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due Date of 3/15/2016 her 1st day of last period was. 6/8 . Was with her friend 6/15 -6/23 then with her boyfriend 6/27 when is conception Date?

02/20/14 my bby measures at 17w5d so when did i concieve and when did I have sex!?

19weeks 6 days 9/13 can you do the math and tell me about when i conceived? Was it april? Thanks and please

1st august 2013 my 12 week scan dated me 12 weeks and 5 days and edd 8th february 2014 baby born 4th february. When did i conceive with LMP unknown?

1st August dating scan dated me 12 weeks and 5 days EDD 8th February. Lmp unknown. Did I get pregnant from 20th april as baby born 4th February 2015.

21w0d preg When did I possibly conceive? LMP 3/28(regular 28 day cycle) June 3rd 8w1d u/s changed EDD to January 12 (10 days later) going by that now!

27 day cycle lmp6/6 first us 7/23. 6w1d nxt us 8/13 9w1d how could i hv conceived on 6/22. Doc said conception wad around 6/17?

27w 4d pregnant, due date given first trimester march5th secound feb24th which is more reliable? And what would conception date be and current months?

29/1/2013 11w1d crl 44mm.. 4/2/2013 12w1d crl 56.3mm .. Edd 18th .. Irregular cycles.. Did i get pregnant november? Is 6th dec possible date or not?

3 first trimester abdominal ultrasounds give edd of 11/12-11/18. Sex on jan 18 & feb 17-30. Baby delivered 11/12/13. When did i conceive?

32 weeks will my obgyn give me a 4d sonogram? And does it cost?

41wks pregnant, was due 4/18/14. Conception calc says conceived 7/26-7/28. But, any chance i actually conceived in early to mid june instead?

5wk 4 day ultrasound vaginally, given the due date january 15th. Is that due date accurate? Given conceiving date 4-19/ 4-25.

6 wk us 12/2, 7wk us 12/9, dd 7/28. 19wk1day changed to 19wk4day dd 7/25 does it change conception date of nov 4th from the 7/28 due date and 19 wk 1d?

6/23 I was given edd of 2/17 on 8/12 edd was 2/5. Lmp was 4/27...according to those dts I ovulated late so could sex on cd6 result in this pregnancy?

6th may 2013 period or implant bleeding? Baby EDD 8th feb 2014 but was born 4th feb 2014. Born 39Weeks gestation 3 days. When did I conceive?

6wks 4 days transvaginal ultrasound on 9/11/13. A different office told me 17 weeks 4 days on 11/13/13 reg. Ultrasound. Which is accurate. For due date?

Abdominal us on 4/1/13 dated 7w0d w/ edd 11/18, abdom us on 4/26 dated 11w3d w/edd 11/12 crl of 45mm. Conception date? Possible i conceived jan 19?

About 4 weeks as of 3/27/13 based off a vaginal ultrasound i had sex on feb. 24 and march 4 also every weekend when did i conceive?

About 4 weeks as of 3/27/13 based off a vaginal ultrasound i had sex on feb. 24 and march 4 also every weekend when did i conceive?

According to LMP, I'm 7w5d pregnant, but an ultrasound today showed I'm only 6w0d. Which is more accurate? My cycles have been 25-27 days.

According to ultrasound I am 12 weeks today(June 15,2014) but I'm sure my LMP was march 5,2014. How could I be 12weeks? When was conception?

Afi 8, 5 with maximum pocket of 4.5 at 32 week pregnancy is it normal?

After ET ,hcg/13 th day is 152,21 st day 362 ,23 rd day 613,27 th day 1270,ultrasound on 27 th day shown positive, analyze this whether safe pregnancy?

As of 1/7/13 I am 16 weeks and 2 days. I have a due date of 6/23/13. When did i conceive?

As per my 1st us on 11/12/12 :6 weeks, 11/24/12 :7.3 weeks, 12/24/12:12.5 weeks & 2/2/13: 18.3 weeks. Please tell my conception dates.

Baby born 39 gestation weeks and 3 days on the 4th feb 2014. When did i conceive?

Based on fdlmp 09.14.13 i'm 6w4d, based on my first u/s 10.28.13 it measured my gestational age at 5w3d, when did i conceive?

Birth date of June 25 2016 when was baby conceived? AND what is fetal age?

Bled whole pregnancy. At 7w(lmp) measured 6 weeks with small gestational sac. At 8w (lmp) measured 6w6d with sac at 4.5 weeks. HR 154. Miscarriage?

By measurement baby put me at 7+ weeks and due date 12/18/14 so is that why i miss cycle 3/13 cause i was pregnant doctor sorry im so confused?

Can both 10w 2d and 13w 3d ultrasound have a fudge factor of 10 or more days? my concern is could I have conceived 2 weeks earlier than US dated me?

