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I'm in my 7 week of pregnancy , my question is I'm taking tabs that avoid vomiting daily / 1 tab , is there any danger on baby life ?

10week pregnant & having bad constipation, my ob prescribed molaxole sachet.I read warning against use of it during pregnancy. Is it safe for me & my baby?

11 weeks preg through ivf. Had a borderline clotting problem. Forgot to take baby asprin for 4 days. Did I harm my baby? Shld I get anything checked

13 weeks pregnant at 40 yrs old. 2 miscarriages before at 10 weeks. What extra precautions should I take or of what problems do I need to be aware?

17weeks pregnant my dr forgot to refill my prescription of progesterone will my baby be ok without it for one day ?

1st trimester of pregnant mother what vitamins to take?

24mo pregnant and taking Tylenol 3 & Robaxin. 2 WHOLE months later my OB tells me there are risks, but all is well. I'm extremely worried. Please help?

28 weeks pregnant is apo cephalex safe to take during pregnancy, just nervous about it and wanted to double check?

33 weeks pregnant. Have taken about 10 percocet 30mg during pregnancy.. Will it affect my baby? :(

36 weeks pregnant & want to know, if i haven't taken much prenatal pills throughout my pregnancy can I still have a healthy baby?

37 weeks pregnant and take tramadol. If i quit before I am induced will my baby be ok?

39wks pregnant, really bad allergies. Is there anything that i can take safely, or do I have to wait until after I have the baby?

5 months pregnant is there any birth defects or risks of taking dilaudid only a couple times?

5weeks pregnant having loose stool is it safe to take entamizole syrup please help?

7 weeks pregnant been taking four 200mg ibuprofen a total of three times in the last week. Can this harm my baby?

8wks preg and have been taking zofran (ondansetron) as needed. heard it causes birth defects. i dont take it daily just as needed. will the baby be ok?

A 24 weeks pregnancy lady take this tablet thyronorm 50mg for last two week using , is this create any side effect to baby in stomach ?

Am pregnant last week i take amisulpride medicine 50 mg.It will cause any defects in baby. Any problem in growth of baby.Now i stop the medicine?

Am on serophene (clomiphene) for the second cycle.I got fever.Will it harm the fetus if am pregnant?I did not take any medicines.Treat it with natural products.

Am three weeks pregnant and i started taking fefol, is the fetus safe?

Any harmful effects?Been taking calcium magnesium since pregnant.Gave birth 2mos ago.& i think it helps me prevent my GERD to trigger. Is that possble

Are cranberry concentrate pills 500mg safe in early pregnancy?

Are there any side effects of pregnancy or "belly" pictures? If a pregnant woman takes a picture does it cause any harm to the mother or baby?

Are you able to become pregnant after taking an ecp, after the 72 and ovulate b4 taking it?Also, I'm a mother of a 9 month and still breastfeed.

At any age Ican start ferrous drops as oral supplement for preterm baby?

At what point can embryos be harmed? Been taking tc herbs and are pregnant. Can these go through to baby? I stopped taking at 4 weeks wen found out

Been trying for a baby for a while now would pro seed help me? If this don't work what drug can I take , my partner taken a sperm test already and ok

Before I found out Im pregnant I was taking phentermine. could I harm baby? I was 8 weeks pregn. when I found out. I was taking it for month probably

By taking baby aspirin would that make you miss your period?

Can a common cold during the first trimester increase the chance of birth defects? No fever and no medications were taken.

Can a painkiller like disprin taken in first trimester affect the foetus?

Can estrogen in cocps actually harm my baby if taken while breastfeeding? Or will it just reduce supply? How soon after birth can I start taking it?

Can i take stuartnatal tabs or one-a-day women's formula tabs as prenatal during pregnancy?

Can i keep my baby after taking cytotec, (misoprostol) is there a way to know the bby is safe. Im about 4 wks?

Can i take a calcium table during pregnancy iam 6 weeks pregnant and i am breastfeeding as well?

Can i tale metrizdole while am 7 weeks pregant?

Can ibuprofen affect a baby during pregnancy? What are your expert opinions?

Can megrstrol acetate harm my child should it be stopped?

Can morning after pills damage the development of a baby if taken a few days too late, and the baby is growing already?

Can my wife have aspirin while pregnant?

Can my wife of 38 weeks gestation take a bath? Help please ?

Can taking citalopram 20mg in pregnancy really harm a foetus mentally and physically. I can't be without it so will never be able to have baby!

Can taking narcotics while pregnant cause the baby to have adhd?

Can taking nyquil at 29 weeks pregnant for a cold affect the baby?

Can taking placebos harm your baby in early pregnancy?

Can taking two ibuprofen when pregnant 31 weeks harm the baby?

Can tetralogy of fallot be the cause of taking adderal the first month of pregnancy?

Can there be a natural anxiety medication for pregnant women that will not harm the fetus?

Can u harm a baby if u didn't know u was pregnant and mistake pregnancy cramps for period cramps and you've been taking ib profeuon?

Can workout supplements affect the baby if hypothetically i was one week pregnant and only took the supplement once without knowing i was pregnant?

Can you get pregnant while taking danazol? If so, does it have any ill effects on the fetus?

Can you help? Could taking enough painkillers cause a miscarriage?

