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What are the symptoms of low progesterone? Is 35 day regular cycle normal or it speaks about abnormal hormonal levels?

12 weeks pregnant with low free t3 (liothyronine). Dies this mean progesterone is low also?

19 weeks pregnant and my breast are no longer hurt that much. Also taking progesterone injection due to low progesterone level 34.0 as 18 week's pregn?

19 yo son has elevated Prolactin 27. Concern? Estradiol,Testosterone,LH,T4,T3,TSH,Lipid Panel,CMP were normal.What to do to see why Prolactin is high?

2 months ago i had blood test and found that i got very high prolactin level, doctors gave me drugs to lower the level , sex could make me pregnant now?

2 y-o female high testosterone and dhea so4 levels from blood test results. What could be the cause?

23 years low testosterone 10mnol shbg, dhea, fsh, lh, androstendion, full tyroid panel checked, please give me tips on whatelse I should get checked thanks?

23 yrsmri pelvis showed lots of follicles in ovaries. Excessive hair growth. Elevated serum prolactin. Slightly high dhea. Very painful period. Pcod?

25y.O with no periodsx7 mths. Really high dhea and testosterone levels based on bw and saliva testing. Low progesterone. Docs suggested pcos.Help!

27 year old female, not pregnant, cortisol, ACTH, prolactin, dhea, testosterone is high. What can cause all of these hormones to be elevated at once?

28 weeks pregnant and still getting progesterone injections 2x a week, 200 mg! Is it normal for it to still be low(around 30)?

30 wks pregnat. My iron is really low , can this any way effect me or my baby in birth and if theres anything I can do to rise my levels, what is it ?

36f slight elevated testosterone no diabetes or insulin resistance elevated cortisol Given metformin, hesitant bc No other abn labs or issue, help pls?

43 yo male, low fsh, low lh, low testosterone, all other labs normal. What are possible causes?

50 year-old woman, still has high cortisol levels, despite a pituitary hypophysectomy last year that resulted from evaluation of her high BP.....?

519 dheas other hormones normal no cyst appear on ultrasound, baldness on head, no pcos.What can be the reason for such high levels? Weight is normal

6 days late period and slight brown discharge. Trying for 3 years could I be pregnant also I have good estrogen levels and slightly low progesterone what can I do to bring that up?

6yr ago my prolactin lvl was double the norm. Last yr prolactin level was close to norm. Can this affect getting pregnant as been trying.

8 months ago after pprom i had borderline low17 oh-progesterone&slightly increased adrenal gland.i'm pregnant now.what effect these levels has?

A 40 yr old male with testosterone & cortisol deficiences oestradiol level is 665 (Ref: 10-40 pg/ml) Could pituitary adenoma increase male oestrogen?

A patient hive low FSH and low LH and high testosteron. What are next steps?

A year back i had high FSH levels and polycystic ovaries. I tested recently and my FSH is normal and I have no polycysts now. How is that possible?

After my treatment for high prolactin levels, can I still have children ?

Again! what does it mean to have low test, fsh, and lh?

Albumin is high and INR is low. liver disease?

Am 18 weeks pregnant. My doctor told me to findout my TSH level.What is its importance during pregnancy? What means the abnornal levels?

Am 21 male not sexually active no masturbation my total testosterone is 650 nmol/dl and normal LH level but below normal FSH level what is diagnosis ?

Am i too young be going through menopause even though my hormone level was checked and it was 91?

Amh hormone level inceased, what medicine can help?

Androstenedione 21.2nmol/l Testosterone 3.2nmol/l Dhea so4 10.9nmol/l Could this be pcos? Or what else could it be?

Androstenedione 21nmol/l Testosterone 3.3nmol/l Dhea so4 10.9nmol/l Could this be pcos? Or if not what else could it be?

Anti mullerian hormone level 4.89ng/ml. Age 29. Normal? Pcos?

Any body has taken bromocriptine to lower prolactin level and got pregnant?

Are albumin levels generally higher in someone with diabetes?

Are HDL and menses linked ? Does low HDL and the right level of LDL affect menses? If HDL become normal, does menses become regular ?

Are high dhea sulfate levels and elevated adrenal hormones the same thing? Possible causes for 599 mcg/dl? Got period (3 months late) day after test?

Are long cycles like 40 days apart related to low estrogen levels? Please answer my question i dont need answers like check your hormone levels .

Are low levels of ALT dangerous?

Are my elevated hormone levels the cause of this acne?

Are there any lifestyle changes i can practice to lower my cortisol levels..I'm on test cyp for hypogonatic hypogonadism?

Are there any ways to skip a period because of high stress levels?

Are there ways to lower fsh?

