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10 day past day 5 embryo transfer first hCG beta was 211 does this means for sure positive please help i'm scare that it might be not good numbers.

10 days after FET of 6 day blast. Too early for hpt? What if negative result?

11 day post embryo transfer, brown spotting, hpt negative, I take beta on 8/6/2012. Could I still have a chance for pregnancy?

12 days after 4 day embryo transfer. Will it be ok to test now. Will i get a true result? Or should I wait for the 14th day for the true result.

12 days past frozen blastocyst transfer, mild cramping the last 2 days could i still be pregnant can't test for another 4 days!

2 ovidril triggers @ 250ui each 14 days ago & fresh hatched blastocyst transfer 7 days ago. Faint positive hpt middle of day. False positive odds?

25 days after embryo transfer, i'm still negative with pregnant test and no blood except a spot on the tissue while cleaning up after loo on mycycle day?

5 day frozen embryo transfer and neg hpt ended up positive, should I be concerned?

6 days after 5 day frozen embryo hpt was negative.Is it too early?

6th day embryo transfer body temperature 36.5~37.1 c. from collected egg until now is it normal ? it's positive or negative sign?

7 days past my IVF egg transfer & home pregnancy test was negative. Does this mean im not pregnant?

8dp3dt icsi, hpt negative, did i test too early or am i right to think its not worked?

9 days ago I had my egg transferred back from only having a 2 day transfer not a 3 or 5 day. I tested negative after 9 days. Too early to be testing?

After 3 days of IUI pregnancy will be conformed?

After an embryo transfer on the 11/27 a self test done today was negative. Does that mean am not pregnant. I have 2 kids from normal conception.

After embroy transfer, are they posible sign to show pregnancy before 2weeks?

After IVF transfer what is beta test?

Beta test 4.9 8 days post 5 day fet. Is there still hope this can be viable pregnancy and the embryos just took longer to implant and give off hcg?

Blastocyst implantation, could this cause you to have a positive pregnancy test?

Can b grade embryos give rise to sucessful pregnancy?

Can i test pregnancy on day 9 after embryo transfer?

Can the doctors tell the sex of a 10wk ectopic embryo?

Can you help.Had 2,7 cell BC&CB blastocyst transfer 25 oct now the 29th and had Negative 10hcg pregnancy test. Is there still hope? Have no symptoms

Cramps after embryo transfer can lead to positive pregnancy or it is the symptom of Ivf failure?

Day 12 after 3days embryos transfer.early morning had a neg pregnancy home test.can it detect hcg so early day 12 or i have to stressed ?

Day 3 IVF transfer, it is now day 12 & I have no bleeding or spotting. I took a hpt which read positive. Can progesterone give a hot a positive read?

Day 9 embryo transfer and tested negative. Is there any hope?

Day9 past egg transfer too early to test?

Do I have to get blood tests before doing in vitro fertilization?

Does the egg implant at 4 weeks? I got positive pregnancy tests at 3 weeks.

Done blastocyst on 01/19/16. Blood test was negative today, is there a chance that its too early?

Done frozen blastocyst tranfer on 25th nov on 3 dec done home pregnancy test a faint pink line appeared do I have a hope or its too early to test?

Done with blastocyst transfer on 25 nov after 6 days no symptoms i m depressed should I go for home pregnancy test?

Embryos transfer done on 3rd feb. Neg.Results of sonography by IVF dr on 21feb . All med. Stopped.Still no sign of period . Is any chance of pregancy?

Embryos transfer on 3rd feb 2 embryo 3rd day transfer on 21st feb urine test and even sonography is negative but still no period is there any chance?

Failed 1st ifv cycle with perfect graded single embryo. All other levels were perfect too. Should i insist on 2 or 3 embryos next (frozen) transfer?

Faint positive home pregnancy test 10 days post 3 day embryo transfer, could i be pregnant?

Feeling crampy period after IVF transfer before the blood test in 4 days is that normal?

Had 5 day embryo transfer on 30/08/14. Today my urine pregnancy test negative. How far is the chance of me being pregnant?

Had 5-6 day hatching FET on friday. Done a 10uim/ml urine test today was neg how long would hCG take if embryo implanted. When is best to test again?

Had embryo transfer 10 days ago and took hpt it said pregnant is this a false positive?

Had embryo transfer on 30/08/14. My urine pregnancy test negative today. How are the chances of me being pregnant ?

Had FET last June 6, 2014 and I was asked to have a blood tests today June 17th? As per my calculation, I am only 11 days post transfer.

Had my embryo transfer on 24 march , on 7 april hCG test is positive , when should I expect my first month with pregnancy will complete.

Hcg level 3.6 on day 8 after blastocyst transfer.trigger shot taken 15 days 28 years old. Is it considered negative (not pregnant)?

Hi 10 days past day 5 embryo transfer first hCG test 211 is this a good numbers for the first beta test please help me i'm afraid that this is not goo?

HI I had a 3 day embryo transfer with my partners egg on 21st of march i had a blood test the 31st of march it was neg did i test to early?

Hi im 9 days past 3 day embryo transfer im very bloated with a raised temperature is this normal could I be pregnant ?? Is it too early to test ??

Hi my first hCG level done and came back 200. I had my second test done today 364 should I worry? It's 13 dys after embryo transfer.

Hi, i had day 5 embryo at blastocyst stage grid bc transfer and today is 5 days pass the transfer i don't any symptoms does this means negative .

Hi, i just had my first cycle of ICSI and had 2 embryos transferd Today is my day 14 (PT), i had a negative result,why?? What happen my embryos??

Hi,i did my frozen embryo transfer day 5 blastocyst on 11 march 2015 when can i do serum b hcg test?my doctor say 12 days later and i cannot wait.

