Baby A has stomach outside , swelling behind neck going for cvs ,how normal Baby B will be?

13 week scan baby was moving around but it's head was towards the cervix and i had a contraction when the scan was happening didn't feel it is this ok?

13 weeks pregnant and my bros 2yr old daughter hit on my left tummy by both hands ... Will it affect my baby ? No bleeding

13 wks 5 days pregnant and I helped lift and move a table. I feel fine but am nervous I could've hurt the baby?

13 wks pregnant. Mopped floors and was using a lot of muscle while doing it - back hurt and exhausted afterwards. Could I have harmed the baby?

16.1 wks pregnant with twins felling movement at left side twin A but not on other it normal to feel one baby earlier than other?

21 weeks preg. Fell on my bottom onto grass. No bleeding, should I go to the emergency room. Anterior placenta so don't feel baby move really anyway.

21 weeks pregnant, today i moved a gas empty cylinder 2 inch ( not lifting jus rolled it on the floor).I don't ve any pain.Will it hurt my baby?Wooried

21 wks pregq. Baby kicks a lot when i lean forward. I do this a lot using laptop at work. I worry hes asking me 2stop dis cos kicks stop wen i sit up?

21wks preg. Is it ok to have intercourse on top of my husband while bouncing my behind at the same time. Is it harming the baby with the bouncing??

22 weeks pregnant and baby is facing my back is it normal not to feel her move? Ultrasound show shes on a good heartbeat

22 weeks pregnant and baby isnt moving much went to a midwife and she said he is laying on a nerve in my back which is causing alot of pain, any help?

22w pregnant w twins, feels like a ball tightening up/pushing out where one of the babies is. No pain. Is that the baby pushing out or braxtonh?

25 weeks preg. Could bending my stomach the wrong way hurt the baby or preg?

25 wks preg and I enjoy rubbing my belly and pressing on it to feel baby move. I do this hours every day and esp when hubby is home. Is this bad?

26 wks preg. Moderate pain in abdominal muscles. Hurts to even yell. Hurts when baby moves. Why?!

26wks preg.Some days feel more baby movements, somtimes very few.Is this normal in this week? I feared is ther any pblm to baby.I hav groin pain also.

26wks pregnant. Hubby gave me a tight hug n pressed his fingers on my sides far edge of bump. felt little sore for a minute or so. Could it hurt baby?

27 weeks preg. Laying in bed under blankets. Went to move blankets with my foot/leg. Stomach started feeling sore. Is this normal? Could it hurt baby?

27weeks carrying low baby is breech and extremely uncomfortable .Baby is below my belly button . Should I be worried?

28 weeks preg. with 3rd. Spotting after bm. Second time happened. Everything with baby, uterus, placenta fine(1st time) baby moving a lot right now. ?

28 weeks pregnant with on and off pressure where baby come out at bout 3days only when standing could the baby be turning to birth postion?

28 wks pregnant, the expo marker the teacher was using the smell was very strong &I was sitting right infront of the board. Could that have hurt baby?

28wks preg.I am always comfrtble to sleep on my right side. Is this healthy for my baby? May this position cause reduced blood flow to my baby?

30 weeks pregnant. 2-1/2-year-old son jumped off back of couch right onto my stomach landing with both feet on my belly. Can this hurt the baby?

30weeks pregnant and my baby head down on cervix will i be meeting my baby soon and plus I have leg cramp in my left leg?

31 weeks pregnant yesterday, baby has moved all day & i've been hurting all day, my back & his movements have hurt. Usually active at night. Is this norma?

31 weeks pregnant. Woke up to baby kicking hard and realized i was partly sleeping on my stomach. Can that hurt the baby?

31wks pregnant having pelvic pain/press mostly on left side. Baby was breech on us a week ago. Possible baby is already engaging? Normal to feel this way?

32 weeks pregnant, baby's kicking a lot more and have sharp pains in my uterus. Was told that the baby is quite big. Could it be early signs of labor?

33 weeks pregnant. While walking I accidentally hit belly straight on a pole. Baby is still moving a lot. I am just a little sore. Is the baby okay?

34 weeks pregnant and having horrible pain in my ribs no matter what position i move to it don't go away is it the position of baby? How can I get rid?

34weeks pregnant tomorrow my toddler fell on my belly while laying down hit the top of belly her knee hit hurt so bad can that harm the baby?

35 weeks preg. Is head down, sometimes my bby puts pressure towards my vagina that cause some very hurtful pain. What causes it?

35 weeks pregnant I poked my belly button on metal door jam did I hurt my baby ?

35 weeks pregnant, my pelvis is shifted badly and I can hardly walk. Chiropractic work doesn't really help. Anything I can do until I have the baby?

35 weeks pregnant, right side of belly gets hard on and off, is this the baby or uterus contracting?

35 weeks pregnant. Is it normal to have bad pain as the baby drops further down in the uterus?

35 wks preg.This morning in bed as my bf was moving he accidently kneed my lower belly. Not hard but it startled me to wake,no pain. Will she be ok?

35weeks3days preg, started having sharp, ripping pain inside my vagina what could this be? Baby is head down as well, have not lost any or my plug.

36 weeks 1 day pregn. Yesterday my mucus plug fell, bby is head down, feeling a lot of pressure on my lower vagina especially when i walk is this normal?

36 weeks 4 days pregnant and 1 centimeter dilated and thinning . Why do I feel a tickelling like sensation on my cervix when my baby moves?

36 weeks and dr said she felt babys head from vagina is labor close?

36 weeks pregnant and got a cold. If I sneeze sometimes I get a pain in stomach. Will it harm my baby?