Because I haven't had a period in 7 months because of high prolactin levels once I finally get put on tablets will I have a prolonged and heavy period?

Bld test day 3 and 21: Prolactin levels 48.0 ng/ml .... Progesterone low... No ovulation. What do I need to do to fix this? Can I get pregnant? Help

Blood progesterone level 0.59 on 3rd day of period. is this low? have had every symptom of low prog. for a long time. what can be done if so?

Blood results came back with really high testosterone (59.7 nmol/L) and SHBG levels (73 nmol/L). Anything I should be worried about?

Blood work shows TSH levels extremely low 0.04, but normal t4. I'm 11 weeks pregnant. Should I be worried that it can affect my pregnancy and baby?

Bloodwork showed high IgA, high glucose, low potassium, high hb1ac?

But I feel my free Testosterone levels 10pg/ml are very low far from normal levels (2%of serum Testosterone in this case 8 ng/dL =80pg/ml).Do you have an opinion on this?

Bv or low estrogen? I am 36 & have high ph, also itching/tenderness midcycle. What is the best way to figure out if its low estrogen? My dr is confused

Can a 44 year old woman with an elevated FSH level in perimenopause still get pregnant with her own eggs?

Can a high level of dhea cause weight gain in the abd area? Dhea level 650. Thanks

Can a high prolactin level elevate glucose levels? If not, what meds cause a high prolactin level?

Can a hpt determine whether your levels are clear or not. And also do your hCG level have to be 0 before you can get pregnant.

Can a low iron level of 8 stop me getting pregnant if not what could be stopping me conceiving as I'm otherwise healthy?

Can a miscarriage with my previous pregnancy of 10 weeks, caused increase in my thyroid levels to 4.6?

Can a testosterone level being a little too high cause her to not be able to conceive?

Can a very high ferritin level make your hb levels high too?

Can a woman get pregnant if husband is on low dose of testosterone?

Can a woman produce low progesteron at the end of the pregnancy ?

Can amikacin 500 cause high INR level?

Can any woman have very high levels of prolactin without an actual tumor?

Can breast cancer cause high fai and low shbg?

Can cancer cause high cortisol levels?

Can Chiari w/blocked CSF flow cause high Prolactin levels? Not pregnant breastfeeding or producing milk

Can creatinine levels become high because of dehydration?

Can dhea help for low ovarian reserve?

Can elevated cortisol levels cause high blood pressure?

Can elevated testosterone levels from PCOS cause secondary erythrocytosis?

Can high Alt cause pulse to be high? My Alt Is at 204

Can high ammonia levels cause confusion in the elderly?

Can high cortisol levels cause hypoglycemia?

Can high dhea sulfate level (599 mcg/dl) be caused by no reason at all and go down on its own? Missed period, but got it again 3 months later?

Can high hb1ac and high ferritin cause tremor?

Can high hba1c cause high potassium levels?

Can high hormones can cause pain in ovaries?

Can high prolactin be a sign of pregnancy if htc levels aren't high yet?

Can high prolactin cause cancer?

Can high prolactin cause elevated glucose levels? If not, what meds can cause elevated glucose?

Can high Prolactin, high TSH, high FSH and normal T4 levels be associated with an empty sella or a cystic legion in the pituitary fossa?

Can high prolactine level be treated successfully?

Can hypogonadal symptoms be present even if the testosterone level is in the normal range or above?

Can i check my sugar level even im menstruating? Is it still accurate?

Can i conceive with elevated testosterone?

Can i get pregnant having 35 prolactin level?

Can i get pregnant if i have galactorrhea.? Hormone and thyroid levels are fine. I also haven't had a period in 4 months. Can I get pregnant?

Can i still get pregnant naturally with my amh hormone levels 0.92? I'm 38 & ttc for 6 months. I'm scared the low levels mean i'm done!

Can increased thyroid level at blood effect menstruation cycle? Or can TSH delay periods?

Can losing 10 pounds in 4 months cause hormonal imbalance? Elevated dhea sulfate level 599 mcg/dl? Got period 3 months late?

Can low hCG levels cause bleeding as the pregnancy hormone is not yet strong enough to stop the period from coming on?

Can low iron in the body cause missed period?

Can low iron levels cause irregular periods?

Can low levels of follicle stimulating hormobe, serum be increased in young men?Please help.

Can metformin cause high ketone levels?

Can ovarian cysts cause elevated hCG levels?

Can pcos causes slightly high level17-ohp ?

Can pituitary cancer and high prolactin levels cause breast cancer?

Can pregnancy cause high liver levels?

Can progesterone suppositories really raise progesterone levels in early pregnancy and keep the pregnancy full term?

Can taking progesterone (took it for menstruation reasons) increase/influence WBC and eosinophil count?