Hi! i had a frozen 2 embryo transfer done on april 8th.Had my first blood test on the 17th of april and was 200. Today was 364. Should i be worried?

Hi. I am six days post 5-day embryo transfer and took a First Response pregnancy test this morning and it was negative. What are chances I could still be pregnant?

Hi.. I have done a home preg test 6 days after my 5day frozen embryo transfer .. It came back negative..:-( should I still hold some hope ?

Hiya, i'm 12 day post egg transfer and done a pregnancy test and it came out negative is there still a chance ?

How common are IVF pregnancies that result in twins?

How early can I do a pregnancy test after frozen embryo transfer?

How long before taking a home pregnancy test after a blastocyst frozen cycle embryo transfer?

How many days after blastocyst transfer can you do a urine pregnancy test?

How many days after blastocyst(day 5) transfer does implantation ocuurs? and how many days after that i can take pregnancy test

How many days from implantation should a new choice brand hpt show up positive? What's the chance of a miscarriage if implantation happens at 12 dpo?

How many days post blastocyst transfer, using a urine pregnancy test will you know if it definitely hasn't worked?

Hpt on day 10 say after IVF transfer it says negative could i still be preg?

Hpt tests 25 hCG level. Tested 9 DPT of 2- 6 day blasts that we're not fully expanded after thawing for FET. It was a negativeCan I still be pregnant?

I am 11 days post embryo(blastocyst) transfer. I had a negative hpt today. What are my chances of getting a positive blood test?


I am 10 days post 3 day donor egg transfer and have 3 positive HPT's am I pregnant?

I am 10 days post 4 day embryo transfer, all home pregnancy tests are neg, but i still don't have my period. Do i still have a chance?

I am 14 days post 3 day embryo transfer, got blood test tomorrow. Did home pregnancy test and its positive. Am i pregnant?

I am 39 had IVF 22 eggs collected one blastocyst transferred on day 5..When is minimum time i can get positive hpt ?

I am 5 days passed my egg transfer, just took a pregnancy test & it was negative. Does this mean i'm not pregnant?

I am 7 Days past 5 day 2 perfect blastocyst transfer and test this morning showed very faint positive. Is this a good sign?

I am 9 days past a 3 day IVF icsi transfer.First response hpt is negative. Is there still hope?

I am day 7 past de 5do blasto etransfer. Is it too early to do a home pregnacy test?

I am on day 9 of a 3 day 3 embroy transfer. I tested negative on my home pregnancy test. Is there any hope?

I did a fresh embryo transfer seven days ago i took a home test and it was neg. Could i still have a chance?

I did beta hCG test after 14 days blastocyst transfer. I did not get my period .Is their a chance I am pregnant?

I did my 3 IVF. Day 3 transfer. Day 8 after transfer I did a urine test in the afternoon it was also outdated. Result negative. Was is too early to ch?

I got my HCG shot 15 days ago , egg retrieval 13 days ago and embryo transfer 10 days ago. I tested this morning and got two lines, it was a faint lin?

I got negative result on hpt on day 5 post blastocyst frozen transfer. No symptoms at all Did I test too early?

I had a 5 day blastocyst transfer 10 days ago (2nd May) I have done a number of HPT's but they are all negative. Is there a chance I am still pregnant? My official pregnancy test at the hospital is tomorrow but I am unsure whether they will be doing a blo

I had a 5d FET transfer a hpt at 8dpt.Test was neg. Is there still hope i'm pregnant. Also I have been lightheaded. Can this be related?

I had a frozen embryo transfer on June 18. Today I took a home pregnancy and it was negative. Is there any chance I can be pregnant?

I had an embryo transfer 14 days ago, blood test results are only 33. What's the chances the pregnancy will hold.

I had an IUI done 14 days ago. I have positive hpt and hCG of 33 (both done today) is this reading very low? Will be successful pregnancy?

I had an ivf-icsi and 1 aa grade embryo transfer on 16thfeb, 13. Is it normal to bleed in 2ww and my blood test is on 1st march, 13. Can i be pregnant?

I had day 5 IVF transfer Wednesday 9/3. I've just been doing progesterone injections. Took an HPT tonight and it is positive. Is it real? Bloods frida

I had donor egg ivf, 16 days post fertilisation (13dpt 3dt). Past 4 days most tests were very faint +, 'first response' getting darker-ish. Why faint?

I had embryo transfer 12 days ago, positive test, had intercourse last night and I have slightly bleeding tonight is this ok?

I had IVF 14 days before and my blood test is after 3 days but still I am not getting any symtoms of pregancy is it means that IVF is failed?

I had ivf, have faint line on home pregnant test on dpt11 & 12 post fet.Does this mean i m surely pregnant?

I had my 2embryo transfer on day 5 dated 2-08-2014 and did a blood test on 11-08-2014 all that the doctor said that it was negative, please help?

I had my IVF on 31 October 2014 embryo transfer with frozen egg and test on. 11-11 -2014 and the test came negative what could happen?

I had my IVF transfer 13 days ago and done a home pregnancy test today does this mean that the IVF has failed?

I have a gestational carrier whom just got a blastocyst transfer 7 days ago, we test hpt on day 5 and day 7 and both are negative, is it accurate?

I have done FET 14 days past and done my urine pregnancy test on the 12th day post FET and it turns positive.2 embies transfered.possible for a twins?

I have done my IVF Et on the 11/09 and got my Beta hCG tests wast yesterday and the results are negative. Transfer 4 good embryos. I'm so sad?

I have fet on 27th Feb and my hcg results is 9.9 on 14th March . Am I pregnant?

I have gotten 2 positive HPT and I am 9 days post a 5 day embryo transfer - I have no symptoms though. Am I pregnant? The HCG trigger was 16 days ago