36 weeks pregnant and having painful Bronx hick contraction starting from my back to the top of my belly and around my belly gets hard and throw up?

36weeks pregnant and I still lay on my tummy my bump isn't that big even when we have sex I'm on my belly is it possible to squish or hurt the baby?

37 weeks and my fetus had dropped but I still feel so breathless?

37 weeks pregnant baby feels as if she is scratching my vagina it hurts so bad is it just that she's low? A

37 weeks pregnant. Everytime i stand or walk my stomach stays contracted/tight as a drum. What is this?

38 1/2 weeks pregnant and when i wake up through the night my back hurts so bad i can hardly roll over? 50% effaced and dilated 2 1/2 3 days ago..

38 weeks preg. Husband bumped into side of my stomach kinda hard. Could this hurt baby? Should i call doc?

38weeks pregnant,my baby is in postion head down, but she si looking up,how can i help her to turn her head and look down , cuz i wana a vaginal birth?

39 weeks pregnant and when ever the baby kicks it hurts an my stomach gets hard is this normal?

39 weeks today stomach is hard on top, what is it? I can feel baby moving around my belly button. On my last appointment doctor said she could feel babys head does that mean baby has dropped?

4weeks pergnant w baby #3 feel a pulling sensation in lower belly don't remember this w other pregnancies is this normal?

5month old baby.u/s shows 2testis like structure in abdomen.doc couldnt palp in hand.bit iam able to after bath for left side. intersex condition?

6 month baby has constant tantrums and arches back. Didn't do that before until now for 2weeks. PD checked and said is not sick and all normal. Tips?

7week old baby screeches&squeeks while sleeping.She tenses her tummy muscles as well so guessing its bad tummy aches.Its constant.Should we be worried?

8mo baby, slight heart murmur, just noticed swelling in both legs below knee. Legs feel hard. Baby seems fine. What might cause this? Dangerous?

9 weeks pregnant with triplets and bp is 158/92 is this okay. Head is hurting a little?

After delivering baby, i couldnt walk. Felt like my hips were repelling each other for wks. 19 mon later i stillfeelhippain daily. What could it be?

After having baby does the vagina go back to normal shape?

Almost 18week twin pregnancy (first time mom), sharp pains in vagina and pelvic presure is this normal? VERY WORRIED!

Almost 27 weeks preg. Can lifting/pushing things with your feet or legs hurt the preg/baby?

Almost 27 weeks pregnant. If i'm sitting down on the couch and someone sits down hard next to me, can it hurt baby?

Am 13weeks pregnant&have bad constipation..Is pushing hard when in the bathroom could hurt the baby or cause a misscarriage?

Am 14weeks pregnant. .Is it safe for the baby to sleep on my tummy? Or that could hurt him?

Am 30weeks pregnant today & I feel like my baby belly has drop & my OB told me baby is head down. How do you know if your belly has drop ? Did it ?

Am 33 weeks preg, baby is btwn oblique and breech, in agony across belly button, is this due to position and is there anything I can do to move baby?

Am 34 weeks pregnant & unrinating every time before an hour everyday. Baby moving a lot& I feel it down my pelvis at times is this the reason?

Am six weeks or more pregnant, but smtimes i feel sm pains.I need advices on how to kip my baby safe?

At 18 weeks pregnant can baby move legs or shoulders?

At what month does the baby start kicking? And why does my uterus hurt so bad for me to only be 3 months?

Baby girl is 3 weeks & have a umblical hernia, was wondering is it painful or not? She seems a bit colicky every once in a while !

Baby is breech baby at 32 1/2 weeks. A lot of discomfort on rt ribs where baby's head is & left hip/pelvic area. Anything i can do to ease discomfort?

Baby umbilical hernia swollen, will this give any problem and any pain to baby due to swollen? And will this stay swollen even when my baby grow up.

Bent to pick up something @26w pregnant now right side of navel hurts, feels strained. Could I have harmed my baby? Or just pulled muscle? Rlp?

Broken blood vessel lower right.Abdomen 38 weeks pregnant painful will this.Harm baby?

Can a cold pack on my belly hurt the baby?

Can a portable neonatal abdomen xray hurt a baby?

Can being extremely constipated during a pregnancy hurt the baby?

Can being pregnant with a UTI hurt your baby?

Can eating crab legs during a pregnancy hurt the baby?

Can having hard sex at nine months pregnant hurt my baby? She's head down.

Can heavy lifting in pregnancy cause placental abruption? I lifted something heavy tonight and it hurt my tummy a little. I'm now scared. I'm 18 weeks

Can holding your pee while pregnant cause miscarriage? I held it in last night when i fell asleep. I'm 18 weeks

Can I feel the placenta by pressing on my belly in the last trimester?

Can i hurt my baby if I have sex on top of my husband and my stomach is pressed against his and hitting it with the movement? 38 weeks pregnant

Can lifting heavy stuff while pregnant hurt my baby ? I'm 37weeks and today is my baby shower I been lifting bags of ice and setting up outside

Can me coughing hard while pregnant hurt my baby ? I feel my tummy tighten or jiggle when I cough I have a cold I'm 36weeks pregnant

Can my wife go rock climbing she's in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Can pressure on belly while pregnant harm the baby ? Is it possible to squish the baby ? Or break the baby bones ? Boyfriend was laying on top of me

Can pushing while pooping durning pregnancy hurt the baby? Is it possible to go into labor early because of the pushing ?

Can pushing while pooping durning pregnancy hurt the baby? Is it possible to go into labor early because of the pushing ?