Can early US give date of conception with irregular cycles? 8/22 she was 6w and 1d with EDD of 4/16. On 11/20 she was 20w and 3d with an EDD 4/13.

Can sperm from November 15 be the result of ultrasound dating December 5-12 as conception days ? Lmp appeared normal November 25-29

Can you accurately calculate date of conception if you have irregular cycles? Early US & 6w 1d said EDD was 4/16. 14 weeks later @ 20w EDD said 4/13.

Can you use ultrasound to help determine paternity if sexual encounters are a month (30+) days apart?

Conception cal. say i concieved on 05/19 with my due date 02/09.Could conception have happened a week early.only remember having sex week b4 & 05/30?

Conception would not be able to occur on 11/10/12 if the LMP was given as 10/15/12 and an estimated due date of 7/22/13 right?

Confused... 6 1/2 weeks pregnant (ultrasound). Asked when was baby conceived & received 2 different answers. 7/21-28 & 8/27. Which answer is correct?

Could conception have occured on 11/10/12? On 12/10/12 i was 8 weeks pregnant with an estimated LMP of 10/15/12?

Could conception have occurred 11/10/12 if the estimated LMP of 10/15/12 and estimated due date for 7/22/13?

Could conception occur outside of the +/- 1 week margin of error based on the ultrasound?

Could I have conceived 12/17 or 12/18 if my due date wad 9/23?

Could sex on 12/23 & 12/24 give me an EDD of 10/10 ( based on 13 week ultrasound) or is it more likely sex on 1/17 & 1/18 did? Can't remember lmp.

Date of conception? LMP 3/28/14 regular cycle. U/S on 6/3 8w1d & 6/16 9w1d. Sex April 3, 16, 22, & 24...

Date of ultra sound doesn't add up to date i had sex? Is something wrong? Ultra sound 2/5 6wks1day. Had sex 1/3-1/5 LMP 12/28

Dd 10/21/14 LMP 1/14/14. when did baby conceive ifsexon1/28/14?

Delivered baby 9/27/2014, but didn't remember my last menstrual. What would be estimate of the time conceived. Could it have been earlier than 12/25?

Did I miss my period? Did I ovulate early or are my dates wrong? LMP 8.12.16 (3-4 days) Due date by LMP 14.9.17 Due date by 12 week ultrasound 9.9.17

Do ultrasounds add two weeks & should they theoretically date back to your lmp?On 12/6/13 baby measured 12w4d, crl was 60.9mm.If go back 12w4d should that date to(or close to) my lmp?When was conceptn?

Doc good day would like to ask if when i can able to have apreganncy test if my lmp is june 4 2015 and have intercourse last june 17 2015..

Doc said my bby measured at 14w0d-14w4d,and i was 14w3d based off my u/s. I thought the bby was two weeks behind.Edd based off u/s at 14 week.Edd feb9?

Don't remember my lmp, i think 01/01/13. My doctor says due date 10/06 based on 12w3d u/s. Could I have concieved from protected sex 12/29?

Dont know lmp... First ultrasound was given to me 10/22/13 it read 8w5days and due date was 06/02/14 now due date is 05/30/14 which is correct?

Dr told me on 4/24 that my baby was measuring 7w/5d fetal age fr the u/s and gave me a DD of 12/7. Shouldn't my due date be 30w/1d fr 4/24?

Dr. Told me i conceived on 9/16/12, and my due date is 6/23/13. Now she's saying i conceived on 9/23-10/4, I am 16 weeks 3 days. When did i conceive?

Due date 12/22/13 when was this baby made? Conception? Ovulation? Don't have regular periods. Lmp 1/20/13-2/15/13. How long does sperm live (max)?

Due date 8/22/2014 could i have been pregnant around 11/28/2013?

Due date is 3/13/16 based on last period. Due date based on 7 week US is 3/13/16. 20 week US is 3/8/16. Could this baby have been conceived in 12/15?

Due date/time of conception, when? My LMP oct17/13 edd 7/24/14. Dec4/13 vag u/s 7w3d+/-5d edd 7/20/14 but u/s on 2/28/14 read 20w4d edd 7/15/14?

Early u/s sac or yolk etc measuring 5w1d when i'm 5w5d! i know exact dates of conception as i used opk's and did charting. What's the margin of error?

Early us at 7 weeks. Duedate 7/28 ob told said count bk 5 weeks for conception date. 11/4 which is exact day of sex want r chances it's wrong?

Edd based on 14 week ultrasound.Because i had no periods (depo). Does that mean they didnt add the extra two weeks.My bby measured 14w an i was 14w3d ?

Edd is 11/12 based on early ultrasounds & lmp. Possible i conceived on 2/7/13? How long is sperm viable in a woman?

EDD was January 2 going by LMP. Then changed to January 12 by early u/s. Which should I trust? Two early u/s 13 days apart first one 8w1d then 9w5d

Exhibitionism normal on a first date?