Can you take b-complex and prenatals after having a baby if so what kind of sideeffect should be expected my girl friend had a baby 5 days ago and wants to know if it is okay to take both

Can you take zanex while pregnant? I am perscribed 3 times daily and they are one milagram. Will this affect my baby?

Could i take hgc activator (diet pill) soon after delivering a baby?

Could medications that I take prior to implantation harm the baby?

Could you take hgc activator (diet pill) soon after delivering a baby?

Do cetrizine and psudoephdrine affect the baby health? Knowing that I am 30 weeks pregnant now?

Do I take double doses of diclectin because I'm carrying twins?

Do medicines taken by a pregnant woman affect the unborn baby?

Do you know if becoming pregnant while taking lamictal can harm the baby?

Doc give ranitidine tab 150mg to my wife she is 23 week pregnancy i read about this tablet there is warning ( should not be given during pregnancy )?

Doctor advised me to take delspirin 75 mg for growth of fetus is it right? 11 weeks pregnancy

Doctor prescribe me cardiomagnyl 75mg for trombofilia,took it first weeks pregnancy,and then i took every other day,can it cause any problem for baby?

Doctor, I accidentally took 2 prenatal a that were expired 2 months ago..I am 18 weeks pregnant. I'm worried if it had a negative effect on my baby.

Does allegra (fexofenadine) affect pregnancy as my wife had 4-5 day as she is 6 week and 5 day pregnant?

Does asprin cause a miscarriage? If so how much does it take to cause it? Is it a certainbrand? Ia tbis a myth?

Does it matter if I take lower or higer dosage of metformin in pregnancy in order to not harm baby?

Does retina a 0.025% cream affect the fetus if a pregnant female has used that during her first month of pregnancy? Does tab minolox 50mg affect the

Does taking baby asa daily help or hinder implantation? Re advised me to take daily for recurrent miscarriage but will it affect implantation?

Does taking baby aspirin lengthen period?Started baby aspirin and folic acid while menstrating in hopes of getting pregnant. brown spotting occurring

Does taking benedry while pregnant give the baby hiccups?

Does taking prenatals before pregnancy make a good big difference? Does it help with conceiving as well?

Dr I'm 10 weeks pregnant, i had 2 miscarriages before at 5 weeks, now i have baby aspirin, clexane injection, folic acid, any side effect to baby?

Drank midol pm and did not know I was pregnant it was only during 1st trimester does that affect my baby in anyway also drank other medications.?

Duphaston 10mg and aspimed 75 mg for 5 weeks pregnancy? For what? Is it safe? Noting that i had a miscarriage 3 months earlier.

Emergency department doctor gave me dilaudid in my first trimester of my pregnancy, will my baby have side affects?

Female 22 years old pregnant at 4th month take pregnacare plus ' are this drug harmful to fetus? Thanks

First pregnancy fine, second with preclampsia, now on asprin and folic acid for the third pregnancy since conception, to i need any further medicines?

Five weeks pregnant already had two mc is it ok to take a low dose aspirin during 5w pregnancy?I heard if helps ? Or should I not ? What are the risk?

Forgetting to take prenatals while pregnant, will it hurt the baby?

Good Day, Just want to ask if is it ok for a pregnant person to take Aspirin or Paracetamol? she's in her 3rd Trimester now. Best Regards! Thanks

Had mc earlier this year now 6 wks pregnant taking hormone suppositories twice daily &baby aspirin daily. Is it safe for me to have amniocentesis?

Had my antenatal class today and was sititng for about 6 hours with breaks in between ofcourse but wondering can this harm bub? In my third trimester.

Hello Dr. This is pallavi Dr. I have taken 10 tablet of ibugesic plus in my fourth week of pregnancy...what it can be illeffected for my baby?

Hello dr... i m pregnant 4 weeks now... b4 i was taken Pharmaton® Matruelle® for 4 months can i continue take it? is it good for me and baby?

Hi What are the risks if I fell pregnant two weeks after taking accutane?

Hi last march I miscarry then again I got pregnant after two normal cycles .Taking prenatal ,b12and D3 this are safe I want this baby ... Please help?

Hi doctor I have taken two combiflame during my 15 days of pregnancy. will it cause any harm to my child?

Hi Dr I found out 3days ago th at I'm pregnant im taking caversyl 4mg and bisoprolol mg will it harm my baby in the first month of pregnancy?

Hi Dr, I wanted to know what is the likelihood of birth defects for using Lomexin T 1000 g during 17 weeks of pregnancy, My Gyn prescribed this?

Hi I'm 28 weeks pregnant and didn't realise I could not take the canesten oral tablet for thrush, will there be any harm done to the baby?

Hi, will my foetus be harmed if I took peritol also called cyproheptadine before and during the first few weeks of pregnancy?

Hi,am pregnant first trimester,asking about using miclozen& pyrodoxyn to control vomiting& nausea,are they safe to the fetus? And what is the dose?

Hi. when I was 4 weeks pregnant, I took loperamide. I thought I was not pregnant. Is there any effects to my baby? Im 7 weeks pregnant now.

How can you tell your have a baby with out takin a test?

How does redbull effect while planning for baby?

How long after discontinuation of 100,000IU vitamin A daily for 3 months is safe to get pregnant without causing birth defects?

How long does it take a baby to form in the stomach , after you found out your wife is pregnant ?

How long does it take tramadol not to show up in the umbilical cord? My friend has been taking them her whole pregancy.. 8 days away from delivery.