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28 y/o quit bcp after 5 years due to no libido. Now estrogen is Low normal range and amenorrhea for 4 months. Dr suggests progesterone/estrogen. safe?

Are estrog/prog levels low for day 9-10 of cycle? Estro 25.39pg/ml and prog 0.5ng/ml? Lh&fsh 14.2/6.6miu/ml. I have pcos. Is estro too low? Prog low?

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Depo and low estrogen levels. Can you take the pill as well to increase estrogen levels? Had a bone density scan and it was fine.

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During the 7 days of menses, which hormone is higher and which is lower between estrogen and progesterone?

Estrogen high, estradial low, leut. Hormone low, FSH horomone low, testosterone low, progesterone low.. Should i be concerned about estrogen level @ 99?

Extremely low estrogen levels and no period. What could be wrong?

Fsh levels in menopause, peri menopauseI have a FSH level of 46. I have read that if the level is less than 50 this is perimenopause?

Help, what to do about low estrogen?

Hi i want to know the diet to lower down estrogen level in women . I am 28 yrs women?

Hi, how to balance hormone level naturally. I had high prolactin it is normal.i want to get will i do?

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