First ultrasound on 12/10/12 dated at 8 weeks and estimated my unknown LMP to be 10/15/12. Is it at all possible conception happened after 11/14/12?

Gestational age 35 weeks 6 days. Date of maturity 33 weeks 3 days. Which date do u go off.

Had an ultrasound that dated me at 13+3 is there anyway it could be wrong and I could be 17/18 weeks?

Had paternity test for bby,only slept with 2men,about 3 weeks apart.edd 02/09 could i have concieved 05/30 or was it before with other.+ hpt on 06/08?

Had sex couple times in march between 8-29 then in april 4, im 27wks according to ultrasoundsdue on 12/12/13 don't know my exact lmp. When i concieve?

Had sex on the 20-21dec12 and again on the 28dec-5jan. Due date is 21sep13 by ultrasound. When did i concieve and how accurate is the answer.

Hai, my LMP was on 24.06.14.So, which is the first day of my 8th month starting?

HCG 38, at estimated 13dpo (still nursing 4month old-so dpo is only an educated guess). Is this normal?

Hello sir,,,,,my last LMP date is 24 Feb. 2015 I want to know about my child gendar?

Hello, i did an ultrasound and the fetal size says im 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant. My LMP was 11/19/16 and Im normally irregular. When did i conceive?

Hello, not sure when i conceived, but after an ER visit, my hCG was 318 on jan5th then 1033 on jan7th. About how far along am i?

Help: May 13, vaginal ultrasound said I was 6 weeks 5 days heart beat was 113. Due date is Jan 01, 2015. When did I get pregnant conceive? Thanks!

Hi doctor how old is 2.55 mm crl in weeks and days?

Hi doctor...My LMP date ws 4.12.13and i was wid my husband from 13.12....I am pregnant now and hCG level as on 15.1 is 46, 409..R der chances for twins?

Hi doctors if my baby was 2.5 mm january 4, 2012 then i guaranteed conceived in december not november? Appreciate your help,

HI I am 26 wks and all mu ultrasounds have the same EDD of 9/13 could it be off a few days or is it accurate to say I conceived on 12/22?

Hi i had a ultrasound on 01/04 that put my crown rump length at 2.55 mm when did i conceive please?

Hi I'm wondering if someone can help me with conception date . their dating the pregnancy 16 wks 5 days to 17 wks 2 days . due date of June 17-21 2015

Hi iam in 34 week pregnancy my last piriod is 5/2/2015 whatis due date?

Hi on the 12th of October 2015 i found out dat im 7 weeks and six days pregnant i would like to know when did i conceive.sonar EDD 24 MAY 2016.

Hi, i'm pregnant. Went for a scan and it determined i'm 4-5 weeks but i'm unsure of conception dates, i know i had unprotected sex on 26/3/14 and 7/4/14?

Hi, im 24, ttc 2 years, in that time IV had a blighted ovum + 1 chemical. all checkups ok. what could i do to increase my chance of concieving + not m?

Hi, my LMP was 8/24/14 and I was given a ultrasound on 12/15/2014 which I was told my AUA was 17w3d... When did I conceive?

Hi, ultrasound on 26.9.2013, 6w5d, 8.4mm. Cycle 33days. Lmp 5.8. I had sex on 20.8 and 28.8. Which date is more likely a conception date? Jana

Hi, ultrasound on 26.9.2013, 6w5d, 8.4mm. Ultrasound on 30.9.2013, 7w1d. I had sex on 20.8 and 28.8. Which date is more likely a conception date? Jana

Hi, ultrasound on 31.10.2013 12w0d. Cycle 33days. Lmp 5.8. I had sex on 20.8 and 28.8. Which date is more likely a conception date? Jana

Hi..Iam pregnant for two months.. I want to predict my baby gender..My conception date is sept 9 2012...I have acne in my face, my heart beat was 147?

How accurate are early US? I measured 6w 1d on 8/22. how likely is it that the date of conception occured later then 7/24 (+/- the 7 days)?

How accurate are trans-vaginal u/s at 9wks & 6days? Do they go back to your LMP or conception date? My edd is 1/22/13, from my 1st vaginal u/s...

How accurate are ultrasounds at 12 weeks? On march 4 I was told 13w when i shouldve been 12w based on LMP. She said it could a week off

How accurate are ultrasounds? With conception date LMP 4/25/14 30 daycycle lasted 4 days DueDate 1/30/15 according to 8wk 4day ultrasound on 6/24/14

How accurate is my conception date by U/S? My Dr put the conception date at 1/9. I was with someone on 12/31 and someone else on 1/10.

How is week of pregnancy calculated after IVF? Transfer was 10, retrieval 7 of May; MaterniT 21 plus on July 14th. Was I after 10 weeks on JuLy 14th?

How reliable are reverse due date calc. on giving information. I didn't have periods(depo) based on u/s at 14w all the dates match what's error margin?